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Kent County Council Election Results
(2 May) The Conservatives comfortably held the Sevenoaks North East division, which includes Hartley, New Ash Green and West Kingsdown. David Brazier, the winning candidate, got 48% of the vote, which was slightly down on 2009. UKIP came second, having apparently won most of the votes which the English Democrats got last time. Even though he lived 20 miles away, their candidate got 31% of the vote. Labour recorded a small increase, and the Greens, standing for the first time, got 6%. Turnout was very low at just 26%, probably partly due to a very low key campaign (this writer only received 1 election leaflet).

David Brazier (Conservative) 1,843 (48% of the vote, down 7%)
Richard Harrington (UKIP) 1,160 (31%)
Jim Weekes (Labour) 495 (13%, up 3%)
Mark Lindop (Green) 226 (6%)
Louise Uncles (English Democrat) 67 (2%, down 19%)
Posted on 05 May 2013 by administrator
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