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January 2017 News
05 January 2017
Drink driver's 40 month ban
31 year old man from Ash Road fined and banned for 40 months for drink driving, driving without insurance and possession of a locking pocket knife
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05 January 2017
Jack was 'blown away' with the support he got in cancer battle
Jack's family talks to the paper to pay tribute to him and all the well wishers who raised £250,000 for his treatment in America. They are looking at giving he £150,000 left over to children's or cancer charities.
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26 January 2017
Career wrecked after boozy night
Magistrates find driver of 423 bus guilty of dangerous driving. The bus had crashed into a house at Gore Road, Darenth last May. Owners of the house praised the work of the emergency services (Pictures)
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26 January 2017
Gold bless son, I hope we will meet again. Tight lines fella
Father pays tribute to 16 year old son who died at Sutton at Hone while fishing. Funeral was held at St Mary's Church, Fawkham. Thousands raised by well wishers to help family with funeral costs.
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31 January 2017
Crime Report
Crimes reported in January 2017 were theft of caravan (Manor Road); burglary other than dwelling 2 (Ash Road, Carmelite Way); theft from motor vehicle (Wellfield)
West Kent Watch

Parish Council: Attendance
9 councillors were present (all except Cllrs Alford, Graeme, Rogers and Sewell). Also present was Mrs Gilder (clerk), Cllrs Brazier (KCC), Kelly (SDC) and 7 members of the public
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Roads: Ash Road
Cllr Brazier said the traffic count at Hoselands Green will be done in 14 days from the 10th. Pedestrian count will be done by camera on Wednesday.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Roads: Wellfield
Cllr Kelly reported that the problem parking at the Ash Road junction is continuing. Sometimes the buses can't get round and have had to take passengers up to New Ash Green and back. The owner of the dentist's surgery was there, he said he has spoken to the parkers who say they won't pay for the car park at Longfield. He is concerned though that parking restrictions for his patients, it would be better if there is a restriction early in the morning only before the surgery is open. Cllr Ramsay said early restrictions work in Longfield. Dr Roberts said there was a successful scheme in Sole Street where the yellow lines only apply from 12 - 12.30 pm which is enough to stop commuters.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Communications: Telephone
Mr Mayer asked whether the council had a view on the proposed closure of Hartley's two phone boxes. Cllr Ramsay said they had no objection. Mr Mayer said that the usage stats may have been affected by the fact that the phone didn't work when he tried to use it. Council have accepted new tariff from BT which will reduce monthly cost from £69 to £61.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Football
Council had wanted to increase fee for De Sales FC by £50 to £1,850. However club said they were fielding 2 fewer teams (4) so council agreed 8-0 to reduce fee to £1,500 if they do the marking of the pitches themselves.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Manor Field Pavilion
The committee agreed to pay CACHES £470 to service the boilers and water heater; Hartley Electricians £250 to carry out electrical installation report; Sixpence Co £99 to repair door of Gents.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Hoselands Green
A resident had asked for a dog bin at Hoselands Green, because the ordinary bin is overflowing. Committee refused because no-one else had asked. The rubbish bin is emptied on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Committee also agreed not to ask Sevenoaks to add to the 17 rubbish bins in Hartley
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Manor Field
The council has been left £2,000 to the council. Committee agreed with family's wishes to erect a bench on Manor Field, with the rest being held for maintenance.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Woodland Avenue
They agreed to pay Sixpence Co £350 to repair surface around top entrance gate
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Amenities: Gorsewood
The owner of Strawberry Lodge had reported trees overhanging the track there. Tree surgeon told council trees were safe but council to inform UK Power Networks they are overhanging power lines.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Parish Council: Council Tax
Council agreed 9-0 to freeze the precept at £52.32 for a Band D property, but this will still mean their income will increase by nearly £1,000 because the "Council Tax Base" has increased.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Parish Council: Donations
Council agreed 9-0 not to donate any money to the Open Spaces Society, Cllr Bennett said they had enough of their own open spaces.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Councillors at Sevenoaks have voted against proposal for electronic notification of planning applications to parish councils
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Community Wardens: Volunteer Support Warden
Council rejected request to participate in Volunteer Support Warden Scheme. Cllrs Oxtoby and Abraham said it would cost the parish money. The idea of the scheme is to provide support to the paid Community Wardens
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Roads: Speeding
The council considered a letter about the Parish SID scheme from the county council. They cost about £6,000 to install and can be moved between sites. They indicate speed when it is above the limit. Cllr Brazier thought the council should share one with Ash and he offered to use his member's budget to pay half. A previous sign at the bus stop in New Ash Green had worked well. Cllr Abraham asked if they could flash as well. Cllr Brazier said that would be deceitful and is not allowed. Council voted 8-1 in favour, Cllr Vesey voted against only because she felt they needed more information first.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

Parish Council: Payments
Payments of £10,672 for January were agreed. This included £3,323 to Commercial Services for a half year's ground mainenance.
(Parish Council Meeting 09 January 2017)

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