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March 2017 News
16 March 2017
Teens Caught with Ecstacy
15 and 16 year old from Hartley convicted of possession of ecstacy with intent to supply after being caught in Gorsewood on 20/7/16
News: Dartford Messenger

21 March 2017
Council hits back at statistics on waste recycling
Dartford (25.6%, 13th out of 13) and Sevenoaks (31.9%, 11th) have some of the lowest recycling rates in Kent
News: Dartford Messenger

21 March 2017
Foal destroyed after it was left to die in field
RSPCA called to abandoned horse in field at Brands Hatch Road, Fawkham
News: Dartford Messenger

30 March 2017
In Court
20 year old man from Caxton Close fined for travelling without paying on railway
News: Dartford Messenger

Parish Council: Attendance
9 councillors were present at the meeting. Apologies were received from Cllrs Tremain, Mrs Cole, Graeme, Mrs Rogers. No interests were declared
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Health: Social Care
Cllr Brazier (KCC) said social care had been ignored by the government but now they realise it is a problem. Kent will get over the next 3 years £27m, £16m, £10m which will revolutionise care as their current budget is £65m. They are much more confident they can provide care
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Sevenoaks Council:
Cllr Abraham said the district council had won the council of the year award from the Local Government Association
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Roads: Ash Road
Dr Roberts asked the council would would pay for maintenance if one were built at Hoselands Green. Cllr Brazier said this is always a problem for community assets paid for by 3rd parties such as bus shelters. But with zebra crossings, KCC acknowledge they can't be neglected.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Burial Grounds: New Burial Ground
Committee call for additional £10,000 for completing the works (on top of the £44,000 already agreed). Cllrs Bennett and Ramsay said there was not enough idea what the money would be used for, council voted 8-0 to refer matter to Finance Committee. Council voted 9-0 to accept quotation of £13,200 from Jade Construction to build a lychgate, and to pay Pear Technology £375 for a digital map of the ground. They will plant 6 acer trees along either side of the route of the water main.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Burial Grounds: Burial Ground
Council agreed to pay G & J Surfacing £4,550 to repair the tarmac path, as this is more than the committee have they have requested the council allocate more money.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Burial Grounds: Old Garden of Remembrance
A resident had written to complain about the state of garden. Committee agreed to jet wash and repoint the path when the weather is better. They rejected a proposed bronxe plaque for too many letters, but allowed an appeal against a treble non-resident interrment fee because the person was a resident who only had to leave Hartley to enter a residential home.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Burial Grounds: War Grave
Committee said CWGC had put the sign in the wrong place and asked Mr Munday to move it to the Church entrance gate.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Parish Council: Finance
The committee had reviewed a number of policies. Council agreed to amend the policy on reserves so there would be no limit on how much the council can keep. Previously the policy had said an ideal upper limit would be 6 months' expenditure. Cllr Bennett said the current level of reserves was too high. Council also agreed 9-0 to move £30,000 from the general reserve to a highways reserve to pay for the zebra crossing, yellow lines and the speed sign. A £15,609 bill for the new burial ground had been wrongly allocated to the General Reserve, so they have moved that sum from the New Burial Ground to the General Reserve.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

Parish Council: Subscriptions
Finance committee recommended dropping the Open Spaces Society from the list of bodies the PC subscribes to. Council agreed 7-0 with 2 abstentions.
(Parish Council Meeting 13 March 2017)

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