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Parish Council Meeting 9 November 2009
Present: Cllrs Gaywood (chairman), Abraham, Barnett, Mrs Burns, Coates, Mrs Cole, Graeme, Minns, Mrs Oxtoby, Ramsay, Sewell

Mrs Hoad; County Councillor Brazier and 6 members of the public.

Apologies: Cllrs Alford and Granger
Interests: None declared

1. Minutes of meeting of 12 October 2009 were agreed.

2. Public Questions
(a) County Councillor (i) 2009/10 Precept - he said the county want to have no council tax increase next year which will mean cuts to country parks and capital expenditure on highways. (ii) Renewable Energy - he's now on a committee looking at wind turbines. (iii) Member's Grants - he's minded to give money to the HAWK Youth Partnership for floodlights.
(b) Sevenoaks Councillors - Cllr Ramsay said they had identified £600,000 of cuts for next year, but likely their government grant will fall by £400,000 too.
(c) Police Surgery - Mrs Sharp said she was disappointed at the short notice cancellation of a police surgery at Wellfield which meant people turned up in vain.
(d) Burial Ground - Two members of the public questioned the chairman and clerk over a letter they had received on the burial ground rules. They said that they were unevenly enforced. They said the letter from the council said the council's decision would be on the website but it was not. The clerk said this decision was taken under delegated powers, so wasn't minuted at a meeting. She could not recall when she had met with the chairman of the burial committee to decide the application. Cllr Gaywood told them to make an appointment to see the clerk, which they said they would.

3. Communications Committee
The minutes of the meeting of 4 November were approved. The meeting mainly dealt with the reapplication for "Quality" council status.

4. Planning
The minutes of meetings of 14 October and 4 November were approved. See Planning index

5. Payments
Payments of £9,200 for November were agreed.

Meeting closed at 8.16. It was followed by a private meeting with members of the Hartley WI.
Posted on 15 Nov 2009 by administrator
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