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Hartley Parish Council meeting 14 June 2010
Public Questions
(a) Kent County Council - Cllr Brazier warned that the county faces a £23 million cut in its grant. He said this will mean cuts, but not in Surestart or Schools, however no decisions have been taken yet. On a brighter note they expect to get 95% of the £50 million invested in Icelandic Banks, even though the liquidators of one of them are trying to claim the county "loaned" the money rather than deposited it!
(b) Sevenoaks Council - Cllr Abraham said the Core Planning Strategy has now been lodged for approval, but may be affected by the new government's change of planning policy. He thought that Parish Plans and Village Design Statements will have more force in future. A member of the audience congratulated the council on getting Gold Investors in People Standard.
(c) Manor Field - the chairman confirmed that the farmer does not get any money for the council's licencees crossing his land. Another resident noted that young people moving the bench and littering around the entrance to Foxborough Wood. The Chairman said they can only advise the police. Cllr Oxtoby said there had recently been a fire lit on the field.
(d) Northfield - another member of the audience said they had raised the risk of dogs running loose on Northfield in the past, and is the council going to do anything now a dog has been killed by a motorbike. The chairman said write to the Northfield Committee and they will put it on the agenda.
(e) Hoselands Hill - a resident said the pyramid orchids were looking nice at the foot of the hill.
Burial Grounds
The committee had met on 18 May 2010 and, apart from minor maintenance matters, had discussed the following:
(a) New Church Layby - they wanted a sign to be placed to restrict parking to disabled badge holders and wedding/funeral cars. They also agreed to let the Church have a marquee in the council's cemetery to celebrate the reopening of the church. Full council supported 8-0 with 2 abstentions to increase the annual hire charge to All Saints' for occasional services from £25 to £30.
(b) Memorial Testing - they identified 6 where there is some concern, but they do not need to be laid flat or cordoned off yet, but they will put up warning notices.
The committee met on 17 May 2010, and apart from routine matters agreed that the council should not have an attendance register, because absences etc are recorded in the committee minutes.
The committee met twice - 19 May and 9 June.
(a) New Burial Ground - they agreed on the extent of the easement they wished to be granted for access and confirmed that now they would only use it for the purposes of burial.
(b) WI Hall - their solicitor has raised "due diligence" questions of the WI. Council also concerned to receive another bill from WI's solicitor that had already been paid, when they wanted to pay direct.
(c) DIAL North West Kent - council refused to give them a grant. They are a charity advice line for disabled people in our part of Kent.
The Committe met on 10 June and discussed the following.
(a) Cherry Trees - they asked the Traffic Wardens from Sevenoaks to attend to enforce parking regulations.
(b) Speedwatch - they will advertise for volunteers to man a speed gun in Ash Road. Cllr Burns said she is happy to put it in the newsletter, but previous articles had not yielded many volunteers.
(c) Ash Road - they decided to defer idea of safety barrier at the Post Office because the owners are looking at installing a disabled ramp.
See Planning List.
Payments of £10,900 for June were agreed.
Meeting closed at 8.16 pm
Posted on 16 Jun 2010 by administrator
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