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Hartley Parish Council Meeting 11 July 2011
Meeting of Hartley Parish Council 11 July 2011

1. Present
Cllrs Abraham, Mrs Burns, Coates, Mrs Fernley, Glander, Graeme, Horwood, Mrs Oxtoby (Chairman), Ramsay, Sewell

Apologies: Cllr Alford, Burchell

2. Interests
Cllrs Oxtoby and Abraham (payments)

3. Minutes of Meeting of 13 June 2011
Approved without amendment.

4. Public Questions
There were questions about the Manor Field Pavilion break in, New Burial Ground and Parish Office Lease.

5. Northfield
Cllr Glander is no longer able to attend meetings, so Cllr Fernley was appointed in his place.

The committee met on 8 June and discussed:

(a) Co-option - they agreed to coopt former councillor Mr Barnett.
(b) Fences and gates - repairs to fence at Caling Croft to stop motorbike access. Specifications agreed for access gate at Milestone School.
(c) Flora - bluebells have been planted and there is a problem again with ragwort. If they don't remove it the value of the hay crop is less, if they spray they lose grant money (£30 instead of £60 per hectare).

6. Amenities
The committee met on 15 June and discussed:

(a) Cricket - Manor Field fees to be frozen because on inconvenience of break in. Since the repairs the showers have been too hot and had to be fixed.
(b) Hartley Green - an offer to donate a bench in memory of a loved one was deferred, pending a decision from the burial committee as to whether his ashes could be buried in Hartley.
(c) Manor Field - the pavilion has reopened but only during the day until emergency lighting is fixed. They agreed a protocol to follow if the alarm goes off. They will get quotes for cutting the hedge on the northern boundary.
(d) Hartley Wood - the council's 3 plots in the wood are now registered as a village green.
(e) Allotments - residents of sheltered housing in Wellfield have expressed concerns about lack of fence in places.

7. Finance
The committee met on 6 July and discussed the following:

(a) Internal Audit - the internal auditor had found nothing major but made a number of recommendations, including an on-line backup service for the accounts; photographing all assets, allowing the clerk to order bank statements and stationery. They actioned all but the last one, in addition they are to purchase a fire proof cabinet for back up data, and explore paying off the Public Works Loans.

He had been informed the precept was increased by £3,500 in 2011/12 to pay for the elections.

8. Planning
See planning page.

9. HAWK Youth Group
The committee met on 9 June and discussed:

(a) Funding - KCC have threatened to reduce grant, claiming they haven't met targets in the Service Level Agreement. Meeting to discuss.
(b) Annual Report 2010/11 - Staff shortages have caused problems. They are "lucky" that they have only had a 44% cut in grant from Sevenoaks Council from £8,000 to £4,500, but they welcomed funding from Cllr Brazier and Hartley resident Mrs Sharp. In Hartley they now meet twice a month in the WI Hall from 6pm to 8pm, but people forget because it is only fortnightly. The Hartley Youth Forum has £3,200 to organise trips. They now do work at the Longfield Academy also.

10. Payments
Payments of £10,200 for July were agreed.

Meeting closed at 7.53pm
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