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Averill Family Wills 1626-1656

Will of Alice Averill of Ash, widow (1626)


This is badly faded and there is no obvious reference to Hartley. It does however mention her daughter Mary and son-in-law William Scudder, to whom Alice and her husband conveyed land at Ash and Hartley in 1599.

Will of Nicholas Averill of Ash, yeoman (1631)

He leaves his soul to God and his body to be buried by his father in the churchyard

To William Averill his eldest son - his house, forge, barn and orchard at Ash

To Michael Averill his second son - his house at West Peckham.

Wife Dorcas Averill to be executor and to have rents of properties "towards the charges of bringing them up well" until his sons are 21. Dorcas to have remainder of chattels.

Sons to have £20 when they are 21.

Mark of Robert Averill
Witnesses: William Baker, Thomas Helyer

Dated: 8 September 1631
Proved at London: 4 October 1631.

Will of Robert Averell of Hartley, labourer (1637)

Kent Archives DRa/PW/1

In the name of God Amen. The 15th day of November 1637..... I Robert Averell of Hartley in the county of Kent, labourer bieng in good and perfect remembrance (for the which I give God most humble thanks), do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First and chiefly (as it beocmeth every good and christian body, I commit and commend my soul unto the hands of Almighty God, my creator and redeemer, in whose great mercy and through the merits of his passion I hope and assuredly believe to receive pardon and forgiveness of my sin, and to rise to him at the last day, and my body I will to be buried in Christian burial whien it shall please God to call me to his mercy.

First I will ande bequeath to my cousins Michael and William Averell, sons of Nicholas Averell, my two houses and land at Stansted, to be equally divided between them. And I will and bequeat £8 that my brother Robert Shieffill has at mine to my sister Margaret Durling, and my parell and two chests, I give her, and my will is that Dorcas Averell, the mother of Michael and William Averell shall bear half the charges for my burial.

And I constitute and make my executor of this my last will and testament, my borther Richard Durling.

In witness that this is my last will and testament, I give my hand and seal the day and year above written.

The mark of Robert Averell

Sealed in the presence of us Thomas Jones (S), the mark of Elizabeth Hayes.

Proved at Rochester, 30 November 1637.

Will of Robert Averill of Ash, yeoman (1656)

PRO PROB 11/258

"I freely surrender up my soul into the hands of Almighty God, my maker, hoping that through the merits of Jesus Christ, my alone Saviour and Redeemer, it shall after my departure hence, be received into eternal bliss forever...."

Body to be buried in Ash Churchyard.

To each servant: 20s.

To Margery Averill "my dear and loving wife": he leaves all personal estate. Also he leaves a life interest in the house at Ash where he lives, with reversion to his kinsman James Miller and his heirs and assigns.

Item: "I will, give and bequeath unto my kinsmen William Miller, Richard Miller, and Thomas Miller, their heirs and assigns forever: three tenements, two lying in the parish of Ash and the other in the parish of Hartley aforesaid, with all and singular the several parcel and parcels of land therewith, now used and enjoyed". On condition they pay his kinsman Robert Averill, the son of George Averill the sum of £20. And provided further that they pay to the poor of Ash the sum of 50s.

James Miller to pay Elizabeth Scudder, kinswoman: £20; and Robert Lance the son of James Lance: £20; and to kinsmen Henry Fenn, William Fenn, Elizabeth Fenn and Joane Fenn: £10 each.

Wife Margery to be executrix.

Dated 16 August 1656

Witnessed by Henry Reave, Elizabeth Stevens
Proved at London, 6 September 1656.