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Will of John Beke

Will of John Beke of Ash(1466)

Centre for Kentish Studies DRb/Pwr 2.358

In the name of God, Amen. The penultimate day (29th) of September 1466. I John Beke of Assh in Rochester Diocese, sound of mind and body ......  make my will in this manner and my last wishes in this manner.  First I leave my soul to Almighty God , the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints in heaven, and my body to be buried in the churchyard? of St Peter and Paul of Ash in the tomb of my present fellows (consort' me(a)e presen').  I leave to the high altar of the church of Ash, 6 pence.  Item: I leave for the maintenance of the light of the Holy Cross in the same, 6 pence.  Item I leave to the light of the Blessed Mary in the same, 6d.  Item: I leave to John, the son of John William, a mother ewe sheep.  Item: I leave and will that all my funeral expenses, both on the day of my burial and my trental shall be made at the discretion of my executor.  And I make and ordain Agnes my daughter and Thomas ???? her son, as my executors................. I will and ordain by the presents that Robert At Wode shall have to him, his heirs and his assigns forever, 2 parcels of land immediately after my decease, whereof one is called Nelamesfeld and the other is called Litilwestret; so that he can find a chaplain in the Church of Ash to celebrate mass for my soul and the souls of my ancestors?? who have gone before, and for the souls of all the faithful departed for a quarter of a year within a year and a half after my decease.  In witness whereof I have placed my seal to this will, with these witnesses - Walter Manby, clerk, Robert At Wode and others.  Given the day and place abovewritten.  Proved at Rochester 1 December in the said year (1466).