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Will of Ewen Charlton

Will of Ewen Charlton, parson of Longfield (1548)

Centre for Kentish Studies DRb/Pwr/11.30

In the name of God, Amen.  I Ewen Charlton, parson of Longfield in Kent, of perfect and good memory thanks be to God, this do ordain and make my last will and testament, made the 15th day of April in the year of Our Lord 1548.

First I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God the creator of all things and my body whereat it shall please God.  Item: I forgive John Peeres 10 shillings, so that he pay the rest justly.  Item: I forgive John Mole, 12 pence so that he pay the rest justly.  Item I give to Ewen Daylye, my godson, 10 shillings.  Item: to Agnes Pery[...?] 3 shillings 4 pence.  Item: to pulse ? 20 pence.  Item: they mine overseers shall deliver for me unto the poor people within Sowthflete (Southfleet) and Longfeld two quarters wheate besides my burial.  Item: I give to Sir John, curate of Southfleet, my best gown.  Item: to Walter Born, my frit?? gown.  Item: to my cousin at Dartforde, my short gown.  Item: to her husband, my fustian doublet and two bushels wheat.  Item: to Nichaols Child my worsted doublet, and my worsted coat.  Item: William Hodgesee my old coat.  Item: to Agnes Holden, my second coat.  Item: I will that they deal to poor people at my burial penny [....??].  The rest of my goods not bequest(ed) I give to Elizabeth Guskyn, my kinswoman, dwilling in London, so that the performance my will and pay my legacies and debts whom I make mine executrix.  And Henry Godray and Nicholas Child to be mine overseers.  And they to have for their pains 13 shillings 4 pence and costs and charges to be discharged and borne in all her business about this my will.  Witnesses Sir John Moris? curate, Raife Crowche, with other ???  Item: I give to Sir John Moris? all my books.  Item to Raif Crowch - 20 pence..

Proved at Dartford 24 April 1548.