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Goldsmith Family Wills 1803-1810

William Goldsmith of Hartley, publican (1803)


Dated 3 May 1802

Funeral debts to be paid.

To daughter Mary Perrett, wife of William Perrett of Southfleet, shoemaker: £200

To son John Goldsmith: "all that freehold messuage or tenement with the lands hereditaments and premises now in my occupation situate in the parishes of Longfield and Hartley", subject to £100 part of said sum £200 to daughter, and annuity of £20 to Sarah Goldsmith his wife on quarter days equally. Subject also to son George being tenant while his wife lives, and up to Michaelmas thereafter at the clear yearly rent of £20, George keeping the property in good repair. Son George to get household furniture, subject to £100 to be paid to daughter. George to be executor.

(X) William Goldsmith

Witnesses: David Perrett of Ash, labourer (S), Thomas Cackow jun? of Longfield (S), Christopher Bedingfield of Gravesend (S)

Proved before Rev Currey, surrogate, 27 Jul 1803.

PRO IR26/401 - Death Duty Register

William Goldsmith - estate under £300 - death duty £7 - executor: George Goldsmith -

legatees: testator's wife and children

John Goldsmith of Gravesend, victualler (1810)

He appoints his friends William Bensted of Hartley, farmer, and James Waterman of Milton next Gravesend, brewer, as executors and guardians of his daughter Mary Ann Goldsmith

Executors to sell all his stock in trade and personal estate, except such of the household items the deem necessary for his wife. Money to be invested in government stocks or real securities and the interest, together with the income from his real estate (except an annuity charged on it by his father William in favour of his widow Sarah Goldsmith), to be paid to his dear wife Eilzabeth Goldsmith, for her and his daughter, if Elizabeth remains unmarried. Provisions if Elizabeth dies, and for when Mary Ann is 21.

"I do give and devise all those two cottages and the several pieces or parcels of wood and other land situate, lying and being at Hartley in the said county, in the occupation of the said William Bensted or his undertenants, and all other my real estate, unto my said daughter Mary Ann Goldsmith and her heirs forever." If Mary Ann dies without issue, before she is 21, then estate to go to his brother George Goldsmith.

Dated 26 November 1807

(S) John Goldsmith. Witnesses: (S) John Hopwood of Maidstone, broker, (S) Christopher Bedingfield of Gravesend, attorney, (S)Edward Pyman Johnson, his clerk

Proved at London, 2 October 1810