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Holker Family Wills

Will of Lawrence Holker of Gravesend, gentleman (1708)

He leaves his soul to Almighty God.

His wife Susanna to get all tenements, messuages, lands etc in Grevesend, Milton next Gravesend, Northfleet, and Hartley. Also the land originally leased to his father in Lancashire, and the use of all his household goods. After her death, his eldest son Laurence to get messuage, tenement and wharf, called "Two Brewers" in Gravesend; and "my two several messuages or tenements with barns, stables, outhouses, lands, woodlands, and appurtenances in Hartley in the several tenures or occupations of William Wigzall and Jeremiah Pead".

Provision also for younger son John.

Dated 3 September 1708

Proved (London) 2 November 1708

Will of Lawrence Holker of Milton next Gravesend, doctor in physick (1738)

He leaves his "poor and immortal soul" to Almighty God, in the hope of pardon by merits of Jesus Christ.

To his wife Katherine: he leaves all his lands in Gravesend and elsewhere, that belonged to his father, except the jointure estate and the parts that belonged to her late father and brother Mr Stephen Allen the elder and younger, and of her late cousin Mr Richard Wood. Jointure estate of wife set up by deed dated 6 February 1727, made between (1) Lawrence and Katherine Holker (2) John Holker esq and William Mann (trustees) of land at Frindsbury, Cobham, Meopham and Luddesdowne.

Katherine to hold lands on trust for their children, if she dies before they reach 21 then trustees to hold land instead for children. Reversion to his son Lawrence, who is to pay annuity of £50 to his sister Katherine and £1,500 when she reaches 21. Next reversion to daughter Katherine, then to his brother Thomas if both children die before they are 21.

Personal estate to wife. If she remarries and claims the £500 that she is entitled to under marriage articles, then personal goods to go to his trustees.

Dated 10 June 1738 (John Tasker is one of the witnesses)

Proved (London) 13 June 1738

Will of Lawrence Holker of St Thomas Apostle, London (1794)

To each of the city of London's common council and to each of his cousins - a mourning ring.

To brother in law John Thorpe and his wife and daughter - a ring.

To servant Susanna Allen - a ring and annuity of 10 guineas, charged on his farm at Hook Green, Meopham.

Real estate belonging to his honoured brother for her (his mother?) natural life, and then to his sister Catherine Thorpe, and then to her children.

Mother aforesaid appointed executor.

Dated before 1779 (4 codicils not checked yet)

Proved (London) 12 March 1794