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Will of John Parysse of Hartley

Will of John Parysse (1451)

Article summary

In the name of God, Amen. 4 April in the year of the Lord 1451. I John Parysse of Hertle in the diocese of Rochester, of sound mind, make my will in this manner. Firstly, I leave my soul to Almighty God my creator, and my body to be buried in the cemetery of the parish Church of Hertle next to the tomb of my deceased wife. Item: I leave to the high altar of the same church - 20d. Item: I leave for the roofing of the church - 15d. Item: I leave to the light of blessed Mary there - 3 ewes with their lambs, from the best of my flock. Item: to the same light of the blessed Mary - half a quarter of barley to be paid and raised from the barley growing on my lands, on the feast day of All Saints. Item: I leave to Sir John Bonde my curate - 12d. Item: I leave o the Carmelite Brothers of Aylysford - 5s to pray for my soul for the remission of my sins. Item: I leave to each chaplain saying mass on the day of my burial, celebrating mass from my soul together with the obsequies - 6d. Item: I leave to Rose Cotyer, my daughter - my best cooking pot, with a tripod from the best. Item: I leave to Joan, daughter of the said Rose - 4 of the better sheep and one quarter of barley, one brazen pot, one pan of medium quality and one posnet. Item: I leave to John Cotyer, my godson - my better cloak of russet. Item: I leave to Thomas Cotyer, eldest son of John Cotyer and the other boys of the same John - my two cloaks [.......] to make clothes for them and each of them. Item: I leave to Alice Brasyer, for looking after me in my illness - 6d in money with one bushel of wheat, from my growing corn. Item: I leave to John Mabbis - 2 bushels of wheat from the corn as aforesaid. Item: I leave for expenses laid out on the day of my burial - a half quarter of wheat and one quarter of barley, and likewise on the day of my trental - another half quarter of wheat with another quarter of barley. And if it should happen that there is a remainder therefrom, I will that it be distributed to the poor at the discretion of my curate and supervisor. All other vessels especially of metal of whatever quality, which shall not be bequeathed above, I give and leave to Joan and John (sic), daughters of Thomas Cotyer, to be divided equally between them at the discretion of the said curate, my supervisor. The remainder of all goods not bequeathed above, after my debts have been paid and legacies and funeral expenses have been honourably settled and completed; I will that it be given to the poor and distributed in pious ways, according to the discretion of my supervisor, in whom I place especial trust for the remission of my sins. I appoint, make and constitute Thomas Cotier as executor of my will, and the said Sir John Bonde rector of the said Church supervisor of the said Thomas and of the executorship, so that by these presents the same Thomas can execute and complete faithfully and speedily the present (?) will with the supervision of my said supervisor. Given and Hertle on the day and year abovesaid.

In addition I will that Roger Smyth, John Cotyer at le Hay and Stephen Smyth, my feoffees for all my lands and tenements in Hertle or elsewhere within the county of Kent, as appears more fully in a certain deed of enfeoffment made therefore, immediately after my death to enfeoff Rose Cotyer my daughter in all my lands and tenements aforesaid. To have and to hold to the same Rose for the full term of her life without impeachment of waste...... with the duty of repairing, rebuilding and maintaining the houses and buildings constructed on the same. And after the death of the said Rose, I will that the said lands and tenements shall pass by remainder to Joan and Joan, daughters of the said Rose aforesaid and shall remain as one holding. To have and to hold all the said lands and tenements to the said Joan and Joan, and to the heirs of their bodies legitimately conceived in the first instance. And if the said Joan and Joan die without heir of their bodies legitimately conceived, then I will that all the said lands and tenements shall be sold for the best price that can be obtained, and the money so received therefrom shall bedisbursed thus: half of the said money shall be given to the parish church of Hertle; and the other half of the said money shall be disbursed on pious uses.

This will was proved at Dartford on 28 June 1451 (Bishop's register DRb/Pa2 f 160)