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Although Hartley has no landing facilities for aircraft, aviation is an important part of life today, so it certainly merits an information page.

Passenger Airports

The table below lists what we believe to be the nearest 5 passenger airports to Hartley.


 Distance (Crow's flight)

Distance (Road)

London City

14 miles

23 miles


22 miles

33 miles


28 miles

35 miles


33 miles

58 miles


34 miles

43 miles

Other Airfields

A comprehensive catalogue of UK airfields, past and present, can be found at the Bones Aviation website.

The nearest airfield that ever existed close to Hartley was a World War 1 airfield at South Ash, now farmland near the Anchor and Hope pub. It was only used from 1916 to 1919 for home defence squadrons.  For details see the Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust website.

Overflying Aircaft

Ever wondered where the plane you see in the sky is flying to? Well the answer can be found at the Flight Radar 24 website, which tracks scheduled passenger planes and some freight flights.

Is my flight on time?

Use the links to the local airports in the table above to check on flight running information.