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Wills of the Treadwell family

Death Duty Register entry - Richard Treadwell, yeoman (1806)

Article summary

TNA IR26/401

(13 October 1806) Richard Treadwell of Hartley, yeoman. Estate under £2,000. Executor - Francis Treadwell. Legatees - testator's children.

Will of Francis Treadwell of Hartley, Blacksmith (1819)

TNA PROB 11/1620 (sig 443)

To sister Ann Griggs, late of Alling[....] and now residing with me - a life interest in the joint stock annuities in Bank of England. After her decease to his niece Sarah Rich, now or late of Woolwich, and to godson Francis Alchin, son of William Alchin of Camer, Meopham, carpenter. To be equally divided among them.

To William Treadwell, cousin, "who lives with me and manages my business": all the remainder of his goods and chattels, net of funeral expenses.

Executors to be George Rich (?) of Milton next Gravesend and William Benstead of Hartley.

Dated 14 January 1819

Administration with will attached granted to William Treadwell on 24 September 1819, the named executors having first renounced probate.

Will of William Treadwell of Hartley, shopkeeper and licensed victualler (1853)

"I give and bequeath unto Frederick Oliver of West Yoke in the parish of Ash... butcher, and George Cooper of Fawkham ... farmer, their heirs, executors and assigns, all my household furniture, plate, glass, linen, china and printed books in my dwelling house at Hartley .., all my stock in trade of goods as shopkeeper and licensed victualler therein at the time of my death, all cash in hand and book debts due to me after payment of the debts and from me on those accounts. In trust to permit my daughter Rhoda Hogbin, the wife of John Hogbin, formerly of Hartley, smith, to enjoy the same during the term of her natural life, free from and independent of the control, debts or engagements of her present husband..." If she survives him then the estate transfers to her absolutely, if she predeceases her husband then the executors are to transfer it to whoever she has directed in writing witnessed by two credible witnesses.

"And whereas William Cooper the elder of Fawkham ... my son-in-law, stands indebted to me on various accounts and now amounting to the sum of £175, besides a promissory note of hand for £89 bearing date 2 March 1848.... I hereby direct my executors to give him a full release, and acquitance of the said sum of £175, which I desire may be considered by him as his wife's share of my porperty for which she would be entitled to at my decease as the parceners with her sisters..."

"I give and bequeath unto my daughters Harriett Hart the wife of James Hart of Southfleet, husbandman, Phillis Pigott of Hartley, widow, and Eliza Oliver the wife of Frederick Oliver of West Yoke, butcher, all my stock in trade of goods as relates to the business of smith, all debts due to me on that account, all monies standing in my name or in which I am interested or possessed of in the public funds, a promissory note of and for £89 of William Cooper the elder of Fawkham... and all the residue and remainder of my estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever absolutely after payment of my just debts (execepting as before recited relating to what may be due from me on account of my business as a shopkeeper and licensed victualler), funeral and testamentary expenses, to be equally divided between them...."

He appoints aforesaid Frederick Oliver and George Cooper as executors.

Dated 2 March 1848. Signed William Treadwell. Witnesses: George Jewell, grocer etc of Farningham; Joseph Beckley of Farningham

Proved at London 4 April 1853.