Hartley Through the Ages by Rev. Bancks

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1 Early Times
2 Celtic Times
3 The Coming of the Romans
4 Hoseland
5 The Teutonic Invaders
6 Heortlea in Early Saxon Times
7 Heortlea in the 11th Century
8 Norman Times
9 In Late Plantagenent & Early Tudor Times
10 The Parish Church
11 The Churchyard
12 The Lords of the Manor
13 The Rectors and Patrons
14 The Churchwardens and Parish Clerks
15 The Old Inhabitants
16 The Old Houses and Their Occupants
17 The Folk-Land and Wayside
18 The Wayside Folk
19 Local Names
20 Lost Property
21 Facts and Fables
22 Modern Times

The files are all in Adobe Acrobat format and are between 27KB and 451KB in size.

For those of you with more time you can download the entire book here (880 KB)

Hartley Through the Ages was written in 1927 by the then Rector of Hartley, Gerard W Bancks. He was rector of Hartley from 1902 until his death in 1934 and greatly loved the village. His book is monumental achievement and is an invaluable source of information on Hartley's history. Although modern discoveries have made some areas of the book out of date.