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Dartford Rural District Council Minutes 1899-1944

22 October 1899

Mains Water at Hartley etc Ash Parish Council and Fawkham Parish Meeting are in favour of Mid Kent scheme with water charges to go on the rates.

Cesspools Council resolve to have a register of cesspools

7 November 1899

Hartley Bottom Road Complaint by owner of Idleigh Court about unkempt hedges in Hartley Bottom Road from Longfield Siding past Red Cow Farm to Small Grains Cottages. Surveyor will talk to owner Mr S Allen.

Mains Water at Hartley etc Longfield PC have written to say they want to join the proposed Mid Kent Water scheme.

21 November 1899

Mains Water at Hartley etc Council discussed the proposal for mains water at Ash, Longfield. (West) Kingsdown are in favour but don't want to pay a guarantee. Council decided to write to Mid Kent Water to ask for their terms in supplying mains water and told Kingsdown they were an area of known water scarcity and it was up to the district council to decide what was best.

Ash Telegraph Office Post Office invoices the council £5.17.1 in respect of their guarantee. They agreed to pay and then invoice Ash PC.

School closure Ash was closed from 27 March to 10 April 1899 due to diptheria in the area.

5 December 1899

Hartley Bottom Road Mr W Allen had said the dangerous hedges were owned by his father Mr J Allen, but he would attend to them. Surveyor says he hasn't yet.

19 December 1899

Mains Water at Hartley etc Council noted no provision had been made for Hartley and told the clerk to include the parish in the proposed scheme when corresponding with Mid Kent Water.

16 January 1900

Hartley Bottom Road Hedges still not cut so council threaten Mr Allen with legal action.

Roads Mr Kidd to put fence round his pond at Fawkham

22 March 1900

Road Expenditure Council publish the amount spent on general repairs to district highways over the previous 12 years, including steam rolling, as let by contract. Figures are rounded to nearest pound for years ending 25 March:
1888 £7,019
1889 £6,992
1890 £7,208
1891 £6,785
1892 £6,734
1893 £7,446
1894 £7,224
1895 £6,787
1896 £6,942
1897 £7,196
1898 £7,307
1899 £7,300
1900 £7,316

24 April 1900

Roads: Longfield Hill Sump at Longfield Hill to be cleaned out.

Elections Rev Edward Smith of Longfield Rectory elected unopposed on 6 April for Hartley Ward. The council elected by thirds and none of the other wards up for election (Eynsford, Farningham, Fawkham, Horton Kirby, Longfield) were contested either. (West) Kingsdown had no valid nominations at all.

Mains Water at Hartley etc Mid Kent sent a guarantee form for the council to sign but they didn't want to do so until they knew what the water charges would be.

8 May 1900

Scavenging and cesspool emptying "The clerk reported that the contracts for the scavenging of and the emptying of cesspools in the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, Longfield and Ridley.... would expire on the 24th prox.... It was resolved that the clerk [enquire] of Mr Haygreen whether he would be prepared to continue his existing contract for the parishes of Ash etc.... for another year from the 24th prox. on terms similar to those at present in force."

22 May 1900

Damage to Roads at Ash and Ridley Extraordinary damage to roads in Ash and Ridley "in consequence of the passage of some traction engines belonging to Messrs Chittenden and Simmons of West Malling, drawing heavy loads of flints from Stansted into the Rochester Rural district." Clerk to write to them to say they will have to pay for repairs to the roads concerned.

5 June 1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc The clerk read a letter dated 25th ultimo from Mr J L Ball, secretary to the Mid Kent Water Co, stating that to lay mains in the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley and Longfield, the company would require a guaranteed annual income of £481 and to lay mains in the parish of Kingsdown, a further annual sum of £160. Mr Ball stated that these amounts were in excess of those quoted to the several parish councils concerned, but that the proposed line of pipes was greater thant he company were at first asked to consider, and that the price of materials had risen since the matter was first brought to their notice. It was resolved. That consider of the letter be adjourned until the next meeting. And that in the meantime the clerk obtain and furnish to the Rural District Councillors for each of the parishes to ber included in the proposed scheme, a copy of the Company's scale of charges, and the appropriate share of the annual sum to be received by the company from each such parish." Rev Warland, secretary to (West) Kingsdown parish council wrote to complain that the medical officer's report for 1899 referred to unsanitary conditions in the parish.

19 June 1900

Roads: Hodsoll Street Council give permission to Higham and Hundred of Hoo Water Company to lay mains to Holywell Park, Hodsoll Street, subject to the roads being restored afterwards.

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The council resumed consideration of the letter dated 25th ultimo from the Mid Kent Water Company, setting out the terms upon which they would be prepared to lay on a supply of water to the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield. The following letters were also read upon the same subject.

(a) dated the 18th inst from Mr A E Dobbs of Hartley Manor, the chairman of Hartley Parish Meeting, suggesting that the Council should delay taking action in regard to that parish until the parish meeting of Hartley were in possession of further information and were able to come to a decision in the matter.

(b) From Rev F W Warland of the Rectory, Kingsdown, the clerk to the Kingsdown Parish Council, dated the 18th inst, suggesting alterations in the proposed line of pipes in that Parish.

(c) From Rev E Smith, the District Councillor for Hartley Parish, dated 18th inst, suggesting that the contribution of the parishes toward the pipes in each parish, should be charged according to mileage and not according to the rate able value.

(d) From Mr W Robson, the clerk to the Longfield Parish Council, forwarding copy of the resolution of the Parish Council, to the effect that the amount to the paid by each parish should be calculated upon the mileage of pipes and that the amount per annum which the water company required as a guarantee as excessive.

After discussion, it was resolved that the District Surveyor be instructed to inspect the five pariswhes in question, and prepare a plan showing the line of pipes which, in his opinion, would meet the requirements of each parish, the remuneration to be made to him in respect of the matter to be determined hereafter."

Notifiable diseases Medical Officer of Health "reported that in consequence of a number of cases of diphtheria at Hartley, the managers had closed the school there, and he suggested that a formal notice to close the school for 3 weeks should be given. The necessary notice was accordingly signed by members of the council."

3 July 1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The Chairman suggested that in view of the divergence of opinion among the representatives and ratepayers of, and others who were connected with, the five parishes, for which it was proposed to furnish a supply of water, a committee consisting of the rural district councillors for such parishes, should be appointed to consider the question of the probable requirements of each such parish, the most equitable basis upon which the annual cost of the scheme should be fixed, and that such committee have authority to obtain the opinion of an expert upon the matter, if it should be deemed necessary...."

Cesspool emptying and scavenging J Haygreen paid for the Ash, Hartley, Longfield etc contract £17.16s (apparently a monthly payment)

Nuisances Edward Longhurst of Station Road, Longfield appointed inspector of nuisances and building inspector for parishes of Ash, Farningham, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, Longfield, Lullingstone, Ridley and the Eynsford ward of Eynsford parish, at an inclusive salary of £150 p.a.

17 July 1900

Roads: Hartley Road, Longfield Surveyor to clean out pond at bottom of Hartley Hill, Longfield (likeliest candidate is Court Pond, Main Road, Longfield)

14 August 1900

Roads: Longfield Hill, Ridley Surveyor ordered to clean out ponds at Longfield Hill and opposite Rectory Cottage at Ridley. Council also give him authority to do the same in future without reference back where necessary to the upkeep of the roads.

11 September 1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The Chairman reported that the committee appointed in connection with the matter of providing a water supply for the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield had in pursuance of the resolution of the council of 3 July last instructed Mr A C Hartgig of 2 Queen's Square Place, Queen Anne's Mansions, Westminster, to prepare a report as to the cost of the proposed scheme and as to the reasonableness or otherwise of the amount of the annual guarantee required by the Mid Kent Water company. The Chairman also stated that Mr Hartgig's report had only just been received and had not yet been considered by the committee."

Roads: Main Road, Longfield 150 feet of kerbing to be laid by Longfield School at a cost of £8.

23 October 1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The clerk stated that the report by Mr Hartgig in regard to this matter would probably be received in time for the special committee to report to the council thereon at the next meeting.

He stated that an alternative scheme for supplying with water the parishes affected had been formulated by Mr A E Dobbs of Hartley Manor. It was resolved that Mr Hurtgig be directed to report thereon in addition to the original scheme prepared by the Mid Kent Water Company."

Railways The council heard too late of a meeting of all Kent District Councils and Corporations "with a view to united action being taken in regard to the unpunctuality of passenger and goods traffic on the South Eastern and Chatham Railway."

6 November 1900

Railways Horton Kirby Parish Meeting passes resolution "against the condition of the passenger and goods traffic on the South Eastern and Chatham Railway" (this will no doubt refer to Farningham Road station on the Longfield line)

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The Committee appointed to consider the question of providing water to the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield reported that Mr Hurtzig, the engineer whom they had consulted in regard to the matter had, subject to the approval of the council, agreed to the following terms with the Mid Kent Water Company:

The council to guarantee a minimum payment to the company of £405 per annum until the quantity of water supplied reached 15,000 gallons per day, and that after the supply reached such quantity, the guarantee should be increased by £9 per annum for each thousand gallons per day up to a maximum of 30,000 gallons; the maximum annual guarantee being ultimately £540 and the company to bear the cost of maintaining the pipes and other machinery and of the collection of water rates.

The committee also reported the receipt of Mr Hurtzig's observations on Mr Dobbs' alternative scheme of water supply for the parishes concerned, which observations were to the following effect:

(1) That in order to form a company as suggested by Mr Dobbs, to carry out the necessary works, either a provisional order or an Act of Parliament would be required, which would result in considerable delay.

(2) That the Mid Kent Water Company would probably refuse to supply water in bulk to another company.

(3) That the terms offered by Mr Dobbs were not so favourable as to the amount of the annual guarantee as those submitted by the Mid Kent Co.

The committee recommended that the terms provisionally agreed to between Mr Hurtzig and the Mid Kent Water Company be (subject to the preparation of a proper agreement between the Council and the Company) accepted and further that Mr Dobbs' alternative scheme be not entertained.

It was resolved on the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr Day. That the report be received and that the recommendations therin contained be approved and adopted. It was also resolved on the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr Sugden. That the clerk be empowered to consult counsil in connection with the preparation of the above mentioned agreement with the Mid Kent Water Co. It was further resolved that in the event of any deficiency arising out of the supply of water to the parishes concerned, it be borne in proportion to the rateable value of each parish.

20 November 1900

Railways Resolved "That the Rural District Council of Dartford hereby record their energetic protest agains the chaotic and disastrous condition of the passenger and goods traffic on the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, whereby very serious loss and inconvenience are caused to the community, and call upon the directors forthwith to take such steps as may be necessary to remove the serious causes of complaint which now exist." MP for Dartford and county councils of London, Kent and Surrey also asked "to render all assistance in their power to bring home to the Directors as sense of the responsibilities consequent upon the monopoly which has been granted to the company by Parliament".

4 December1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc "The clerk read a letter dated 3rd inst from Revd E Smith (District Councillor for the parish of Hartley), forwarding a letter and further alternative proposal received from Mr A E Dobbs, for supplying water by a limited company to be formed by him, to the parishes of Hartley and Longfield, Fawkham, Ash and Kingsdown. After discussion it was resolved on the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr Day. That the decision of the council to take the supply from the Mid Kent Co be adhered to.

The clerk submitted a copy of the public notice, which had been given of the intention of the Mid Kent Water Company, to apply to the Board of Trade for a Provisional Order to extend their limits of supply so as to include the five parishes above mentioned."

Roads: Speedgate Hill, Fawkham Cyclists given permission to erect warning sign on hill leading from near Speedgate to Fawkham.

Telegraph office at Ash Ash Telegraph Office - council receive bill for £4.8.7

18 December 1900

Mains Water at Hartley etc Council decide to petition against the Mid Kent Water Scheme for Hartley and area (This appears to be a technicality as they say it is "to preverve their position". It is almost certain that the council hadn't suddenly changed their mind)

Telegraphs Ash Parish Council to be precepted for the £4.8.7 bill that DRDC received in December 4th meeting.

29 January 1901

Queen Victoria Council expresses its "deep sense of loss", and wishes the new King Edward VII well.

Roads: Longfield Council have received a letter from Superintendent Sharp that one of his PCs had been injured by falling on barbed wire by the highway at Longfield.

26 February 1901

Roads: Longfield Council agrees to the erection of the following iron direction signs - (a) At the branch roads leading to Longfield Hill near Longfield siding (b) at Longfield village where the branch road leads to Hartley and Ash. Council also agreed to iron 4 arm post at Lanes End, Darenth by the green.

Mains water Council sign agreement with Higham and Hundred of Hoo water company to allow them to break up certain roads in Ash parish, to bring mains water to Hodsoll Street.

Mains water Council agree to sign agreement with Mid Kent water for the Hartley scheme. "It was resolved that the consent of the Dartford Rural District Council be, and is hereby given to the Mid Kent Water Provisional Order, now pending before the Board of Trade, by which it is proposed to supply water in the parishes of Ash, Longfield, Hartley, Ridley, Kingsdown and Fawkham in the county of Kent."

26 March 1901

Mains water The clerk read a letter dated 21st inst from Mr Ball, the secretary to the Mid Kent Water Company, stating that if the company were confined to laying vertically cast iron water pipes as specified in the agreement with the council, delivery by the makers would be slow, but that one firm had nearly enough pipes cast at an angle of 45 degrees, in stock to satisfy the council's requirement.

Mr Ball stated that the last named pipes would be tested to the pressure mentioned in the agreement and that the Company would be content to use them, and he enquired whether the council would consent to their being substituted for vertically cast pipes.

The clerk reported that he had brought the matter to the attention of Mr Hurtzig from whom he read a letter, dated 23rd inst, stating that the council would be safe in accepting pipes cast at an angle of 45 degrees.

It was resolved that Mr Ball be informed that the council would prefer the pipes specified in the agreement and that he be asked whether any (and if so what) substantial saving of time would result, if the alteration suggested by the company were permitted.

23 April 1901

House numbering Stone parish council have requested householders to number houses where necessary, and ask Dartford RDC for compulsory powers if not complied with.

Mains Water at Hartley etc "A letter dated 19th inst was read from the Mid Kent Water company, stating that the shortest time quoted for the delivery of vertically cast pipes required in connection with this matter was four months, but htat more than half the pipes not vertically cast could be obtained from stock. They stated that in view of the considerable saving of time to be effected b adopting the last named kind, they were proceeding with the work using that description of pipe.

It was resolved that this be agreed to. The clerk produced engrossment of the agreement between the Council and the Mid kent Water Company, providing for the restoration of the roads to be broken up by the company in connection with this matter, in the event of their failing to obtain the Provisional Order now before the Board of Trade. It was resolved that the common seal of the Council be and the same accordingly was affixed thereto."

7 May 1901

Cesspool emptying Clerk reminds council that contract for cesspool emptying and scavenging at Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield would expire on 24th June next.

21 May 1901

Mains water at Hartley etc. Council agree to supply a copy of their agreement with Mid Kent Water Company, to Sir J T Chance, the owner of Hartley Manor.

2 July 1901

Mains water at Hartley etc. "The chairman drew attention to the slow progress being made by the Mid Kent Water company in carrying out the extension of the water mains in the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, and Longfield under the agreement between the Company and the Council.

It was resolved on the motion of the chairman, seconded by the vice-chairman that the clerk request the company to expedite the execution of the work as much as possible, in order that it might be completed within the period stipulated in such agreement."

6 July 1901

Obstruction of roads at Ash by Mid Kent Water Co "The surveyor reported that the Mid Kent Water Co had in connection with the laying of water mains in the parish of Ash, completely blocked some of the roads there, thereby causing considerable inconvenience to persons using the highways in that locality. He also called attention to the way in which the same company had temporarily deposited water pips by the roadside in that parish and in the other parishes in which they were about to lay mains.

The clerk was directed to request the company to so carry out the work they ahd in hand, so as to cause the least possible inconvenience to the public at large.

Roads Surveyor reports a direction signpost has been erected at Ridley between the Church and the Rectory on land belonging to Rev H B Hennell, who had insisted the council take it away if he gave them 7 days' notice.

16 July 1901

Mains water at Hartley etc. Further to the council meeting of 6 July, Mid Kent Water reply they are doing their best to meet the deadline in the agreement.

13 August 1901

Obstruction of roads at Ash by Mid Kent Water Co "With regard to the council's recent complaint as to the above, a letter dated 2nd inst was read from Mr J L Ball, Secretary to the Mid Kent Water Co, stating that owing to some of the roads in the parish of Ash being narrow, it had been impossible to carry out the work which the company had in hand, without closing the roads to traffic, but that all had been done to avoid inconvenience to the inhabitants of the locality."

Water supply to parish of Fawkham The chairman reported that Mr H B Hohler of Fawkham Manor, was of opinion that the water pipes which the Mid Kent Water Co were about to lay in the parish of Fawkham, would not be large enough to provide his property there with a sufficient supply of water, and that he (Mr Hohler) suggested that the following alterations in the size and route of the pipes, as originally determined would be made:

The proposed line of 1½" pipes from the Smithy near Ebenezer Chapel to West Yoke done away with, and a pipe laid in lieu thereof between West Yoke and Turner's Oak and that the whole of the pipes between Turner's Oak via West Yoke as far as the entrance lodge of Fawkham Manor should be 3" in diameter.

A letter dated 12th inst was read from Mr Ball, the secretary to the Mid Kent Water Co, stating that the company would be prepared to lay a 3" in lieu of a 1½" pipe as far as West Yoke Farm, and a 1½" pipe from that point to the lodge of Fawkham Manor. The Company also stated that they would prefer to take the 3" main from West Yoke to the Smithy, as originally arranged, as if it were laid from West Yoke to Turner's Oak, it would necessitate cutting the main and would involve additional expense.

It was resolved that the company's proposals be agreed to.

10 September 1901

Hydrants for Longfield "Mr Gillam reported that the Longfield Parish Council desired that 6 fire hydrants in addition to the two which the Mid Kent Water Company would supply, should be provided in the parish. It was resolved that the request be acceded to and that application be made to the Local Government Board for the issue of an order investing the District Council with the powers of an Urban Authority under section 66 of the Public Health Act 1875 in regard to the provision of fire hydrants in the said parish and declaring the expenses to be incurred by the District Council in the execution of those powers to be special expenses. It was further resolved that when the necessary powers had been conferred upon the District Council, the Mid Kent Water Company be requested to fix such 6 hydrants in positions to be determined by the Parish Council."

5 November 1901

Water supply to Ridley "The clerk read a letter dated 24th ultimo from the Rev H B Hennell, forwarding copy of a resolution passed at a recent meeting of ratepayers of the parish of Ridley, requesting that a supply of water should be laid on to the parish, provided the cost thereof did not exceed £28 per mile of pipes laid. A letter dated the 26th ultimo was read from the Mid Kent Water company, stating that if the Company laid their mains in the parish, they would require a guarantee of about £35 per mile of mains. The clerk was directed to send a copy of the Company's letter to Mr Hennell."

19 November 1901

Water supply to Longfield Longfield Parish Council complain that Mid Kent Water Co is delaying laying mains to Longfield Hill. Company replies they will do it as soon as possible.

3 December 1901

Fire Hydrants at Longfield Council has received the necessary order from the Local Government Board to empower the provision of the hydrants.

Water supply to Longfield "Complaint having been again made of the delay of the Mid Kent Water Co in laying on a supply of water to the parish of Longfield, the clerk was directed to urge upon the company the importance of such work being carried out at once."

17 December 1901

Stage plays at Ridley and Longfield Rev H B Hennell wrote to ask if the council would waive the sureties required for the license previously granted for the parish room Ridley, as he is having difficulty raising the sum to. The council replied they would not. The council also considered an application by Rev E Smith for a license to hold stage plays at the Longfield Schools for 1 month.

14 January 1902

Mains water for Hartley etc. "A letter dated 30th ultimo was read from the Mid Kent Water Company, stating that with the exception of a piece of main extending from Longfield Station to Red Cow Farm, they had completed the laying of the whole of the mains in the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield."

28 January 1902

Making up of Station Road, Longfield A letter dated 22nd inst addressed to the surveyor was read from the Engineer of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, for the Swanley Junction district, stating that he had been instructed to prepare an estimate of the cost of making up the company road leading from the gates of the Goods Yard at Fawkham Station to the Railway Tavern, and enquiring whether the council would consent to take it over after it had been made up. It was resolved on the motion of Mr Day, seconded by the Rev E Smith that the Railway company be informed that if they would make an outlet for the road into Hartley Lane (Hartley Road), the council would be pleased to favourably consider the taking over thereof.

Roads Council to claim against Messrs Wall and Johnson for damage to roads in Fawkham, due to traffic from their flint quarries to Longfield Station.

28 February 1902

Roads In 1901-2 the council paid £135 for repairs to Hartley's 7 miles of roads, with a further £9.12.6 for steam rolling. Quotations for road repairs for 1902-3 were T Haselden (£167.5.0), H Smith (£152.18.0), Road Maintenance and Stone Supply Co Ltd (£122.10.0 accepted), Chittenden & Simmons (£167.15.0).

Quotations for steam rolling were Chittenden & Simmons (£9.12.6 accepted), T Wood & Sons (£10.10.0), T Haselden (£10.10.0)

Winning quotes for Ash (16½ miles) were H Smith (Repairs £237.12) and Chittenden & Simmons (Rolling £25), and Fawkham (6 miles) were T Haselden (Repairs £167.17.6) and T Wood & Sons (Rolling £13.10.6).

22 April 1902

Roads Public Footpath adjoining Longfield Churchyard to be kerbed for 300 ft at cost of £17.10.0 (extended a further 12 yds at meeting of 20.5.1902)

6 May 1902

Cesspool emptying and scavenging Council review the arrangements. They say that in the more urban parishes scavenging ("that is to say, the emptying of ashpits, and the removal of house refuse") to be at least every 2 weeks, elsewhere (including Hartley, Longfield, Ash, Fawkham) to be at least every 4 weeks. Emptying of cesspools to be done at night and include digging out of all solid matter which cannot be pumped out. All places of deposit of sewage of house refuse to be approved by the inspector and must be at least 100 years from houses and roads or footpaths.

20 May 1902

Mains water Kent Water Company to lay mains along road from Green Street Green to Longfield

17 June 1902

Mains water "The surveyor reported that he had received several applications for permission to break up roads in the parishes of Fawkham, Kingsdown and Longfield, in connection with the laying on of supplies of water to premises therein, from the mains of the Mid Kent Water Company. He was directed to take steps to have such highways properly reinstated on completion of the work." The council has also received a request from the developers of the New Barn Estate to connect with the mains in Longfield, council defers a decision.

Cesspool emptying and scavenging Contracts for Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, Longfield and Ridley awarded to Mr J Haygreen of West Yoke, Ash. The rates are 7/6 per day for horse and man for scavenging; and 14s per day for 2 horses and a man for cesspool emptying.

29 July 1902

Mains water at New Barn The clerk read a letter, dated the 25th inst, from Mr F L Ball, Secretary to the Mid Kent Water Company, stating that if the council would grant Mr Popham, the owner of the above estate, the necessary permission to open the roads and lay mains to supply the estate with water, the Company would credit the guarantee account of the 5 parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield, with one quarter of any sums received for water supplied to any houses on the estate. It was resolved that the terms be accepted, with the exception that the sums to be received for water must not be confined to the houses on the estate, but include the sums received in respect of all premises supplied from the mains laid."

26 August 1902

Water supply to Ridley Ridley parish meeting said the price quoted was too high. Council to enquire whether any alternative cheaper scheme was available.

23 September 1902

Water supply to Ridley Rev H B Hennell wrote to say there are only 4 or 5 cottages who were really short of water, but the cost of supply would be prohibitive. Council agreed to take no further action, but to let Kent County Council know.

7 October 1902

Mains water Rev E Smith reported that Mid Kent Water were extending their mains from Longfield Hill to Nurstead. Surveyor to ascertain facts.

Precept Hartley's precept to be £214, with an rateable value for the parish of £4,630 this works out at a rate of 11d in the pound. Other parishes - Ash (£100 precept, RV £2,145), Fawkham (£63 precept, RV £1,348), Longfield (£280 precept, RV £5,804). No special expenses against the local parishes.

18 November 1902

Mains Water "Mr Day gave notice of his intention to move at the next meeting of the council - that application be made to the Mid Kent Water Company, to extend their water main in the parish of Ash, from near North Ash Farm to Young's Cottages."

Reservoir of Mid Kent Water Company at South Ash "The Medical officer of Health reported that on recently visiting the reservoir of the Mid Kent Water Company at South Ash, he found the bottom of it covered with a quantity of black mud, and expressed the opinion that the reservoir should be cleaned out and covered in." Clerk to send report to company.

2 December 1902

1901 Census Registrar General asks council if they would like information about their district which was not included in the census report. Council said no.

Reservoir of Mid Kent Water Company at South Ash "The Clerk read a letter dated the 25th ultimo, from the Mid Kent Water Company, stating that they would have their reservoir at South Ash cleaned out shortly, and that the matter of covering it in would be brought before the directors of the company in due course."

Mains Water at Ash Mid Kent Water said they will extend the mains without additional guarantee, provided all the cottages on the route were connected to the mains. Cllr Day withdrew his motion and council promised to do all they can to meet Mid Kent Water's requirements.

2 December 1902

Health Longfield Schools closed for 3 weeks due to measles.

16 December 1902

Mains water at Ash Mid Kent Water confirm they will extend mains from North Ash Farm to Young's Cottages as soon as possible.

Mains water at Longfield Hill Mid Kent Water said the works at Nurstead were being carried out in connection with the New Barn extension, sanctioned by the council.

27 January 1903

Station Road Longfield "Attention having been called to the defective condition of the approach road to Fawkham Railway Station, and to the nuisance arising from manure and other filth being allowed to lay there. It was resolved: That the clerk request the South Eastern and Chatham Railway to repair the road, and to abate the nuisance referred to, and that he enquire whether they have arrived at a decision in regard to the Council's suggestion that an outlet from the road should be made into Hartley Lane."

Guaranteed telegraph office at Ash Ash Parish Council to be precepted £5.4.0 for expenses in connection with the guaranteed telegraph office for the year ended October 1902.

Electricity Council are opposed to the Kent Electric Power Syndicate Limited's proposed order to authorise the supply of electricity in the Dartford Rural District, and refuse to speak to the applicants.

Mains water at Hartley etc Council receive bill under guarantee from Mid Kent Water Company.

10 February 1903

Health "Complaint having been made of delay in the removal to the Isolation Hospital of a person residing at Longfield, who was suffering from infectious disease". Council to ask Joint Hospital Committee for comments.

Best's Cottages, Hartley "Premises unfit for habitation. The Medical Officer reported that 4 cottages at Hartley, known as ‘Best's Cottages', belonging to Sir William Chance of Godalming, appeared to him to be in a state so injurious to health as to be unfit for human habitation. It was resolved: That the Clerk serve a notice upon the owner requiring him within a period of 28 days, to make the houses fit for human habitation, and failing this, that further proceedings be taken with a view to the premise being closed."

Nuisance arising from van dwellers at Longfield "The Medical officer reported that a nuisance had arisen in a field at Longfield siding, occupied by Mr G Blackman of Longfield Hill, from an encampment therein of van dwellers. It was resolved: That the Clerk request Mr Blackman to cause such persons to be removed.

Water 14 dwellings called "Lincolnshire Terrace do not have a proper supply of drinking water. Owner, Mr J Eastwood, told to remedy this.

24 February 1903

Approach road to Fawkham Railway Station "The clerk read a letter, dated the 3rd inst, from the District Engineer of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway Company, at Swanley Junction, stating that he would have the approach road to Fawkham Station cleaned up, and suggesting that the question of making an outlet for the road into the main road, was one in regard to which the General Manager of the Company should be communicated with. The clerk reported that in accordance with the suggestion made, he had communicated with Mr Vincent Hill, the Manager of the Company, on the subject, but had not yet received his reply."

10 March 1903

Boundary changes Parish of East Wickham to be transferred from Dartford RDC to Bexley Urban District, by County of Kent (Bexley and East Wickham) Confirmation Order 1902.

Best's Cottages, Hartley "Insanitary premises at Hartley. The Clerk read a letter, dated the 20th ultimo, from Mr F B Cobb, of Brogdale, near Faversham, Agent for Sir William Chance, stating that 3 of the 4 cottages known as ‘Best's Cottages' at Hartley, had been vacated by their tenants, that the remaining cottage would be closed shortly, and that it was not intended to repair the property but to demolish it."

Van dwellers at Longfield "The Clerk read a letter, dated the 26th ultimo, from Mr G Blackman of Bellcroft House, Longfield Hill, denying that he had permitted van dwellers to encamp in this field near Longfield Siding."

Health Hartley and Longfield schools to be closed for a "further" period of 14 days due to the continued prevalence of scarlet fever in Longfield.

24 March 1903

Roads Several payments under road contracts. One that appears to relate to Hartley is a contract payment of £63.5.0 to Road Maintenance & Stone Supply Co Ltd, made up of £42 manual labour, £12.10.0 team labour and £8.15.0 materials.

Roads "The surveyor reported that a portion of the road between Red Cow Road (presumably Hartley Bottom Road) and Longfield Hill had recently subsided, owing, in his opinion to the owner of the property abutting, having excavated his chalk quarry too close to the road. He submitted a letter, dated the 12th inst. from Mr O B Doherty of the London and County Bank, Stratford, London E, the owner of the adjoining land, stating that the subsidence has been caused by the opening of the road by the Mid Kent Water Company for the purpose of laying a water main there. He also read a letter, dated the 16th inst., from the Secretary of the Water Company, dissenting from this. The council being of the same opinion as the surveyor, resolved: That the Clerk inform Mr Doherty that they will look to him for repayment of the expenditure incurred for the reinstatement of the road."

21 April 1903

Elections 7 April elections see Edward Smith reelected unopposed for Hartley and Robert Willaim Gilham elected unopposed for Longfield. No other election was contested and Kingsdown had no valid nominations at all.

Precept Hartley (RV £3,966, Precept £173, Special Expenses for water £38), Longfield (RV £5,050, Precept £221, Water £49), Ash (RV £2,145, Precept £94, Water £20), Fawkham (RV £1,348, Precept £59, Water £13) (the total special expenses for Hartley and the other 4 parishes in the schme for water was £149. Since the guarantee made to Mid Kent Water was for a minimum water rate income of £405, it would suggest significant take up since this would imply water rate income in the 5 parishes of £256)

Mains water in Hartley "The Rev E Smith reported that the Mid Kent Water Company were laying on a supply of water to Hartley Manor, by means of a supplementary main to that laid down under the council's guarantee in respect of the provision of a water supply to the parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Longfield, and suggested that the Company should be requested to credit the rents received by them for water supplied through such supplementary main, to the council's guarantee account. It was resolved: That the suggestion be adopted and that the Clerk communicate with the Company accordingly."

19 May 1903

Drainage of Hartley Manor "Letters dated the 7th and 8th inst., from Mr F B Cobb of Brogdale, Faversham and Mr T Morton, the agent to the owner, and the tenant respectively, of Hartley Manor, with reference to the drainage of that property, were read. Inspector Tiley also submitted a report upon the matter, to the effect that he was unable to ascertain definitely whether the drainage was sound until the drains had been opened up. It was resolved: That further consideration of the matter be deferred to enable the Medical Officer of Health to meet Mr Cobb, and make an inspection of the drain."

Water supply at Hartley Manor Mid Kent Water confirm they will credit the council's guarantee account with the receipts from supplying water there.

2 June 1903

Rail fares Council decide to support Croydon Corporation's campaign to lower return fares on South Eastern & Chatham Railway to levels seen in Scotland.

Drainage of Hartley Manor "Letters dated the 23rd and 30th ultimo respectively, were read from Mr T Morton of Hartley Manor, stating that 2 of his children had become ill, which his medical practitioner attributed to the defective condition of the drainage of the property. The Clerk read a letter, dated the 27th ultimo from Inspector Tiley, stating that he had made a partial test of the drains, which did not appear to be sound. It was resolved on the motion of Mr Gales, seconded by the Rev P McKenna: That a notice be served upon the owner of the property, to cause the drains to be made good where defective."

16 June 1903

Roads "the Surveyor was directed to provide a new length of iron pipe in the drain at the entrance to Rabbit's Road Pinden, and if suitable, to remove the present pipe there to outside the entrance of the Chapel at West Yoke."

Scavenging and cesspool emptying Council considered quotations for this. For District 1 (Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, Longfield, Ridley) the quotes were (a) Mr J Haygreen, West Yoke (Scavenging 7s 6d per day and cesspools 13s 6d per day accepted; (b) Mr H J Smith, Ash (10s 0d and 24s 10d per day)

Stage Plays License Granted to Rev H B Hennell for 12 months in Ridley Parish Room if it meets council's requirements as a venue.

Mains water at Hartley etc. Council discuss the apportionment of the payments to Mid Kent Water under the guarantee, but decide to adhere to the resolution of 6 November 1900.

Drainage of Hartley Manor "The Clerk read a letter, dated the 10th inst. from Sir William Chance bart. the owner of Hartley Manor, stating that he considered that under the circumstances of the case, the council were not justified in requiring him to open up the drains of those premises, and that he hoped to settle the matter with his tenant, Mr Morton, without the intervention of the council. It was resolved: That the clerk request Sir William Chance to have the drains of the property opened, in order to ascertain whether, and if so, in what respects they are defective."

14 July 1903

Postal Service "A letter, dated the 8th inst., was read from the Postmaster of Sevenoaks, asking the permission of the council to affix a small iron letter box to the sign-post at Wallace's Corner, Ash, for the convenience of people residing in that district." Council agree, provided Post Office remove it if asked to.

Roads "Council to send Messrs Chippenden & Simmonds a bill for the damage to the roads in Ridley caused by their traction engines.

28 July 1903

Drainage of Hartley Manor "A letter, dated the 23rd inst., was read from Inspector Tiley, stating the he had tested the main drain at Hartley Manor, and had found the same defective. The Medical Officer reported that he was present when the drain was tested, and confirmed the statement of the inspector. It was resolved: That the notice given to Mr Morton, the occupier, to repair and make good the said defective drainage, be adhered to."

8 September 1903

Water supply to Ash Ash Parish Council want to see the agreement dated 25.4.1901 between Dartford RDC and Mid Kent Water. Council say they can as long as they pay for the cost of copying.

Health Medical Officer lists the following properties as not having a supply of wholesome water: 2 cottages at Ash Street, Ash owned by Richard Rogers of Ash Street, Ash; 5 cottages at Ash Street, Ash owned by Leonard Russell of Meopham; 4 cottages at Ash Street, Ash owned by A Hall of Ash; Ash school and schoolhouse owned by the school managers. Council to serve notice to provide a proper water supply.

6 October 1903

Precept Council agrees the following precept for the half year ending 31 March 1904 - Hartley (Rateable value £3,966, precept £208), Longfield (RV £5,050 - £262), Ash (RV £2,144 - £111), Fawkham (RV £1,348 - £70).

Roads Cyclists' Tourning Club complain about the amount of hedge clippings on the highways in the district, council ask surveyor to sort this out. Surveyor says the roads in New Barn taken up for mains water works have been reinstated satisfactorily, owner to be refunded £50 deposit. He also was allowed to empty the sump hole at Longfield Hill to have the same enlarged and sealed.

20 October 1903

Ash Water Supply School managers say there is a supply of wholesome water to the school, so there is no need to connect to the mains. Council decides to take no further action.

3 November 1903

Roads Mr William Andrus of Manor House, Longfield Hill complains the road there has been flooded again. Surveyor says he has since cleaned out and deepened the surface water pond there, so there was now no cause for complaint.

1 December 1903

Roads Mr O B Doherty has paid the council £20.9.6 for reinstating part of the road between Red Cow Road and Longfield Hill. (See meeting 24.3.1903) Mr Andrus has written to say road at Longfield Hill has been flooded again, surveyor told to investigate.

15 December 1903

Roads Mr Day reports several roads in Ash have recently been flooded. Surveyor told to investigate.

12 January 1904

Flooding of roads at Ash "The Surveyor reported that he had, as directed at the last meeting, inspected the roads in the parish of Ash which had been flooded, and stated that it would be necessary to put in a small drain there, at an estimated cost of £5. It was resolved: That the Surveyor be directed to have the work carried out."

26 January 1904

Flooding of road at Longfield Hill A letter, dated the 18th inst., was read from the Clerk to the Longfield Parish Council, calling attention to the periodical flooding of the roadway at Longfield Hill, and pointing out that a piece of land could be obtained, and a footpath made adjoining the road, the difficulty would be obviated. It was resolved: That the clerk be directed to suggest to the parish council that they should approach the owner of the land adjoining the roads referred to, with a view of ascertaining whether he would be prepared to allow the footpath to be made upon the land as suggested."

Roads "A letter, dated the 16th inst., was read from the clerk to Longfield Parish Council, stating that travellers by train frequently found a difficulty, from want of information, in finding their way to the Railway Station, and suggested that an additional arm should be added to the existing finger post at the cross roads at White Hill, bearing the words ‘To the Railway Station'. It was resolved: That the consideration of the matter be adjourned, and that the surveyor be direct to ascertain and report as to the cost of carrying out the work."

Extraordinary traffic at Longfield "The Surveyor reported that in consequence of the extraordinary traffic carried on by Messrs J & B Martin and Mr Pearson, in conveying flints and lime from their quarries at Pinden to Fawkham Railway Station, the roads had been considerably damaged, and that it would require about 100 years of extra granite and flints to repair them. It was resolved: That the Surveyor be directed to order the extra material to be supplied and used by the Contractors, and also that the Clerk be directed to consider and report whether the Council could recover the extra cost from Messrs J & B Martin and Mr Pearson. It was further resolved: That the Surveyor be directed to take the necessary steps to obtain statistics of the amount of traffic carried over the roads for the purpose of evidence, if required."

16 April 1907

Cesspool emptying and scavenging in the outlying parishes "A letter dated the 5th instant was read from the Clerk to the Ash Parish Council, forwarding copy of a resolution passed at a special meeting of that council and of ratepayers from the Parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Ridley, held on the 3rd instant, with reference to the work of emptying cesspools and scavenging in those parishes viz: ‘That we should go back to the position occupied in 1895, that is, that everybody should do their own sanitary work'. A letter, dated the 15th instant, was read from the clerk to the Longfield Parish Council, stating that that council did not consider it necessary that the work of emptying cesspools and scavenging should be done at the public expense, and that they desired a discontinuance of the work in that parish at the expiration of the present contract in September next. A discussion ensued, and ultimately Mr George Day gave notice that at the next meeting he would move: That this council discontinue the work of scavenging and cesspool emptying for the parishes of Ash, Ridley, Kingsdown, Hartley and Fawkham, on and from May the 12th, 1907, subject to the necessary arrangements being made with the contractor."

Alleged Nuisance caused by House Refuse at Longfield Railway Siding A letter, dated the 7th instant, was read from Mr. H. E. Fass, thanking the Council for the prompt attention given to his complaint of an alleged nuisance caused by the deposit of house refuse at the Longfield Railway Siding, and stating that the stench from the refuse was unabated.

A Report was read from the Chief Inspector of Nuisances, stating that on the 28th ultimo, he had in conjunction with Inspector Longhurst inspected the deposits of house refuse complained of, and found that the refuse had been scattered over a field adjoining the Railway Siding, and then raked. He stated that the field was about 200 yards from Mr. Fass's House.

It was reported that a Committee from the Borough Council of Southwark, would visit the Siding on the 17th instant, at 2 p.m., to consider the matter, and that they invited Representatives of the Rural Council to meet them there.

It was Resolved: That the farther consideration of the matter be adjourned until the observations of the Borough Council of Southwark in regard to the matter had been received.

Inspector of Nuisances He reported that Fawkham Schools were disinfected on 26 March, and that Mr Haygreen the contractor has no objection to the proposed changes to cesspool emptying and scavenging in Ash etc. He also stated "Refuse Heap, Pinden.—I have visited the refuse heap in the stone pits twice since the last meeting. There have been 50 trucks unloaded at the siding; most of this has been deposited in the stone pit. A small portion of the surface has been covered with earth, and lime has been sprinkled over the exposed surface. A foul smell was arising from the heap, but could not be defected from the road when I was present."

Statement as to cesspool emptying and scavenging, two weeks to 6 April

Hartley - none
Ash - cesspool emptying 1, privy emptying 1, total loads 8, day's work 1
Longfield - cesspool emptying 5, privy emptying 0, total loads 19, day's work 2
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 3, privy emptying 7, total loads 15, day's work 1½

30 April 1907

Cesspool Emptying and Scavenging in outlying Parishes A letter, dated the 20th instant, was read from the Southfleet Parish Council, forwarding copy of a Resolution passed by them, requesting the Rural Council to discontinue the work of cesspool emptying and scavenging in that Parish on the same date as in the Parishes of Longfield, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, and Ridley.

A letter, dated the 27th instant, was read from the Chairman of the Hartley Parish Meeting, also requesting that the work of cesspool emptying and scavenging might be discontinued in that Parish.

A letter, dated the 24th instant, was read from the Longfield Parish Council, suggesting that Longfield was a convenient centre for the stationing of a sanitary van, in connection with the proposed new arrangements for cesspool emptying and scavenging.

Mr. George Day moved in pursuance of notice ‘That this Council discontinue the work of scavenging and cesspool emptying for the Parishes of Ash. Ridley, Kingsdown, Hartley, and Fawkham on and from May 12th, 1907, subject to the necessary arrangements being made with the Contractor.' The motion was seconded by the Rev. H. B. Hennell. Mr. Pankhurst proposed, as an amendment, that the proposed discontinuance of the work be postponed until the 30th June next, and that in the meantime the Sanitary Committee be requested to formulate Bye-laws, and make arrangements for the purpose of enabling the parishioners to carry out the work themselves, subject to the approval of the Council. The amendment was seconded by Mr. Macpherson, and upon the votes being tacken, nine members voted for it, and seven against it. The Chairman thereupon declared the amendment carried.

It was also Resolved: That the following motion of Mr. R. W. Gilham. notice of which had been given to the Council, be deferred, and that the subject thereof he included in the reference to the Sanitary Committee above mentioned, viz; that the Parish of Longfield be allowed out of the present system of cesspool emptying and scavenging at the end of September next, or as early as can be arranged by the Council."

Longfield Parish Council. Shooting of Sewage in that Parish "A letter, dated the 17th instant, was read from the Clerk to the Longfield Parish Council, calling attention to the fact that the Sanitary Van from Southfleet and Betsham made a journey to White Hill, Longfield, to dispose of its contents, and inquiring whether a site nearer to the work could not be obtained. A report, dated the 26th instant, was read from Inspector Longhurst, stating that he was constantly trying to obtain a site nearer the work, but with the exception of a few loads occasionally, he was unable to do so. it was resolved: That the Longfield Parish Council be so informed, and that they be asked to furnish particulars of any site which they might know to be available."

Alleged nuisance caused by House Refuse at Longfield Railway Siding "A letter, dated the 27th instant, was read from the Town Clerk to the Borough Council of Southwark in reply to the Clerk's letter, forwarding copy of a communication received from Mr. H. E. Fass, of Hartley Manor, complaining of an alleged nuisance arising from the house refuse at Longfield Siding, stating that they had always used their utmost endeavours to prevent any nuisance arising from the Depot there, and would continue to do so, and that the Committees of the Council which have from time to time visited the place, were unable to observe any nuisance arising from the refuse. He further stated that with reference to the complaint as to the deposits by farmers in the immediate neighbourhood of the Depot, of dust on their fields, his Council could not be responsible for the use made by farmers of material purchased from them."

Statement as to cesspool emptying and scavenging 6-20 April

Hartley - none
Ash - cesspool emptying 31, privy emptying 23, total loads 92, day's work 12
Longfield - cesspool & privy emptying 0, scavenging 12 loads, day's work 2½
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 1, privy emptying 0, total loads 4, day's work ½

Roads Kent County Council announce new bye-law making it compulsory for cars to carry lights at night. In Longfield Mr J M Dobson of Pescott has offered land for road widening there if the council will close the footpath that runs across his land. Longfield Parish Council say its closure would greatly enhance the value of Mr Dobson's property and as he won't pay towards the improvements, then consent should be refused. Council decide to send PC's comments to Mr Dobson for his views.

New Barn electricity "A letter, dated the 15th ultimo, was read from Mr E D Greatbatch of New Barn, Longfield, asking the council to give him permission to lay an electric light cable across the public road there. It was resolved: That the application to remain in abeyance until the draft agreement had been received from Messrs Rutter in regard to their proposal, provisionally assented to by the council, for the installation of an electric plant for the purpose of supplying current to residents on the estate."

Pescot Avenue, New Barn "A letter dated the 24th ultimo, was read from the Clerk to the Longfield parish Council, stating that a committee of that council had inspected the proposed new road on the New Barn Estate, Longfield, and had reported that they found that the proposed road did not follow the parish boundary, as shown on the plan which had been submitted; that it encroached on the previously existing right of way; and that at the western end, although a road was shown on the plan connecting the new road with the Main Road which passed the school, no provision appeared to be made for the connection, and the proposed new road apparently terminated in a dead end. It was resolved on the motion of Mr Waring, seconded by Mr Fuller: That a committee consisting of the chairman, the Rev E Smith and Mr Gilham, be appointed to meet the Surveyors of the Estate on the spot to discuss the proposal, and report to the council".

14 May 1907

Cesspool Emptying and Scavenging in the outlying Parishes

"Report of a Meeting of the Sanitary Committee, Held on the 6th Day of May, 1907.

Present :- Mr. W. Chambers, Mr. G. W. Atkinson, Mr. J. J. Hewitt, Mr. G. Day, Mr. J. Snell, Mr. R. W. Gilliam.

In accordance with the reference to them by the Council, your Committee have considered the question of the Council discontinuing the present system of Cesspool Emptying and Scavenging in the country parishes in the District.

They have carefully perused the Model Bye-Laws issued by the Local Government I Board, relating to the removal of House Refuse, and the cleansing of Earth Closets, Privies, Ash-pits, and Cesspools.

They recommend that the following Bye-Laws be adopted, and that application be made in due course to the Local Government Board for their approval thereto, viz. :-


The removal of house refuse from any premises.

1. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every three months remove or cause to be removed the house refuse from such premises. Provided that this byelaw shall not be deemed to prohibit the use or disposal of house refuse on any premises by the occupier in any case where such refuse is so kept, used, or disposed of, as not to be a nuisance, and not to render liable to pollution any well, spring, or stream of water used or likely to be used by man for drinking or domestic purposes, or in any daily, or for manufacturing drinks for the use of man.

The cleansing of earth closets, privies, ash-pits, and cesspools belonging to any premises.

2. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every week, cleanse every earth closet belonging to such premises. Provided that in the case of an earth closet which is detached from any dwelling house, or public building, or any building in which any person may be, or may be intended to be employed in any manufacture, trade, or business, and which is furnished with a properly constructed fixed receptacle for faecal matter and with suitable means or apparatus for the frequent and effectual application of dry earth to such matter, and where dry earth in sufficient quantity is actually supplied and so used, it shall suffice if such earthcloset be cleansed at least once in every three months.

3. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every six months cleanse every privy belonging to such premises and furnished with a fixed receptacle for faecal matter.

4. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every week, cleanse every privy belonging to such premises and furnished with a movable receptacle for faecal matter.

5. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every thru months cleanse every ash-pit belonging to such premises and used only as a receptacle for ashes, dust and dry refuse.

6. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and a least once in every three months cleanse every ash-pit belonging to such premises and used in connexion with a privy as a receptacle for faecal matter, together with ashes, dust and dry refuse.

7. The occupier of any premises shall, when necessary and at least once in every six months, cleanse every cesspool belonging to such premises unless other adequate provision is made for the disposal of the contents of the cesspool.


8. Every person who shall offend against any of the foregoing byelaws shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty of five pounds. Provided nevertheless, that the justices or court before whom any complaint may be made or any proceedings may be taken in respect of any such offence may, if they think fit, adjudge the payment as a penalty of any sum less than the full amount of the penalty imposed by this byelaw,

Your Committee have also considered the question of facilitating, as far as possible} the carrying out of the work by the Owners and Occupiers of premises in the Parishes referred to, and recommend that the Sewage Vans and Tackle at present used in the Districts, be handed over to Committees to be appointed by the Parish Councils and Parish Meetings of the Parishes affected, and for such purpose that the Parishes be grouped as follows:- One set of tackle and a Sanitary Van to be left for use in each of the Districts

District No.1.—Parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Kingsdown, Hartley, and Ridley.
District No. 2.—Parishes of Longfield and Southfleet.
District No. 3.—Parish of Lullingstone.

Your Committee further recommend that on and after the new arrangements coming into force the Council incur no responsibility in respect of the Vans and tackle or the carrying out of the work, and that the services of the present Sanitary Foremen be dispensed with.

It was RESOLVED on the motion of Mr. Day, seconded by Mr. Gilham—That the report and recommendations of the Sanitary Committee be approved and adopted, and that the Clerk be directed to proceed to obtain the confirmation of the proposed Bye-laws by the Local Government Board."

The council received a letter from Mr R H Foa of Holywell Park, Hodsoll Street, strongly opposed to the above scheme, whereby the council will have no responsibility for cesspool emptying or scavenging.

Statement as to cesspool emptying and scavenging For period 20 April - 4 May.

Hartley - cesspool emptying 7, privy emptying 5, total loads 28, day's work 2¾
Ash - cesspool emptying 2, privy emptying 1, total loads 7, day's work ¾
Longfield - cesspool emptying 8, privy emptying 0, total loads 35, day's work 5
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 8, privy emptying 7, total loads 32, day's work 3½

28 May 1907

Deposit of House Refuse at Longfield Siding "The Medical Officer of Health submitted and read the following report with reference to the deposit of house refuse at Longfield Siding, viz:

27th May REPORT ON THE SANITARY CONDITION OF LONGFIELD SIDING. I have again visited Longfield Siding (27th May) and find it in much the same condition as on the last occasion of my visit with the Rev. E. Smith, a month (17th April) when we met the Committee of Southwark Vestry.

The large heap of coarse refuse is still there, but much of the paper has disappeared.

It is gradually carted away by a farmer named Foster, and is deposited on some land in Hartley, as I am told to be ploughed in immediately. This heap is one of the smaller bins and causes no nuisance and very little smell, the bulk and centre of the heap being perfectly dry.

In two of the large chambers there is a certain quantity of ground refuse which cannot cause any nuisance, confined as it is within these chambers,

All fresh stuff, which is brought down in covered waggons at the rate of from two to five loads per day, is carted direct to the deposit ground in the Valley without leaving the premises.

Everything is conducted methodically with the least possible annoyance to anyone and I can hardly think that any fumes can be carried over a quarter of a mile, at which distance the nearest house is situated.

It seems to me that the question of any possible nuisance must be considered under these two headings

(1) Nuisance, if any, from the refuse in the Chambers at the Siding and from the deposit ground in the Valley.

(2) As an agricultural question, in the matter of the farmers' carting away the stuff for agricultural purposes.

(1st) As regards the siding I am of opinion that it is not a public nuisance, and my opinion is founded on repeated inspections extending over a period, of twenty years, both in company with the Inspector and alone.

{2nd) I am of opinion that this manure is a necessity for the farmers, and if any slight nuisance at times may be occasioned it is accidental, and that on the whole they endeavour to be as careful as possible in not causing unnecessary inconvenience to any residential property.

S. RICHMOND, M.P, Medical Officer of Health to the Dartford Rural District Council

The Report was supported by the Rev. E. Smith.

It was RESOLVED That the report be forwarded to the Local Government Board.

Cesspool emptying and scavengingReport for period 14-28 May:

Hartley - cesspool emptying 1, privy emptying 0, total loads 3, day's work ¼
Ash - cesspool emptying 0, privy emptying 2, total loads 3, day's work ½
Longfield - cesspool emptying 23, privy emptying 5, total loads 64, day's work 9
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 3, privy emptying 13, total loads 26, day's work 3

11 June 1907

Cesspool emptying and scavengingReport for period 18 May - 1 June:

Hartley - cesspool emptying 1, privy emptying 0, total loads 5, day's work ½; Scavenging 8 loads, 1¼ days.
Ash - cesspool emptying 10, privy emptying 8, total loads 39, day's work 4½; Scavenging 10 loads, 2 days
Longfield - cesspool emptying 11, privy emptying 2, total loads 40, day's work 6; Scavenging 16 loads, 3 days
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 4, privy emptying 0, total loads 11, day's work 1½; Scavenging 10 loads, 1½ days

25 June 1907

Alleged Nuisance caused by Manure at Fawkham Railway Station "A letter, dated the 11th instant, was read from the Clerk to the Longfield Parish Council, calling attention to the cartage of manure containing decomposing fish and animal matter through the Parish, and that in view of the outbreak of scarlet fever in that neighbourhood, that Council were of opinion that steps should be taken to bring about an abatement of the nuisance. The Rev. E. Smith and Mr. Gilham supported the complaint. It was Resolved: That the Chief Inspector of Nuisances be requested to report to the Council in regard to the matter."

Closure of schools Council orders closure of Hartley School for one week, due to 2 cases of scarlet fever among the schoolchildren.

Cesspool emptying and scavengingReport for period 1-15 June:

Hartley - cesspool emptying 8, privy emptying 4, total loads 30, day's work 3¼;
Ash - cesspool emptying 20, privy emptying 19, total loads 62, day's work 6½
Longfield - cesspool emptying 6, privy emptying 0, total loads 17, day's work 3;
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 7, privy emptying 3, total loads 19, day's work 2¼

9 July 1907

Extra-ordinary Traffic. Parish of Fawkham "A letter, dated the 13th ultimo, was read from Mr. H. B. Hohler. of Fawkham Manor, Fawkham, calling attention to the inconvenience caused by a traction engine and trucks belonging to Messrs. Thomas Wood & Sons, which were conveying manure from Fawkham Railway Station to Mr. Pink's Farm at Kingsdown, and pointing out that the engine and trucks made the narrow roads impassable tor other vehicular traffic. The Surveyor reported that the extraordinary traffic had been principally confined to Crowhurst Lane, Fawkham Bottom Road and Brandshatch Road, but that it had now ceased. He stated that some damage had been done to the roads. It was resolved: That in as much as Mr Hohler owned the land on both sides of Fawkham Bottom Road, that he be asked if he would give up sufficient land for the purpose of widening the road in the event of the council deciding to execute the necessary work."

Roads "Mr Gilham called attention to the condition of the footpath in Brickfield Road, Longfield, and suggested that about 200 yards of the path from the Church towards Hartley, be tar painted." Council reject suggestion.

Alleged Complaint at Fawkham Railway Station Siding Chief Inspector J E Gorham reports "On making enquiries with reference to this complaint, I find the nuisance complained of previous to the last meeting was probably caused through one truck of manure containing rotten eggs, decayed onions, and a quantity of hop refuse. I made two inspections since the last meeting and found no nuisance; the manure then being removed consisted chiefly of stable refuse. I have given instructions to the Inspector to report to me at once when there is an offensive truck being unloaded, and I shall continue to inspect occasionally."

Emptying of Sewage Vans at Longfield Chief inspector reports "On visiting the field where the sewage vans were emptied, I was informed that the contents of the vans were immediately ploughed in, and the vans were emptied there without the permission of the Inspector.

Refuse Heap, Pinden Chief Inspector reports "I have visited the refuse heap twice since the last meeting and lound no alteration regarding the heap near the sleeper roadway. There have been three trucks of refuse unloaded at the siding since the last meeting, and this has been deposited on the heap in the stone pit near the lime-kilns. The top of "this heap has been covered with about 18 inches of earth, leaving the sloping part I uncovered."

23 July 1907

Deposit of house refuse at Pinden by Messrs J & B Martin The clerk reported that he had received a letter, dated the 12th instant, from the solicitors for Messrs J & B Martin, offering terms for the settlement of the present proceedings taken against them for non-compliance with their undertaking to cover the refuse deposited by them at Pinden with 18 inches of fresh top soil, and that he had called a meeting of the council in committee to consider them. The meeting was held on the 17th instant when upon the proposition of Mr. Pankhurst, seconded by Mr Snell, it was unanimously resolved that the terms therein referred to be recommended for acceptance by the Council, on condition that the Council's rights to enforce the terms of the original undertaking in the event of the proposed terms not proving effectual, were not prejudiced.

It was RESOLVED That the action of the Clerk and the recommendation of the Committee be approved and confirmed.

The Clerk reported that at the adjourned hearing of the Motion against Messrs. Martin, he had arranged for the terms proposed by them to be embodied in an Order of Court, and that the following Order had been made, viz. :- Subject to the consent of the Attorney-General being obtained. And the Defendants requesting the Plaintiffs to modify the said Undertaking, No. 5 in manner hereinafter mentioned, alleging that such modification will not result in any nuisance. And the Plaintiffs being willing to give such modification a temporary trial in order to ascertain whether the allegation of the Defendants is well founded. And the Defendants accordingly undertaking that from and after this date, and up to and including the 21st of October, 1907, they will twice at least in each week disinfect the sIoping surface of the heap of refuse in the Lime-kiln Field (part of Pinden Farm) with Jeyes' Disinfecting Powder, and will keep the said sloping surface completely with tarpaulin, except during the actual process of tipping the refuse, and will cover the refuse when levelled in the pit (but not the sloping surface for the time being) with 12 inches of fresh soil. And the plaintiffs undertaking not to bring on the pending action for committal or make any new application to enforce the said undertaking number 5, before the 21st October 1907, if the defendants shall carry on the modified undertaking given by this order to the satisfaction of the plaintiff council. And the plaintiffs and defendant agreeing that this order is to be without prejudice to the plaintiff's right to enforce the said undertaking No. 5, after the 21st October 1907, or before that date if the above modified undertaking is not carried out to the satisfaction of the plaintiff council, and without prejudice to the Deed of Covenant of the 14th September 1906. Let the motion stand over until the 21st October 1907 and be retained by his lordship Mr Justice Kekewich. Note: The plaintiffs cannot pledge themselves to permanently modify the undertaking no.5, but if the modification works well they will certainly favourably consider an application to continue with the modification. The costs must be Solicitor and Client Costs; including Costs of negotiating this compromise and obtaining the consent of the Attorney-General. If the modified undertaking is carried out to the satisfaction of the Plaintiff Council, they will not ask for a committal of Defendants on this Motion, whether the modified undertaking is continued or not, but will only ask for costs as above agreed, and can then only launch a new Motion for any fresh breach after October 21st, 1907.

A letter, dated the 22nd instant, was read from the Solicitors for Messrs. Martin, asking the Council to direct the Chief Inspector of Nuisances to make the periodical inspections of the locus in quo in preference to Mr. Longhurst, with a view of saving any friction that might be caused owing to Mr. Longhurst living in the neighbourhood of the deposits.

It was RESOLVED: That the manner in which the periodical reports were at present made to the Council be continued."

Alleged Nuisance caused by Manure at Fawkham Railway Station "The Rev. E. Smith called attention to the remarks of the Chief Inspector ol Nuisances in his fortnightly report, with reference to the offensive character of the consignments of manure and refuse at the Fawkham Railway Station, and stated that since the Officer's inspection, further objectionable matter had been brought there, and suggested that representations be made to the Railway company in view of the congested state of traffic on the siding and the close proximity of dwelling houses, as to the desirability of a new siding for manure only, being constructed at such a distance from any habitations as would give no cause for complaint. It was resolved that the suggestion be approved and adopted."

Inspector of Nuisances: Fortnightly Report

"Refuse Heap, Plnden: I have visited the refuse heap twice since the last meeting. The refuse heap near the sleeper roadway is in the same condition as previously I reported. There have been six trucks of house refuse unloaded at the siding since the last report, and the refuse has been deposited in the stone-pit near the lime-kilns; the top part of this heap has been covered with about 18 inches of earth; a foul smell was arising from the sloping part which had not been covered.

Manure at Fawkham Railway Station Siding. A large quantity of manure has been removed from the siding since the last report. I have inspected the siding and the consignments when visiting the district, and found the manure consisted of stable refuse and was not offensive."

Cesspool emptying and scavengingReport for period 18 May - 1 June:

Hartley - cesspool emptying 2, privy emptying 9, total loads 16, day's work 1¾
Ash - cesspool emptying 28, privy emptying 26, total loads 81, day's work 9¾
Longfield - cesspool emptying 30, privy emptying 1, total loads 91, day's work 10
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 0, privy emptying 4, total loads 7, day's work ½

6 August 1907

Fawkham Extraordinary Traffic Widening of Roads "A letter dated the 22nd ultimo, was read from Mr. H. B. Hohler of Fawkham Manor, stating, in reply to the Clerk's letter, that he could not see his way to give the necessary land for the purpose of widening Fawkham Bottom Road, and that in his opinion, the roads did not require widening, as they were wide enough for all ordinary traffic. It was RESOLVED: That no further action be taken."

Cesspool Emptying and Scavenging in Outlying Parishes "Mr Day, having amended, with the consent of the Council, the Motion of which he had given notice, moved: ‘That this Council give notice to the Chairmen of the Parish Meetings and Councils of Ash, Ridley, Hartley, Fawkham, and Kingsdown, that on and after the 30th September next, they propose subject to the approval of the Local Government Board, to cease to empty the cesspools and ash-pits in those Parishes ; and further to ask those Parishes to appoint one Representative from each Parish to meet and make such arrangements as they deem desirable, and to report the result to the Council.' The motion was seconded by the Rev. E. Smith, and on being put to the Meeting was carried" Rev. E. Smith proposed a similar motion for Longfield and Southfleet, which was carried.

Deposit of House Refuse at Pinden by Messrs. J. & B. Martin "A letter dated the 3rd instant, was read from Messrs. Huntley & Son, Solicitors to Messrs. J. & B. Martin, asking the Council to re-consider their decision in regard to the inspection of the refuse deposited at Pinden, and stating that, without casting unfair reflection upon Mr. Longhurst, if the Council could see their way to appoint another of their Inspectors of Nuisances to make the periodical inspections, it would, in view of the natural antipathy which they alleged existed between Mr. Longhurst and Mr. J. D. Martin, who was superintending the deposits, obviate the difficulties which would otherwise lie in the way of their clients satisfactorily carrying out the work when they were in constant touch with a man with whom they could not get on. It was RESOLVED on the motion of Mr. Waring, seconded by Mr. Wood—That the Council adhere to their previous decision."

Report of Chief Inspector of Nuisances said: "Refuse Heap, Pinden. I have visited the refuse heap twice since the last report, there have been four trucks unloaded at the siding, and the refuse has been deposited in the stone pit near the lime-kiln, and the top part of this heap has been covered with about 18 inches of earth, the sloping part has been covered with an old waggon cloth (when the refuse is not being deposited); there was a foul smell from the heap, but this could not be detected from the road when I was present."

Water The Mid Kent Company reservoir, which supplies the Hartley area (district 1) has been cleaned out.

Fawkham Railway Siding Chief Inspector of Nuisances reported "There have been a number of trucks of manure removed from the siding since the last report, but the manure is composed of stable manure. I visited on two occasions since the last meeting, and found no nuisance."

Cesspool emptying and scavengingReport for period 13-27 July:

Hartley - cesspool emptying 7, privy emptying 2, total loads 27, day's work 3
Ash - cesspool emptying 19, privy emptying 23, total loads 57, day's work 7; Scavenging 9 loads, 1¾ days
Longfield - cesspool emptying 11, privy emptying 1, total loads 34, day's work 3¾; Scavenging 14 loads, 2¼ days
Fawkham - cesspool emptying 10, privy emptying 6, total loads 35, day's work 4; Scavenging 6 loads, 1½ days

20 August 1907

Deposit Of House Refuse At Pinden, By Messrs. J. & B. Martin "A letter, dated the 8th instant, was read from Messrs. Huntley & Son, Solicitors, to Messrs. J. & B. Martin, calling attention to the fact that their Clients had been at the expense of purchasing three new tarpaulin sheets for the special purpose of covering the sloping surface of the heap of house refuse at Pinden, and that they were being utilized at the present time". A further letter, dated the 12th instant, was read from Messrs. Huntley & Son, expressing regret that the Council could not see their way to comply with their Clients request to instruct another officer to inspect the refuse deposited by them at Pinden, instead of Mr. Longhurst."

Manure Nuisance At Fawkham Railway Station "A letter, dated the 7th instant, was read from the General Manager of the South Eastern and Chatham Railway Company, with reference to the complaint made by the Council in regard to the manure brought to the Fawkham Railway Station, pointing out that there were at the present, three sidings away from the Station at which the manure traffic was dealt with, and that everything possible was being done to avoid annoyance to the residents."

17 September 1907

Cesspool emptying and scavenging in Ash etc. "Report of Sanitary Committee re Cesspool Emptying and Scavenging.

Your Committee beg to report that tliey met on Tuesday the 3rd instant, for the purpose of considering the terms and conditions upon which tenders for cesspool emptying and scavenging in the District, should be invited for the year ending the 30th September, 1908. They have received copies of the following resolutions passed at a Meeting of Representatives of the Parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Ridley, with reference to the work in those Parishes, viz

(i) That the Sanitary Van be taken over by the Joint Parishes and be at the disposal of the Ratepayers; the Inspector to regulate when and where it is used. That a man be appointed by the Joint Parishes with the approval of the Inspector, the said man to accompany the van when in use. That the man be paid 5/- per day and 3/- per half-day, such wages to be paid by the person requiring the use of the van in addition to the supply of horses and extra men. (ii) That a central place be hired for the storage of the van and disinfectants when not in use. (iii) That the Van be insured against fire and accident, and also the man against Employer's liability.

Your Committee have also been informed that resolutions of a similar nature have been passed by a Committee of Representatives of the Parishes of Longfield and Southfleet."

The Committee also prepared a list of places in the remainder of the district which can be used as tips for the contents of sanitary vans and house refuse carts.

Cesspool emptying and scavenging For 4 weeks ending 7 September 1907. Hartley - 16 cesspools and 7 privies emptied making 57 loads and 6½ days work. Ash - 30 cesspools, 27 privies, 95 loads, 10 days. Longfield - 34 cesspools, 8 privies, 108 loads, 12 days. Fawkham - 11 cesspools, 13 privies, 44 loads, 4½ days. Ridley - 1 cesspool, 7 privies, 11 loads, 1 day.

Scavenging - Longfield - 13 loads, 2½ days work. All other local parishes - nil.

1 October 1907

Cesspool emptying and scavenging For 4 weeks ending 21 September 1907. Hartley, Fawkham, Ridley - nil. Ash - 5 cesspools, 7 privies, 33 loads, 3½ days. Longfield - 2 cesspools, 10 loads, 1 days.

Scavenging: Hartley 3 loads, 1 day's work. Longfield - 12 loads, 2½ days. Ash - 13 loads, 3 days. Fawkham - 9 loads, 1½ days. Ridley - nil.

15 October 1907

Telegraph lines at Longfield Council grant Post Office permission to erect overground telegraph line from Green Street Green and Longfield to Pinden.

Manure Nuisance, Longfield Station "A letter, dated the 6th instant, was read from the Longfield Parish Council, acknowledging the receipt of the copy of the letter of the General Manager of the South Eastern Railway Company, with reference to the alleged nuisance arising from manure at Fawkham Railway Station, and pointing out that manure had recently been drawn in large trucks from the railway station premises by a traction engine, and that the trucks had been loaded in such a way as to permit the manure to fall out all along the line of route. The Medical Officer of Health and Chief Inspector of Nuisances reported that they had not discovered any further nuisance arising from the manure at the station."

Cesspool emptying Following distribution of printed notices about the new scheme from 1 October, they have received complaints about the council ceasing to empty them, from S Walter Newcomb of Lyndhurst, Longfield and S Jessup of Kingsdown.

Cesspool emptying and scavenging For 2 weeks ending 5 October 1907. Hartley - 6 cesspools and 5 privies emptied, 27 loads, 2¾ days. Longfield - 9 cesspools, 28 loads, 3 days. Fawkham - 1 cesspool, 2 loads, ¾ day. Ash - 12 cesspools, 8 privies, 28 loads, 3 days. Ridley - nil.

Scavenging: nil.

29 October 1907

Cesspool emptying They have received a further complaint about the council ceasing to empty them, from S Walter Newcomb of Lyndhurst, Longfield. Also the inspector has had to refuse request from Mr G E Holmes of Ash to empty his cesspool.

12 November 1907

Cesspool emptying Council agree to pay foremen laid off after 30 September in the outlying parishes (Hartley etc), 1 weeks pay in lieu of notice.

26 November 1907

Erection of overhead telephone line at Ash "Mr Day reported that an application had been made to the Postal authorities to extend the telephone from the Ash Post Office to the premises of some residents in the parish, and that an application would in due course be made to the council for consent to the placing of the poles along the public highway, and suggested that as it would be a convenience to the residents to have the work completed as soon as possible, the council instruct the clerk to sign the form of consent before the next meeting, provided the poles were placed in positions approved of by the council's surveyor."

Cesspool emptying Chief Inspector of Nuisances reports "The new scheme of cesspool emptying is gradually getting into working order, and gives promise of success. In some instances overflows are being dug, and the cesspool treated on the principle of the septic system; this will probably help the work considerably".

10 December 1907

Roads at Longfield Surveyor reports that Contractor M Blackman and Sons is behindhand because they have put insufficient labour on the job.

Roads at Ash Council agree to repair road between Fairseat and Horn's Lodge, Ash at a cost of £30 (Fairseat Lane)

Hartley Road, Longfield Council agreed to widen the road to help the unemployed this winter, if neighbouring landowners will give up land. They also plan to widen Swan Lane, Crayford for the same reason.

Erection of overground telegraphic line at Ash "A letter, dated the 29th ultimo, was read from the secretary of the General Post Office, requesting the council to consent to the placing of an overground telegraphic line along the side of, over and across the public road from the Ash Post Office to North Ash Farm in the parish of Ash, and forwarding a plan of the route it was proposed to follow. The clerk reported that he had, in accordance with the instructions given him at the last meeting, signed the formal consent to the placing of the line, subject to the poles being put up in positions approved by the council's surveyor."

Cesspool emptying Inspector says the new system is working smoothly, pump and tackle used very frequently in Longfield and Southfleet district, with 23 cesspools emptied by night and 17 by day. In the Ash district 26 privy pits and 12 cesspools have been emptied and several overflow cesspools constructed on the hills.

7 January 1908

Hoselands Hill, Hartley "The surveyor, on behalf of the committee reported that they had met at Hoselands Hill, and considered the question of widening the road there, and had employed from 10 to 15 men since the 18th ultimo for 1,159 hours at 3½d per hour, this expense being exclusive of the wages of a working time-keeper and foreman at 35/- per week, and had carried out the work of widening the road adjoining Mr Bancks' property, the total expense incurred to that date being £28 3s 4d.

He also reported that he had been in communication with the owners of the land on the opposite side of the road, with a view to their giving up the necessary land for widening.

A letter dated the 19th ultimo, addressed to the Surveyor, was read from Messrs G Reader & Co, solicitors to the Fawkham Park Building Estate, stating that in laying out the estate there, their clients had reserved a strip of frontage so that the road could be widened 20 feet from its centre, and that in the sales of land their clients had not conveyed any part of the reserved strip except in cases in which they had imposed an obligation on the part of the purchasers to give up the reserved pieces in front of their properties, free of expense, if at any time they should be required for the purpose of road widening. They stated also that their clients would be willing to convey to the council so much of the strip as was reserved to them, but that they must leave the council to deal with the purchasers of the remaining portions of the strip.

The Committee also reported that they had been in communication with the solicitors to Messrs Forrest, with a view to their giving up a piece of land at the same place for road widening, and that they had been informed that Messrs Forrest would be prepared to comply with the committee's request, subject to the approval of their tenant, Mr Morton, if the council would pay their solicitor's fee in the matter, amounting to £1 1s 0d. They further reported that Mr Morton had subsequentty given his approval to the scheme. They therefore recommended that the thanks of the council be conveyed to him therefor, and also recommended that the clerk be directed to communicate with Mrs Hickmott, asking her to give up the necessary land adjoining the railway bridge near Hoselands Hill, for the purpose of widening the road to a uniform width, and to consent to the cutting down and removal of some of the elm trees there.

The committee further recommended that the clerk be authorised to arrange and carry out the conveyances to the council of the land required in the above mentioned cases" (Approved by full council)

Trees overhanging highway in Fawkham Valley Road Mr H B Hohler has not cut them down as promised. Surveyor to remind him.

21 January 1908

Hoselands Hill, Hartley widening and improvement "The Surveyor on behalf of the committee appointed to carry out the work of widening and improving Hoselands Hill, Hartley, reported that during the fortnight ended the 18th instant, from 11 to 26 men had been employed on the work at the same rate of payment as reported at the last meeting, and that the undermentioned amount had been expended thereon viz:

Manual labour £21.19.0
Horse Hire £5.18.0
Flints £14.5.0
Amount previously expended £28.3.4
Total expenditure to 18th instant £70.5.4

4 February 1908

Cesspool emptying Inspector reported that since the last meeting in No 1 district the following have been emptied by the sewage van: Southfleet 8, Hartley 2, Longfield 10 plus 2 pits. Several others have been emptied by the owners without the van or tip cart. 2 new cesspool overflows have been built. 5 notices to empty cesspools have been served and these have been complied with.

18 February 1908

Hoselands Hill, Hartley widening and improvement Mrs Hickmott of Longfield Court will not give up land for widening. Deputation from the council, including Rev E Smith to visit to ask her to change her mind. They have yet to hear from the South Eastern and Chatham Railway about the request for them to give up land for widening.

"The Surveyor on behalf of the committee appointed to carry out the work of widening and improving Hoselands Hill, Hartley, reported that during the month ended the 16th instand, there had been from 20 to 32 men employed from various parts of the district, and that the undermentioned amount had been expended on the work viz:

Manual labour £64.12.0
Horse Hire £16.10.0
Flints £13.12.0
Amount previously expended £70.5.4
Total expenditure to 16th instant £164.19.4

3 March 1908

Roads Kent County Council wrote on 29 February to say they will no longer pay anything towards road watering "the council being satisfied that the dust nuisance could be more effectually and economically dealt with by treating the surface of the roads with tar. He forwarded forms of agreement prepared by the county council relating to the tar painting of main roads."

17 March 1908

Roads in parishes of Longfield and Southfleet Mr J G Jensen of Danehurst, Longfield has written to complain the roads are worse after repairs than they were before.

Hoselands Hill, Hartley "The Surveyor on behalf of the committee appointed to carry out the work of widening and improving Hoselands Hill, Hartley, reported that during the month ended the 7th instant, there had been about 12 men been employed on the work from various parts of the district, and that the undermentioned amount had been expended thereon viz:

Manual labour £25.1.0
Horse Hire £4.0.0
Materials, steam rolling and sundries £35.1.9
Amount previously expended £164.19.4
Total expenditure to 7th instant £229.2.1

The surveyor also reported that Mr Thomas Morton had done 17½ days team labour free of cost to the council."

Scavenging of Roads Kent County Council say they currently scavenge the roads every day, but will reduce this to every other day.

14 April 1908

Hoselands Hill, Hartley "The Surveyor reported that no further work had been done since the last meeting in connection with the widening of Hoselands Hill, Hartley. Letters, dated the 23rd ultimo and 3rd instant respectively, addressed to the Surveyor, were read from the Secretary of the London Chatham and Dover Railway Company, adverting to the council's application to them to give up certain land for the widening of Hoselands Hill, and enquiring whether, in the event of their consenting to do so, the council would be prepared to take over and thereafter maintain as a part of the highway, the Station Approach Road at Fawkham Railway Station. It was resolved that the clerk be directed to state in reply that the council could not see their way to accept the terms mentioned and that the consideration of the matter be further adjourned."

Pond at Longfield Hill Longfield parish council have asked that it be cleaned out and the fence repaired. Sub-committee to look into complaints.

16 April 1918

Roads Surveyor reports "The county surveyor informs me that the County Advisory Committee have considered my application for the scheduling of the two roads from Longfield through Hartley and Ash, and from Longfield through Fawkham to Portobello, Kingsdown, has not been granted."

"Longfield. In extending and deepening the pond on the Council's land adjoining the Fawkham Bottom Road, a bed of flints has been uncovered some 4 feet in thickness. These are being quarried out. About 30 yards of ragstone has been put on White Hill Road and rolled in." He also reported that two truckloads of stone had been delivered to Fawkham Station and carted to depot for Betsham Road.

Opening of New Businesses "Your committee have received a circular letter from the under-secretary of State for the Home Department enclosing copy of an order issued by the Director General of National Service, prohibiting the opening of a new retail trade or business, or a new branch of an existing retail trade or business without a license, the main object of the Order being (1) to protect from unfair competition existing businesses belonging to men on military service which, while struggling against difficulties caused by the absence of their owners, are threatened with the competition of newly established shops in the same line of business; (2) to prevent the waste of manpower involved in opening new retail businesses or branches in non-essential trades."

Housing Council have received information from the Local Government Board about how housing construction for the working classes after the war will be financed. They should raise a loan in the first instance, but the government will provide a grant equivalent to 75% of the cost of the loan.

Precept 1918 Hartley (Rateable value £5,414, Precept £207), Ash (RV £2,734, P £105), Longfield (RV £6,406, P £245), Fawkham (RV £1,518, P £58).

14 May 1918

Roads Longfield: Surveyor reports "The enlargement and deepening of the pond on the council's ladn has now been completed, and the inlet for the surface water from the roads is now opened to allow the same to flow into it. I would suggest that the pale fence be continued on the south side of this land as the pond is now so deep as to be a source of danger. In deepening the pond about 100 yards of good flints have been secured and put into depot." Fence approved by council.

Tar: Council to buy 15,000 - 20,000 barrels of tar at 3d per gallon from the Gravesend and Milton Gas Light Co, and 40,000 gallons from F C Holmes & Co of Northfleet at 4.875d per gallon in the council's barrels.

11 June 1918

Roads Fence to pond at Fawkham Bottom Road, Longfield nearly complete. Side slip of steam roller led to damage to a wall in Longfield Hill.

9 July 1918

Roads Surveyor reports Longfield roads being tar painted.

Coal Controller of Coal Mines has increased prices by 2/6 per ton. Prices will now be: Hartley and Fawkham (Brights House Coal 43/6 per ton, Best Kitchen Coal 42/6 per ton), Longfield (42/6 and 41/6), Ash and Ridley (45/6 and 44/6). Householders to pay 1s extra a ton for credit over 1 month or weekly payments.

Land at Longfield "The vice chairman produced particulars and conditions of sale of about 15 acres of land situate in the parishes of Longfield and Horton Kirby, and suggested for the consideration of the council the question as to whether it might be advantageous to the council to purchase the land, having regard to the statement in the particulars that there was a bed of flint stone on a portion of the land. After discussion it was resolved that the matter be left in the hands of a committee consisting of the Rev Stanley Morgan, and Messrs G Day and F Lynds to investigate and report."

Longfield Allotment Case Case of Longfield PC v DRDC set down for 17 July. Cheque of £150 to be sent to council's counsel.

30 July 1918

Land at Longfleld "The Clerk reported that with the authority of the Highways Committee, the Vice-Chairman had purchased, on "behalf of the Council, about 15 acres of land near White Hill, Longfield, to be used as a Highway Depot, and for such other purpose as might be considered desirable, for the sum of £1,500.

He produced the Contract, and it was Resolved that the purchase be approved and confirmed, and the Clerk be authorised to sign the Contract on behalf of the Council, and instructions given to Messrs. J. & J. C. Hayward, Solicitors, Dartford, to carry the matter through to completion. (This is the land which later included the council's Longfield Depot and is now Rowans Close)

Longfield Baby Show As part of national baby week, Medical Officer of Health to attend show on 5 August.

Salvage Director of National Salvage has asked councils to collect fruit stones and hard nut shells for "an urgent war purpose". To be sent to Munitions Department, Southend Gas Works.

Roads at Longfield Tar painting and pale fence on south side of council's land adjoining Fawkham Bottom Road complete. Following complaint by Longfield Parish Council, surveyor told to have ponds at Longfield Hill near Mission Hall and near Mr Hickmott's fence in the village cleaned out.

Purchase of Land at Longfield from Mr. G Pearce "Your Committee have received a letter from the Council's Solicitors stating that the Vendor had finally objected to the elimination from the draft contract of the clauses providing for the payment of the Vendor's costs and increment value duty in respect of the sale, and an intimation from his Solicitors to return the draft if the Council did not propose to proceed with the purchase. Your Committee could not see their way to agree to the clauses referred to remaining in the draft, and they have therefore given instructions to tlio Council's Solicitors to return the draft, with an intimation that the Council did not propose to proceed further with the matter."

Appointment of Local Fuel Overseers "Your Committee recommend that in connection with the new coal rationing scheme. Inspectors Ellis, Miles and Munns be appointed Local Fuel Overseers for those parishes in the Rural District which are not included in the Metropolitan Area under the Household Fuel and Lighting Order 1918, as follows, viz:

Inspector Ellis (parishes of Soutlifieet and Swanscombe); Inspector Miles (Parish of Horton Kirby); Inspector Munns (Parishes of Ash, Eynsford, Farninghatn, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown, Longfield, Lullingstone and Ridley)."

Purchase and Storage of Coal in bulk by Council "Your Committee have had under consideration the question of the desirability of purchasing coal in bulk to be stored in central depots in the Council's district to meet a possible shortage of supplies to consumers during the ensuing winter. Your Committee have in mind the hardship created last winter by the difficulty experienced by small consumers in various parts of the district, and they desire to take steps to remove, as far as possible, similar difficulties this winter.

They recommend that the following quantities of household coal be purchased and stored at the following depots, viz: 150 tons (Sanitary Depot, Greenhithe); 100 tons (Sanitary Depot, Swanley); 100 tons (Fawkham).

1 October 1918

Roads Hartley: roadside ponds near School and 2 on Stocks Road (Church Road) cleaned out. Ash: Dilapidated fence around pond in village by Billet Road replaced. Longfield: The portion of the pond adjoining the highway at the junction of Hartley Road has been cleaned out.

Longfield Flints Surveyor reports "Trial holes have been Bunk in the Council's newly purchased piece of laud in this parish. It has been ascertained that on about half of the 15 acres a most excellent bed of flints exists, in many cases of great depth, good quality and almost freo of any mixture of soil or unusable matter. I consider there is undoubtedly a sufficient quantity of flints in this land to answer the requirements of the Council for very many years."

Billeting of Civilians Act A canvas is being undertaken of the Dartford area to prepare a register of available accommodation for those imported to Dartford on work of national importance.

29 October 1918

Influenza Outbreak "A circular letter dated the 22nd instant was read from the Local Government Board, forwarding copy of a memorandum on epidemic catarrh and influenza, prepared by their Medical Officer in view of the prevalence of influenza in many parts of the country, suggesting to medical officers of health the desirability of preparing for use in their districts some precautionary instructions based on the paragraphs in the memorandum specially marked.

The clerk produced price lists of posters and leaflets for cicularization for the information of the council.

The Medical Officer of Health reported that out of the 27 weekday schools in the district, 19 had been closed.

After discussion it was unanimously resolved that the whole of the schools, both weekday and Sunday, be closed until the 18th instant.

The question of closing of cinemas was also discussed. It was proposed by the Rev H B Hennell, seconded by Mr Snell, that the council do not issue the licenses granted that day until after the expiration of a fortnight.

An amendment was proposed by the Rev Stanley Morgan, and seconded by Mr Lee, that the licenses be issued, but that a condition be attached to each to the effect that children under 16 years of age be excluded from the entertainments until the 18th instant, or for such further or extended time as might be necessary.

Upon the votes being taken, there voted for the amendment, the Revs, j T Matchett and Stanley Morgan, and Messrs. W. Ames, S. Lee and G. Norris (5); and against it, the Rev. H. B. Hennell and Mr. Snell (2). The Chairman declared the amendment carried, and it was Resolved accordingly.

With a view of obtaining uniformity of action, and acting in cooperation with the adjoining Local Authorities, it was Resolved that the Clerk be directed to communicate with the Local Authorities of Dartford, Xorthfleet and Gravesend, suggesting the desirability of the cinemas in their area being dealt, with in the same way as the Council had decided to deal with the cinemas in the Rural District.

It was further Resolved not to purchase posters or leaflets containing precautionary instructions in regard to the epidemic for distribution in the Council's area.

In response to enquiries, the Medical Officer of Health gave particulars of cases of the disease in Ingress Terrace, Swanscombe, and attention was called by the Local Representatives to the bad condition of the property.

Health Medical Officer reports "I have completed all arrangements for holding a fortnightly Baby Welfare Meeting at the Chapel in Essex Road, Longfield. These meetings will be supported by a Ladies Committee with the help of the local midwife, Mrs Weaver, under the superintendence of Nurse Lockhart, the Health Visitor. I shall attend any special cases by calling on my way back from the Ash Welfare. The first meeting is to be held on Monday the 14th October.

Attendance at Ash and Fawkham Baby Welfare Meetings: Sept 16th - 8 babies, Sept 30th - 3 babies.

Deposit of Refuse at Pinden "Your committee have had their attention called to the uncovered state of some of the deposits of refuse by Messrs J & B Martin (Fawkham) Ltd at Pinden. They have instructed the clerk to communicate with Messrs Martin and insist upon the whole of the deposits being more sufficiently covered with earth."

Roads Longfield: Surveyor reports "I have met the Committee on the newly purchased land in Longfield, and it was agreed to recommend that a base should be made on the south-eastern boundary adjoining the railway embankment and abutting on the Fawkham Bottom road, for the erection of engine, implements and store sheds, and that a flint quarry should be opened at the north-western boundary of the land adjoining the Longfield to Green-Street-Green road."

Fawkham - "Your committee have received a letter from Mr E T Hohler, Fawkham Manor, offering the council an old well at a nominal rent of 5/- per year as an overflow from the surface water pond in the vicinity of Hartley Hill (probably Castle Hill is meant here), which constantly overflowed in wet weather. Your committee recommend that the offer be accepted, and that the Surveyor be directed to carry out the necessary work in laying the short length of drain to the well from the pond."

26 November 1918

Influenza Medical Officer of Health reports "This fatal epidemic of influenza is of quite recent occurrence. Only 3 deaths due to influenza have been notified, prior to October, for the past 6 months, 1 in Stone in June, and 2 in July (1 Wilmington and 1 Swanscombe). For many months the deaths from all causes have been very few, but during October and up to date the deaths from influenze have been very numerous and are still continuing throughout the district.

From the returns of the Registrar of Deaths for Crayford, out of 24 deaths, 16 are from influenza or pneumonia; for the Farningham districts from October 18th, when the first case was notified, to November 1st, out of 20 deaths, 16 were from Influenza. I have not received the returns for Swanscombe, Stone and Wilmington, but the disease has been equally fatal in thise parishes.

The Brent School has been closed with all the other schools in the Rural District on account of the epidemic of influenza, which still continues with unabated virulence. The closure of the schools is to continue for another week to the 18th November, but at present the disease shows no signs of abating, and the closure will probably have to be continued for a further period. I am distributing leaflets throughout the district giving advice as to precautions to be taken to avoid infection. I have been ill myself for some days, but I hope to be able to attend the meeting of the committee on Tuesday."

Maternity Clinics Attendance was Ash (14th Oct - 6); Longfield (14th Oct - 9, 28th Oct -12).

Roads: Longfield Surveyor reports "As the pale fence around the council's land adjoining the pond at the junction of Fawkham Bottom and Longfield roads is continually requiring repairs. I would suggest that a quick fence should be placed around the same.

The digging of flints was started on the newly purchased land in this parish at the north-western corner on the 23rd of October last, and 126 yards have been dug and carted away from there to this date. A very good bed of flints has been disclosed at this spot. Some light rails with skips may be obtained for the removal of the top soil at the new flint pit. The purchase of these would effect a great saving in horse labour."

17 December 1918

Influenza Medical Officer of health reports "The number of deaths from influenza for the week ending 23rd November were 15. They were 18 for the week ending 16th November against 49, 56 and 7 for the previous weeks. The epidemic is evidently oln the decline although very many cases still continue to occur."

Reconstruction and improvements of Roads. Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd "A letter dated the 14th instant was read from the secretary of the Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd, adverting to the proposals of the Reconstruction Committee of the Kent County Council, and stating that these had been discussed by the Society, and as a result they were desirous of expressing the opinion that it was of urgent importance to that locality that there should be an improvement of road connection with London, as the existing roads did not provide means for utilising motor transport to the Metropolis. The Society suggested that a main road linking Swanley with Rochester would give to a number of villages the direct access to London now lacking. They also called attention to a matter of local urgency, viz. the question of an improved access to Fawkham Station. The chairman reported that the latter question was already before the Highways Committee and that a scheme had been proposed. It was resolved that the letter be referred to the Highways Committee to consider and report upon".

21 January 1919

Health One case of typhoid at Longfield. Attendance at Maternity Clinics was Ash (Dec 9th - 3), Longfield (Nov 11th - 5, Nov 25th - 4, Dec 9th - 9).

Petrol Licenses Granted to John Sims of Station Road, Longfield (20 gallons), George Day of North Ash Farm (200 gallons).

Roads Fawkham - surveyor reports "Mr Hohler is having the trees cut down as agreed so that the road by the Church may be widened and improved as arranged."

Longfield - in December 299 yards of flints and 130 yards of ballast taken from council's quarry. Surveyor says "I have been in correspondence with Mr Tempest, the Chief Engineer to the South Eastern & Chatham Railway, as to the proposed new entrance from the Hartley Road to Fawkham Station Yard. He suggests that Mr Day and myself should meet his District Engineer on the spot so that he may have a report from him on any fresh points which may have arisen.

Roads Surveyor has requested from the County Surveyor 3,800 tons of granite, 1,500 yards of ragstone and 200 tons of tarred material.

"During the months of October and November, the Council's engines carted for Mr High, of Longfield, a quantity of coal from Fawkham station to Darenth Asylum, the engine with 3 men were at work for 22½ days at £3 per day, as arranged by the Works Foreman, amounting to £67 10s 0d."

Ash: "Your committee have received an application from Mr H Smith, Contractor, Ash, asking for an advance of 1/- a yard for the supply of flints, viz. from 5/- to 6/- a yard, on the ground of the difficulty of obtaining flints and the mileage he had to haul them. Your committee recommend that under the circumstances the increased price of 6/- a yard be paid.

Longfield: "Your committee have received an application from Messrs P Letchford and C Heaver, two of the council's roadmen, to be allowed to cultivate a portion of the land purchased by the council at Longfield, in connection with surface water drainage, as allotments. Your committee recommend that their application be acceded to, and that they be allowed to cultivate certain quantities of ground to be marked out, and that they be charged a nominal rent of 1/- a year each, the arrangement being on the distinct understaning that the council were free to determine the arrangement at any time without notice and without payment of compensation for growing crops etc."

18 February 1919

Health Visitor, Ash District Mrs Edge to be appointed as successor to Miss Budge at £25 p.a., appointment to run concurrently with that of district nurse.

Road by Fawkham Church Surveyor reported "Frosty weather having set in and released some of the men from other work, a start at the widening of the road by Fawkham Church has been commenced, and Mr Hohler has had the fence on the west side taken up an dset back for the agreed width of road to be made up."

Roads: Hartley Surveyor said "Fire truck loads of granite have been put on the roads in this parish and rolled in."

Roads: Longfield "The committee having met on the Council's land, and agreed that the site most desirable for the erection of engine and store shed was at the south-eastern corner of the field adjoining the railway embankment. Accordingly the bank adjoining the Fawkham Bottom Road has been removed and spread on the field, and the site is being levelled for the erection of the buildings." Also "the chairman reported that a sub-committee of the Highways Committee had met on the spot complainants to the proposed site of the Engine and Road Plant Sheds on the council's land at Longfield, and had agreed that the site could be selected a further 50 feet from the property of the complainants, but that this did not entirely meet the objections raised. The question of purchasing a partly erected shed at the American Base Hospital, Darenth, for removal to and re-erection at Longfield Depot was discussed, and the chairman reported that a number of councillors had inspected the shed and decided to recommend the council to make a first bid of £150 for the material, and if that figure was not accepted to increase the bid to a figure which was not publicly disclosed."

"Also the committee met the Sectional Engineer to the South Eastern & Chatham Railway, and inspected the site of the proposed entrance from Hartley Road to Fawkham Station Road. He suggested that the company were now awaiting any proposals with the council may desire to make. Two truck loads of granite have been put on the roads in this parish and rolled in. In regard to the question of the suggested new approach road to Fawkham Station under consideration by the highways committee, it was resolved (Rev Stanley Morgan dissenting) that a committee consisting of the Rev E Smith and Mr Day be appointed to interview Mrs Hickmott, the owner of the land required for carrying out the improvement more effectively, with a view to inducing her to give up the land desired."

4 March 1919

Longfield Allotments: Flint Quarry "A letter dated the 28th ulimo was read from Messrs J & J C Hayward, the council's solicitors, stating that Mr Justice Younger had given his judgement in the case brought by the Longfield Parish Council against the Rural Council in regard to the Longfield Allotment Ground, and that he had made a declaration that the agreement entered into between the two councils was ultra vires and an order for it to be delivered up for cancellation. He further ordered an enquiry to be made as to the quanity of stone and other metal taken out of the allotment ground by the District Council during the six months prior to the commencement of the proceedings and that the District Council should pay for the same at the selling price, the enquiry to be made by the Master of the Court, who was directed to fix a fair and proper royalty, having regard to the value of the stone and gravel at the time, the amounds paid by the District Council during that period to be treated as a set-off. Mr R W Jackson, representing Messrs Hayward, was present at the meeting and gave the council additional information on the points raise and argued at the hearing of the action, to assist them in forming a judgement as to the expediency of appealing against the judge's decision. After careful consideration, it was resolved that the council do not appeal against the decision."

18 March 1919

Muniton Factory, Longfield Hill Medical Officer of Health reported "I have to read another letter from Mr Copley Williamson again complaining of the acid fumes given off from this factory. I recommend that he clerk draw the attention of the Central Authority, under section 22 of the Alkali Act 1906, to the nuisance complained of by Mr Williamson, as it has occurred several times and I believe it can be easily remedied." Committee commented "The Rev E Smith reported that he had interviewd the manager of the factory, who had informed him that the provisions of the Alkali Act were being complied with, and he gave the council the information which he had obtained. After discussion, it was resolved on the motion of Mr Day, seconded by Mr Snell, tha the Medical Officer of Health communicate with the Local Government Board, calling their attention to the matter and aske them to instruct one of their inspectors to make an inquiry."

Maternity Clinics Attendance of babies at recent clinics was Ash (3rd Feb - no meeting, 17th Feb - 5), Longfield (3rd Feb - 10, 17th Feb - 10). Other clinics held at Northumberland Heath, Slade Green, Swanley, Wilmington, Stone, Greenhithe and Swanscombe.

Roads Ash: 154 yards of flints from council's quarry and 32 yards of picked flints put on roads and rolled in. Hartley: 40 tons of granite and 77 yards of flints put on roads and rolled in. Fawkham: surveyor said "Good progress has been made during the frosty weather with the widening of the road by Fawkham Church, and shifting the soil and forming a bank on the lower side of it. I met the committee on the spot, when it was decided to make a road of convex shape and not a one-sided one. Longfield: "The Committee met the objectors to the proposed site of the buildings to be erected at the south-eastern corner of the council's land, and after discussing the matter decided that they should be erected at the spot, but at least 200 feet back from the public highway. 53 yards of ballast have been delivered to the Convalescent Home, Hartley, on the order of Dr Salter, at 6/6 per yard.

16 April 1919

Roads Ash: "95 yards of surface picked flints were obtained from Mr Goodwin, put on the roads in this parish, and rolled in."

Hartley: Surveyor reports "I have examined the pond referred to by Captain Copus adjoining Stocks Road (Church Road), and pointed out to him the council's right of drainage there, which he admitted, and informed him that an acceptable substitute must be provided before the council would consider the filling up of this pond. 35 yards of ballast form the Council's quarry have been delivered to the Hartley Agricultural Society, and 7 yards to a Mr Butler of Hartley." Committee adds "Your committee have received a letter from Captain Copus in regard to the question of the disposal of surface water which he alleged accumulated in front of his premises, Willow Lodge, Hartley. Your committee point out that he council have a right to drain surface water into the pond adjoining, but that if Captain Copus was prepared to lay a drain from the pond to an old disused well nearby to act as an overflow, they recommend the council offer no objection thereto."

Longfield: Council's vacant land ploughed and planted with oats. In last month 364 yards of flint and 182 yards of ballast taken from quarry. 28 yards of flints from council's pit put on roads and rolled in. Also 75 yards from council's pit used on roads in Ridley and 230 yards at Southfleet. Mrs Longhurst has paid £50 towards making up of Essex Road, half of what was agreed. Council agree to consider matter settled on payment of another £10.

Hedges: Following complaints, Surveyor told to get landowners to trim unkempt hedges.

Longfield Allotments Council receives following vote of censure from Longfield Parish Council "for their illegal action in causing destruction of parts of the allotments land, the freehold of the parish, and for attempting to obtain powers to destroy the whole of the allotment ground, also the freehold of the parish, and so deprive the working men of the sorely nee4ded land for the production of food, particularly at a time when strenuous efforts were being made throughout the country to increase the food supply."

Cinema license granted to Mr A Munday, Harrow Cottage, Pinden End for Longfield Club Room

Precept Hartley £217, Ash £110, Longfield £258, Fawkham £61

13 May 1919

Roads "I have met Mr E T Hohler at the road by the church and arranged for the line of fence leading up to the churchyard fronm the Fawkham Road, he to be at the expense of erecting the same. He also agreed for two more trees to be taken down and the fence further set back and straightened at the entrance to the road from Longfield. The foundation of the road has been shaped and a quantity of flints been put on the same. Following complaints from Ash Parish, surveyor told to make sure men's timekeeping is better. Council accepts tenders of W H Bensted & Son of Maidstone to deliver tar macadam (tar coated ragstone) to Fawkham (20s 8d per truck) and Swanley (21s 4d) per truck. Chittenden & Simmons given contract to deliver to Dartford and Crayford.

Dartford County School for Girls Council reject proposal for extension to take on more pupils, where DRDC would have had to pay about 13% of interest charges on the loan, because it charges for education. Rev Stanley Morgan led calls for secondary education to be free for all.

11 June 1919

Longfield Depot 3 acres of the 9 acres the council planted at Longfield has failed, so it has been turned up and planted with potatoes instead,

Roads Good progress on making up of road by Fawkham Church. "I have with the works foreman, met Mr Hohler at the south end of this road, where he complained of the footpath being too narrow. I pointed out to him tha the garden hedge of Churchdown House might be cut back 2 feet, this he agreed should be done in the autumn which will obviate altering the path."

Messrs J & B Martin to be reminded they still haven't erected fence on their land at Pinden.

Health Mrs Weaver has been deputising for Mrs Lockhart at the Longfield clinic during her illness, council to pay Mrs Weaver 10s per week in recognition.

Summer Time Council rejects motion to oppose its reintroduction by 6 votes to 3.

8 July 1919

Longfield Depot clover and grass cut, haystack to be insured for £100, some orchard fruit will need to be disposed of.

Roads Railway company agree to pay the cost of tarring Station Road, Longfield at 4½d per yard. Council accepts quote from Chittenden & Simmons to deliver ragstone to Fawkham Station at 14s 10d per truck. Same firm also to deliver to Farningham Road, Southfleet and Swanley.

Peace Celebrations Councils authorised to spend money on this. Clerk told to buy a flag to fly over the offices.

29 July 1919

Roads Ash & Ridley - loose stones rolled in. Fawkham - 120 yards of flints from council's pit put on new road by Fawkham Church. Longfield - tar painting has been going on, including Station Road. Council have used half a ton of sulphate of ammonia on their potatoes at Longfield depot. Longfield Parish Council have been told to repair a stile on footpath near East Dene leading from Fawkham to Longfield. Longfield PC have asked for 6s per yard of flints wrongly mined at the allotments, DRDC say it is unreasonable and offer 1s. Rev E Smith had used council workmen to remove a dangerous tree at Longfield Church, council approve this but say the church will need to pay the workmen's wages.

Ash: "Your committee have received a letter from the Ash Parish Council calling attention to the bad state of the roads and that two men were supposed to have been at work on the roads during the latter part of last month, but that no-one appeared to have seen them or the results of their work. The parish council desired to bring this to the notice of the District Council. The parish council also asked that the proposed improvement for the widening of Billet Hill might be proceeded with. Your committee have instructed the clerk to furnish the parish council with the dates when the two men were in the parish, and particulars of the work they did, and also to state that the district council deprecated the attitude adopted by the parish council in the matter. In regard to the Billet Hill improvement, your committee are not in a position to arrange for the work being proceeded with at present."

Highway expenditure 1916-19 Maintenance figures include manual and team labour. Parish Length (miles) Year Maintenance Tar Painting Tar Extra Work Granite Rag stone Flints Total Hartley 7 1916-17 £149.9.4 £14.2.4 £12.0.0 £47.2.0 n/a n/a n/a £222.13.8 1917-18 £108.12.2 £16.11.9 £9.0.0 £9.10.0 n/a n/a n/a £143.13.11 1918-19 £110.12.0 - - £4.19.0 £50 - £40 £205.11.0 Longfield 5½ 1916-17 £170.11.8 £100.2.4 £77.0.0 - n/a n/a n/a £347.14.0 1917-18 £139.13.4 £108.13.2 - £158.10.9 n/a n/a n/a £406.17.2 1918-19 £70.0.8 £94.17.8 £69.0.0 £78.4.4 £40 - £7 £359.2.8 Ash 16½ 1916-17 £314.11.1 £23.0.4 £17.11.6 - n/a n/a - £355.2.11 1917-18 £190.9.4 £33.3.3 £23.0.0 £70.17.0 n/a n/a n/a £317.9.7 1918-19 £173.4.9 - - £6.3.0 - - £123 £302.7.9 Fawkham 6 1916-17 £136.14.5 £9.15.4 £7.0.0 - n/a n/a n/a £153.9.9 1917-18 £103.9.0 £10.12.2 £5.0.0 - n/a n/a n/a £119.1.0 1918-19 £76.11.0 - - £70.15.0 - - £13 £160.6.0

Health Reorganisation of Health Visitor areas means Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Kingsdown and Ridley will be served by Mrs Edge.

Railways Council calls for electrification of local railways in letter to MP for Dartford.

Forge Site, Ash Council to ask the Ministry of Health's permission to borrow £10 for legal fees to acquire 1½ acres of land there for housing the working classes. Similar request to acquire ½ acre at Speedgate, Fawkham and to borrow £170 to pay for 1 acre 1 rood 10 perches of land at Whitehill, Longfield.

30 September 1919

Health 1 case of diptheria at Hartley. Council refuse to put up KCC notices for VD clinics in district.

Roads Hartley: Tar painting done. Fawkham - post and rail fence by pond at Fawkham Green is rotten and needs replacing, pond by Court Lodge Farm cleaned out. 396 yards of flints and 79 yards of gravel from council's quarry used on new road by Fawkham Church. Longfield - roadside ponds at Longfield Hill and Red Cow Farm have been cleaned out. Foundations for engine shed at depot completed. Parish Council reject 1s per yard offer for flints, both sides agree on 5s 6d. Granite - council to buy 2,000 tons of blue Guernsey granite to be delivered to Dartford Wharf and 2,000 tons of Mansetta Granite, to be delivered to Farningham Road, Southfleet, Fawkham (21s 3d per ton), Northfleet and Swanley railway stations.

Extraordinary charges Hartley parish to pay £10 for provision of water supply.

29 October 1919

Health 3 cases of scarlet fever in Hartley.

Roads Fawkham New road by Church practically finished except for making up of adjoining footpath.

Longfield - engine and store shed in process of being erected. Council to dig and market potatoes on their land there. "Your committee report that the hay crop on the land belonging to the council at Longfield has on two occasions been damaged by fire caused by sparks from passing engines, and a claim amounting to £9 5s 0d has been made on the railway company. The company have offered, without prejudice, to settle the claim for the sum of £5 6s 0d, and after enquiring into the circumstances, your committee advise the council to accept this offer."

Fire Hydrant, Hartley "Your committee have received a letter from Allen's Confectionery Company Ltd, Fairby Farm, Hartley, drawing attention to the absence of a fire hydrant in the locality of their works, and asking that one might be erected. The Company stated that they were informed by the Mid-Kent Water Company that the approximate cost of fixing a suitable hydrant would be from £20 to £25. Your committee recommend that an order be given to the water company to fix the required hydrant."

Housing Council have received approval from the Housing Commissioner for the following sites: Ash (Forge), Darenth (Lanes End), Ridley (near Ridley Wood), Fawkham (Speedgate). Ministry of Health has authorised bank loan of £3,000 to acquire the Ash, Fawkham and Ridley land as well as other sites at Swanscombe and Southfleet. Council pass vote of protest about having to obtain loans in the open market.

Council's preferred design for council houses is living room, parlour, kitchen & WC on ground floor, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper floor. It was pointed out to the council this is only just above the minimum cubic capacity requirements.

4 November 1919

Longfield Depot Council agree to open brick field there to make bricks for council houses. To apply to Ministry of Health for sanction of £7,000 loan.

25 November 1919

Roads Fawkham New road by church now open to traffic. Mr Hohler reminds council they still need to plant on east bank as agreed. Longfield Depot - they have been offered £10 per ton for the potatoes. Council have been asked by W Chambers & Son of Southfleet to quote for 100 tons of flints but they don't have this amount to spare.

Wood Fuel "Your committee have received a letter from Mr H J Smith, contractor, Ash, pointing out that in consequence of the shortage of coal there was a great demand in that neighbourhood for wood fuel, and that the demand was more than he could meet owing to his inability to get wood cutters. He pointed out that the wood cutters were working for the council, and he asked them to consider thequestion of releasing some of the men for wood cutting during the winter. The committee recommend that the council inform the wood cutters who were employed by them that if they were willing the council had no objection to their returning to wood cutting work during the winter and that they would take them back into their employ at the end of the season if desired."

Milk scheme Council have introduced scheme to give milk (in the first instance for 6 months) to expectant and nursing mothers, and children under 5 years, where the family income is less than 10/- per head. 13 allocations have been made so far. As the health visitor doesn't visit under after a child is 14 days old, they gave midwives authority to order the necessary milk for nursing mothers.

16 December 1919

Housing They allow George Day of North Ash Farm, Ash and 2 others open their huts for occupation in the winter months, so long as it is for adult males only.

Council housing: Council agree B1 type houses should be used in parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Ridley, Hartley and Kingsdown if local councils agree.

Housing Needs "A letter dated the 13th instant was read from the Commissioner giving provisional approval to the scheme as submitted by the ocunil in the form of survey of Housing Needs as an instalment of a scheme adequate to meet the needs of the council's district, the approval being subject to reconsideration on points of details when more complete particulars were available. He pointed out that the very large increase in population in the district and the still further increase which was anticipated as the result of new industrial developments, made the council's estimate of 1,295 houses required in addition to those likely to be supplied by private enterprise too low, and that as they proposed to build less than three-quarters of that number their programme of building would not satisfactorily solve the Housing problem in the district. He requested that the matter be reconsidered with a view to such amendment of the scheme as would make it adequate, and offering to send down a member of his staff to discuss the matter. It was resolved that the matter be adjourned, and that the commissioner be invited to send down a representative to discuss the matter with the Sanitary Committee."

Roads Ash: landowner Gerald F Hohler has given necessary land to widen road from bottom of Pease Hill, past Berrys Maple towards Stansted, if required by council. Longfield: following complaints about its state, Surveyor to look at road from Whitehill Corner to Pinden Railway Arch.

26 April 1921

Elections Edward Smith the Rectory, Longfield elected unopposed for Hartley. Rev Trevor James Matchett elected unopposed for Fawkham. In Longfield Walter Wright of Station Road got 98 votes (elected), George Thomas Lynds of 1 Arthur Cottages, Longfield Hill got 69 votes.

Roads Council decide to experiment with Mexphalite, a by-product suitable for surfacing macadam roads. It costs £8 10s per ton at the works, or £9 4s 2d if delivered to Dartford Station. They will try it out on 100 yards of road at Green Street Green.

Housing The Housing Board have not approved sites at Hatchfield Wood, Fawkham (in substitution for Speedgate) and the 2nd site at Longfield. They say council should be building on their existing sites rather than acquiring new ones. Cllr Wright of Longfield to speak to architect about adjustments he wants to the planned housing at Longfield Hill.

Health Visitor Mrs S Edge to be Health Visitor for Ash, Hartley, Ridley and Longfield Hill. Salary £25 pa.

Representation on council Both Stone and Sutton at Hone think they should have more councillors. Council decide to wait for the results of the 1921 census.

10 May 1921

Housing Council have received quotations to build 6 houses at Hartley (Probably New House Farm see 21 June below). They are: W Braybrook of Hartley (£4,872 5s), J W Ellingham of Dartford (£4,987), R Hopkins & Son of Gravesend (£5,103), W H Simmons & Son of Wrotham (£5,287 7s 6d), C W Nairn of Hartley (£5,304 1s 3d), F Colyer of Welling (£5,399 16s 3d) and A Knowles of Farningham (£5,447). They decide to accept the tender from Mr William Braybook. They also intend to write to the Housing Board to say that per their instructions, they have gone over Mr Braybrook's tender for the housing site at Ash and believe it is as low as possible.

Roads Ash: "The contract for the supply of ragstone has delivered 130 yards in this parish". Parish council say widening of Billet Hill is more important than Cuckolds Corner, so DRDC will look at Billet Hill scheme.

Fawkham: "70 yards of ragstone has been delivered in this parish, and about 50 yards put on the roads and rolled in."

Hartley: "The widening and improvement of the Longfield to Ash Road has been proceeded with and is now nearly completed. 65 yards of rag stone has been delivered on the roads in this parish, and about 40 yards of same put on and rolled in, as well as 129 yards of flints and 74 yards of ballast."

Longfield: "There has been taken from the Council's Quarry from the If to the 25th April 282 yards of flints and 457 yards of ballast, and during the previous month 466 yards of flints and 101 yards of ballast."

Longfield Farm: "The Council's land at Longfield has been prepared and planted with potatoes from last year's crop. 9 tons of special potato manure has been applied at a cost of £147. A summons was issued against J. W. Cooper, of Queen Street, Gravesend, for obtaining potatoes under falte pretences, and as he did not appear at the Police Court, on Friday, the 22nd April, the Court issued a Warrant for his arrest."

Longfield Depot: following matter raised by Cllr Wright, Surveyor instructed to install gear covers and improve workshop ventilation.

Housing Council accept tender of £7,435 10s from A Knowles of Farningham to build 8 houses at Hodsoll Street.

Housing SubsidyMr G M Wood of Hatchlands (Church Road) granted £102 4s 5d under Housing Additional Powers Act 1919 for wooden bungalow. Similar grant of £1 06 13s 4d to H G Ayres of Slides, North Ash for wooden bungalow.

24 May 1921

Fawkham Mr Hohler gets permission to build village club house at Six Acre Field.

7 June 1921

Roads Widening of Longfield to Ash Road complete and fencing erected where hedges removed. No progress on case of J W Cooper at Longfield because police can't find him.

Hartley War Memorial "Your Committee have received a letter from the Chairman of the Hartley Parish Meeting asking for permission to erect a War Memorial on the triangular piece of green where the road to Hartley Church and Hartley Manor branches off to the Main Road to Ash along the road from Longfield to Ash. They have referred the matter to the Rev. J. T. Matchett and Mr. Wright in order that they may visit the spot and report to the Council.

The Clerk read a report from Mr. Wright stating that he and the Rev. J. T. Matchett had viewed the site of the Hartley War Memorial, but no plan showing the dimensions of the memorial were produced. They, however, considered that there would be no obstruction to traffic if the base measurements did not exceed 12 ft. Mr. Wright reported that since making that report he had received a tracing, which he produced, showing the Memorial and its dimensions. Inasmuch as the dimensions exceeded those mentioned in Mr. Wright's report, it was Resolved to refer the matter back to the Highways Committee."

Widening of the road near The Briars, Longfield "Mr. Wright brought before the Council the question of the expediency of widening the road near "The Briars," Longfield, in order to safeguard pedestrians from the danger from motor traffic in consequence of its dangerous and narrow condition. The Chairman gave Mr. Wright the same explanation as he did at the last meeting of the Highways Committee, that the improvement, which was admittedly necessary, could not be proceeded with as the Council were unable to obtain a definite offer of the land reputed to be in the ownership of Mr. T. C. Allchin. It was also pointed out that a large amount had been spent on road improvements in that parish, and that there were other equally or even more dangerous roads in the district which required improvement."

Surface Water Pond, Clays Mead, Ash "The Chairman brought before the Council the question of cleaning out the surface water pond on property belonging to him at Clays Mead, Ash. He pointed out that he himself did not ask for the pond to be cleaned out, but that the water was found useful by the roadmen when working in the district, and it was for this purpose that it was desired the pond should be cleaned out. It was Resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to have the pond cleaned out."

Housing Subsidies "The Clerk ... reported that two houses erected by Mr. Wm. B. Gable, at The Drive, Hartley, had been completed, but that completion was subsequent to the extended time allowed by the Ministry of Health for the completion of houses in respect of which subsidies were applied for, and that therefore the Council were not in a position to issue Certificate " B " for the subsidy until further legislation had been passed. He stated that the amount of subsidy in each case was £151 13s 4d. It was resolved that certificate B be issued... as soon as Parliament had passed the necessary legislation permitting it."

24 June 1921

Building Sites "Your Committee report that tbey have received a letter from the London Housing Board stating that owing to the high prices they were unable to approve the acceptance of the tenders recommended in respect of the New House Farm Site, Hartley; Portobello Road Site, Kingsdown, and Hodsoll Street Site, Ash. They also stated that in regard to the revised tenders for the Forge Site, Ash, they considered the price still too high for them to approve.

They have also received a letter from the Housing Board stating that they regret, having regard to the existing Housing position, and the present commitments, the Ministry of Health found themselves unable at present to approve further contracts, and therefore, in the circumstances, requesting the Council not to take any further steps as regarded tenders.

Your Committee are of opinion that the attitude now adopted by the Housing Board and Ministry of Health places the Council in a very difficult position, and they recommend in view of the needs of the situation, the hope held out to the community, the promises the Council have made, the extent of the Council's schemes, viz.: 890 houses, which they were led to adopt as the minimum requirements of their district, and the fact that the Council, notwithstanding their first estimate, were pressed by the Housing Board to increase the number of houses to be erected, that the Council refuse to acquiesce in the abandonment of their Housing Schemes, and that a copy of this recommendation, if adopted, be sent to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for the Division."

House in the Field, Ash "On Tuesday, the 24th ult., I visited the above premises and found that only one family remained in occupation, viz., Mr. R. Jones, wife and family. I waited and eventually found Mr. Jones, who informed me he was only waiting to get the final papers through to get one of his sons, who is an imbecile, into a suitable institution. I have made inquiries to try and hasten the lad's removal. Mr. Jones informs me he will be willing to go as soon as the boy is " fixed up." Recommendation. Your Committee have instructed the Inspector to take all possible means to obtain the eviction of the remaining family."

Surface Water Pond, Clays Mead, Ash Cllr Wright raised this again. The chairman Mr Day repeated what had been said at the last meeting, and seconded a motion not to clean it out which was lost, so it will be cleaned out.

5 July 1921

Roads Roadside ponds by the school and below Black Lion have been cleaned out, as has the pond by Fawkham Church. In Longfield pond at corner of Station Road and Main Road to be cleaned out, and the one at White Hill to have a spile fence erected around it.

Home Help "Your Committee have received a Report from the Clinic's Sub-Committee in regard to the question of the continuation of the t-erviees of the Home Help. The Sub-Committee reported that the present Home Help had been employed 35 weeks at a net cost of £21 after deducting the contributions towards the cost of her services from persons engaging her services. They pointed out that her services had been very useful, but the demand did not come from those whom the Committee wished to help, but from those who were more or less in a position to pay for her services and pay her direct. They recommended that her services under these circumstances be dispensed with and that she be given notice to terminate her engagement with the Council when the present bookings had been worked out."

19 July 1921

Housing The council's architect has gone through Mr Knowles's tender for 8 houses at Hodsoll Street, and they have agreed to reduce the price from £7,417 to £6,239. The revised tender will be sent to the Housing Division of the Ministry.

Motorbike Council agree to buy secondhand 2¾ hp Douglas Motorbike for Mr F Sutch to be able to travel more easily around his extensive district.

Housing subsidies The following have been agreed by the council:
bungalow at Hartley for J W Webster of Joan of Arc Hotel, Plumstead (Certificate A - £260) (Top Spin, Church Road)
2 semi detached cottages at Hartley Green for W Braybrook of Hartley (Certificate A - £260 each)
concrete bungalow at Churchfield, Hartley for A W P Lewington of 7 Rona Road, Hampstead (Certificate A - £260) (Ardgowan, Church Road)
2 houses at the Drive, Hartley for W B Gable of 40 Kenilworth Road, Penge (Certificate B - £260 (Greenways and Cedars, Manor Drive)
dwelling house, Walden, Hartley Hill for Mr G E Daviss of Walden (Certificate B - £173 6s 8d (Point Hill, Church Road))

The Ministry has told the council that they can now issue certificates B for properties completed since 23.4.1921. For those completed from 24.12.1920 to 23.4.1921 grants will be paid subject to deductions. (Under the Housing (Additional Powers) Act 1919 councils would issue a certificate A when approving building plans, they would then issue certificate B when the house was completed. The grant would then be paid.)

3 August 1921

Hodsoll Street Green Council say they have no objection to Mr H G Antrum holding an annual fair there, provided it was properly conducted.

13 September 1921

Fairview, Church Road Inspector Sutch reported "I have inspected Fairview Farm, Hartley, where the owner had received a consignment of condensed milk that had been condemned for human food, and I certify that the milk has been used for pig food only."

Roads Pond by Mr Hohler's Home Farm has been cleaned out. Fawkham Bottom Road has had chalk and dirt put on it where broken up. The two ponds at Longfield Hill have been cleaned out. The parish want the one by Mr Blackman's farm reduced by 3 feet 6 inches to allow for road widening. Surveyor to show owner plan of land required.

Longfield Depot "Your committee have had under consideration a report from the sub-committee appointed to enquire into the several matters at our Longfield Depot, and arising out of such report, they recommend (i) that a round iron shed (about 15 ft diameter) which Mr Wright suggested, be purchased and erected for the use of the men working at the depot, and in which to keep tools; (2) that a covdering shed be erected for the engines and that the tender of Messrs T C Jones & Co Ltd, for the supply of the necessary galvanised corrugated iron sheet, at £28 per ton, delivered free on rail be accepted, the shed to be erected by the council's staff.

The Surveyor reported that according to a catalogue, which he produced, there appeared to be suitable iron buildings for sale by Mr G Blay of New Malden, where it was proposed to purchase the round-iron shed, and which could be obtained at less cost than the price proposed to be paid for the corrugated iron sheets. It was resolved that the matter be left to the Chairman, Mr Wright and the Surveyor to visit New Malden and inspect the iron buildings, and that if they found anything suitable for the council's requirements they be authorised to purchase same, in which event the recommendation to purchase corrugated iron sheets from Messrs Jones be not adopted."

Housing Subsidies Certificate B (completion) issued for the following properties: Top Spin, Church Road (£260), Apple Tree Cottage, Church Road (£153 6s 8d) and Greycote, Manor Drive (£173 6s 8d)

27 September 1921

Roads "101 tons of granite have been delivered to Fawkham Station and carted into depot on the Green Street Green road, to be used in connection with the experiment of Mexphalite as a binding material instead of sand and water."

At Longfield surveyor reports "as instructed by your chairman, I have had the line of frontage of the road adjacent to the council's new houses near the bottom of the Chalk Hill cut back, the bank removed and a width left sufficient for a 6 feet footpath". Regarding the contraction of the pond at Longfield Hill, he has sent plans to Mr Blackman's neighbour Mr J Woodward. The Post Office want the council to pay for moving a telegraph pole in consequence of the council widening the road outside their housing estate at Whitehill. Council agree to pay the cost of laying on water to the Longfield depot to fill the engines at a cost of £39 12s 6d.

Surveyor also submitted costings for submitted improvements: Improvement of Billet Road, Ash (£160), widening of road adjoining pond at Longfield Hill (£45), widening and improving road between Longfield Village and Longfield Hill (£400).

Special Expenses In addition to the £289 precept, Hartley has special expenses of £10 in connection with the Water Supply added (none of the other parishes in the 1901 scheme were still paying this).

Publlo Works for the Relief of Unemployment A circular dated the 5th instant was read from the Ministry of Health with regard to a previous circular issued by them with respect to economy in public expenditure, pointing out that an exception was, however, made re Jr] capital expenditure approved for the relief of unemployment, and that in view of the continuance of the serious unemployment, the Minister of Health wished It to be understood that he was prepared to favourably consider, applications for sanction to loans for necessary work giving a relatively large amount of employment, even though a case of extreme urgency could not be made out and the inception of the work was not primarily for the purpose of relieving unemployment.

A further circular dated the 22nd instant was read from the Ministry of Health drawing attention to the statement recently published as to the conclusions of the Cabinet Committee on unemployment with regard to the inauguration of works of public utility for the relief of unemployment, and setting out the decision of the Committee in regard to grants towards the interest and sinking fund charges on loans raised by Local Authorities to meet expenditure on approved schemes and the procedure to be adopted by Local Authorities generally in connection with such schemes. The Clerk read copy of a letter which he had written to the Ministry of Transport giving a list of some of the larger improvements required in the Rural District as follows:

(a) Roads,
(1) Widening and improvement of Watling Street, from Dartford Brent to Gravesend.
(2) St. James Lane, Stone, from Horns Cross to Watling Street.
(3) Lower Road from Dartford to Erith,
(4) Widening and improvement of road from the Dartford Brnt to Wrotham via Green Street Green and Longfield, and the branch road from Lanes End Darenth to Sutton Corner.
(5) Road from the Orange Tree, Wilmington, through Wilmington Village to Swanley Junction.
(b) Sewers
(1) Sewerage Scheme for the parishes of Stone and Swanscombe
(2) Branch Sewer from the Darenth Industrial Colony to the Darenth Valley Main sewer at Hawley.
(3) Drainage of Horion Kirby Village.

The Clerk also reported that he had suggested an extension of the Council's Housing Schemes in other parts of the District at present unprovided for and where houses were greatly needed to abate overcrowding.

A letter dated the 23rd instant was read from the Roads Department of the Ministry of Transport acknowledging receipt of the particulars, and stating that they would be submitted to the Cabinet Committee on unemployment at an early opportunity.

It was Resolved on the motion of the Vice-chairman, seconded by Mr. Coveney, that in order to press upon the Ministry of Health the urgency of sanctioning the erection of houses on additional sites in the Council's district, a Deputation consisting of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and Messrs. Mercer and Wright, be appointed to wait upon the Ministry, and that the Member of Parliament for the Division be invited to introduce them in order to add his co-operation in the matter.

11 October 1921

Land at Merton Avenue, Hartley Mr Sutch reports "On Saturday, the 24th September, I inspected a tent in the occupation of Mr W E Barlow, erected on a field at Hartley. The man states that he was ejected from a house in south-east London, and has bought the ground his tent is pitched on. He has erected a rough earth closet and at present is getting his water from the premises adjoining his plot. He has a wife and four children, ages from 7 years to 4 months, all occupying the one tent. Your committee have given instruction for the bye-laws to be enforced."

Housing subsidy "Your committee have received a report from Inspector Sutch stating that Mr G T Oldrey, Hartley Road, Hartley, whose plans were passed for the erection of a bungalow at Hartley on 1st March last, and which had since been erected, had applied for the issue of certificates A and B under the Housing (Additional Powers) Act 1919. They find that Mr Oldrey omitted at the time to make a formal application for the Housing Subsidy in respect of the bungalow, but the council are not now in a position to issue the certificate unless the Ministry of Health give their sanction. They therefore recommend that application be made to the Ministry for the necessary permission."

25 October 1921

Roads Hartley: "Complaint has been made that the two ponds near Fairby House, which take the road surface water, want cleaning out. This is now being carried out." Council has received £31 in unemployment grants for road from Hartley to Ash.

Longfield: At the depot land, a layer of brick earth has been uncovered and is being removed by Messrs J & B Martin. A crop of potatoes needs lifting. Council has decided to let the rest of the land in future rather than farm it themselves. At Longfield Hill, Mr Woodward has agreed that the council can fill in the pond, if they would pay for water to be put onto his buildings. Council agree to this.

8 November 1921

Agriculture Mr Kent of Main Road Longfield has applied for registration as a purveyor of milk. "I have asked Mr Kent to concrete the floor and render the walls with impervious material to a height of 4 feet, and limewash the remainder of the storage premises before recommending registration."

Health "The Rev F W Warland reported that owing to the difficulty of obtaining accommodation for the District Nurse for Kingsdown and Fawkham, who was also the council's Health Visitor, there was a danger of losing her services, and appealed for assistance in obtaining a house for her in order that she might be retained in the district."

Village Hall, Ash "Attention was called to the absence of proper sanitary accommodation at the Village Hall, Ash, and in view of the use to which the Hall was put, it was resolved that the Medical Officer of Health be instructed to enquire into the matter with a view to proper accommodation being provided."

25 April 1922

Housing Inspector Sutch mentions that work is in progress for Small Owners Cottage and Mr Tolhurst's Cottage at Hartley Green, and at 1-2 Parsonage Cottages. He says work at Yew Tree Cottages, Hartley Green (Castle Hill) has not yet started and recommends a "stiff letter" be written to the owner (these appear to be improvement works for tenanted properties rather than new builds). He also reported that modern closet accommodation has been provided to the Manor House, Longfield and the old privy filled in.

Farming - The application from George Day of North Ash Farm to be a registered cow keeper was accepted.

Forge Site, Ash - It was pointed out to the council that the conveyance of the land promised they would build 12 houses there, but only 8 are proposed. They agreed to ask the Ministry for powers to build all 12.

Public Utility Works - "A letter, dated the 18th instant, was read from the Roads; Department of the Ministry of Transport, stating that the following grants would be made in accordance with the usual conditions, viz.
Longfield Village to Longfield Hill Road (£200)
Wilmington to Hextable Swanley Junction Road (£874)

Attention was called by several members of the Council to the manner in which the men worked on these improvements and the roads in general, and pointed to the fact that the slacking, which was evident, was due to lack of supervision, and that the complaints were general and well founded. It was Resolved - That the matter be referred to the Highways Committee to deal with.

A letter, received on the 25th instant, was read from Mr. H. Pomoroy, South View, New Barn, Longfield, forwarding a petition, signed by 116 residents of New Barn, Longfield1, calling attention to the dangerous corner at the junction of Pescot Avenue and the road leading from the Main Chatham Road to New Barn. They pointed out that a sharp bend prevented those going in one direction from seeing those coming in the oposite direction, and that a high hedge added to the difficulties; that there was a sharp slope towards the concave side of the road, and that there was a considerable amount of traffic along the roads. Mr. Woodward stated that the present owner of the house was, he understood, willing to give up a portion of the front garden of the house for the improvement, and he suggested, as she was shortly leaving, the advisability of proceeding without delay, with a view to obtaining her sanction. It was Resolved - That the suggestion be adopted, and that the Surveyor prepare an estimate of the cost, with plan, and produce same to the Highways Committee at their next meeting."

9 May 1922

Longfield, Pescott, Widening of Corners This improvement is now being proceeded with. The Committee and myself met Mr. T. Allchin in on his section, and arranged as to the terms and plan of carrying out the work on his property ; there are 24 men working there. A letter has been received from Mr. Dobson respecting his section, which I will bring before you.

The Surveyor reported that Mr. Allchin asked for an oak fence to be erected on the new boundary, and pointed out that as the length to be fenced had now been reduced, this would mean an extra cost of about £4 over that of the spile fence previously agreed on. Your Committee approve the extra expenditure.

Longfield Hill Widening This improvement is being proceeded with on Mr. Wood¬ward's and Mrs. Langford's land, the spile fence on the latter's meadow has been erected; there are 19 men working there.

The owner of a small section of land above Mrs. Langford's has consented to let us have his land required on the same terms as agreed to with Mrs. Langford.

Your Committee have had before them a letter from Mr. G. Collar, the owner referred to, setting forth the conditions upon which he gave his land, and which they approve.

There has been taken from the Council's Flint Quarry, from the 29th March to the 24th April, 247 yards of Flints and 146 yards of Ballast.

Roads Council agree to sell flints from Longfield Quarry to J & B Martin of Pinden provided it is not less than 5/6 per yard. They agree to buy surface picked flints from Mr Ayres of Slides, North Ash at 6/6 per yard and flints from Speedgate if they can agree a price. Messrs J & B Martin offered to erect a barbed wire fence and gates along new boundary of land they had given for the widening of the road at Pinden. Council decided that although widening is in abeyance, they should accept such a good price.

Main Road through Hartley proposed Chairman reminded the Council of the proposal of the Ministry of Transport to widen and improve the road from Watling Street, Southfleet, to Longfield along the Fawkham Bottom Road, through Fawkham, to the Portobello, Kingsdown, where it joined the Maidstone - London Road for the purpose of connecting up those two main thoroughfares, the work being carried out to find employment for London unemployed men, and suggested that a better route for this connecting road would be from Longfield, through Hartley and Ash, joining the Maidstone - London Road at Peckham Corner, on the ground of there being more traffic along that route; a motor omnibus service having been started; that there was a greater prospect of the land being developed for building purposes; and that there was, as a matter of fact, a proposal afoot for a Garden City Scheme. After discussion, it was Resolved (Mr. Wright (member for Longfield) only dissenting) That the Council express the opinion that the alternative route suggested by the Chairman was the best one, and urge the Ministry of Transport to adopt it in place of the route they proposed at present following.

Telegraph Lines council approves erection of overhead line from existing line at Berry's Maple along Ridley Hill, to a point opposite the Rectory.

Fire hydrants Ash Parish Council wanted to erect a hydrant by the school at a cost of £16. DRDC say they should call a parish meeting first to discuss the provision of hydrants more generally.

7 June 1922

Billet Hill, Ash Passing places being constructed on land donated by Messrs Day, Wild and Vinson, as well as owner of Billett Farm.

Pescot Hill, Longfield Widening of corners progressing, 21 men working on it. Total expenditure so far £305.5.3.

Longfield Hill Widening "The land belonging to Mr. Collar at the top of the hill has been taken and a spile fence erected for him, and, further, the making up of the widened portion is being proceeded with. There are 19 men now working there, and the total outlay for manual labour to date is £652/11/3. Your Committee have agreed to the payment at the same rate of compensation to Mr. Collar in respect of the land given up by him, as that agreed to be paid to other owners surrendering land, vis. £1 per rod.

Longfield Quarry "There has been taken from the Council's Flint Quarry, from the 24th April to the 23rd May, 285 yards of Flints and 391 yards of Ballast. There has heen delivered to the Guardians' Institution 24 yards of ballast."

20 June 1922

Housing Completions Bungalow for Miss Piper at Hartley is completed and satisfactory.

Hartley War Memorial DRDC give permission for the memorial to be erected at the junction of Church Road and Ash Road.

Longfield pond Complaints about pond at Mr Dobson's premises owing to the stench from the silt. Surveyor to report.

Longfield Depot It is reckoned that it costs 5s 2d per yard to excavate material. Foreman says men will do it on piecework at 1s 9d per yard with 6d for loading. Council decide to run an experiment on piecework rates.

Road Tar The supply from Dartford Gas Works is now exhausted, council decides to buy 500 barrels (20,000 gallons) of steam treated tar from the Associated Portland Cement Works at Swanscombe at 5d per gallon.

4 July 1922

Forge Cottages, Ash Tenants for the 8 houses have been selected. Council propose to charge 7s 6d rent per week for parlour houses, and 6s 6d rent per week for non-parlour houses, subject to confirmation from the Ministry.

Roads - work on Billet Hill passing places started but men taken off for tar painting elsewhere. Ash Street has been tar painted and the School, Chapel Yard and front of White Swan tarred privately, as has Fawkham Green and Village. At Longfield the Pescott work is almost complete, 4 men are now working there and the total expenditure has been £397 4s 1d. Seven men are working at Longfield Hill, where the total bill is now £748 0s 1d. Tar painting is going on in the parish, including a section recently coated with granite between White Hill Road and Station Road using "Spramex" (A specially prepared bitumen for road dressing, manufactured by Shell).

Housing £260 grant to Arthur P Lewington for concrete block bungalow at Church Road under Housing (Additional Powers) Act 1919 (Ardgowan )

1 August 1922

Housing They have had second thoughts on the rent for Forge Cottages, Ash, which they now propose will be 6s 6d per week for parlour houses and 5s 6d per week for non-parlour houses, exclusive of rates and water rates. The Whitehill site in Longfield (Fawkham Road) will be named ‘Pondowne Villas'. They have also received a tenant right claim of £25.7s.0d from the owner of the land in the abandoned scheme by Longfield School. Ministry says they don't have to pay this because they never authorised the landowner to disturb the occupation of the tenant.

Roads In Longfield, the tar painting of the roads is complete. The telegraph poles have been moved at Pescot where 5 men are working on the corner scheme there, total cost to date £467 10s 8d. Setting back of pond is complete and a concrete retaining wall built. Also widening where Mr Langford gave land near Holly Bridge complete.

Church Road, Hartley "Mr Wright reported that Mr Haynes, owner of land abutting on Church Road, Hartley, was prepared to give ground to the council for widening purposes, if required."

Longfield - Kingsdown Road Ministry have asked council to prepare an estimate of the cost of repairs caused by traffic associated with the new arterial road, which they will pay for.

Venereal disease Council authorise medical officer to put up notices by the County Council on the subject.

12 September 1922

Roads Tar painting at Ash is complete and the Pescot Corner works at Longfield nearly so. As to Longfield Hill drainage, Mr J M Dobson has offered an old catch pit at the top of the hill, Rev E Smith said another one would be needed at the bottom of the hill. Surveyor to report back. Messrs J & B Martin have taken 2,325 cubic yards of brick earth at the council's field in Longfield. In the period 19 July - 26 August 746 yards of flint and 717 yards of ballast had been quarried at Longfield.

10 October 1922

Roads The council has submitted a list of road schemes, costing £44,000, to the Ministry for which they ask approval. This includes the Hartley to Ash road.

Housing Mr Sutch says he has told tenants of council houses in Longfield to get possession of any rooms let in contravention of tenancy agreement. He also says the cleansing of Mr Jarrett's bakehouse in Longfield has been completed and alterations to shop front completed.

24 October 1922

Roads Widening and improvement works at Longfield Hill nearly complete. Total costs so far £847 10s 1d. Council decided against kerbing the footpath there because they thought it would be a hazard to traffic at night. Surveyor told to make the path up but splay the edges.

Music and Dancing License Granted to H C Hickmott for the Longfield Village Hall for 12 months.

7 November 1922

Housing Completions Mr Sutch's October report notes the following completions - House at Ash Road for Mr Burr (The Shaw), bungalow at Ash Road for Mr Webb (Ryecroft), bungalow at Ash Road for Mr J Brown.

Merton Avenue Mr Sutch reported "On the 12th October I visited the plots on the south west side of Merton Avenue, Longfield, where a Mr Barlow, with his wife and family, had been living in a tent. I found Mr Barlow has commenced building a dwelling of chalk and flints; no plans have been submitted, and no notification of intention to build has been submitted. I should like the committee's instructions regarding this case." (Nil Desperandum, Merton Avenue)

Housing WC pan repaired at Goodwin's Cottage, station Road, Longfield.

21 November 1922

Housing As the Speedgate site in Fawkham is no longer needed, it will be reconveyed to Mr Sidney Lee.

Roads Picked flints supplied by Mr H G Ayres at Cuckolds Corner and North Ash Hill amount to 183 yards. Council will pay £50 for them. Pond in front of Fawkham Green has had its fence renewed. At Pescot Longfield "the surface of the road at this spot has been re-modelled, the adjoining footpath lowerd and the work completed excepting the new drain into Mr Dobson's orchard. 32 tons of new granite, 72 yards of flints and 14 yards of ballast has been used in re-modelling this surface."

Longfield depot Cllr Wright of Longfield complained about them employing single men and said they should give preference to men with families.

5 December 1922

Smallpox Outbreak in area apparently ceased. 4 Dartford area cases in October removed to Long Reach Hospital. Council has reported contacts of one of the affected cases to Maidstone council.

Housing New WC pan for Goodwins Cottage, Station Road, Longfield. Public Health Act 1875 notice.

Roads Surveyor has given Post Office permission to erect telegraph line from existing route at Turner's Oak crossroad to a point opposite Mann's Farm, West Yoke. Regarding the extra traffic due to the arterial road improvements (that is, what is now known as the A20), they have submitted an interim claim of £200 for urgent repairs fo the Kingsdown - Longfield - Northfleet road. The surveyor submitted a list of proposed road schemes to go the Ministry or the Unemployment Grants Committee (A government board to reduce unemployment by means of public works projects). Council approved the following applications to the Unemployment Grants Committee - Hartley to Ash Road (£601 8s 3d) and New Barn, Longfield (£728 7s 3d).

19 December 1922

Housing They decided to let out surplus housing land including 1 acre at Hodsoll Street to the present occupier at the same rent as he paid the former owner, on condition he got no compensation if the council require possession.

War Memorial "The road around the site on which the War Memorial at the junction of Stocks Road (Church Road) is erected, has been made up and will be rolled in"

Fawkham Valley Road "Constant attention is being paid to the patching up the damage to Fawkham Bottom Road, caused by the extraordinary traffic to Kingsdown for making the arterial road.

Roads A start has been made on widening the upper end for passing places at Billet Hill, Ash. Landowner of land to the north will let them know whether they can have some land on that side. At Longfield Messrs J & B Martin wish to remove more brick earth from the council's site.

3 January 1923

Housing completions Inspector Sutch's November - December report mentions completion of bungalow at Church Road for Mrs S Johnson (Melsetta).

Gypsy Camp Inspector Sutch says he has visited the camp at Pinden and found it to be "quiet and orderly".

Milk The following licenses have been granted under the Milk and Dairies (Amendment) Act 1922:
Louisa Langford of The Orchard, Longfield Hill (Wholesale purveyor of milk)
Eliza Cornelius of Middleton Farm, Longfield (Wholesale purveyor of milk)
J M Dobson of Pescot, Longfield (Wholesale purveyor of milk)
H S Parrett of Hothfield, Hartley (Wholesale purveyor of milk)
J Hollands of Green Farm, Longfield (Wholesale purveyor of milk)
A W Kent of Main Road, Longfield (Retailr of milk)

Merton Avenue Mr W E Barlow has asked for a temporary license for the habitation. Council refuse saying it is "entirely unfit for human habitation".

Boundaries of DRDC district A proposal has been made to move Ash parish to Malling Rural District.

Surface Water Pond, White Post Hill, Longfield Mr. Wright called attention to the considerable flooding of the land at White Post Hill, Longfield, caused by the overflowing of the surface water pond there, and consequent damage to the tenant of the land, and loss through a number of fowls being drowned. Suggestions were made for raising the bank to prevent further overflowing and confining the water to its proper channel.

16 January 1923

A20 construction traffic "Some of the heavy traffic conveying materials for making the arterial road is now going over the Hartley to Ash section and doing considerable damage; this has been notified to the Ministry of Transport.

The notice boards, as ordered, have been made, painted, lettered, and erected at Longfield, Ash, and Peckham Wood Corner, cautioning drivers of lorries and other heavy vehicles from using the road beyond Ash.

On Fawkham Bottom Road there has been put on for patching, 162 yards of Flints and 14 yards of Ragstone, and rolled in.

Roads Council's overflowing pond at the bottom of White Hill Road will be attended to forthwith.

Pescot Pond, Longfield "Surface Water Pond and Improvement, Pescott Hill, Longfield.- Your Committee have received a report from members who recently inspected the surface water pond at Pescott, LongfieJd, and have come to the conclusion that the best method is to have a catchpit constructed and the pond filled in. They also consider that an improvement would be effected if the fence of Mr. J. M. Dobson's property were brought forward into alignment with the other fences on either side, and the road made up in front, if necessary, such work to be carried out by the Council, leaving Mr. Dobson to make up the ground behind the fence when set forward. They recommend: That these works be carried out."

Longfield Hill Improvement "Your Committee recommend—That the roads abutting on the triangular piece of land adjoining the Mission Room and surface water pond at Long field Hill be improved and widened, and the position of the pond slightly altered, subject to the owners of the land giving it up for the purpose. They also approve of the road being widened and a footpath constructed on the east side of the road leading from Longfield Hill to a point near the railway bridge towards tbe farmhouse, where Mr. j. W. Woodward has kindly given the necessary land for the widening, and ask the Council to ratify this."

Housing Ministry approve proposed rents for Forge Cottages, Ash, see 1 August 1922.

Proposed main roads "Maining of Roads.—The Clerk reported that the required advertisement had been published in the local Press giving three weeks' notice of the Council's intention to make an application to the County Council to take over and maintain certain roads as County main roads. On the proposition of the Rev. Stanley Morgan, seconded by Mr. Coveney, it was Resolved: That application be made to the Kent County Council to declare the undermentioned highways to be main roads repairable and maintainable by the County Council, viz:
(i) Road from the end of the present main road at the entrance to the Hard adjoining the " White Hart" Inn to the river Thames in Greenhithe Street, via The Avenue, formerly known'as Slaves Alley, to the junction with the London to Gravesend main road at Ingress Abbey entrance Lodge.... 0-37 miles
(ii) The road from the boundary of the Urban District of Dartford near The Brent passing the entrance to the Southern Hospital at The Gore, over Green-Street-Green via LongfieJd to Longfield Hill railway bridge to the boundary of the Rural District, of Strood - 5.91 miles
(iii)The road from its junction with the second-class main road at Green-Street-Green near the smith's forge via High Cross, Betsham, and Southflee't station to the boundary of the Urban District of Northfleet near the bottom of Pepper's Hill - 2.54 miles
(iv)The road from the junction with the Dartford-Farningham main road at the "Orange Tree," Wilmington, to the junction with the London-Maidstone main road, at Swanley Junction via Wilmington and Hextable - 3:56 miles

Flints A letter, dated the 15th instant, was read from Mr. Thomas Hockley, Middle Farm, Hartley, stating that he had about ten yards of flints to dispose of, and enquiring whether the Council would make an exchange of ten yards of fine surface gravel for them. It was Resolved: That it be left to the Surveyor to arrange the exchange."

Petrol licenses The following licenses to store petrol were granted to John Sims of Station Road, Longfield (20 gallons), and George Day of North Ash Farm, Ash (200 gallons).

30 January 1923

Housing Completions Inspector Sutch in his December/January report noted the completion of a bungalow at Ash Road for Mr Chambers and a bungalow at Manor Drive for Mr Harvey (Baldu)

Housing Mr Sutch says he has received plans from Mr Chisholm for 3 cottages at Church Road Hartley. Also that the cesspool at Swan Cottages, Ash has collapsed. He has served notice on the landlord to repair and provide a proper cover.

Widening of Ash Road, Ash "A letter, dated the 23rd instant, was read from the Unemployment Grants Committee, stating they were prepared to approve the scheme for the widening of Ash Road for the purpose of a grant of sixty per cent, of the wages bill incurred from the commencement of the work up to the 31st May, 1923, for unemployed men taken on for the work thereof, the grant being limited to the maximum amount of £210, and subject to the usual conditions. It was Resolved: That the Surveyor be directed to proceed with the work and effect its completion by the date mentioned."

"Footpath from Hartley Road to Fawkham Railway Station Mrs. Golding called attention to the dangerous condition of the steps leading out of Hartley Rood up to the footpath to Fawkham Railway Station, pointing out that they were in a very worn and dangerous condition, and raised the question of who Jiable for the repair thereof. After discussion; it was Resolved on the motion of the chairman seconded by Mr. Wright: That the Clerk communicate with the Southern Railway, asking them to repair the steps. Mrs Golding proposed, the Rev E Smith seconded, and it was resolved: that in the event of the railway company repudiating liability for the repair of the steps, the Longfield Parish Council be asked to repair them."

Longfield to Meopham Road, opposite Schools, Longfield "A letter, dated the 20th instant, was read from Mr. W. B. K. Williams, of "The Retreat," Longfield, stating that he had purchased some land opposite Longfield Schools, and desired to lay it out in building lots, but had heard that the Council intended to improve and widen the adjoining road, and pointing out that if this was so, he would like to know the amount of land which would be required in order that he might take it into account in staking out the plots. It was Resolved: That the matter be referred to a Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, the Rev. E. Smith, and Messrs. Little, Wright, and Woodward, to meet and discuss the matter on the spot, and that the Surveyor prepare the necessary plan showing the extent of the land which would be required for the widening."

13 February 1923

Roads 25 yards of flints used to repair potholes in Fawkham Bottom Road. At Longfield the banks of the pond at Whitehill have been increased, while a hedge at Longfield Hill has been removed to make a footpath with retaining kerb from the railway bridge to the farm there. In Ridley 167 yards of flints and 74 yards of ragstone have been used on New Street and Clad's House Road, and rolled in.

Housing - Forge Site, Ash Council decided to install septic tanks on the new houses to save cost of cesspool emptying in future.

27 February 1923

Agriculture Cowkeeper and Milk Purveyor License granted to Albert Henry Ong of Churchdown Farm, Fawkham.

Telegraph lines Council allow extension of existing line from opposite Mann's Farm to Oliver's Farm, Ash.

A20 road construction Surveyor has spoken to Ministry engineers about damage to district roads by construction traffic, in particular the Longfield to Kingsdown road. Ministry phoned to say they would purchase granite for repairing this road. Council agree to this.

13 March 1923

Fawkham Valley Road "The Fawkham Bottom Road is now continuously used by a number of loaded lorries with flints from newly-opened quarries at Pinden on the Green-Street-Green Road and carted to the arterial road at Kingsdown ; this has practically destroyed the surface of the road. I have called the attention of the Engineers to the Ministry of Transport to this matter, and they have promised to proceed and repair the surface with granite at once."

Surveyor added "I have inspected, with two of the Representatives of the Ministry of Transport, some of the roads damaged by their traffic in carting materials by heavy loads for the making up of their arterial roads.; they acknowledged that great damage was done, and suggested that these roads should be patched and kept passable until their traffic had ceased, when they could be properly re-instated. I have got details out, and applied to the Ministry of Transport for payments on account of improvements to the extent of £1,340, and also on account of maintenance of second class roads for the last quarter, amounting to £158. These amounts, I understand, have been paid over to the Council."

Roads Widening of Hartley to Ash road progressing, 419 yards of flints and 50 yards of ragstone laid in Ash parish and rolled in. Mrs Patterson of the Manor, Ash complains about the regular flooding of The Street outside the Parish Room and Post Office. Surveyor to act.

Pond filled in at Clad's House Corner, Ridley.

Longfield parish council report dangerous overhanging tree and broken stile. Surveyor has removed tree, but Longfield PC told the stile is up to them.

Issue over paying unemployed men to work on roads. Risk of works stopping because their benefits have been withdrawn and the council isn't paying them. Ministry agreed that so long as they get no wages from council they can keep their benefits.

Tenders for Road Material (a) Granite: The Council opened and considered tenders for the supply of 1,500 tons of granite to the various wharves and railway stations, and decided to accept the following:

Tilbury Contracting & Dredging Co., Ltd., Westminster, S.W., for the supply of 750 tons of machine broken Scotch Granite delivered to the railway stations at Dartford, Farningham Road, Swanley Junction, Fawkham, and Southfleet, at 17/11 per ton.

Tytherington Stone Company, Falfield, Gloucester, for the supply of 750 tons of machine broken Tytherington Stone delivered to the railway stations at the following prices, viz.: Dartford, 20/9; Farningham Road, 20/7; Swanley Junction, 20/6; Fawkham, 20/9 ; and Southfleet, 20/6.

(b) Ragstone: The Council also received and considered tenders for the supply of 400 cubic yards of Kentish ragstone to the various roadside depots, wharves, and railway stations, and on the proposition of Mr. Ladds, seconded by Mr. Mewett, it was Resolved—That the tender (which was the lowest) of Messrs. Chittenden and Simmonds Ltd., Maidstone, at varying prices, be accepted.

27 March 1923

Housing completion Mr Sutch reports "I have tested the drains at Mr Bonsall's bungalow, Church Road, Hartley; the bungalow is now ready for occupation."

Housing New Cesspool now completed at Mr Hall's Cottages, Ash.

Agriculture Cowkeeper license granted to Mrs Eliza Cornelius, Middleton's Farm, Longfield.

4 April 1923

Elections - George Day elected councillor for Ash unopposed.

Housing - Inspector Sutch's March/April report states Mr McDaniell's cottage in Church Road completed and satisfactory(The Knoll, Church Road).

Roads Council decide to buy a tar spraying machine if a demonstration proves effective (Kent County Council tell them they don't have one, because the men think hand painting of tar makes a better job).

10 April 1923

Roads Ash: "The Widening and improving the Hartley to Ash Road has been proceeded with; there we now 12 men, obtained through the Labour Exchange and recommended by the Guardians' Relieving Officer, working on it. The wages paid on this work to date Is £139/2/0, at the rate of 36/- per week per man. To straighten and improve the line of road adjoining West Yoke and North Ash Crossways for traffic, it would be well to fill up the open pond existing there and turn the surface drainage down to a pond belonging to Mr. Day. nearly opposite his house; this be agrees to, provided, in case of overflow, the Council will connect it with a deep well existing near thereto. Your Committee have given their approval to this.

Ash - "Your Committee have received letters from the Ash Parish Meeting, calling attention to the condition to the section of the road leading from the Main Road to Peckham Wood Corner to Terry's Lodge, where the gradient was very steep. They suggested that the Ministry of Transport be asked to lower the gradient as it was at present considered dangerous to vehicular traffic. They also urged the Council to use Kentish ragstone on the top of flints in connection with the repair of the roads as they contended it would prove of a more lasting character, and also that the road repairs be. carried out under the contract system. Your Committee have instructed the Surveyor to communicate with the Ministry . Transport and request them to lower the gradient of the road at Peck ham Wood Corner. In regard to the question of the use of flints your Committee are of opinion that the larger use by the Council of ragstone would help better to combine the road material, and make a better and more durable surface, and they recommend: That, in general, the Council adopt this policy, and in furtherance thereof, that authority be given for the purchase of 800 cubic yards of Kentish ragstone instead of the 400 cubic yards provided for in the estimate. They do not agree with the Ash Parish Meeting in their expression of view as to the contract svstem."

Hartley: 25 yards of ragstone and 70 yards of flints have been put on the roads in this parish and rolled in. Parish Meeting ask for removal of obstructions on certain footpaths and widening of St Johns Lane. Surveyor is seeing to the footpaths, but DRDC will do nothing about the other matter for 6 months as it wasn't in their budget estimates.

Fawkham: "Ministry of Transport are repairing some of the damage they have done, and have had a gang of men putting on picked flints on the Fawkham Bottom Road, and two rollers rolling them in."

Longfield: "with the member for Longfield, we measured the space from where Messrs. J. & B. Martin dug and removed the brick earth during the last season, and find the same to amount to 2,040 yards. There has been taken from the Council's quarry from February a8th to March 28th, 636 yards of flints and 101 yards ballast." Neighbouring landowners and the railway company disclaim responsibility for the steps from Hartley Road to the Railway Station. Longfield Parish Council told to repair.

Housing Last 4 houses at Forge site completed. They agreed to grub out hedge there to create a passing place on the road.

8 May 1923

Roads - Steps from Hartley Road to Fawkham Station to be repaired, DRDC to supply parish council with steps at cost from their depot.

Roads - Ash Road improved with widened portions metalled and rolled and fences erected. Widened portion by White Swan metalled and rolled. Complaints of problems at Hartley Bottom Road with lorries carrying material to new arterial road. Council to write to ministry of Transport. Report from Ministry of Transport says Fawkham Valley Road should be repaired by the end of the month and it will be tarred throughout to extend its life.

Footpaths - Hartley Parish Meeting complain of obstruction to footpaths. Surveyor examined two with Mr Tate and "found it almost impossible to find any trace of a path, but its assumed position was obstructed in many ways by poultry fences, sheds, bungalows, and overgrown hedges, the only evidence of one path was the remains of an old stile." Mr Tate promised to trace owners.

Longfield - metal pipes for Pescott drain delivered.

23 May 1923

Milk - license granted to Joseph Thornton of New House Farm, Hartley, cowkeeper

5 June 1923

Roads - Repairs to Ash road nearing completion.

Housing - after much discussion council agree to build 380 houses including 16 in Longfield and 4 in Hodsoll Street (none in Hartley or Fawkham). Largest number were in Swanscombe (82). Only Mr Wright (member for Longfield) opposed the scheme. The council was more divided on whether some should be built by direct labour, with those in favour prevailing 5 votes to 4. The houses at Longfield and Ash were to be put out to tender, with the direct labour force being but one bidder. One of the leading members in favour was Rev Stanley Morgan a Labour member of the council.

19 June 1923

Shops - E Ilott applies on behalf of client to build lock up timber framed barber shop in Church Road

Roads - Surveyor asks for shed to be erected at Longfield Depot for plant and rolling stock, which had been asked for 2 years ago. Council to look into this further.

Water - Hundred of Hoo Water Company, whose area includes Hodsoll Street, informs council they plan to increase charges by 50%.

3 July 1923

Roads - . Tar painting of roads in Longfield parish and Fawkham Valley Road in progress. Ministry will excavate and provide material for up to 5 passing places in Hartley Bottom Road between Longfield and Idleigh to be identified by the council, 2 yards by 10 yards. Council approve in principle shed at Longfield Depot.

17 July 1923

Housing - Inspector Sutch reports completion and readiness for occupation of bungalow in Manor Drive for Mr P Harris, and bungalow in Church Road for Mr R Chisholm (Restharrow, Church Road).

Housing - council adopt policy of lump sum grant or payments to building society for new private houses, as envisaged by the current Housing Bill. They have been told by the Ministry that the maximum grant will be £75.

Roads - council agrees to remove a hedge by Longfield schools as a matter of urgency if the landowner agrees.

31 July 1923

Roads - tar painting of Fawkham Valley Road ("Fawkham Bottom Road") complete and in good condition. "Usual" roads tar painted in Longfield. In the month ending 11th July, 146 (cubic?) yards of flints and 607 yards of ballast removed from council's quarry at Longfield.

Roads - Improvement works on district roads in rural areas. A circular from the Ministry of Transport informed councils they may get grants to improve class 1 or 2 district roads, so they may be taken over by the County Council. DRDC decide to limit net cost to the council of £5,000 on 15 schemes including Longfield to Longfield Hill, and Longfield to Hartley road. However one scheme is to create passing places only in New Barn Road. Shed at Longfield Depot to cost £25.

Roads - "The question of improvement and widening of the road from Longfield through Hartley to Packham Corner, Ash

Ash - Council also tarred school playground at Ash, following a request from Rev H B Hennell. Council agreed to tar the paths leading to Mr E J Gee's house at Hartley Green at his expense. They had previously declined to do so because the work involved was more than they usually agree to (in spite of reference to Hartley Green, it is probably Hartley Grange, Church Road that is meant because that is where Mr Gee lived)

Water supply at Hartley - "The clerk reported that Mr F W Tate, the chairman of the Hartley Parish Meeting, had informed him that the parish of Hartley was without a water supply, and that he had at once communicated by wire with the Mid Kent Water Company with a view to the immediate restoration of the supply. A letter, dated the 30th instant, was read from the Mid Kent water Company, regretting the trouble which had arisen, and pointing out that the company cleaned out the reservoir which supplied the district 4 times a year, and that the method which they had adopted for years had enabled them to do so without causing any trouble or inconvenience to their customers, but owing to the unusual drought and recent heat wave, one of the mains had apparently become choked with air, and the same method had not been so successful. They regretted the inconvenience to the customers, and undertook to do their best to see that the stoppage of supplies did not occur again. It was resolved... that in order that consumers might have the opportunity of making some provision, the Company be requested to give public notice in the localities affected whenever supplies were likely to be cut off for any period."

11 September 1923

Agriculture - Inspector Miles says he has given permission to Mr Walpole to convey a quantity of potted salmon from Ongar to New Barn, for the purposes of feeding pigs and poultry.

Food inspection - Inspector Sutch reports, "on Monday the 16th July, I examined the tinned foods at Fairby Stores, Hartley, and found all tins examined to be sound."

Housing completions - new house for Mr Chisholm in Church Road (Restharrow, Church Road)

Water supply at Hartley - Mid Kent Water wrote on 4 September to say they do give warning of interruptions of supply, but in this case it had already failed at the higher pointes before they were aware of the problem. They did tell as many as possible.

Roads - Council informed that charabancs are using unsuitable narrow roads, surveyor to draw up list of roads that are unsuitable for charabancs. Surveyor to look into complaints by New Barn District Ratepayers' Association about the state of the road from Southfleet to Longfield Hill railway bridge.

Boundaries - council refuse Dartford UDC access to their books in connection with their application to transfer the part of the parish of Stone north of Watling Street to the urban district.

25 September 1923

Longfield Depot - Mr J J Perry complained of noise from Longfield depot and smoke from fires of engines which burn all night. Council agree to plant trees in front of depot. In month ending 5 September council took 441 yards of flint and 296 yards of ballast from Longfield Quarry.

Roads - Mr Rich agrees to sell part of his yard for widening of Station Road, Longfield for £40 and restoration of fence. Council agree to terms. The widened portion of the Hartley to Ash Road has been steam rollered and set.

Housing - Inpector Sutch reports final tests on drains have been passed at following new buildings - bungalow at Manor Drive for Mr Harris, new garage at Black Lion and Mr C W Nairn's bungalow. Council also agreed to pay £85 for a retaining wall by the gardens of the council houses in Longfield and kerbing a footpath for 330 feet.

23 October 1923

Roads - Ash Road improvements nearly complete, Hoselands Hill badly washed out and has been repaired with Kentish rag and rolled in. Pavement being built at moment in front of new council houses in Longfield. Council agree that workmen's pay should not be reduced if they are moved to the lower paying Longfield depot.

6 November 1923

Health - Scarlet Fever cases in Fawkham and Hartley (1 each).

Milk - Inspector Sutch recommends approval of applications from Mr Adam Horne at Swan Farm Ash and Mr Marston Clark at Idleigh Court and adjoining farm belonging to Mr Jull, Ash.

Housing subsidy - council agree that it is not to be given to anyone from outside DRDC area, and that total area should be 550 square feet.

20 November 1923

Roads - 50 yards of flints and 14 of ragstone have been put on Hoselands Hill (Ouselands), and 62 yards of flints and 10 of ragstone to Castle Hill and rolled in. Shed belonging to Mr Rich at junction of Station Road pulled down and reerected as ordered by council. They are testing for the depth of flints in the council's field in Longfield, 680 yards of flints taken from council's quarry at Longfield between 10 October and 7 November.

Entertainment license - Mr H Day of Pennis given license to hold minstrel entertainent at Fawkham Village Hall to raise money for children's christmas party. Fee for license waived.

4 December 1923

Housing - ruling at meeting of 6 November that outsiders couldn't get housing grants rescinded.

Water supply at Hartley - "Your committee received a letter from Mr W K W Williams, The Retreat, Longfield, stating that he had been in communication with the Mid Kent Water Company with a view to the extension of their water main to enable the owners of land on both sides of the line of extension (along a footpath) from Church Road to the Railway Crossing, to develop their land for building sites, and enquiring whether the council had any objection to the proposal. Mr Williams has been informed that no objection would be offered to the proposed extension.

18 December 1923

Longfield - council agree to voluntary rate of £6.12.0 towards new burial ground. Complaint by Mr S W Newcomb of the Gables, Longfield (actually Hartley) of rubbish dumping at Pinden by J&B Martin Ltd. Council to investigate.

1 January 1924

Housing - new villa for Smallowners commenced in Hartley.

Longfield - Mr Wright reported unsatisfactory urinal at The Railway Tavern, council to write to Russells Gravesend Brewery Ltd.

Deposit of House Refuse at Pinden - following complaint by Mr S W Newcomb, the medical officer visited site of Messrs J & B Martin. He found a large heap of rubbish from Purley at the Pinden railway siding, four or five men were employed raking the coarse refuse from the ashes, the coarse refuse is taken to gravel pits where it is covered in soil and buried. He felt the site was well screened and didn't smell. They began bringing the refuse on 4 November with 19 loads in November and 20 in December, deliveries are due to end in March. A stone hole near the road has been brought back to cultivation as it is filled up. Council also spoke to secretary of company. They decide to take no action but to keep it under observation.

15 January 1924

Roads - the surveyor has visited the New Barn and Southfleet roads with Major Greig from the Ministry of Transport. The major said they couldn't justify paying for a granite surface because the traffic was insufficient and the ministry will be ending traffic from their flint quarries via this road. He did agree that the ministry would pay for damage their lorries had caused, but this was not visible at the time because the road was frost bound. Flooding at Longfield Hill has led the council to ask the surveyor to get an estimate for draining water into a disused chalk quarry, courtesy of Mr J W Woodward, the owner. In Longfield the committee recommend the council acquire land for road widening in front of the proposed new burial ground at Longfield, which the owner is prepared to do before he conveys the land to the Church.

Hartley Roads - following representations by Hartley Parish Meeting, the council agree that the corner of St John's Lane (with Ash Road) needs widening and Mr Snow the landowner is willing to give up the land (27 yards by 3 yards). They also agree widening the north-east corner of Church Road by the war memorial, if they can acquire the land (the war memorial was then at the junction with Ash Road by Clifton's Estate Agents).

29 January 1924

Housing - council agree that Mr W H Chisholm can have housing subsidy for 2 cottages in Hartley in spite of the fact he had completed them before the scheme started on 1 November, due to special circumstances. Subsidy granted on same grounds to two others.

Roads - council approve purchase of half an army hut for the Longfield Depot from the Ministry of Transport for £15. The surveyor is given authority to hire another steam roller to meet need at 28/6 per day. Due to rail strike coal is short, so they are taking this opportunity to service the tractor engines there, and they authorise the surveyor to hire horses up to 15/- per day to meet urgent needs.

Fairby Estate - "A letter, dated the 25th instant, was read from the Small Holders Ltd (sic), stating that is was the intention of the Company to construct a new road through their estate at Fairby, adjoining Fawkham Station, which would mean that the traffic from the station would be carried by such road form Hartley to obviate the route through the village of Longfield, which was at present necessary, and asking for the assistance of the Council to the matter, and offering to furnish plans and details, if desired. It was resolved: That the matter be adjourned, and that the Company be asked to submit plans and details of the proposal for examination by the Council.

12 February 1924

Roads - telephone installed at Longfield Depot (Longfield 29), committee recommends installing mains water at a cost of £5.1.0 to tap into main and £14.10.0 to install fire hydrant (Mid Kent Water Co).

Roads - Mr H Smith of Ash writes to complain about the poor state of Hartley Bottom Road by Red Cow Farm, the surveyor is looking into it. Longfield Parish council report that a willow tree at Longfield Hill by the pond sways so much in the wind that it is damaging the mission room there. The Surveyor has made good the damage and trimmed the tree. The parish council also call for widening by the Longfield schools as the road is dangerous there. DRDC reply that it will be widened as part of a wider scheme.

Housing - council decides to divide a small quantity of surplus land at the Forge Site, Ash among the tenants of the houses there as additional garden ground.

26 February 1924

Milk - Mr C J Stanley of Manns Farm, Ash to be registered as a cowkeeper, subject to his meeting the requirements of the inspector.

Housing - Mr Sales, tenant of one of the houses at the Forge site, Ash, is in rent arrears. He offered to pay back 8 shillings a month, as he was only earning 30 shillings a week at the moment. Council accept his offer.

11 March 1924

Hartley tithes - "Your committee have received a letter from Mr D T R Gray, Bank Buildings, Hartley, stating that he was communicating with owners of property in the parish of Hartley with a view of entering into an arrangement for a general reapportionment of the tithe rentcharge, and enquiring whether the council, as owners of a piece of land there, were prepared to enter into such an arrangement, as, if 40 owners were agreeable to the scheme, the fees would be £2.2.0 each. As these fees are considerably less than would be the case if a single re-apportionment were carried out, your committee recommend that the council agree to the arrangement."

Roads Hartley Bottom Road is being repaired, surfacing with flints and ragstone. Road foreman told to creosote Mr Allchin's fence at Longfield.

25 March 1924

Housing - council have given out £2,100 in housing grants since the scheme began, and plan to extend it another 3 months, if the Ministry of Health agrees.

Milk - committee recommends that A J Caller of Gooses Farm, Ash be registered as a cowkeeper and retail purveyor of milk, if the inspection is in order.

8 April 1924

Longfield Quarry Report - Under 1923 agreement, the 10 men are paid by piece work of 1s 6d per cubic yard for flints or ballast and 6d per cubic yard for loading. The Charge Hand makes the measurements. The men have 10 shillings deducted from their weekly wages which pays for the charge hand amongst other things. "A bed of chalk rises in the centre of the quarry and dips towards the present working face". Council agree to remove this layer at their expense. In the 8 weeks to 19 March 1924 they quarried 1,164 yards of flints and 522 yards of ballast. The overall cost of quarrying the flints was £192.8.0 which worked out at 3s 4d per yard.

Footpaths - Hartley Parish meeting call for certain paths to be reopened. The surveyor said that in all but one case there was insufficient evidence to show a right of way existed. In the other case the council instructed him to set up signs to show the right of way exists.

Roads - Hartley Parish Meeting also write to say they are opposed to the construction of an arterial road through the village.

Election - council record "hearty vote of thanks" to Rev E E Smith the member for Hartley, for their "excellent services".

24 April 1924

Election - Hartley William Thomas Boucher of Church Road (102 - Elected), Rev Edward Smith of Longfield Rectory (44). Rev Smith writes to council on 21 April, "thanking the council for their kind expression of regret and appreciation of his services and expressing his personal regret that his long and pleasant period of service on the council had come to an end. He also expressed his thanks to the staff for the courteous treatment and assistance he had always received from them."

6 May 1924

Housing - owner of temporary shed for shop near the Post Office at Longfield, agrees to move it back to the building line.

Roads - committee recommend improvements to Court Pond at Longfield to prevent it encroaching on the highway.

24 May 1924

Housing - the Ministry of Health have written to the council to say they would not agree to the housing subsidy being paid to houses costing over £600, as they could not be considered "working class" housing. Council agree to comply.

3 June 1924

Roads - estimates for widening the road outside the new burial ground at Longfield are £99 for a 100 feet scheme, including a retaining wall and footpath, but committee recommend larger scheme of 300 feet costing £211. Mr H Sims of Hartley has written to complain of the overgrown hedge between Hoselands Hill and the Hartley War Memorial, more than one person has suffered damage due to projecting brambles.

Fairby Estate - "Your committee report that they have had under further consideration the application of the Small Owners Ltd to make a new road on their estate for and at the expense of the company, and allow the cost to be repaid by them over a period of 2 years. A sub-committee has met representatives of the estate on the spot and discussed the proposal with them. Your committee, however, do not think it expedient as a matter of policy, that the council should agree to such an undertaking, and they therefore recommend that the application be not acceded to."

17 June 1924

Health - 1 case of Erysipelas from Longfield.

Pinden - Inspector Miles and the Medical Health officer visited the gypsy camp there. The owner promised to fix 2 privy doors. Apart from a quantity of old tins making the place look untidy, they didn't find any threat to health.

Housing completion - house at Ash Road for Mr Edward (subsidy).

Housing subsidies - A J Dennis of Elm Villa, Ash Road, has written to the council to say his new concrete and rough cast bungalow at Chapelwood, Hartley is valued at £600. Council say he can be paid the £75 subsidy. Hedley Symons has said his house at Hartley is worth more than that so no subsidy was paid. "Your committee also considered an application from Mr J H Marsh, Hartley Manor Drive, Longfield, for a subsidy in respect of a bungalow built for him at Hartley (probably Southdown, Manor Drive), which, according to the report of the Inspector, was commenced on the 18th May and completed on the 14th September 1923. As no promise of a subsidy was made by the council in either case, your committee recommend that the application be not entertained." Council approved recommendations.

Councillor Boucher - council send get well wishes to Hartley councillor who "had met with a somewhat serious accident, and had had some ribs broken."

1 July 1924

Roads - Councillor George Day (Ash) said he had sold a piece of land he owned at Hoselands Hill, and suggested it might be a good time to acquire the land for widening. Clerk to speak to new owner to give up the necessary land. Council to tar paint the Church footpath and school playground at Longfield at the usual charge.

15 July 1924

Diptheria - 1 case from Longfield.

Old Downs - Inspector Sutch reports "I have disinfected the Old Downs Hartley throughout, where Mrs Cohen died of sleepy sickness.

Housing completions - bungalow for Mr Dennis at Ash Road, bungalow for Mr Huckerby, Manor Drive. Both qualify for subsidy.

Housing - "The Medical Officer of Health reported that he had visited and inspected the habitation erected by Mr W E Barlow at Hartley, and gave the council particulars of its construction and accommodation. He pointed out that 2 adults (father and mother) abnd 5 children slept in 2 rooms which constituted the habitation, and that there was no proper water supply; the occupants obtaining what water they wanted from a private house 200 yards distant. Inspector Sutch reported that he was endeavouring to obtain other accommodation for the family so that they could vacate their present habitation."

Housing - council's tenants at Ash complain of rain water regularly beating on doors. Council decide to add porches which had been originally rejected to save money.

Hoselands Hill - Mrs B G Harker of Old Road West is prepared to give land for widening if council build wall on boundary line, plant a quick set whitethorn hedge on the bank frontage, re-erect gate and make good gradient of house drive. Council agree except for wall which they think unnecessary.

Longfield - surface flooding at junction of Main Road and Station Road, council agree to install kerbing.

10 September 1924

Cinematograph license - your committee have received an application from the Secretary to the trustees of the Longfield Village Hall for a Cinematograph license. The inspector reports that the building complies with the regulations. Your committee recommend that a license be granted." The council deferred decision until inspector Sutch could see if a side door could be constructed.

Station Road, Longfield - council agree to alteration of property to shop and house for Mr Frederick T Hicks of The Laurels, Longfield. They also decided not to consider any late plans in future, and that all must go to the Sanitary Committee first at least 10 days before the meeting.

Church Road, Hartley - "Mr Boucher also called attention to a building now being erected in Church Road, Hartley for Miss Davies-Cooke, and stated that other property had been set back 27 feet from the centre of the road but in this case only 18 feet from the centre of the road, and in the event of any contemplated widening and improvement the property would create a difficulty in making the road an uniform width, and suggested that the bye-laws dealing with this point should be reconsidered and amended in view of the requirements of the roads caused by modern traffic." (Probably this is the Stores)

23 September 1924

Cinematograph license - further to the last meeting, the surveyor produced plans to the building which satisfied the council and they granted the license.

Hoselands Hill - "The Chairman reported that in pursuance of the reference to them by the Highways Committee, Mr Boucher and himself with the Surveyor, had gone into the question of the improvement of Ouselands Hill (sic), Hartley, and that the Surveyor estimated that the cost of the improvement adjoining the land to be given up by Mrs Harker for the widening would be approximately £154, or if the scheme was extended further down the hill and the necessary land could be obtained, an estimated cost of £208. After discussion it was resolved: That negotiations be re-opened with the Railway Company for land belonging to them lower down the hill to enable the extended scheme to be carried out, but if these negotiations proved abortive, the lesser scheme be approved and carried out."

7 October 1924

Scarlet Fever - 1 case from Ash

Church Road, Hartley - "In regard to the submission of plans for the shop and bungalow to be erected by Miss Davies-Cooke at Hartley, your committee find that no breach of the byelaws has been committed, and they are not therefore in a position to compel the structure to be erected further back from the road."

Housing - Longfield parish council write to complain that nearly all new council housing goes to Swanscombe, when there is a need in Longfield. Spending money in Swanscombe was a waste, they said, especially as they had applied to leave the rural district and become an urban council. At the same meeting there was also a letter from Swanscombe calling for more houses there.

18 November 1924

Health - Longfield Clinic saw 15 babies on 20 October and 18 on 3 November. Due to local demand, council are going to revive the Ash Clinic at Church House.

2 December 1924

Scarlet Fever - 2 cases from Ash

Housing - Inspector Sutch has tested drains on new bungalow for Mr F Parkin at Hartley in November and found them sound (Scotgrove, Fairby Lane). He has also served notice on 22 October on the tenants of Gooses Cottages Ash on the closing order becoming operative.

Fawkham - Inspector Sutch has circulated notices about the destruction of vermin in all but 2 parishes, and found very active rat clubs in Fawkham and Eynsford.

Agriculture - the occupier of Hollybush, Longfield Hill has been served notice regarding the keeping of pigs. The inspector reports the pigs have been slaughtered and no more are kept.

Food - "On Monday the 3rd November, I inspected foodstuffs at a small store recentlhy opened in Ash, and cautioned the owner regarding selling margarine not properly marked as such. I have revisited the premises and find its owner has a supply of properly marked wrappers and also a notice complying with the regulations."

Housing - council in dispute with Mr Downe over construction of a cesspool at his new shop and dwelling house in Station Road, Longfield. Minister of Health told the council they had no power to require a certificate of habitability before the premises were occupied, but on the other hand, the builder must comply with local bye-laws. The ministry inspectors have inspected the district's council houses, because they are surprised at the low cost of the houses the council builds.

Pinden - Messrs J & B Martin Limited informed the council they are opening a new brickfield "on the opposite side of the road and a little nearer Pinden Lane than Rats Castle". Council referred matter to a sub-committee, but said they had no objection in principle.

16 December 1924

Health - attendance at recent sessions of Longfield Baby Clinic were: November 17th (18 babies), December 1st (26). New weighing machine purchased for Longfield clinic at cost of £4.10.6 less 20% discount. Local winners from council's children essay competition were: 10-12 Year olds ("Soap and Water") - 1st (£2) Winifred Johnson, West Yoke, Ash (Ash C of E school), 2nd (£1) Isabella Mungeam, White House Cottage, Fawkham (Fawkham C of E school), consolation (5s) Edmund Tubb, Ash Place Farm, Ash (Ash C of E school). Over 12 ("Flies and Disease") - 1st (£2) Ivy Watts, Keepers Cottage, Ridley (Ash C of E school). 12 of the district's 27 schools competed and the contest was judged by the Revs J T Matchett and E Smith.

Roads - recent wet weather has led to considerable damage to roads, particularly the flint ones, with many potholes. Expensive temporary repairs have been necessary.

Roads policy - the Surveyor submitted a report on road construction to meet the demands of modern traffic.

He outlines 8 principles of a good road. He says that widening narrow roads is preferable to repairing ruts, as they undermine the road's foundations. He is critical of flint as a roadstone, its drawbacks are that they wear to a fine dust, although as strong as granite they are prone to be brittle and lose their bonding. This means a level surface of flints is soon lost. Water causes a lot of damage to local roads and a means of removing surface water must be introduced where necessary. There are 3 types of macadam the council could use (Waterbound, Tar, Asphalt) and he discusses the benefits of each. He quotes from the experiences of other councils and a government report from 1923/24 which noted that modern traffic had led to a move to macadam from more traditional flint and gravel. Tar macadam is cheaper in the long run by using government loans, and has indirect advantages of less scavenging and road closures and diversions.

He included costings for surfacing 4 miles of road (37,500 sup yards), on the basis that current surfacing will last 4 years, while tarmacadam will last 12 years. Traditional surfacing is initially cheaper (£7,500) but over 12 years will cost £26,250. Tarmacadam will cost £15,000 plus £5,000 in serving the loan, a saving over 12 years of £6,250.

The committee agreed and named Cray Road, Crockenhill, Shellbank Lane, Betsham and Ash Road, Hartley between the War Memorial and St John's Lane as the first candidates. However full council struck out the proposal to tarmacadam Ash Road. They did however agree that if a grant could be obtained from the Ministry they would tarmacadam a further 30 miles of roads.

Main Road, Longfield - council agree to minor improvements to the road between the Brent, Dartford and Longfield Hill, so that it can be taken over as a main road by Kent County Council.

30 December 1924

Housing - inspector Sutch he had checked the drains and found them sound on the following new buildings - bungalow for Mrs Harker (Hoselands Hill), Bungalow and Shop for Miss Davies-Cooke (Church Road), Bungalow for Mr Penney (Church Road). Certificate of completion received from Frederick Wise of Appledore, Ash Road, Hartley, for a concrete bungalow in Ash Road, Hartley. £75 subsidy to be paid.

Petroleum - George Day of North Ash Farm applies for a license to hold 200 gallons in 2 gallon tins.

Hoselands Hill - Southern Railway agree to give up 14 rods of land for widening on payment of £25 and solicitor's costs. Also they want an unclimbable iron fence 4 feet 6 inches high at the bottom of the new slope, with unclimbable iron gate and lock, to new relocated steps. Council agree but hope the railway company will agree not to demand the £25 and will agreed to a chestnut spile fence. They will also apply to the Ministry for a grant for a general widening scheme of the hill.

13 January 1925

Health - Longfield clinic saw 24 babies on 15 December and 22 on the 29 December. Council agree to allowance of 7/6 for medical officer to go from Longfield to Ash Clinic as cycling up hills is difficult.

Ash Road, Hartley - the owners of the property at the junction with St John's Lane have offered land for road widening, provided a chestnut fence be erected on the new boundary to replace the existing hedge. Surveyor thinks they should agree to this as property is on the market and the widening is urgently required.

Dartford Tunnel - council hear that proposed tunnel will lead to more traffic on the roads from lorries going from the London and Tilbury Docks, also Kentish Rag and Flint lorries going to Essex.

Station Road, Longfield - letters received from Mr Hickmott and Mr G S Smith Spark solicitor for W J Bye complaining that Mr Downe's cesspool had been built within 50 feet of their properties. Clerk reminded council that they were forced to relax their bye-laws on this point following instructions from the Ministry of Health. The Southern Railway also wrote to ask the council to take over the station approach road. Council repeated their past view that they will not until Station Road is joined to Hartley Road.

Housing - council think criticisms of their housing subsidy scheme in the Daily News of 10 January were wholly unwarranted. They had even appealed to the Ministry on residents' behalf where their forms had been filled in incorrectly to invalidate their claim.

27 January 1925

Housing Completions - Inspector Sutch's reports that the bungalow for Mr Penney in Church Road has been completed.

Health - Inspector Sutch said "I have disinfected ‘Pilgrim Corner', Ridley, where Dr Jeffries died of tuberculosis.

Station Road, Longfield - following complainants about Mr Downe's cesspool, the Minister of Health says the council have powers under the Public Health Act 1875 to act if the cesspool is a nuisance. The council decides it is not at present.

Pinden - Following a complaint by S W Newcomb the Medical Officer has visited the premises of J & B Martin Limited. He said deposits were received in truck loads at the siding, immediately sifted with the portion not useful for brick making carted away and ploughed into nearby fields. The company pointed out that refuse was only received November to March, and there was no accumulation, so there was no attraction for flies or vermin. Council decided there was no nuisance and that the refuse was needed for brick making, "which was an important industry at the present time in view of the need for houses". Messrs J & B Martin further asked the council for a reduction of rates on the land they rent from the council for brick earth. The council refused.

Compensation claim - Claim for compensation by Mr W E Barlow, an employee of the council, as a result of an accident on 24 August. Surveyor said council's insurers had paid compensation in past, but now they say he has recovered, which Mr Barlow disputes. Matter referred to insurers.

Roads - "The Surveyor reported that he had met an Inspector of the Ministry of Transport and gone over the whole of the Council's roads with him on the 21st instant in connection with the council's scheme for improved re-surfacing of roads with the aid of a grant from the Ministry. A letter dated the 24th instant... was read from the Ministry of Transport, adverting to the visit of the inspector and stating that from his report it appeared that the following sections of roads most urgently required resurfacing, viz: (1) Hoselands Hill, commencing at the Hartley War Memorial, past Fairby Stores for a distance of approximately one mile; (2) From the Bromley Boundary to the cemetery through Crockenhill Village, approximately one mile; (3) From the Crockenhill Village to Swanley Junction, approximately one mile. They requested the council to submit plans, together with detailed estimates in respect of these roads when the question of a grant towards the cost would be considered."

10 February 1925

Roads - road from Green Man, Longfield Hill to Hartley Bottom completely flooded to a depth of 3 feet during the last 6 months, due to accumulation of water by railway bridge. Surface water drains laid through an adjoining field into a ditch and the road resurfaced in flint and rag. Council have received confirmation from District Valuer of valuation of land that they propose to acquire at Hoselands Hill from the Southern Railway. Longfield Parish Council requested and DRDC agreed to dump earth from widening of Hoselands Hill into a hole on the council's land at the corner of Whitehill.

24 February 1925

Housing - council appoint committee to see if bye-laws need changing to allow them to enforce building lines.

Hoselands Hill, Hartley - "A letter dated the 23rd instant was read from the Ministry of Transport stating that a grant of £293 would be made towards the expenditure of £585 in respect of this improvement".

10 March 1925

Health - attendance at clinics were Longfield (26 Jan - 24 babies, 9 Feb - 29), Ash (9 Feb - 14). Further to council's decision on 13 January 1925, the medical officer says he can get a car from his home in Greenhithe to Ash and back for 10 shillings, so council agree (with one vote against) to increase allowance accordingly.

Hoselands Hill widening - "this improvement is proceeding satisfactorily and good progress has been made."

Maining of Dartford to Longfield Hill road (B260) - County Surveyor lists the improvements required before they will take it over, including widening at Pinden, Pescott, Longfield Schools and Longfield Hill. Road to be minimum of 20 feet wide with at least one kerbed footway 6 foot 6 inches wide. Roadside ponds to be walled in, and road drainage improved, and entire road to be tarmacadamed. Committee recommend approval of works which will cost an additional £4,626 with £3,184 already budgeted for and £23,429 to come from the Ministry of Transport (total £31,238).

New surfacing of district roads with tarmacadam - the two Crockenhill schemes, mentioned in meeting of 27 January, will cost £12,223. New tarmacadam for Hartley War Memorial to St Johns Lane will cost £6,744.11.0. The ministry will pay half leaving the council with £9,484 bill. Committee recommend they go ahead and raise loan for these and the B260 scheme.

24 March 1925

Pinden - Mr Miles has inspected the gypsy camp there and found it in fair condition, but some rubbish he has instructed to be cleared.

Housing - Mr Sutch reported (10 March) that satisfactory progress is being made on new buildings under construction, including bungalow for Mr Dennis, Ash Road; bungalow for Mr Symons, Church Road; bungalow for Mr Penney, Church Road; bungalow for Mr Snow, Church Road. He has told the owner of Gooses Farm Cottage, Ash to improve ventilation to the living room, because the sash cords have been broken and the sash nailed to the frame, so it will not open.

7 April 1925

Housing - Ash Parish Meeting said the council houses at the Forge were damp and had damaged the tenants' furniture; they also pointed to a cottage at the Billet that had been empty for 18 months and one at West Yoke which had been empty ofr 2 months. In view of housing shortage they said owners should be made to let them. DRDC replied they had no powers to force landowners to let houses. They also refused a requet from Mr F E Duvall, one of their tenants at Ash, to build a pigsty in his garden.

Station Road, Longfield - council to write to Southern Railway about state of approach road to Fawkham Station.

21 April 1925

Housing - Herbert Meddick of Olinda, Ash Road gets plans approved and £75 grant for concrete bungalow at Ash Road, Ash.

Entertainment License - Mrs Daisy Day of Pennis given license with fee remitted for concert in Fawkham Village Hall.

Roads - Hartley Parish Meeting call for (1) Signpost at Hartley Hill road junction; (2) Removal of road stone from Hartley Green; (3) Improvements to Hartley Road; (4) Road from Church Road to Ash Road along line of footpath to Black Lion; (5) Mains water along Manor Lane. DRDC's reply (1) Yes; (2) No, nowhere else for it to go; (3) Will investigate; (4) No; (5) Would be done if meeting pay guarantee.

Petrol Licenses - Hartley Agricultural Cooperative applies to keep 20 gallons of petrol and 100 gallons of paraffin.

5 May 1925

Hoselands Hill Improvement - Surveyor reports "Sloping of banks, kerbing and footpath on this improvement carried out when the new kerbing has hardened to take the side thrust of consolidation in re-shaping this road. Surface drainage improvements will also be carried out; under existing conditions surface water scours channels across the surface of road."

Station Road - "Your committee have received a letter from the Southern Railway enquiring whether, in view of the fact that houses had been erected on both sides of the approach road to Fawkham Station, and others were in course of erection, and the Company were frontagers only at the extreme end adjoining the railway, the council were prepared to take over the road as a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large if it were properly made up. On a former occasion the council were approached in a similar manner, and they then stated that they were prepared to consider the proposal provided an outlet from the road was made into the Hartley Road, and your committee still consider this provision necessary. They therefore recommend that a deputation consisting of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council, and Messrs Boucher and Wright with the Surveyor and Clerk be appointed to meet the Railway representatives and discuss the whole matter with them, with a view to some arrangement being made to meet the public needs.

Roads - "Your committee have received a letter from the Longfield Parish Council expressing their thanks to the council for filling up the hole at the corner of White Hill, Longfield, and on behalf of the owners and occupiers of Kent Road for the chalk deposited there for repairing the road."

3 June 1925

Housing - Concrete bungalow at Ash Road, Hartley for Percy William Dennis of Elm Villa, Hartley completed on 18 May 1925, £75 subsidy can be paid.

Housing - Inspector Sutch reports "I have reinspected 7 St George's Cottages, Whitehill, Longfield, and find the tenant has made a great improvement in the state of the cottage. The back bedroom walls have been stripped off and distempered, and work is in progress in regard to the frong bedroom; two children have been sent away to relatives, easing the sleeping accommodation available. I am meeting owner in regard to abating dampness to walls etc..."

Water Charges - DRDC agree to forward Hartley Parish Meeting's complaint about water charges by Mid Kent Water to the Board of Trade.

Electricity - Gravesend Corporation propose to write to the Electricity Commissioners for authority to supply electricity within the DRDC area.

Roads - Surveyor reports "Surface water has been diverted to old wells at Ash and Brandshatch Fawkham with the owners' approval. This is, in my opinion, a very satisfactory and economical method that should be carried out wherever possible. Ponds are a source of constant trouble; when full, a danger exists and fencing is required; when the water is low they become foul and form a breeding site for mosquitoes. There is also the expense of cleaning out ponds annually." He also reported on roads in Hartley and Ash: "Church Road has been patched, Pettings and Hodsoll Street have been rutted with rag, and Billet Road partly resurfaced. Council's pond near ‘White Swan' top of Billet Road, has been fenced to keep out children, as a considerable quantity of water had accumulated." Operations at the Longfield flint quarry have been suspended, and men employed on tarring at the moment, flints will not be required until resurfacing can be carried out in October. Committee noted that surface picked flints were being sold by locals to other authorities cheaper than the council could provide them from their own quarry, so told surveyor to buy the cheaper flints where possible.

Ash Road = the council also agreed to strengthen the Longfield to Ash Road this summer, at a cost of £6,745 towards which they would get a grant of £3,372 from the Ministry. They will write to the Ministry for permission to use direct labour.

Church Road - solicitor for Mr C Symons and Messrs Campkin said they agree to dedicate land for widening, provided there is agreed an end date for the work to be done. Council agree that this will be 31 December 1925 and pay 2 guineas solicitors costs for each agreement.

Boundaries - council will oppose application by Swanscombe to become a separate Urban District Council.

7 July 1925

Housing Completions - Inspector Sutch reports (May 1925) the following completions: Bungalows at Church Road for Mr H Symons and Miss Easton, bungalow for Mr P Dennis, Ash Road, Hartley (subsidy). He has tested and passed the drainage for the 3 bungalows and also for Mr Baytum's cottage at Manor Drive, Hartley. He also tested the drainage for Mr Snow's bungalow in Church Road, but the drains there have to be amended.

Gooses Cottages, Ash - demolition not complete and work on proposed new cottages not commenced.

1-3 Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham - owner told to abolish old privies and replace them with proper flushing WCs. In the meantime Inspector Sutch has had the privies emptied.

Agriculture - Inspector Sutch has spoken to the owner of Middleton Farm, Longfield and they have agreed to build proper paved pigsties.

Roads - only thing that needs to be done before the B260 Dartford - Longfield Hill improvements are commenced is the approval of the District Valuer to the land acquisitions Extra man has had to be employed on scavenging ahead of road tarring on the DRDC roads because of the increased volume of dust. "It is very generally acknowledged that the value of tarring surfaces depends much upon the clean condition of the surface treated."

Church Road, Hartley - Mr W C Parkin, Church Road complains of the bad condition of the road between the War Memorial and Hartley Church. Surveyor replied that this is in hand. Surveyor also recommends tarring of Church Road, Hartley - "The surface of the road was rutted with granite last December and surface tarring will materially strengthen the binding of the required surface."

Hoselands Hill Waterbound Macadam - "The long period of drought has delayed the resurfacing proposed at Hoselands Hill. Waterbound resurfacing with granite does not bind satisfactorily on a dried out bottoming, and the work should not be undertaken before rainfall and a thorough saturation of road surface."

4 August 1925

Housing - Inspector Sutch reports Gooses Cottages, Ash have been demolished and work is well in hand on the two new cottages. He has met the agent for 1-3 Beaconsfield Cottages, Fawkham about abolishing the privies and installing cesspool drainage.

Merton Avenue - Inspector Sutch reports "I have served notices on Mr W E Barlow to provide a proper and sufficient water supply to his abode at the rear of Merton Avenue, Hartley.

Roads - surveyor lists annual costs of maintaining roads over each railway bridge, including Whitehill Road (£14), Longfield Siding (£33), Longfield Hill (£11). Total was £209 for all 12 bridges, as the Railway company only pays £80, he thinks the agreement should be renegotiated. He also reported on damage after recent storm to flint roads which were scoured out, especially on the hills.

Longfield Hill - county council want them to use concrete rather than the 6 inches of flint as the foundation for the new widened part of the B260 there.

Hoselands Hill - to be included on the resurfacing schedule for 1925-26 with granite waterbond macadam. Same surface also for Forge Ash, to Stanley's Pond.

1 September 1925

Boundaries - Swanscombe's application to become a separate Urban District was approved by Kent County Council. DRDC to petition against order.

Essex Road, Longfield - "Mr Wright informed the council that omnibuses were using Essex Road and Station Road, Longfield, which, in his opinion were not made to withstand such traffic, and he suggested that the owners be communicated with and asked to keep their buses off these roads. It was, however, pointed out that this was done to avoid the awkward turning for the buses on the main district road and to obviate a danger there".

Council's land at Longfield - Mr T Mills, farmer on the council's land, asked for a reduction in rent as he had sustained losses through no fault of his own. Council agree that his arrears be reduced from £40 to £10 and the rent reduced to £1 per acre.

6 October 1925

Entertainment License - Constitutional Hall granted music and dancing license for Fairby Hall.

Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham - Abolishing old privies at 1-4 Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham and replacement with Wcs delayed,

Housing - William Strange MacPherson of Manor Drive asks for £450 loan on land and brick bungalow to be built in Church Road. Council values it at £600 normally and £700 in current conditions, agrees to loan,

Housing Completions - Inspector Sutch's report for July/August 1925 notes the completion of bungalows for Mr Vine, Church Road; Mr Hemmings, Church Road; Mr H Symons, Church Road; Mr Smith, Westfield; and Mr Gray, Hoselands Hill. Also bungalow for Mr F Snow, Church Road; bungalow for Mr F W Smith, Church Road and 2nd bungalow for Mr H Symons, Church Road.

Housing subsidies - Hartley Development Co have applied for grants for the proposed bungalows in Church Road, Hartley and Ash Road, Ash. Council to defer decision pending investigation of plans. "They also received an application from Mr F E Smith, Church Road, Hartley, for a subsidy in respect of a bungalow which h had erected at Hartley as he could not find the rest of the amount required, beyond a loan which he had raised, to pay the balance of the cost of construction. Inasmuch as the Minister of Health will not sanction the payment of grant after the premises have been commenced, and this particular bungalow is now completed, your committee recommend that Mr Smith be informed that the council were not in a position to accede to his request." The Minister of Health has rejected an appeal by Mr R C Whitmore (? Gossey Croft, Hartley Hill) against the council's refusal to pay a grant on his house, because building had already commenced. They also passed a resolution that in future permission from the council will be needed if someone who has received a grant, wants to sell the property for more than £600.

Roads - Pinden to South Darenth road and New Barn Roads were coated with granite chippings and the steam roller passed over once in each direction. They were then tarred with tar from the Gas, Light and Coke Company. Pease Hill, Ash resurfaced with flint and rag; "a section of the Ash Road, foundations lifted and resurfaced temporarily to take granite when a roller can be spared. An important advantage of using granite is the increase in assistance by grant from the Ministry of Transport, as the tarring grant only applies to granite surfaces." The surveyor also reported on a dangerous obscured corner on the Pinden Road which is now much busier since the new granite surface has been tarred. Hedge is on land owned by Mr Murray Wood and surveyor seeks permission to replace hedge with spile fence.

Hartley to Ash resurfacing with tarmacadam - "The material received from Messrs Tarmac Ltd has been of good quality, well coated, and fresh from the mixer. Satisfactory progress has been made on this work by direct labour. The road crust requires reshaping, and new foundations are required on the haunches before the new surface is laid. Concrete kerbing was necessary over one section to provide sufficient support and prevent cracking of the surface." The surveyor also reported on weak haunching on the road: "A dangerous and weak haunch exists near the Black Lion on this road, which requires strengthening. The hedge boundary on east side of the road is unsupported, and a sudden drop of 2 feet exists directly on the haunch of the road. The danger is not apparent from the road, owing to the existing hedge, the roots of which are now exposed on the cottage garden side. Lorries passing close to this hedge would readily thrust out the narrow margin of existing road crust, and possibly overturn. The property is owned by Mr Fleet, and I would respectfully recommend that permission be requested to strengthen the slight supports of road on this section. The ground on the other side of hedge is uncultivated, and littered with rubbish."

Dartford - Longfield Hill Road (B260) - Permission has been granted to proceed by Ministry of Transport, provided council agree not to pay compensation without District Valuer's sanction. Potholes on road filled with rag and grounted with colas. "This method of reparation appears to be the only effective stopping that endures. This emulsion is more expensive than tar, but does not require heating, and an additional advantage is, the binding effect applies to wet or dry surfaces."

Surface water ponds - "Blocked ponds have been cleared since last report, and enlarged at various points; the more important are Stanley's Pond, Ash, Hartley Hill pond, Fairby Pond....."

Council's land at Longfield - Further to previous discussions, Mr Mills has paid the £10 and agreed to new lower rent.

Roads over rail bridges - council had asked Southern Railway to pay £209 per year, they have offered £142 10s. Council to write back with counter offer of £175.

3 November 1925

Housing completions - Inspector Sutch's October report notes the following completions - No 2 bungalow, Church Road, Hartley for Mr H Symons; bungalow at Church Road, Hartley for Mr F W Smith; bungalow at Manor Drive for Mr Hemmings (subsidy); two converted cottages at Ash Road, Hartley for Small Owners Ltd. He has also tested the drains on the following new buildings at Hartley and found them sound: bungalow for Mr Ellerby, Church Road; two converted cottages for Small Owners Ltd, Ash Road; bungalow for Mr Meddick, Ash Road.

Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham - work on new WCs postponed because the builder can't get men.

Roads - Surveyor recommends that Ash Road from Longfield to Ash, the road from Fawkham to West Kingsdown via Brandshath, and the road from Pinden to Horton Kirby be considered as reclassification as secondary roads (ie. B roads). He says "the advantages of classification are the present grant by the Ministry of Transport of 25% towards annual maintenance cost, and also 25% for improvement of road surface - that is, when a classified road is resurfaced, if a more durable material is used, the Ministry of Transport allow 25% towards cost of completed work. In comparison, the only disadvantage is, classified roads do not rank for grant form the Rural Road Fund of 505 assistance for improvement of width and resurfacing. Classifed roads do, however, qualify for 75% grants for maining purposes and unclassified do not. It should be observed, in connection with unclassified roads, that once a 50% grant has been made by the Ministry of Transport to any particular road, it would not be again repeated until after the road has been classified." The council approve the recommendation as to Ash Road, but not the others.

Ash to Hartley resurfacing - "The resurfacing of this road with tarmacadam is proceeding satisfactorily. The strengthening of foundations is completed, and improvements of disposal of surface water have been carried out wherever possible to preserve the foundations. There is now a temporary delay to consignments of tarmacadam as this material cannot be made during wet weather. Hoselands Hill resurfacing with granite will be carried out when the tarmacadam section is completed."

Longfield Green Street Green resurfacing - final permission to commence work should be received this week. They need to give 14 days notice to landowners where widening is needed before they grub up hedges etc. Surplus material to be deposited and levelled on the green.

1 December 1925

Housing Completions - Inspector Sutch in report dated October 1925 notes the following completions in Hartley - bungalow for Mr Hemmings at Manor Drive (subsidy), bungalow for Mr Meddick at Ash Road (subsidy)

Middleton Farm - defective pigsties repaired

Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham - "the work of providing new wash-down WCs with cesspool drainage... is now proceeding.

Music and Dancing licenses - granted to Rev J Trevor Matchett for Fawkham Village Hall, and A L Farrow of the Hartley and District Constitutional Club for Fairby Hall.

Housing - "A letter, dated the 30th ultimo, was read from the Minister of Health in regard to the plan and specification of the timber framed bungalow proposed to be erected at Ash Road, Hartley, for Mrs F M Balchin, stating that he had no objection to raise to the proposed method of construction provided that (1) the brick walls under the external framing were not less than 9 inches to a height of 12 inches off the ground; (2) the timbers were spaced not more than 16 inches apart from centre to centre; and (3) all the constructional timbers were treated with rot-proof composition to a height of 2 inches above the ground. In regard to the general question of concrete houses, he stated that where the method of construction was similar to that agreed to by him in the case of the proposed concrete bungalow to be erected in Church Road, Hartley, he considered that this particular method of construction was suitable for a 60 year loan period, and that in the circumstances further approval of the same type of construction might therefore be left to the discretion of the Council."

Longfield Quarry, Brick Earth - the surveyor gave a report on the quarry. He assumed that the brick earth was of a more or less uniform depth, but the flints are in irrecgular seam. He believes profitable workings are not extensive. He said formerly the council had agreed with J & B Martin to pay for the removal of the brick earth where they want to get at the flints, an arrangement he felt was to the council's disadvantage. He outlined a number of options for the council to consider.

Hedge Lopping - "Generally, the attention to the council's ‘Notices to Lop' is receiving better attention than previously, particularly where road improvements have been carried out, and the owners have responded promptly to the request. In several other cases notices have been twice served with no results. There is need for instructions on the procedure for final action on this subject before the season for lopping is too far advanced, as last year many informed me it was too late for the work to be conveniently arranged before March 31st. I have personally inspected and served notices where the hedges have not been attended to for several years, and I regret to report that there is no indication in these cases that the necessary work will be carried out by the owners. The longer the work is allowed to remain unattended to, the greater, apparently, are the efforts required to produce results." Council ask Surveyor to provide names of people in default by January meeting with a view to taking proceedings..

Hartley to Ash Road Improvement- "An unavoidable delay to completion of the new tarmacadam surface arises due to cold frosty weather, when it has been undesirable to order forward consignments necessary for completion. This is now proceeding, however, and an early completion of the work is expected."

Resurfacing Dartford to Longfield road (B260) - the council have received 18 quotations for the work plus an estimate for what direct labour would have cost. They decided to go with the cheapest quote from Tarmac Limited (£22,372). The county surveyor has said the tender is satisfactory from their point of view.

5 January 1926

Health - one case of Diptheria from Longfield

Housing Completions, Hartley - Inspector Sutch in his November report notes the completion of a bungalow for Mr Vine at Church Road, and a converted recreation hut for Miss Davies-Cooke at Stack Lane ("Stacks Road"). A bungalow at Longfield Siding for Mr Wooding has also been completed. He has also tested and passed the drains at Miss Davies-Cooke's bungalow.

Station Road, Longfield - the cesspool at number 1 is full and the owner had not emptied it. Inspector Sutch visited the owner and got his written order to do the work.

Agriculture - Inspector Sutch reports "I have had evidence this month of active work in regard to rat killing in my district. At Speedgate a good kill was evidenced by a score of dead rats...." He also noted "The work of improving drainage and cowsheds at Scudder's Farm, Fawkham, is now proceeding."

Housing subsidy - "Your committee have also received a letter from Mr R C Whitmore, Goldsmith Cottage, Hartley, with further reference to his application for a subsidy in respect of the house he has built (probably Gossy Croft, Hartley Hill). The council have already appealed to the Minister of Health on Mr Whitmore's behalf and strongly supported the grant of a subsidy to him, but in view of the fact that no promise was given and the house was commenced before he applied for a subsidy, conditions which the Minister will not waive, the appeal failed. Mr Whitmore is still under a misapprehension in the matter, and considers he is entitled to a subsidy. The council, however, have failed after the utmost endeavour, to obain the financial assistance he wants, and they recommend - that the Clerk communicate with him, and explain the whole circumstances of the case, and the inability of the council to fianancially assit him in view of the dissent of the Ministry of Health." Mr Wooding of Martindown Bungalow, Longfield has made a similar request and refused on the same grounds that the bungalow was commenced before the application was made.

Agriculture - "Mr Wright called attention to the bad condition of the cow sheds at Mann's Farm, Ash", Sanitary Inspector to report.

Roads - Surveyor reports that surfacing was suspended during frosty weather, and the workmen employed instead of water tabling on the roads where it was most needed. Now surfacing in Ash and elsewhere resumed. He asks the council to keep on an extra roller to carry out essential surfacing on a list of roads that includes Hoselands Hill, Hartley when the postal authorities have completed their improvements.

Petroleum Licenses - granted to Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society, Ash Road, Hartley (120 gallons); and George Day, stone shed at North Ash Farm (250 gallons).

Music and dancing license - granted to Stanley William Lynds of 1 Eltham Villas, Longfield in respect of the Longfield Village Hall.

Application for loan - Mr W S McPherson has applied for a loan under the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act for a proposed house. Council refuses because their solicitors say the title to the land is not adequate (probably Far Ben, Church Road).

2 February 1926

Health - Southfleet School fumigated after a number of cases of mumps and measles over the last 6 months.

Housing Completions, Hartley - Inspector Sutch in December 1925 report says that the Hartley Women's Institute and the Hartley Constitutional Club have been completed in the last month.

Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham - new WCs completed.

White House, Fawkham - work of rendering walls to prevent dampness, has been completed

Ash Roads - council agree with school headmistress to put up signs at narrow road near school and also, another one to stop motorists going down Church Lane by mistake. They deferred action requested by Ash Parish Council for the pond opposite the school to be cleaned out, pending a decision on the classification of the road.

Hartley Roads - parish meeting write to council re: (1) the state of Church Road left by the telephone contractors (surveyor to attend); (2) Open manhole near War Memorial; (3) St John's Lane, asking for sign to say it was unsuitable for heavy traffic (agreed); (4) complain about road stone dump on Hartley Green (DRDC say there is nowhere else for it, and it will go anyway very shortly when works completed).

Winter gritting - "Your committee have had complaints made in regard to the question of sand or grit not being provided for use on roads, particularly on steep gradients, during frosty weather, and have given the surveyor a general instruction to make reasonable provision for meeting the difficulty."

Reinstatement of trenches - "attention was called to the improper reinstatement of trenches cut for gas, water and telephone purposes, for ground in some instances having been left in a dangerous condition and accidents having resulted therefrom. It was resolved on the motion of Mr Boucher, seconded by the Rev Carleton Rashleigh That the Surveyor communicate with the authorities concerned, pointing out that the council were dissatisfied with the manner in which the reinstatement work was carried out, and that they require it to be done in a more efficient and workmanlike way."

Hoselands Hill - "Hoselands Hill, sections of College Road and Homes Road, Hextable are now being resurfaced with granite of the best quality (Blue Guernsey) supplied by Messrs Mowlam & Co, under their contract. This granite is in accordance with the sample standard in quality and grade. The delivery by the material contractors to rollers direct is resulting in a considerable saving in haulage and handling. The work has been delayed by the recent heavy fall of snow, but progress is now being resumed in a satisfactory manner."

Surface Water, Hartley - "After several interviews, the owner, Mr Spiers of Hartley House, has finally agreed to allow the council to lay surface water pipes through his property to connect to a deep disused well near the roadside. I would recommend that the offer be accepted as there is now other satisfactory method of disposal for a considerable distance, and there will be a saving in maintenance of road if the surface water can be so readily disposed of. In return, Mr Spiers requires access to his property over a small portion of the roadside depot which can be granted without storage loss, as flints will not be required on this section. The cost of laying and connecting pipes is estimated at £25. Mr Spiers would like an agreement drawn up by the council for this.

Lopping of hedges - surveyor told to serve notices on those who have not lopped hedges or trees, giving them 14 days or proceedings will be taken. Surveyor also told to have overhanging branches lopped to ensure free passage of vehicles.

Dartford - Longfield Road (B260) - "This work has been delayed by the weather prevailing, but the necessary preparations have been made to resume work. It is proposed to employ two gangs on tarmacadam surfacing when weather permits. The widenings are proceeding, the work being carried out by direct labour."

2 March 1926

New buildings - Inspector Sutch has tested and passed drains at new bungalow for Mrs Parker in Hartley.

Roads - Surveyor submits long report "I have the honour to submit for the committee's consideration a practical procedure for the efficient maintenance of the highways in the district which, if followed, will, in my opinion, prove the more economical method, and should produce satisfactory results.

"To the Chairman and Members of the Highways Committee. GENTLEMEN :

I have the honour to submit for the Committee's consideration a practical procedure for the efficient maintenance of the highways in the district which, if followed, will, in my opinion, prove the more economical method, and should produce satisfactory results.

Relative to the average traffic in the district, the roads can be classified for convenient comparison in four grades.
Grade I Roads, with a large proportion of heavy through traffic
Grade II Roads, with a large proportion of light through traffic
Grade III Roads, with a large proportion of light local traffic
Grade IV Roads, that are seldom used, and water tabling the main expenditure incurred

Observing the more durable surface is one laid down with tough stones that bind well, that is, stones that break in a cubical form such as granite. Grade I roads should be constructed with this material. Local ragstone surfaces should be satisfactory for Grade II foads, and surface picked flints could be used for Grade III roads. Quarried flints should be only used on restoration of Grade IV roads.

In normal conditions a new road surface is assumed to have a certain number of years of efficient service, with slight patching when precautions are taken to prevent surface water abrasion. When required re-surfacing is postponed, the ultimate expenditure is excessive as the foundations require renewal. On many sections of road recently re-surfaced double coatings have been required to strengthen and re-shape foundations. During the prevailing season for re-surfacing work, the delay incurred in making up new foundations seriously reduced the amount of re-surfacing that could be carried out. It is therefore important to carry out each year, where required, a regular amount of resurfacing work. The approximate amount of re-surfacing that should be estimated to be carried out each year for satisfactory maintenance can be readily calculated by dividing the mileage of each grade by the assumed period of efficient service attributed to the material used and traffic conditions. For this purpose I would estimate the periods for each grade, under present traffic conditions of traffic, as—

Grade I if resurfaced with granite - 6 years
Grade II if resurfaced with rag - 7 years
Grade III if resurfaced with surface picked flints - 10 years
Grade IV if resurfaced with quarry flints - 15 years

The mileage of Grade I in the district I would estimate as 30 miles.
The mileage of Grade II in the district I would estimate as 21 miles.
The mileage of Grade III in the district I would estimate as 40 miles.
The mileage of Grade IV in the district I would estimate as 33 miles.


Probable re-surfacing required each year,
Grade I: 30/6 = 5 miles (granite)
Grade II: 21/7 = 3 miles (rag)
Grade III: 40/10 = 4 miles (surface picked flints)
Grade IV: 33/15 = 2.2 miles (quarried flints)

This estimate is based on practical experience and personal observations of the average present traffic of the district. Prolonged wet seasons or rapid development of the district must be expected to relatively reduce the estimated life of the roads accordingly.

At the end of the present stoning season the total re-surfacing carried out is expected to be 12 miles. This, if the assumption of requirements is correct, is two miles less than the economical procedure required. The inclement weather has considerably delayed this year's re-surfacing, otherwise the results would have probably been in accordance with the schedule proposed.

The highways estimated expenditure for 1926-1927 has been carefully prepared assuming the necessary work required will be carried out in the manner suggested in this report. I have made a careful survey of all the roads, and from the notes collected during my inspections I consider it is most essential that the re-surfacing schedule proposed should be carried out to maintain the roads in a satisfactory condition.

A detailed statement of the roads included in the mileage of Grades I and II is submitted for your consideration;—

Proposed Grade I Roads - Granite Surface.....
Pinden to Station Road, Horton Kirby (2½ miles)
Longfield, Fawkham, Kingsdown Road (4½ miles)
Ash - Hartley Road (2 miles)
Church Road, Hartley (1 mile).....

Proposed Grade II Roads - Ragstone Surface....
Billet Hill to Fawkham Green (1 mile)
Church Road, Hartley (1½ miles)
North Ash Road (¼ mile)
Pease Hill, Ash (¾ mile).....


Improvement Works 1926-1927.....
Hoselands Hill (footpaths etc), estimated cost £585, MoT Grant £293.
Road B260 (resurfacing), estimated cost £35,062, MoT Grant £26,296


Resurfacing costs, waterbound Roads
Flint, 2 shillings per cubic yard, road grade IV, cost per mile - £528
Flint and ragstone coated, 2s 6d per cubic yard, grade III, cost per mile - £880
Ragstone, 3s per cubic yard, grade II, cost per mile - £1,056
Granite, 3s 6d per cubic yard, grade I, cost per mile - £1,540

Cost of maintenance per annum:
Grade I Roads, £7,700 (less possible grants £1,540)
Grade II Roads, £3,168
Grade III Roads, £3,520
Grade IV Roads, £1.056
Preservation of roads, surface tarring for 35 miles, £7,000 (less possible grants £1,750
Estimated nett re-surfacing costs £19,154

Charles H Webb, Engineer and Surveyor, 20 February 1926.

Approved by committee.

Telephones, Hodsoll Street - committee approve new overhead telegraphic line between existing ones at Hodsoll Street and the Gravesend-Wrotham Road.

Reinstatement of Roads - "Your Committee have received a letter from the Post Office Engineering Department, suggesting a course of procedure with the object of ensuring co-ordination of work between Local Authorities and the Department which had statutory powers to break up and open roads, the adoption of which would tend to prevent unnecessary work and consequent saving in expenditure by all parties, the programme, in fact, being an interchange of particulars of work contemplated for a stated period with a view of minimising the disturbance of roads or footpaths by co-operative methods. Your Committee have referred the suggestions, so far as they are practicable and reasonable from the Council's point of view in relation to the general repair of the roads in their area to the Surveyor for adoption."

Dartford to Longfield Road - the surveyor reports that the owner of the land opposite Longfield schools, Mrs E D Williams of the Retreat, will not surrender land for road widening.

7 April 1926

Health - one case of Erysipelas at Hartley

Church Road - inspector Sutch reports "I have had defective footings for Mrs Hoadley's bungalow, Church Road, Hartley, amended." (Thamesview Farm)

Agriculture - Inspector Sutch reports "The alterations and drainage works to the cowsheds at Scudder's Farm are now completed and satisfactory."

1-2 Hillside Cottages, Fawkham - inspector Sutch has told the agents for the owner that one cesspool for two cottages is a recurring nuisance. They agreed to suggest separate drainage to the owner.

Housing - housing sites acquired under the Assisted Housing Scheme to be transferred to the Council. This includes 1 acre at Hartley purchased for £93.3.0 with a transfer value of £60; and 1 acre at Hodsoll Street, purchased for £44.5.8 with a value of £30.

Planning - "A letter, dated the 31st ultimo, was read from Dr O C Gruner, Hartley, withdrawing the plan submitted in respect of the small Memorial Hall proposed to be erected on Miss Davies-Cooke's ground at Hartley in view of the local opposition to the proposal, which plan had been before the Public Health Committee and their approval suspended in consequence of the opposition",

Hoselands Hill - "resurfacing with best blue Guernsey granite is completed and surface tarred. Large gauge granite chips were used in gritting this section to prevent a slipping surface." Surveyor also says that new granite surfaces need two coatings of tar the first year laid.

4 May 1926

Housing - Inspector Sutch has tested drains at new bungalow in Hartley for Mr McPherson and found them sound.

Housing - Council propose scheme to encourage home ownership. They will build freehold 5 room bungalows for £350 and 6 room houses for £500 including the land. Buyers will then get the £75 government subsidy and will need £25 deposit. Buyers will then take out a 5% endowment mortgage. Total weekly cost of mortgage and rates is 12/6 per week for bungalows and 18/6 per week for houses.

Surface water drainage Hartley - "your committee report that they have had under consideration the question of the drainage of surface water from the roads at Hartley into an old well on land belonging to Mr A Cripps, he having intimated he was prepared to grant the easement on payment of a sum of £25. Mr Cripps had proposed using this well as a cesspool for a dwelling house erected on the land, and will have to dig a cesspool if the council enter into an arrangement for the drainage into the well. The natural drainage of the surface water from the road is onto the land, but the volume of water has increased, and Mr Cripps is therefore taking more than he has ordinarily been accustomed to." Committee recommends acceptance.

Hartley Brass Band - council reject suggestion from Mr T F Tate that they should employ the band in different villages in the district.

1 June 1926

Housing Completion - Inspector Sutchs reports completion of bungalow for Mrs Balchin of Ash Road. He also reports that he has checked the drains and found them sound for new bungalow for Mr P Harris, Manor Drive, and new bungalow for Miss B Davies-Cooke, Stacks Road.

Bungalows at Stack Road - "your committee have received a letter from Miss Davies-Cooke in regard to the 3 bungalows proposed to be erected in Stack Road, Hartley, in respect of which she made an application for subsidy and which the Minister of Health has sanctioned, subject to certain modifications of the specifications and plans, stating that she would undertake to comply with the Minister's requirements. Your committee recommend that in addition to the requirements of the Minister of Health, Miss Davies-Cooke be asked to cover the outer walls with non-flammable material as a protection against fire."

4 October 1927

Tarring this year - Church Road, Hartley Hill

1 November 1927

Insp Sargent - house completions - 4 bungalows Church Road for Mr Gray. Drainage tested and OK at 2 bungalows in Church Road

Housing - 12 houses completed at The Forge Ash, 6 non-parlour (£465 ea), 4 non-parlour (£385), 2 parlour (£563). 10 houses at Longfield - 8 parlour (£855), 2 non-parlour (£774)

Telephones - Telephone kiosk approved at junction of Station and Main Roads, Longfield to meet local need.

Housing - Mrs Barlow writes to say things said at enquiry to Ebb Flow were wrong.

6 December 1927

Fire Hydrants - council given urban powers to provide them at Hartley

Housing - 3 council houses at 1,2,4 Valley Villas Longfield to be sold for £375 each

3 January 1928

Health - one case of Scarlet Fever in Hartley

Housing - Insp Sargent reported completion of bungalow at Old Downs, Hartley for Mr Tree

Station Road, Longfield - Mr J Foster says his proposed slaughter house in Station Road will be only for local butcher who kills about 1 pig per week.

Housing - Council wrote to 386 tenants to see if they wanted to buy, 107 said no, 5 said yes, rest did not reply

7 February 1928

Housing - Drains at house at Old Downs tested for Mr Metherell, OK.

Petroleum Licenses - Hartley Agr Co-op licensed to store 500 galls of petrol at shop opposite Fairby Grange

Roads - Snow clearance has cost £452 this year, ministry may pay £113.

6 March 1928

Fire Hydrants - Mid Kent Water quote £27 for hydrants outside Monksilver and Woodlands Ash Road, they say council's proposal of New House Farm and Hartley Hill won't work because no mains at these points, only 1½" wide.

3 April 1928

Merton Avenue - Insp Sargent says Mr Barlow was ordered to leave house within 21 days by order of Dartford Magistrates 24 February 1928

Church Road pond - cleaned out and filled up with hardcore and clinker foundations for a passing place. Surfacing will be carried out when roller in area.

1 May 1928

Planning - Council propose to extend s23 Public Health Acts (Amdt) Act 1907 re alterations to existing buildings to parishes of Hartley, Longfield, Ash, Ridley etc

Roads - Fencing being carried out on land acquired by council near Manor Drive, widening of carriageway will be done when roller available

5 June 1928

Fairby Lane - Insp Sargent - "I have received a complaint from the tenants at bungalows in Accommodation Road, Hartley, respecting the use of a timber built shed known as 'the shack' in that road for living and sleeping purposes. I have made an inspection and can find no WC accommodation or water supply. I have therefore written to the owner upon the matter."

Merton Avenue - Final order to vacate made to Mr Barlow at Dartford Magistrates Court 20 April 28

Ash Road - Bermondsey Borough Council refuse to remove trees at Fairby Grange council think are danger to vehicles and pedestrians - "removal of the trees was in the interests of the safety of the occupants of the convalescent home, who used the road considerably, and to whom, owing to its narrow winding nature, there was an obvious danger from motor traffic of which there was a considerable amount...

3 July 1928

Health - two cases of Scarlet Fever at Hartley.

Fairby Lane - Insp Sargent says owner of The Shack says they've never used it for living purposes, people seen must be trespassers.

Housing Completions - bungalow at Church Road for Mr C Brown, bungalow Church Road for Mr D T Gray.

Hoselands Hill - Road tarring completed at Hoselands Hill, Hartley road, Ash Road. Delay in getting granite chippings due to unfavourable tides in river

31 July 1928

Housing - 334 applications for council housing have been received in response to a recent advert.

Merton Avenue - Insp Sargent reports that Mr Barlow still hasn't left, fined 40/- or 1 month.

Roads - Surface tarring completed at North Ash Road and Chapelwood road

St John's Lane - Mr Edward said St Johns Lane was in places the tarred surface was not gritted or sanded. Surveyor to look into this

4 September 1928

Housing - "The council also considered an application from Reginald George Lewis Cheeseman of La Vallette Church Road, Hartley for a loan of £520 for 15 years on the security of a dwelling house in Church Road, Hartley" Council refused 9 votes to 2, local member Mr Edward being one of the dissenters with Rev Matchett of Fawkham

2 October 1928

Housing Completions - Insp Sargent reported on completions in last 2 months - 2 dwelling houses at Manor Drive for Mr P Harris, alterations at Hartley Rectory for Rev GW Bancks.

Merton Avenue - Inpsector Sargent is keeping Mr Barlow's house under observation, he believes he is living in the caravan by day and sleeping in the house at night,

Hartley Bottom Road - Surface tarring completed at Hartley Bottom to Berry's Maple.

6 November 1928

Roads - Reports of poor condition of Church Road from Stack Lane to Hartley Manor and Hartley Bottom Road from Glover's Cottages to Hartley Hill. Also Mr Edward called attention to stumps of a number of trees in Church Road which are a danger to the public after dark. Surveyor to act.

4 December 1928

Roads - Resurfacing with flint at Manor Road ,(Probably Manor Lane), Hartley

Roads - Recent storm led to several fallen trees on highways in district

1 January 1929

Housing - Mr C Ellerby of Highlands, Ash Road, Hartley requests permission to sell Little Stirrups, Church Road on which he received a subsidy of £68.15.0, in excess of minimum selling price, viz at £750. Council approves sale at said price on condition subsidy repaid.

Roads - Hartley PM complain that St Johns Lane needs repair and there is surface water flooding by partly filled in pond in Church Road. DRDC say St John's Lane will be repaired in due time but water in Church Road an inevitable consequence of filling it in.

5 February 1929

Housing - Charles Ellerby applies for brick bungalow in Portobello Road West Kingsdown, approved with £50 subsidy

Buses - Complaints that Longfield PC has told police to prevent Maidstone and District buses stopping to pick up passengers at the Station, many living in Hartley and Ash, due to preferential consideration to local services. Council tells police Longfield PC has no right to do this and it is against the public interest.

Telephones - Council approves overhead telegraph line from existing route at Hartley Hill to New House Farm

5 March 1929

Rates - Rates for next year - KCC 4s 4½d in £, DRDC 4s 6d in £, Hartley Parish Meeting: nil

7 May 1929

Milk - E W Southwood of Old Perry Street Dairy Farm, Northfleet to sell milk in Hartley and Longfield.

4 June 1929

Cricket Ground - Dartford RDC will roll Hartley Cricket Club pitch (about where Milestone School, Ash Road is now) when in the area at 30 shillings per day.

2 July 1929

Hartley Hill - Mid Kent Water given permission to close roads on line of Redhill Wood to Hartley Bottom and Hartley Hill, for mains laying.

30 July 1929

Ash Road - house at Hoselands Hill completed for Mr Gray (Ivy Dene).

Church Road - surface tarring completed.

Grange Lane - Mr O Delf of Irene House requests repairs to his road. Council say it would be expensive to do, considering there are few houses and road is little used, but they will give road some attention later in the year.

1 October 1929

Church Road - timber dwelling erected without plans approval. Council has received no reply from the builder.

Church Road - O J Hollands of Keston, Church Road requests a loan of £380 for 20 years for a bungalow he is planning to build in Church Road. Surveyor recommends refusal.

5 November 1929

Church Road - in last month a bungalow has been completed for Mr Valentini.

2 December 1929

Church Road - Mr Valentini applies for £450 loan payable in 20 years for a house he plans to build in Church Road. Council agrees to give loan of 80% of value after discounting the present abnormal conditions.

4 February 1930

Ash Road - Dartford Brewery Company want £15 plus demolition of a barn for road widening at the Black Lion. The council won't pay the money because the works benefit the pub, but will do the rest.

Ash Road - in last month a bungalow at Hoselands Hill has been completed for Mr Valentini.

Milk - report of a new dairy being built at Manor Farm.

1 April 1930

Merton Avenue - Inspector Sutch visited land owned by W E Barlow at Hoselands Hill. Mrs Barlow barred access to newly erected shed with a garden fork and "vile language". Told them to return when her husband was there.

6 May 1930

Election - following local members elected: Hartley - Charles Sidney Bignell (Colyton, Haverstock Drive, Hartley), Fawkham - Rev James Trevor Matchett (Fawkham Rectory), Longfield - Walter Wright (Melbourne, Longfield).

Ash Road - Style and Winch have surrendered land at the Black Lion for road improvements without payment.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reported that a bungalow at Hoselands Hill for Mr Hollands has been completed in the last month (Ashtead, Ash Road).

Roads - Council has received a lengthy circular from the Ministry of Transport on the subject of standardising road signs.

Station Road, Longfield - "Your committee have had under consideration the question of an approach road to the Fawkham Railway Station from the lower part of Ouselands (sic) Hill on the Hartley side of the station, and have been in negotiation with the owner for the necessary land and with the Southern Railway Company in regard for an exit for the road into Station Road. The owner of the land, Sir Gerald Hohler KC, is prepared to sell, what is required for a sum of £225, subject to the council making good fences etc. in connection with the interference of property at the junction of the new road with the existing road. The Southern Railway Company intimate that they are prepared, in consideration of the council taking over and maintaining the station forecourt, and also Station Road, to make a payment of £300 towards the cost of the works..... Your committee recommend that the terms be accepted and the work carried out subject to the approval of the County Council."

Hartley Road, Longfield - Mrs Stickland of Old Downs has written to say the fence being erected by Mr Nelson Latter at the junction of Hartley Road and Main Road, is obstructing the view for drivers and pedestrians. Council decides to pass on concerns to the County Council.

3 June 1930

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports on the completion within the last month of a bungalow at Church Road for Mr Valentini, and a bungalow at Fawkham Bottom Road for Mr Kingham. Inspector Sutch reports the completion of additions to a bungalow at Abbots Wood, Ash for Mr Johnson.

Ash Road - council receive request to remove burnt out barn by Black Lion, the wall of which obstructs sight lines for motorists.

Petrol - new licenses to keep petrol granted to George Edmed of Stone Quarry, Longfield (500 gallons) and Albert E High of Woodbine Cottage, Essex Road, Longfield for a garage in Essex Road (500 gallons).

Housing - council decides to buy land at Main Road, Longfield from Colyer-Fergusson Estate for £670. It has a frontage of 400 feet and depth of 150 feet. They plan to build 16 houses there. Council housing constructed in the financial year 1929-30 included: Valley Villas, Longfield (6 parlour at £465 each, 4 non-parlour at £415, 6 non-parlour at £376) 1&2 Clovelly Villas, Longfield (2 parlour at £495 each) and 13-16 Butlers Place Ash (4 non-parlour at £315 each plus £68 overall for sewers).

1 July 1930

Ash Road - Miss Andrus to be paid £10 for land given up for Hoselands Hill improvements.

Tea Garden - "Your committee have received an application from Mrs Tiffin for permission to use the orchard which she owned in Hartley, as a tea garden. Your committee offer no objection."

29 July 1930

Housing - Inspector Sargent has tested the drainage of 2 houses in Church Road for Mr Symons, also various properties in Fawkham for others, and found them sound.

Castle Hill - "A shed which had been erected in Old Downs Hill, Hartley (Castle Hill), was found to be occupied by a man named Bean. I saw the occupier who has since pulled the shed down. A similar shed is being erected on another plot and as soon as the occupier can be found he will be dealt with in a similar manner."

Hoselands Hill - "Miss Andrus (the owner), having signed the agreement, the widening on this frontage is now proceeding. Excavations and concrete retaining wall have been completed. The new fencing will be erected when the necessary material is delivered"

Station Road, Longfield - "Plans, sections and surveyor's estimate and apportionment of the cost of making up Station Road, Longfield, have been prepared. I would recommend that tenders be invited for the necessary work."

Whitehill Road, Longfield - the parish council report that the corner between Whitehill Road and Main Road is dangerous, and they offer land to make improvements. DRDC to investigate.

2 September 1930

Heavy motor traffic on narrow roads - council have received notification from Kent County Council that they intend to apply for restrictions on the following roads under section 7(4) of the Roads Act 1920

Hartley Bottom Road from Berrys Maple, Ash to Longfield Refuse Depot
Scudders Hill, Fawkham
"Stack Lane", Hartley (= Grange Lane)
Castle Hill (not named in document but start and end points given)
Church Road from All Saints' Church to Ash Road junction in Ash (not named in document but start and end points given)
Crowhurst Lane, Fawkham

Station Road, Longfield - council decides unanimously to make up Station Road and that costs of levelling, paving, metalling, channelling and making good be borne by frontagers, in accordance with Part 2 of the Schedule of the Private Street Works Act 1892. Kent County Council have further agreed to build an approach road to Fawkham Station at a cost of £653 including land compensation (this is the part of Station Road from Hartley Road to where it turns sharp right).

Electricity - council agrees that the Central Electricity Board can vary the route of their lines in Ash.

Review of County Districts - Proposals that Wrotham Urban District council take over the parishes of (West) Kingsdown, Ash and Ridley were withdrawn at or before the conference of 29 May. The review committee rejected proposals from Dartford Urban District to take over Darenth, Wilmington and Sutton at Hone. They did propose abolishing the parish of Stone with West ward going to Dartford, East ward to Swanscombe and the remaining Bean ward to Darenth. The committee also suggested that Wrotham UD be abolished and divided between the Rural Districts of Dartford, Malling and Sevenoaks.

7 October 1930

Housing - Inspector Sargent reported the completion of a bungalow at Gorse Wood. He had also tested the drainage of the following houses and found faults had been corrected - bungalow at Gorse Wood, bungalow at Church Road, bungalow at Fawkham Bottom. He rejected complaints about the sanitary arrangements of Phoenix (now Stocks Mead), Church Road.

Gorse Wood Estate - "I (Insp Sargent) have written to the owner of a shed recently erected on the Gorse Wood Estate, and have received a reply asking that a temporary license be granted him to occupy the same until he has erected a bungalow on the plot".

Old Downs Estate, Fawkham - "I (Insp Sargent) have paid several visits.... Respecting sheds being erected there for habitation and have written to the owners in each case to cease building until plans have been submitted to the council for their approval."

Farming - new cowsheds at Scudders Farm, Fawkham erected in a most satisfactory manner.

Health - Diptheria outbreak at Longfield, Inspector Sargent disinfected school before it was reopened.

Roads - London and Home Counties Traffic Committee recommend councils have more conspicuous and consistent display of street signs.

4 November 1930

Longfield Siding Refuse Nuisance - your committee report, as a result of the representations made to the Borough Council of Southwark, the receipt of a letter from the Town Clerk, stating that the Council were desirous of eliminating, as far as possible, any ground for comploaint in regard to their refuse dumps at Longfield, and proposed to carry out improvfements which meant an estimated expenditure on plant and equipment of nearly £1,000. He pointed out that it was proposed to spread and consolidate the refuse in layers, and this method would be carrid out precisely in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health as set out in a Circular letter issued by them in 1922, which stated that refuse could be disposed of without nuisance where the precautions advised by the Ministry were strictly observed. He added that the purchase of machinery was being proceeded with, and the improved methods would be put into operation without delay immediately the proper arrangement were made.

It was reported that the present refuse dump was on fire and that the smoke from it added largely to the nuisance, and it was also pointed out that the present mountainous heap should not be added to.

Your committee recommend that the Borough Council be requested to use their utmost endeavours to put out the ifre in the present heap, and that in carrying out the improved methods of deposit the present heap be not added to, but the refuse deposited on fresh ground.

In regard to the general question of the deposit of London refuse in the Provinces, your committee recommend that he council pass the following resolution, viz - That this council views with alarm and dismay, after the prolonged consideration given to the matter, the adsence of any concrete and constructive proposal to deal with the indiscriminate dumping of London refuse. The council is strongly of opinion that only a comprehensive scheme covering the London Boroughs and neighbouring local authorities will effectively deal with the problem. They therefore call for an immediate re-consideration of the matter with a view to taking the necessary steps."

Farming - application for registration under the Milk and Dairies Order 1926 from Mr R Maddocks of Middleton Farm, Longfield, dairyman and cowkeeper.

Health Week - essay prizes for mothers attending clinics. 3rd prize (5 shillings) to Mrs L Martin of Speedgate, Fawkham. Consolation prizes of 2s 6d to Mrs A Webster of the Billet, Ash; and Mrs Buffery of Mauberge, Hartley amongst others.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports that a bungalow in Church Road for Mr Valentini has been completed in the last month.

Housing - "Your committee recommend that the owner of the shed at Gorse Wood Estate, Hartley, be given 28 days' notice to remove the structure, the council at their last meeting having declined to grant him license for its use for human occupation."

Housing - District Valuer has agreed to buy land in Longfield for housing from Sir Thomas Colyer-Ferguson for £650 including tenant right. Will now need sanction of Minister of Health.

2 December 1930

Farming - Inspector Sutch reports: "During the past month I have examined the carcases and offal of 59 pigs and 1 bullock. 4 pig carcases were found to be diseased and these were surrendered and buried. 3 pig carcases I examined on Sunday, the 12th October, when a total of 14 were killed, on Saturday afternoon (the 11th) I examined 10 pigs, these were found to be healthy. This was at Crowhurst Farm, Kingsdown. A boar was brought from Hartley to Ash to be slaughtered and on examination was found to be diseased this carcase was surrendered and buried. A total of 48 stone of pork was buried during the month."

Inspector Sargent also reports on this: "A case of swine fever was reported at Crowhurst Farm, Ash. I visited the premises and found that the instructions of the Ministry were being carried out. I was present at the slaughtering of the pigs, 73 in all, which occupied the best part of the week. All the animals were found sound."

Housing - drainage tested at a bungalow at Stack Lane and found to be sound.

6 January 1931

Grange Lane - repairs to Red Cow Hill (Grange Lane) and "Rectory Lane" in Hartley.

Petrol Licences - the following have been granted: Goodwin Bros, Wallace Terrace, Ash (500 gallons at Ash Forage Stores), G Day, North Ash Farm, Ash (100 galls at farm); G Edmed, Stone Wood near Dartford (500 galls at Stone Quarry, Longfield); J Sims, 2 Station Road, Longfield (1,500 galls at the Petrol Pump, Station Road, Longfield); B H Foa, Holywell Park, Ash (500 galls at garage there); Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society, Ash Road, Hartley (1,000 galls at Agricultural Stores, Ash Road); Smith Bros, Alma, Meopham Station (80 galls at Green Man Garage, Longfield Hill); The Service Garage (Gravesend) Limited, 119/125 Wrotham Road, Gravesend (2,100 galls at Garage, Main Road, Longfield); A E High, Woodbine Cottage, Essex Road, Longfield (500 galls at Garage, Essex Road, Longfield);

3 February 1931

Darenth - C M Ellerby of Hartley given contract to clear 4½ acres of Ladies Wood on Darenth Housing Site for sum of £43 17s 6d. Names of roads to be called Hill Rise and Watchgate.

2 March 1931

Ash Road - Congregational Church will give up land for road widening, if council erects a chestnut and wire fence. Council accept offer but say they don't intend to do works yet

Housing completion - dwelling house completed in last month at Hoselands Hill for Mrs Boyd.

8 April 1931

Ash Road - Women's Institute will give up land for road widening, if council will plant replacement hedge and install steps to pavement. Council agrees.

2 June 1931

Stack Lane - Dartford Head Postmaster wants to replace box fixed to telegraph pole in Stack Road with a larger one. Council give Post Office permission to build a brick pier on the verge to accommodate this.

7 July 1931

Castle Hill - Mr F O Comont of Hartley Cottage applies for a loan to be secured on a bungalow at Steep Hill. Surveyor values property, after discounting abnormal circumstances, to be £350. Council approves £280 loan.

6 October 1931

Milk - "Your committee has received the following applications for registration under the Milk and Dairies Order viz:... Henry Glover, Hartley Bottom Farm (Cow Keeper and Retail Purveyor of Milk). Your committee recommend that they be registered."

Council housing - estimates for 58 houses to be built at Swanley - 3 bedroom ‘parlour' house £395, 3 bedroom ‘non-parlour' house - £335, 2 bedroom ‘non-parlour' house - £305.

3 November 1931

Refuse Collection - DRDC inspector attended a conference and reported that their council is one of the few who will collect bins from the back of a property and not make people put them on the roadside. He said a method of dumping used by Bradford which prevents air pockets and spontaneous combustion should be borne in mind when discussing the Longfield Siding tip.

Church Road - inspector Sargent had received a complaint that their neighbour was going to start pig keeping on a very large scale, but he could find no evidence of this. (he checked again on 2 February 1932 but still no sign of them starting).

Housing - Inspector Sargent has tested drains at a dwelling house at Steep Hill, Hartley (Castle Hill) and found them sound.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reported "Complaint was received about the dirty condition of a caravan known as ‘The Sanctuary', Sun Hill, Fawkham. I visited the premises and found it was occupied by a man named Smith, whose occupation is the training of magpies for the films. The interior was in a very dirty condition and notice has been served on him to cleanse the interior. This has now been carried out."

1 December 1931

License to keep petroleum - includes G Day (North Ash Farm - 100 gallons), Smith Bros (Green Man Garage, Longfield - 90 gallons), E H Fox (Holywell Park Garage, Ash - 500 gallons), Southwark Borough Council (Longfield Depot - 350 gallons), Goodwin Bros (Ash Forge Stores - 300 Gallons), J Sims (Petrol Pump, Station Road, Longfield - 1,500 gallons), Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society (Ash Road, Hartley - 1,000 gallons), Service Garage (Gravesend) Ltd (Garage, Main Road, Longfield - 2,000 gallons).

Fire Protection - Hartley do not want to join the council's scheme. Instead they want 2 extra fire hydrants a year until the parish is covered, which should be tested annually. Dartford RDC agree to this, at the expense of Hartley parish.

Stack Lane - P L Harris (builder) has applied for a £400 loan payable over 20 years on the security of his house Beulah. Surveyor values house at £545 "after discounting the abnormal circumstances now prevailing" or £470 to allow for road charges. Council agrees to £375 loan.

Parish boundaries - following the addition of part of Stansted to Ash parish, Dartford RDC will recommend that the new Ash parish be warded with Ash and Stansted wards.

5 January 1932

Stack Lane - Mr F E Blakesley wrote to complain about the state of Stack Road. Council replied that it is a private road, and maintenance is the responsibility of the landowners.

Slaughter Houses - license given until end of 1932 to William Leeves for rear of his shop at Station Road, Longfield.

2 March 1932

Trees and Shrubs - as the council's policy is to plant trees etc on housing estates, they authorise W Wright to attend sale at Hartley with a budget of £75. He was able to buy £7 19s worth and council authorised him to buy 1,000 young lime trees in addition.

5 April 1932

Hartley Road, Longfield - Longfield Parish Council complain of the state the footpath was left after excavation work for electric cables which is dangerous to pedestrians. Surveyor reports that it has now been fixed.

5 July 1932

Electricity - "Your committee have received notice of the laying of an extra high tension cable on the west side of Hartley Road, Longfield, from the company's substation to a position near Fairby Grange". Council have no objection.

Water - The council had written to the Minister regarding high water charges in Hartley. His reply was he cannot intervene because the company can charge what they like up to a maximum. However the council can apply for the charges to be varied under a different section of the Company's Order 1920. Hartley Parish Meeting support this approach.

Church Road - parish meeting has requested a guard rail or fence for the pond near Hartley Church. Committee recommends Surveyor have a suitable fence erected.

Fire protection - Hartley Parish Meeting ask for the fire hydrants to be painted and instructions for use plates added. Committee recommend approval.

26 July 1932

Footpaths - Captain Bignell (member for Hartley) reported a path that old residents remember from Church Hill to Hartley Bottom has been blocked. Clerk said it wasn't. To be investigated.

Housing completions - Inspector Sergent reports the following new buildings are complete: bungalow at Steep Hill, Hartley for Mr Metherell, dwelling house at Fairby for Mr Sales and additions to a dwelling house at Hoselands Hill for Commander Morgan. He has also tested the drainage at the following properties and found it sound - bungalow at Steep Hill, Hartley for Mr Metherell, dwelling house at Hoselands Hill for Mr Morgan, and dwelling house at Steep Hill for Mr Exeter.

6 December 1932

Housing - "Your committee report that in 1921 the council purchased an acre of land at Hartley from Miss E F Forbes for a housing site under the Assisted Housing Scheme, at a cost, including legal expenses, of £93 3s 0d. This site was transferred from the Assisted scheme to the 1923-4 scheme at a capital sum of £60, the balance being written off as a loss under the 1919 Scheme and borne by the Government. Your committee are informed that there is no need for council houses in Hartley and they therefore recommend that the council invite offers for the purchase of the land by tender."

Ash Road - Surveyor agreed with landowner that a hedge obstructing the road near the Black Lion can be removed, provided the council replace it with a fence.

7 February 1933

Direction Signs - Dartford RDC agree to request from Hartley Parish Meeting to erect signs at both ends of Hartley Hill and the south end of Church Road.

Fire Protection - they have installed, with the consent of Hartley Parish Meeting, a fire hydrant in Hartley Bottom Road while the new main is being laid, to save cost if they had to do it later. Cost will be £8 and then 3s 9d per quarter maintenance charge.

Housing - "Your committee have received a letter from the Minister of Health, stating that he was prepared to consent to the sale of the acre of land at Hartley, purchased by the Council in 1921 for a housing site and not now needed, at price not less than that certified by the District Valuer as fulfilling the requirements of section 59(3) of the Housing Act 1925...." Council decides to make a formal application to the minister to sell land for £25.

7 March 1933

Snow - drifts 3-4 feet deep in Ash on 25 February. Council snow plough out there.

Church Road - "Several trees and sections of hedges have been removed on dangerous blind corners of this narrow road with the owner's permission. Chestnut posts and barbed wire fencing have been erected where the hedges were removed. The road has been made up close to the fencing which has, with the owner's permission, provided passing places for traffic, where I consider this improvement very necessary. The channels of the road have been made up and the road re-shaped where required."

3 May 1933

Housing - "Land at Hartley - your committee have received additional offers of £40 and £42 for the acre of land at Hartley purchased for a housing site, which is not now needed. They recommend that the offer of Mr Allan Ansell, Danes Court, Oakshott, Surrey for £42 be accepted, subject to the sanction of the Minister of Health."

4 April 1933

Housing completion - Inspector Sargent reports the completion of a dwelling house at Merton Road, Hartley

7 June 1933

Longfield Siding - council inspector tests temperature of new tipping area. The day was 65 degrees, but at 18 inches the temperature was 75 degrees.

Red Cow Farm - Inspector Sargent says the new cowshed there has been completed in a satisfactory manner.

4 July 1933

Red Cow Farm - Inspector Sargent said "I have met the occupier of Red Cow Farm, Hartley Bottom, with regard to the provision of a new dairy at his farm. He is seeing the owner and putting the proposals before him.

1 August 1933

Buses - Hartley Parish meeting concerned to ensure -that the bus service locally will continue when taken over by the London Passenger Transport Board on 1 October.

3 October 1933

Housing completions - in past 2 months the following houses have been completed - house at Ash Road for Mr Bennett (Ethelbert), and house at Hoselands Hill for Mr Ball (Hasleholt), and house at Gorsewood Road for Mr Valentini.

7 November 1933

Housing Completions- Inspector Sargent reports recent completion of bungalow at "Homefield" Hartley for Mr H Smith. He also reported that he had spoken to the owner of Glenholm, Ash Road about the bad condition of their drainage. A new cesspool with a new system of drainage has now been provided.

Petrol - new license granted to Smith Brothers of Alma, Meopham Station to store 500 gallons at "Corner Bit" Garage, Longfield Hill.

Water - Hartley Parish Meeting write to the council to thank them in getting a 10% reduction in the High Level Water Charge.

5 December 1933

Housing completions- Inspector Sargent reports completion within the last month of 2 Bungalows at Ash Road for Mrs Wilson (will be part of 1-12 Ash Road). He has also tested drains at 2 bungalows in Ash Road for Mrs Wilson and found them sound. He has had a new overflow cesspool dug and new drains laid at Six Acre Cottages, Fawkham.

2 January 1934

Housing - report that demolition has commenced of 1-3 Black Houses, Fawkham Green.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports that in the last month, two dwellinghouses have been completed at Ash Road for Mrs Wilson (part of 1-12 Ash Road), and a bungalow at Kent Road, Longfield for Mr Adams. He tested the drainage at 2 bungalows at Ash Road and found them sound. Notice served on the owners of 1-4 Essex Road, Longfield to deal with dampness.

Buses - Route 451 "A letter dated 29th ultimo, was read from the Traffic Commissioner in regard to an application from the London Passenger Transport Board to operate a 30 seater single deck omnibus between Northumberland Bottom (Tollgate end) and Hartley Hill.... The Surveyor reported that Church Road, Hartley, was a narrow carriageway throughout, with many sharp bends, and that the service would be a danger to pedestrians and other traffic. He pointed out that the operation would be a direct contravention of the Roads Act 1920, as a section of the road was scheduled against this class of vehicle." Similar proposals for a 452 route from Singlewell to Longfield Hill (surveyor says narrow section of road at Red Street approach, Broadditch would be dangerous); and 490 route from Dartford to West Kingsdown (Surveyor had concerns about several points). Council will object to all three routes.

Castle Hill - Surveyor instructed to erect a signpost at the bottom of Steep Hill, directing traffic to (1) Hartley and Old Downs, (2) Longfield, (3) Fawkham Green.

6 March 1934

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports new bungalow completed at Hartley Bottom for Mrs De La Haye.

Housing - further to the meeting of 6 May 1933, the District Valuer has said the former housing site is worth £75. As this means the council cannot sell it for the £42 offered, they decided to retain the land.

Ash - "The report received in regard to a tent being occupied in a wood at Ash has been inquired into and it was found that two brothers had proposed purchasing land at Oak Farm Estate and had made a very crude shelter in the middle of a wood. One of the brothers had died and the other had been removed by the police."

27 March 1934

Hartley Hill - Inspector Sutch reported "I have had a new manhole cover, ventilating shaft and flushing cistern provided at Deubolt's Kennels, Hartley Hill, Hartley.

Schools - Inspector Sutch reported that he disinfected Ash School after it was closed because of a slight outbreak of scarlet fever.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reported completion within the last month of 2 houses at Ash Road for Mrs Wilson (part of 1-12 Ash Road).

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports the following housing completions - 2 bungalows, Ash Road for Mrs Wilson (part of 1-12), bungalow at Church Road for Mr Sales (?Haley Bank), bungalow at Steep Hill, Fawkham for Mr Metherell.

1 May 1934

Hartley Bottom Road - Inspector Sargent said "I have had a shed demolished at Hartley Bottom which was occupied by a man, wife and child. There was no water supply or WC accommodation".

5 June 1934

Buses - "Your committee have received a copy of a resolution passed at a meeting of residents of Longfield, Longfield Hill, New Barn, Hartley Hill, Ash, and Southfleet against the reorganised bus services in that district recently carried out by the London Passenger Transport Board, which were much restricted and did not meet the general convenience of the residents and users of the buses, and were causing a good deal of hardship as owing to full buses due to restricted service users had often to wait long periods for the next bus because of the strict enforcement of the ‘no standing' rule. The restriction of the service was therefore seriously affecting the amenities of the district and creating a chaotic situation for the travelling public. " Dartford RDC agreed to support complaint.

Footpaths - Hartley Parish Meeting report the footpath from St John's Lane to Stocks Farm, although fenced in on both sides is overgrown for three-quarters of its length. Council agree to clear this and charge the cost to Hartley parish.

Church Road - "Church Road has been resurfaced after reshaping and a satisfactory surface will result after tarring has been carried out".

31 July 1934

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports on the following housing completion in the last month - bungalow, Woodside, Ash Road, for Mr Goodwin.

6 November 1934

Milk - Inspector Sargent has tested drains at Hartley Country Club, dwellinghouse at Hottsfield Estate for Mr G Day and dwellinghouse at Merton Avenue for Mr Wilson.

4 December 1934

Hoselands Hill Footpath Extension - "The public footpath from Station Road, Longfield has been extended to connect with the Southern Railway's footpath. The owner has given the required frontage necessary for this extension which much improves the visibility for motorists on this section of Hoselands Hill. Pedestrians now have a continuous footpath from the station down Hoselands Hill".

Parking Place, Hartley Church - "A parking width close to Hartley Church has been made to enable cars to park without blocking this narrow road. The corners round the green at the bus stop have been widened to permit the bus to turn without cutting over the green on Church Road."

Ash Road - Surveyor has spoken to Mr Johns for Fairby Home and he has agreed to recommend to his committee the removal of dangerous trees there.

Buses - it was reported one of the route 450 buses between Ash and Dartford, although in the timetable, doesn't actually run.

Electricity -West Kent Electric Co Ltd plans to erect overhead medium pressure line from Hartley Main Road (Ash Road) westwards for 1,000 yards at Old Downs Road (Castle Hill). Council approve plans but say as a matter of policy they would prefer such cables to go underground.

Parish Councils - Kent County Council has produced draft of order creating parish councils for Hartley and Fawkham. Hartley to have 7 members, Fawkham 5. Due to come into force on 15 April 1935.

1 January 1935

Hartley Grange - Inspector Sargent reports prospective owner of Hartley Grange and cottage asked him to check drains for any defects. He found none.

Housing - Inspector Sargent reports the following houses have been recently completed - dwellinghouse at Merton Avenue for Mr Barlow (Nil Desperandum), dwellinghouse at Hottsfield Estate for Mr G Day (one of Fingehl, The Cottage, Hammonds), 3 dwelllinghouses and shops at Ash Road for Mrs Wilson (1-3 The Parade).

Milk - Inspector Sargent has tested and passed milk from Parrett's Dairy, Ash Road, and Payne & Evans of Longfield.

Merton Avenue - Inspector Sargent said Mr Barlow had complained to him that 3 building societies will not lend money on the house he is building. Having visited the premises with the owner and builder Mr Sargent could find no cause for complaint. The house has now been completed.

5 February 1935

Buses - "Your committee have received a letter from the London Passenger Transport Board in regard to the arrangement in existence for the turning of omnibues at Hartley Court, which provided for vehicles to reverse at the junction with Foxborough Lane (Grange Lane), and expressing appreciation at the reduction of the size of the island site which facilitated working, but suggesting at the instance of the owner of Hartley Court, that the grass verge be set back still further at the north-eastern corner to remove an element of danger when large vehicles are reversed on the public highway, and also a small portion removed from the southern entrance so that vehicles could then circle the island site." Committee approves action of surveyor in doing as suggested.

Milk - W Hollands of West Yoke Farm registered as a cowkeeper, wholesale purveyor of milk and dairyman.

Speed Limit - council agrees to recommend a 30mph speed limit for Ash Road from Hoselands Hill to the Black Lion, also Fawkham Valley Road, and the road from Southfleet to Longfield.

Ash Road - further to meeting of 4 December 1934, Bermondsey Council has offered to surrender a strip of land to Dartford RDC, provided the latter fells the dangerous trees, puts in a footway in line with the present one, erects new fencing similar to current, widen the rear gateway entrance and replace roadside ponds with properly constructed soakaways with sealed covers. Dartford RDC agree to accept offer on these terms.

2 April 1935

Ash Road - Surveyor reports work has commenced on soakaways at Fairby Grange, and trees will be felled when West Kent Electric Co have put their cables underground there.

Speed limits - Committee agree to add Church Road to those roads recommended for a speed limit of 30mph under the Road Traffic Act 1934.

4 June 1935

Manor Drive - "Captain Bignell referred to the extraordinary damage which was being caused to this road by heavy motor traffic, and enquired whether notices could be put up prohibiting such traffic on the road to prevent further damage, not only to the road, but to adjoining property owners by the collapse of the bank to their gardens. On it being pointed out that it was a private road and the owners could act themselves, Captain Bignell undertook to deal with the matter locally."

Electricity - Council gave West Kent Electric Co Ltd permission to extend medium pressure cables in Longfield from Longfield Village to Longfield Hill and along Pescot Avenue.

1 October 1935

Roads - local roads which have been tarred since last report include St John's Lane, Red Cow Hill (? Grange Lane), Ridley Road, Ridley Hill, Manor Way, also Eglantine Lane etc elsewhere in district.

Hartley Green - the parish council have been offered a Scarlet Standard Chestnut Tree to commemorate the Jubilee, provided it is planted on a public space, suggesting Hartley Green. Dartford RDC agree to this, subject to Surveyor's agreement on placing.

7 January 1936

Ash Road - the parish council call for a warning sign at the dangerous St John's Lane / Ash Road / Fairby Lane junction. Dartford RDC agrees.

7 April 1936

Footpaths - "Captain Bignell called attention to the obstruction of the footpath connecting with one from Hartley Wood with another from Gorse Wood , and stated that a padlocked gate had been erected across the path and fruit trees planted. It was resolved that it be left to the clerk to enqire into the matter and report thereon.

5 May 1936

Electricity - Council gives permission for West Kent Electric Co Ltd to lay medium pressure overhead lines in Horton Kirby and Hartley (plan CZ13 and CY4) but say they would prefer underground cables.

Footpaths - Three footpaths in Hartley are obstructed. Owners are Mr Mainprize and Miss Maxton.

3 June 1936

Housing - Survey of overcrowding finds one property affected in Hartley, that of Mr O Hoadley's family. 4 adults and 3 children live in a 3 roomed house in Church Road, equivalent to 5½ persons, when the maximum is 5. Family require 4 roomed house. In Ash there were 4 properties affected - 8 Abbotswood (H Broad), Abbotswood (H Inkpen), 15 Butlers Place (Mr Hever) and West Yoke (W G Arney). Fawkham had one property - Speedgate (F Booker).

7 July 1936

Shop - Council gives permission for "much needed" kiosk on site of former pond by junction of Stack Road and Main Road (Ash Road), at request of Hartley Parish Council.

Electricity - West Kent Electric Co Ltd have applied to Minister of Transport to place electric lines above ground in parishes of Ash, Fawkham, Hartley and (West) Kingsdown.

Buses - Council decides to support request by London Passenger Transport Board for variation of bus route between Hook Green and Swanley, at the request of Hartley Parish Council.

Housing - Mr H B Allkins, carrier and general carter, of The Glebe, Church Road, applies for loan of £500 over 20 years on property he has bought. Council agreed to offer loan of 80% of property's value.

St John's Lane - Captain Bignell called attention to state of St John's Lane, he said improvement and widening was imperative. Council surveyor to bring forward plans to do this.

1 September 1936

Housing - Mr H B Allkins, applies for a temporary shed at The Glebe, Church Road, to house his Ford lorry.

Electricity - West Kent Electric Co Ltd propose to run an 11,000 V cable from the Fairby Lane substation to the west side of a vacant lane adjoining St Christopher's, Ash, a distance of 420 yards. Also new lines from Hodsoll Street to Pettings and another in Ash. Company asked by Council when they plan to bring electricity to Crockenhill.

1 December 1936

Petroleum Licenses - The following are licensed to store petroleum in 1937: Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society (1,000 gallons), H Groom - Garage, Hartley Manor (500 gallons), J Sims - Petrol Pump, 2 Station Road, Longfield (1,500 gallons), G E Edmed - Stone Quarry, Longfield (50 gallons).

2 February 1937

St John's Lane - Council decide against widening and improving St John's Lane as too expensive. They plan to provide "passing places" instead. Surveyor to negotiate with landowners.

6 April 1937

St John's Lane - Council have approached Mr Campkin for land for 2 passing places at St John's Lane, he will consider plans.

1 June 1937

St John's Lane - Mr Campkin has asked for minor changes to the plan for passing places in St John's Lane.

Coronation - Hartley Parish Council requests permission to plant trees at Hartley Green, Hartley Court Green and Stocks Hill Green to celebrate the coronation. Council agrees to the first two, but thinks Stocks Hill Green too small.

7 December 1937

Agriculture - Owner of Tor Lodge, Church Road has requested to use the land for pig breeding. Council refuse, saying it is in a residential zone.

War Memorial - council give permission for a chain to be erected around.

4 January 1938

St John's Lane - council decides to negotiate for purchase of Hartley Grange. Harrods Ltd, the agents, suggested a price of £2,650 which includes 16 acres of land.

1 February 1938

Ash Road - Sectionman Lawson off sick many times in last 2 years with ulcerated feet. Council decides to continue half pay and consider early pension, because disability was war related.

Stack Road (Stack Lane) - complaints about state of private road, notices to repair to be served on landowners.

Ash Road - county council had been requested to impose 30mph speed limit between Longfield and the Black Lion. Their reply is that the request has been forwarded to the Minister because Hartley is in the London Traffic Area.

1 March 1938

Footpaths - Parish Council reports overhanging hedges on footpath by the Gun Station and nearly opposite Cavan in Church Road. Landowners served notice by council to have hedges trimmed.

5 April 1938

Hartley Court Green - traffic notice board to be removed.

3 May 1938

Burial Ground - council has no objection to Parish Council's proposal to "hire" a site on road to Red Cow Farm by Hartley Court Cottage, with frontage 150 feet and depth 344 feet, providing the council's Medical Officer agrees.

Hartley Road (Ash Road), Hartley - "your committee have received the approval of the Kent County Council to the widening of Hartley Road, Hartley, between the School and the War Memorial, a distance of approximately 280 yards. The scheme provides for the construction of a footpath 10 feet in width between the War Memorial and the School, and 6 feet in width on the school frontage, where a greater width would not be possible without reducing the existing carriageway or curtailing the area of Hartley Green to an unreasonable extent; and also providing for the widening to the 40 feet improvement line on the west side of a section of the road, approximately 40 yards in length, near Hartley Green, in order to provide a carriageway of a minimum width of 20 feet. The estimated cost of the scheme was £1,209, being £363 in respect of land and accommodation works and £846 in respect of road works to which expenditure an appropriate grant would be obtained from the Minister of Transport. Authority was given for the appropriate deeds of dedication and conveyances to be completed in respect of the various pieces of land to be acquired for the improvement. In regard to the strip of land which it was proposed to take from Hartley Green for the improvement adjoining it, your committee have instructed the Clerk to communicate with the parish council with a view to obtaining their views in regard to the reduction of the area of the Green for the purpose."

Telegraph lines - approval for overhead lines along North Ash Road and Hartley Bottom Road from a point 400 yards west of Cuckolds Corner to Hartley Hill.

Hoselands Hill - council to extend white lines in middle of road beyond the bends.

5 June 1938

Hartley Bottom Road - Hartley Water Committee have offered land on east side for widening if the council erect a chestnut spile fence. Council agrees to terms.

Buses - location of bus stop signs agreed between London Transport and Council surveyor at Wilmington, Darenth, Hartley, Southfleet, Bean and Crockenhill.

8 June 1938

Ash Road improvements - Parish Council reply to say while they regret loss of land at Hartley Green, they are in favour of the road improvements. The Parish Council wanted a telegraph pole removed from the green, but the GPO said no as it was costly to do this and the post was not causing an obstruction.

St John's Lane - owner of Hartley Grange prepared to sell strip of land adjoining, 1,390 square yards, for £86 on the following conditions: to be done at council's expense within 12 months, council to provide 5 foot chestnut fence and quick hedge. Council abandon passing place idea and agree to terms.

5 July 1938

Hartley Burial Ground Council surveyor thinks they should choose a site further away from wells in the vicinity.

Seven Bungalows, Church Road, Hartley - "After visiting this site on Monday, the 13th instant, to examine the condition of the work, I am of the opinion that building operations should not be recommenced until all the brickwork is taken down to DPC (Damp Proof Course) level. I met Mr Martin of Gravesend, the builder, on the site on Monday, the 20th instant, and informed him that in addition to the above, all the site concrete must be taken up and relaid, and that the foundations of all external walls must be exposed at 3 feet intervals in order to allow me to ascertain the quality and sizes of same. The clerk reported that the Inspector's report arose out of a meeting which the Chairman and he had with the owner's solicitor on the site."

7 February 1939

Church Road - following report of poor state of road by roadside seat opposite Cherry Orchard, the Surveyor carried out remedial work.

7 March 1939

St John's Road - County Council has rejected scheme because it is of too low priority. It would have cost £1,388 (Land Purchase £86, Accommodation Works £125, Road Works £1,777). Council ask county council to buy land at least so passing places can be provided. Parish Council ask for hedges to be trimmed at the very least as the road is only 8 feet wide in places, DRDC agree to ask Surveyor to do this.

Telegraph lines - Proposal to lay lines underground along west side of Ash Road from Railway Bridge and along west side of Hartley Green, also along east side of Church Road. Also in Longfield.

4 April 1939

St John's Road - County Council still reject proposals. Dartford RDC write back to say road is narrow and dangerous and work needs to be done to ensure public safety. They think county council should buy the land and install passing places.

2 May 1939

Housing Building inspector says drains of detached house under construction at Hartley by Messrs Biddle and Saunders were unsatisfactory, but have since been corrected.

7 bungalows, Church Road, Hartley Mr R R Wilson of Hextable, is proposing to reconstruct the remaining 6 bungalows of the above scheme, at Church Road, Hartley. I suggest that Mr Wilson be allowed to proceed with the reconstruction subject to the following conditions:

(i) Brickwork on bungalows 2 and 3 shall be taken down to Damp Proof Course level on the front, rear and south elevations, and down to sill height on the north elevation.

(ii) All site concrete to bungalows 2 and 3 to be relaid to bye-law requirements.

(iii) Nos 4,5,6 and 7 are to be demolished and re-erected in new positions shown on plan no 3017."

Health 1 case of diphtheria reported at Hartley, 1 case of scarlet fever at Longfield.

Church Road, Hartley "An obstruction on this road, caused by the owner of frontage erecting concrete posts, has been removed. Mr Jackson, the owner, informed me his boundary was being continually cut away by passing lorries, and the posts were erected to prevent this. A concrete kerb has now been placed on the correct highway boundary and the bank sloped back as agreed by Mr Jackson" (Ship Cottage, Church Road)

Air Raid Precautions "One of the road repair gangs has been employed on ARP service since last report. This gang have enlarged the cleansing station at Longfield, and constructed a roadway for the decontamination of vehicles. Three soakaways have been constructed to dispose of washing water used in decontamination."

Fire Brigade Description of local fire brigade. 5 stations at Swanley, Horton Kirby, Eynsford, Stone and Wilmington. Hartley (3 miles) and Longfield (2½ miles) served by Horton Kirby, Ash (3½ miles); Ridley (4½ miles) and Fawkham (3 miles) served by Eynsford (local parishes some of the furthest from a fire station in the district). Each station has a 250-300 gallon motor pump, extension ladder, salvus breathing apparatus and 2,000 feet of hose etc. They have 60 firemen and 158 auxiliary firemen.

They expect delivery of 6 trailer motor pumps, council agree with proposal to locate them at Hartley, Kingsdown, Southfleet, Darenth, Hawley and Horton Kirby. 13 of the auxiliary firemen to be deployed at Hartley.

Water supply: they think that if mains become unusable they could pump water up to 2 miles either side of the Darent. Mid Kent water supply is from reservoir 760 feet above sea level at Kingsdown, the highest point in Kent which can run by gravity without pumping pressure (this appears to refer to Exedown Reservoir in Wrotham).

Air Raid Precautions As per Home Office instructions they are setting up a report and control centre at Avenue House, Darenth (Holmesdale Road). They have bought 24 chairs for the lecture room, 6 chairs for the ladies room, a coal scuttle and a carpet. They are having electrical works done so they can install a cooker. The instructor, Mr B E Harris to be based upstairs, where he and his wife will also live rent free, acting as caretakers in return. The Home Office has approved the council taking out a loan of £1,400 to pay for all the works.

Air Raid Precautions ARP Wardens' training: The Instructor is being trained on anti-gas procedures. Syllabus for wardens includes instruction by the police, fire brigade, medical officer of health and other professionals in the utilities.

Warden Posts: 80 plates ordered so the public know where they are.

Cleansing Station: 42 lockers at 18/6 purchased.

Fire appliances: "Your committee are informed that a portable pump is required for use for the cleansing of ponds and sumps in the district, in order to obtain full use of their capacity for the storage of water which might be required for fire fighting purposes in the event of emergency. Quotations have been obtained, and your committee recommend that the quotation of Messrs Millars Machinery Co be accepted at a total cost of £5917s 0d.

Stirrup hand pumps for wardens' posts: Kent County Council offer pumps with a dual purpose nozzle at 13/- each, one per 1,000 population. This means DRDC order 33. 10% to be part of the initial allocation.

All Metal Stretchers: County Air Raid Precautions officer has sent 58 to the council.

Air Raid Sirens: 5 auto wailers ordered at £7 12s 6d each.

6 June 1939

Beauval (Acorns), Gorsewood Road Inspector Iddison reports a Public Health Act 1936 notice has been served on this property.

Electricity West Kent Electric Company Ltd to erect electricity lines at Longfield to loop the existing mains by Main Road for 220 yards.

Proposed cemetery site at Hartley "Your committee have received a letter from the Hartley Water Committee in regard to the proposed site for a cemetery in Foxbury Wood, enquiring whether the council had given their consent thereto. Your committee recommend that the Hartley water Committee be informed that the council did not propose to offer any objection to the site of the proposed cemetery."

Housing Building inspector reports completion of addition to Gra-Burn, Fairby Lane for T Graham (ref 2967). Drains of house for Mr Longhurst at Gorsewood Road unsatisfactory but now corrected.

Air Raid Precautions Longfield: "The road and soakaways for decontamination of vehicles has been completed at the Longfield Cleansing Station.

Provisions of Air Raid Shelters: "Your Committee have given consideration to the Circular received from the Home Office with regard to the provision of Air Raid Shelters. It is necessary to arrange a survey of the district to ascertain the number of shelters required. Persons whose income does not exceed £250 per year, which can be increased by £50 for each child of School age in excess of 2, are entitled to a free shelter issue,

The responsibility of siting falls upon the Local Authority, and where the Occupier is willing the erection of the shelter can be proceeded with, if the occupier is unwilling for erection in peace time the shelter must be stored within the vicinity.

Your Committee recommend: (1) That application be made to the Home Office for the provision of shelters, (2) That the Air Raid Wardens be asked to undertake the survey. (3) That the Air Raid Wardens be asked to supervise the erection of the shelters. (4) That a questionnaire be prepared for completion by householders applying for free shelters. (5) That efforts be made to obtain 2 shelters to be erected at Avenue House, South Darenth, as specimens for training purposes and for the information of the public."

Training: Instructor Mr B E Harris to attend course on dealing with incendiary bombs; Medical Officer of Health to get an additional instructor on first aid.

St John's Road, Hartley "Your committee report that as the result of further correspondence with the Kent County Council, authority had now been obtained for the improvement of this road and the provision of two passing places for vehicles on the south east side of the road, at a total estimated cost of £147."

Longfield Station, New Footpath "Your committee have received an intimation from the Southern Railway that the new footbridge which had been erected was now available for the use of the public. The Company asked for the council's formal approval in order that arrangements might be made to abolish the existing level crossing at an early date. Your committee recommend that the County council be asked to approve of the diversion of the existing path in accordance with the normal statutory requirements."

Fire Brigade 4 call outs in the last month (3 Stone, 1 Swanley). New engine has arrived at Horton Kirby Station.

Auxiliary Fire Pumps: "Your committee are informed that the delivery of the first two auxiliary fire pumps to be supplied to this district is practically complete. Your committee have arranged for the first auxiliary fire pump to be sent to Hartley, and the second to Kingsdown, and the third when received, to be sent to Southfleet. They have arranged that the auxiliary fire pumps should be tested on Wednesday, the 24th instant, at the same time tha thte test of the new engine was taking place.

Your committee are informed that it is necessary to provide vehicles to convey the fire pumps about the District. They have received information that two secondhand Buick cars were available for purchase, and they have authorised the chairman and Mr W W Brown to inspect them, with the surveyor, and if considered suitable arrange for their purchase, and for the surveyor to arrange for their conversion to enable the trailers to be attached, and the necessary equipment and men to be carried in them."

Interoperability arrangement: Council agree to enter into such an arrangement with the Dartford Brigade.

4 July 1939

Mortgages under the Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts Mr E G Wall of 61 Normanhurst Avenue, Welling (builder and decorator) applies for loan of £250 to be paid over 10 years on Flora, Church Road. Council values property at £500 and agrees to loan. Council also discharges mortgage of Resthaven, Hartley, Longfield (Main Road, Longfield, then in Hartley parish), chargor Mr C Millner.

Health 2 cases of Scarlet fever and 1 case of diphtheria at Hartley. 2 cases of scarlet fever at Longfield.

Housing Building inspector reports faults on building works which have been corrected at site concrete of bungalow for Mr Austin at Manor Drive Hartley (Lilison), site concrete of bungalow for Mr Lawrence at Ash Road, Hartley, drains of bungalow for Mr Hockley at Church Road, Hartley; and lintels and bay window beams for 2 bungalows for Mr R R B Wilson at Church Road, Hartley.

Plan 2043, 7 bungalows at Church Road, Hartley: Building inspector reports "Reconstruction work on bungalows no. 2 & 3 is now proceeding. All poor quality brickwork has been taken down, and apart from some trouble over the size of the lintels and bay window beams, which Mr Wilson, the owner, has since agreed to replace, the work is being carried out satisfactorily." Mr Wilson has also had to remove unsatisfactory brickwork at a pair of bungalows at Kent Road, Longfield "which have been left in a partly erected condition for some time" but now building works have recommenced.

Roads Surface tarring and gritting has been carried out in Fawkham at Fawkham Bottom Road, Castle Hill, Steep Hill and Kingdown to Fawkham Road.

St John's Lane, Hartley "Your committee have received a further letter form the Clerk to Kent County Council stating that the views of the District Council in regard to the desirability of improving St John's Lane, Hartley, has received consideration by the members, and that it had been decided that they were unable to see their way to approve the carrying out of any improvement othr than the provision of the two passing points and only land for these places would be acquired. They also received a letter from the owner of the land pointing out that hew was becoming impatient with the delay in settling the matter and threatening not to keep his offer open indefinitely. Your committee have instructed the Clerk to again press for the acquisition of the frontage land while it was available, and not only the pieces required for the passing places, the suggested improvement being desirable both from the point of view of traffic facilities and development of the locality." Approved by council.

Land at Church Road, Hartley "Your committee have received from the solicitor of Mr R R B Wilson, the offer of land, shewn by accompanying plan, for widening this road, free of expense, provided the council took over and made up the widening portion and erected a fence on the new boundary line. Your committee recommend that the land be accepted by means of a deed of dedication or conveyanace as might be considered most appropriate." Approved by council.

1 August 1939

Packers Shop, Longfield Inspector Iddison reports 2Most of the items included in the informal notices served in respect of the flats at Packers Shop, Station Road, Longfield, have been complied with. The walls have been treated with a patent damp proof solution and the agent has promised that a slate damp proof course will be inserted before the winter and a separate water closet provided for the first floor tenant within 12 months. I recommend that this offer be accepted.

Electricity Transmission lines Committee recommends acceptance of West Kent Electricity Co's applications for new line from existing line at Church Road through St John's Road for 335 yards; and to loop the existing mains in Fawkham Road, Fawkham.

Refuse dump on council's land at Longfield Public Health Committee complain about indiscriminate dumping there. They recommend that the surveyor "have suitable gates erected at the entrance and the land fenced". Approved by council.

Housing completion Detached bungalow in Church Road, Hartley for F Hockley (2953/39).

Bungalows at Church Road, Hartley Builders The Beehive Building Co Ltd. Building Inspector reported "On Tuesday, the12th July, I carried out an inspection on two of the bungalows on the above estate and found that three partly built chimney flues were not properly pargetted."

Roads Surveyor reports Ash Road in Hartley has been surface tarred and gritted since his last report. He also mentions that part of "Longfield Corner Site" is being cultivated by P Letchford, a retired road employee. Council formalises this to protect their interests with a tenancy at will on a peppercorn rent.

Health Clinics Attendance at Mother and Baby clinics was Ash (June 5th - 27, June 19th - 21; Longfield (June 12th - 23, June 26th - 27; Longfield ante-natal clinic - 2); diphtheria immunisation (Ash - 2, Longfield - 2). Kettle and stove to be bought for sterilising at the Longfield clinic.

Fire Brigade 3 call outs in last month, including field and hedge fire at Main Road, Longfield on 10th June. Farmers asked to place stacks away from buildings and near water as any fires are now a charge on the rates not insurance companies. Council sign interavailability agreement for fire services with Northfleet UDC.

Air Raid Precautions Council are setting up 20 rescue and demolition squads, each with 5 volunteers. They are also setting up 4 decontamination squads of 7 men each, two of which to be located at Longfield. Council to be allocated 8 trailer pumps to add to the 5 fire engines they already have, these will be located near head wardens' posts with WVS telephonists. Head wardens posts without trailer pumps will have volunteer firemen stationed there. HQ of ARP is Avenue House, South Darenth.

Best kept council house gardens Local winners were Longfield (1st G V Lynds, Clovelly Villas; 2nd L W Bishop, 14 Valley Villas; 3rd J Harbour, 10 Pondowne Villas); Ash & Kingsdown (1st F T Robinson, 9 Butlers Place; 2nd G Pickett, 18 Butlers Place). Mr F T Robinson was runner up for the whole district.

Council meetings Complaint received from the Kentish Times that the council had not informed them of a meeting about the resignation of the ARP officer, which was of wide public interest. Council said omission was not intentional.

29 August 1939

Air Raid Precautions Council received telegram on 23rd August. Since then the telephones have been manned, billeting officers met on 25th to complete arrangements for the reception of evacuees, timber bought to board up windows of Avenue House, Riseley, Wardens Posts, First Aid Posts and Fire Stations. "That the delivery of respirators was complete with the exception of one of two small instances. That 5 respirators for babies, for demonstration purposes, had been received and arrangements made for demonstrations in their use throughout the district. That all posts could now be manned." Test mobilisation being arranged for Friday 1st September.

Mr F Spencer Tucker offered to withdraw his resignation on account of the present emergency. Council take no action.

5 September 1939

Air Raid Precautions "Regionalisation: Your [Air Raid Precautions] committee have given consideration ot the reports received in respect of the exercises held on the 8/9th July, and having regard to the experience gained thereby recommend that the area be divided into regions.

It is proposed that, as far as possible, each region shall act as a self-contained unit with the Head Warden arranging for the appropriate service required in his area on reporsts received from his wardens, keeping headquarters notified of incidents occurring in his region, and to ask for reinforcements where the region is unable to cope with the emergency.

The Air Raid Precautions department have prepared a scheme consisting of 9 regions for the consideration of the council in order that any amendments considered desirable might be made, the regions are as follows.....

Region 4 Hartley (Including Ash, Fawkham and Longfield)
Fire Equipment: Station
First Aid Point or Post: Ash Village Hall, Longfield Village Hall
Rescue Parties (6 men each): 2
Stretcher parties: Longfield Hill."

Exercises to be held in each region.

Shelters and Trenches: "Your committee desire to remind the council that it is the duty of the Local Authority to arrange for the siting of the shelters supplied to householders under the Government scheme. Over 1,000 names have already been submitted to the Home Office and another 1,000 names at the date of this report were ready for despatch."

Personnel - "the number of volunteers who have received training at Avenue House is 350, and arrangements have been made for training to recommence early in September."

Food supply - "Your committee have received a report that the necessity for storing a fortnight's supply of food in the event of an emergency is not fully realised by the inhabitants of the district, and this point has been stressed at meetings with the wardens in order that the matter may be brought to the attention of the public. Your committee are making enquiries as to the provision and supply of food in the council's district, particularly having regard to the evacuees to be received in the event of an emergency." (Council depot for stores is at Darenth).

Evacuation: "Your committee have given consideration to the question of the evacuees to be received into the district, and a further examination of the data has revealed that there is accommodation for 6,664 people, instead of 8,108 as previously stated. The chief reason for the alteration is the demand for military billeting and to old age, sickness and similar factors, rendering occupant unable to receive evacuees. Your committee are of the opinion that if children are to be evacuated from the Borough of Dartford they should be transferred to the council's area in preference to inhabitants from the London area, as it would be more convenient to have them sent to villages adjacent to Dartford in preference to a district further away." They don't think evacuees should be sent to Stone parish, which the ministry have agreed to verbally.

Billeting appeals The council plan 4 tribunals for appeals against billeting. One will be at the "Hartley Club" to cover the parishes of Fawkham, Kingsdown, Ash, Hartley, Ridley and Longfield.

Food control Dartford Rural District Food Control Committee set up. Members include Rev & Mrs Matchett of Fawkham, F Goodwin of Ash, W Wright of ? Longfield.

3 October 1939

Housing Completion Detached bungalow, Gorsewood Road, Hartley for E Rickwood, ref 2061 (Kilndown, Gorsewood Road).

Plan 2043 Bungalows, Church Road, Hartley "The chimney flues on the two bungalows on this site have now been pargetted. Altogether eight flues have been internally plastered and are now satisfactory."

Fire Brigade Council to buy enough foam to last 12 hours and install necessary equipment on engines.

Emergency Committee Horton Kirby civilian aerodrome has to close, council to negotiate purchase of equipment there including asbestos suit and fire unit.

Rattles: "In consequence of the inability to obtain a supply of rattles from the Home Office for use by the Air Raid Wardens, your committee have arranged for 120 rattles to be made locally at a cost of 1/7d each." 7 rattles donated by Mr F T Clarke of Wyndcott, Birchwood Avenue, Swanley. Council thanks him.

Babies Anti-Gas Protective Helmets: "Your committee have submitted a requisition for 1,150 babies anti-gas protective helmets and they have received an intimation that the deliveries were about to begin but that no distribution was to be made until directions to do so were given by the department.

7 November 1939

Health One case of Polio reported at Longfield

Pettings Court, Ash Owner asked Mid Kent Water to be connected to the mains to provide fire protection to estate. Mid Kent said it would cost £260 if crossed private land adding that it is not council policy to contribute over private land, or £390 if it followed the highway. Occupier asked the council for a contribution. Council said the property already had a supply of water for domestic purposes available, so they turned down request.

Butler's Place, Ash "Your committee have had under consideration the question of restricting the use of the path running in front of these council cottages between the roads in the vicinity so as to prevent traffic of a dangerous nature to pedestrians. They recommend that posts be erected at both ends of the path but in such a way as not to prevent the passage of perambulators". Council approve recommendation.

Housing completion Detached bungalow at Manor Drive for H G Austin (ref 2976 probably Lilison). Building inspector said "I have given instructions that the following sets of drains be taken up and relaid as they were not satisfactory when first tested: Plan 2403 drains of bungalow, Church Road."

Fire Brigade They attended 4 fires in the last month, including September 26th at D & K Woodward, Longfield Hill (Horton Kirby engine) and October 3rd at Military Camp, Green Street Green (Horton Kirby engine). Foam equipment for the district's engines to cost £35 each and foam costs 17/6d per gallon in 10 gallon lots. Council to buy 150 nickel plated identity disks with neck chain and engraved names for their firemen.

Emergency Committee Council to construct 7 public shelters at Swanley (2), Stone, Eynsford, Sutton at Hone, Longfield and Southfleet. Longfield shelter to be a trench for 25 people located "near Fawkham Station on RDC land at corner of road leading from bus halt on B260 to station. 1 ramped and 1 emergency exit. Trench to be so laid out as to facilitate its expansion to accommodate 50 persons if required later."

Air Raid Precautions Council have started receiving household shelters from the Home Office. Because of the demands on the steel industry, they have substituted 50% of the order with smaller (4 person) shelter. Member of staff to accompany distribution to see appropriate size ones allotted, however they have written back to say that in view of the large number of evacuees, they need a bigger proportion of the larger shelters.

Gas Masks: following delivery of child and baby respirators, distribution is practically complete. 7 volunteers have passed Local Anti-Gas instructors exam and will train ARP staff.

Temporary mortuaries: following instructions from the ministry of Health, council are negotiating with Darenth Park Hospital for farm buildings at Cotton Lane, Stone, in case of heavy civilian casualties.

War damage to buildings: following request from Ministry of Health, council have made arrangements with local buildings for speedy repairs if they arise.

ARP uniforms: council to get measurements of staff to send order to Home Office.

Back up vehicles: 20 vehicles and 6 motorbikes available in case telephone communications break down.

Ambulances: Due to difficulties in getting ambulances, Ministry of Health authorises purchase of cars to be converted, so long as cost does not exceed £50 each. Council to acquire 4 cars for this purpose.

Report and Control Centre: since outbreak of war it was being manned 24 hours a day initially (and since 1st October by day) by staff of the Dartford Girls Grammar under headmistress Miss E M Fryer, but as they now have teaching duties (from 28th November), council employs paid staff, women by day and men by night. Chairman of the council singles out School for particular praise.

Proposed canteen, Hartley School "A letter, dated the 6th instant was read from Mr E J Cuff, Church Road, Hartley, stating that it was proposed to provide mid-day meals for schoolchildren at Hartley, and for this purpose a canteen. He pointed out, that if money was found for the building, the Kent Educational Committee would assist with the provision of equipment, and that voluntary helpers would be forthcoming. He stated that it was estimated that the building would cost about £70. It was resolved on the resolution of Rev Stanley Morgan, seconded by Mrs Davis, that the council grant financial aid in making provision for children under the Evacuation scheme."

5 December 1939

Housing Inspector Iddison has served notice under the Public Health Act 1936 on the owner of 2 Ash Road, Hartley. Owner of fruit picker's huts at Speedgate, Fawkham told to improve sanitary arrangements. He has also investigated allegations of overcrowding at Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham. He found it slightly overcrowded due to presence of evacuees but decided to take no action. At Cladds Corner Ridley, steps have been taken to deal with rats there. Building inspector said drains of bungalow under construction in Church Road for R R B Wilson were unsatisfactory but has now been corrected.

Poultry keeping by council tenants Following guidance from Ministry of Health to increase food supplies, they have revised tenancy rules to allow them to keep up to 12 adult chickens at the end of their gardens. Council also agree to trim hedges of council houses where all male members have been called up.

Air Raid Precautions Council planning committee approve applications from Kent Education Committee for air raid shelter at Longfield School and 8 schools elsewhere in the district.

Public Roadside Shelters: the highways gangs have built the shelters previously agreed upon. The total cost to the council was £597 1s 8d.

Roads "The excessive rainfall has required extra work in clearing out ponds and ditches to dispose of the large amount of surface water. A road gang has been constantly employed assisting section men in keeping roads clear of surface water."

Shelved Road Schemes: Kent County Council have shelved the 4 road improvement schemes due to the war, council think improvement of bend by Southfleet school should stil go ahead in the interests of the safety of schoolchildren.

Longfield Station "Your committee have received an initimation from the County Council that the new footbridge and footpaths constructed by the Southern Railway adjacent to Fawkham Station had been completed to the County Council's satisfaction".

Church Road, Hartley "Your committee have received an intimation from the County Council that the offer of land by Mr R R Burnsten Wilson for improving a length of this road had been approved, on the understanding that the expenditure in respect of the fencing would not exceed £30, and all the necessary steps being taken to have the land givne up, dedicated, or conveyed to the County Council for the purpose. Your committee recommend that formal dedication of the land be obtained by means of the usual agreement."

Health Attendance at baby clinics was Ash (9 Oct - 9, 23 Oct - 12), Longfield (2 Oct - 25, 16 Oct - 30, 30 Oct - 38). A further 8 attended the Longfield ante-natal clinic. Diptheria immunisation of children was Ash (5 local, 26 evacuees), and Longfield (18 local, 56 evacuees).

Fire Brigade Only one attendance in the last month, to a fire at Stone by the Stone brigade. They have asked 10 companies for quotations for oilskins for volunteer firemen but none could supply them. Council agree to uniforms to volunteers but only if there is grants for them as the cost would be £200.

Air Raid Precautions Dartford RDC to become part of Medway Group Control area.

Ambulances: they have applied to Kent County Council for permission to buy 6 vehicles to convert into ambulances and for another 5 vehicles for first aid purposes. They have also bought a lorry for £15 to be converted into an ambulance at a cost of £5. Armbands for first aid personnel bought.

Horton Kirby Flying Club: they have agreed a price of £42 for the equipment offered in minutes of 3 October.

ARP Posts: oil lamps at 3/10d each bought in case electricity fails. Telephones to be installed in all 19 sector posts and they allow 2/- per week for cleaning, lighting and heating sub-posts.

Gas Contaminated Food: Mr SF Hollands of Public Health Dept to be trained on what to do if food becomes contaminated by gas.

Private Air Raid Shelters: 6,275 domestic shelters have been applied for and 4,000 delivered with more arriving every week.

Report and control centre: Electric Clock bought to correctly record time of messages.

Evacuees Kent House Longfield: "Mr Wright raised the question of the payment being made to the person in charge of these premises being used as a home for sick evacuees and stated that it appeared to be inadequate having regard to the services which she was rendering. The Medical officer of Health explained the position and the circumstances under which the lady offered her services, which in the first instance were voluntary, the payment being arranged subsequently. After discussion it was resolved that the matter be left in the hands of the clerk and Medical Officer of Health to consider whether a modification of the terms of arrangement could be made.

Council's land, Longfield: "Mr Wright reported that the schoolmaster at Longfield was desirous of using a part of the land belonging to the council as garden allotments for the older scholars at the school. It was resolved that arrangements be made for a portion of the land to be used for the purpose mentioned, and that the Clerk be authorised to make the necessary arrangements."

Christmas Parties: London County Council to contribute to these.

2 January 1940

Air Raid Precautions 5 more school Air Raid Shelters approved including Hartley CE and Fawkham CE.

4 June 1940

Ice Cream - license to sell ice cream granted to Mr A Clarke of the Elms, Main Road, Longfield.

Mobile Homes - applications for moveable homes received from (1) Mr L V Thomas, Mr & Mrs B Stevens, Suntrail, Ash for rear of White Swan, Ash; (2) Mrs F E Hayward, 1,3,5 Lewisham Road, SE13 for Idleigh Hill, Ash and (3) Mr C F E Shaw, 21 Court Farm Road, London SE9 for Idleigh Hill, Ash. Committee recommends refusal.

War - Salvage system up and running. Most going to Darenth Wood depot for sorting.

ARP - invoices paid include H T Penney (10s and 12s for refreshments), M Barker (£1 11s for heating and lighting and 18s 10d for refreshments) and Hartley Agricultural Co-op (£1 1s 1d for paraffin). Probably all from Hartley.

Cesspool emptying - "The Sanitary Inspector has reported that notices under section 50 of the Public Health Act 1936 were served on 22 May 1940, upon the owners of Nos. 1,2 and 3 Jubilee Parade Hartley and 13 Ash Road, Hartley, requiring them to empty the cesspool serving these properties within 7 days ant that such notices have not been complied with.

Your committee recommend that Mr T H Iddison, Sanitary Inspector, be authorised to institute proceedings against Mr Herbert S West (trading as West & Son), owner of Nos 1 and 2 Jubilee Parade, Hartley, and against Mr T S Pollard (trading as Pollard & Co) owner of No 3 Jubilee Parade and No. 13 Ash Road, Hartley, under section 50 sub-section (3) of the Public Health Act 1936, for failing to comply with the notices."

Salvage - sale of waste material collected in district from 1-15 April raised £99 3s 1d. "Your committee are informed that an experiment is being made in the parish of Hartley by the formation of a dump for old pieces of scrap iron, the metal being collected by volunteer labour. When sufficient has been collected at the dump the material will be removed to the council's depot at Darenth Wood. If this experiment proves successful, steps ill be taken to introduce the scheme into other parishes in the rural district."

6 August 1940

Electricity - West Kent Electric Co Ltd given permission to erect overhead lines for 335 yards from Church Road via St Johns Road in Hartley (Plan C426/39); and for 280 yards along Fawkham Road in Fawkham (Plan C434/39)

Sunday Trading - council survey found no breaches of the law.

T H Iddison, Sanitary Inspector - he informs council his voluntary enlistment in the forces has been accepted and he expects to be called up in the next few days.

Kent Road, Longfield - "A letter dated the 26th ultimo was read from the clerk to the Kent County Council, stating that as Kent Road, Longfield, had now been satisfactorily made up, approval was given to the road being declared a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, and asking the council to take the appropriate steps in relation to the taking over of the road, and to be informed when this had been done. It was resolved that Kent Road be declared a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large as from 1st September next, and due notice was published of the declaration."

3 September 1940

Salvage - Following amount collected in DRDC district during Salvage Week 5-10 August: Cast Iron (15 tons), Light Iron / Tins (20 tons), Non-ferrous (7 cwt), Paper (22 tons), Rags (2 tons), Bones (6 cwt), Aluminium collected by WVS (1 ton). MP Mrs J L Adamson said in July Dartford constituency average for salvage was £6 4s 0d per 1,000 population, average for rural district was £5 4s 0d per 1,000 population. Ministry of Supply has sent a circular to say scrap metals they receive from authorities are mixed and they have to sort them. They have no objection if authorities want to sell sorted scrap to steelworks direct.

ARP - they have been very busy over the last few days due to enemy action. Every section had been called into action, Captain Bignell subcontroller said "They had turned out with promptness and efficiency". Fire brigade and Auxiliary Fire Service had dealt with many fires, biggest being at Boys Home in South Darenth. Superintendent of Home wrote to praise Horton Kirby Brigade, thanks to them and older boys, a number of incendiary bombs had been put out, difficulties had been caused by lack of water caused by fracture to mains.

1 October 1940

War Damage - Minister of Health has written to say that councils should "take immediate steps to render first aid repairs to houses damaged as a result of enemy action" and will be introducing legislation to confirm councils have the power to do so. Council agree to employ local architects if necessary when they need to know whether a house can be rendered fit for human habitation.

"Damage has occurred owing to enemy action in various parts of the district, including some housing sites. Immediate steps have been taken to have first aid repairs effected in order that the houses can be rendered habitable. In regard to the Council's housing sites, where considerable damage occurred, all glass and tiles were replaced thte day following the occurrence. In other cases the repair has been carried out by local builders on orders given by the Council's officer. Steps are being taken to effect repairs immediately dmage becomes known."

Salvage - in August 78 tons 6 cwt of metal, jars, bottles, bones, textile, rubber and paper have been collected. Total value £204 15s 2d. System of collection has been in effect since 1 April 1940.

ARP - invoices include E J Cuff (Telephone charges, 12s 8d), H T Penney (heating, lighting and sundries, 18s 8d), S H Arthey (Instructor's fees £3 15s 0d). All believed to live in Hartley.

Health - attendance at Longfield ante natal clinic in July and August was 5. Number of diphtheria immunisations were Ash clinic (15), Longfield clinic (18). Council agree to supplement government allowance of 20oz of dried milk per week for infants under 1 year where the mother gets the milk free.

Fire brigade - "Hartley Auxiliary Fire Service. Your committee have received a letter from the Home Office stating that it was not prepared, in view of the local considerations, to press for the removal of the auxiliary pump from Hartley, but it was considered that the rent of £26 proposed was excessive and requesting the council to reconsider the present arrangement with a view to a reduction in the expenditure. Your committee have informed the Home Office that the Auxiliary Fire Service personnel at this station were all volunteers and used the premises for sleeping when they were on standby duty, and that the rent included not only the garage and rest room, but heating and lighting, and as this was the only expense of the station, the amount propoed to be charged was considered reasonable."

War - Regional commissioner has ordered council to make sure pubs, clubs and entertainment venues close by 10pm.

5 November 1940

War damage - "Your committee are informed that further damage to houses belonging to the council in various parts of the district had been caused by shrapnel etc, and was receiving attention, and that in addition, other houses had been damaged and repairs carried out at the earliest possible moment. Where ceilings needed renewing owing to damage caused by enemy action, a ceiling board was now being used, which, while being perhaps slightly more expensive in the first instance would prove more economical in the long run. Your committee agree that ceiling boards should be used where bedroom ceilings needed to be renewed."

St John's Lane, Hartley - "Your committee have obtained the views of the Hartley Parish Council upon the letter received from the Kent County Council, dated 26th July, that no further steps should be taken in this matter, to the effect that the Parish Council are still of opinion that the land should be acquired. It has been ascertained that Mr Hoath is still willing to sell the land along the whole strip of his property, approximately 1,130 feet in length, for a sum of £200.

Having regard to the danger to pedestrians using the road and to the desirability of effecting the improvement at the earliest possible moment, your committee are of opinion that the purchase of the land should be agreed forthwith. Your committee understood that the completion of the purchase could probably be deferred until after the conclusion of hostilities.

They therefore recommend that the County Council be asked to enter into an agreement with Mr Hoath for the purchase of the land."

Roads - Regional Commissioner has told council police and military have powers to restrict use of roads in defence area to traffic "essential to the life of the community or the prosecution of the war."

Health - attendance at baby clinics was Ash (9 Sept - 15, 23 Sept - 11); Longfield (2 Sept - 37, 16 Sept - 9, 30 Sept - 29). Low attendance at Longfield on 16th September due to air raids. This led to low attendances at other council clinics on 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 17, 20, 27, 29 September. Note says there was no weighing of babies at Horton Kirby due to "hall not certified as safe after bomb had fallen at side of hall".

Also 1 attendance at Longfield ante-natal clinic and 2 diphtheria immunisations at Longfield.

Fire Brigade - in last month they attended 11 fires nearly all due to enemy action. Appliances attending were Hartley and Longfield Auxiliary - 1, Horton Kirby - 5, Stone - 3, Wilmington, Swanley, Eynsford, Darenth Auxiliary - 1 each.

War - "During the period from the 7th to the 24th instant a number of high explosive bombs have been dropped in the area, causing in some cases damage to property and casualties. A new type of incendiary bomb has also been dropped in the area which is fitted with a high explosive charge, causing considerable increase in danger to the personnel when dealing with it, and action has been taken to notify personnel of the danger.

A number of unexploded bombs have been dropped during the above period, and complaints have been received from owners of property about the inconvenience caused to them by the delay in dealing with these bombs. The Bomb Disposal section are, however, unable to deal with inconvenience with any greater speed for the time being."

ARP - ear plugs are being issued to ARP wardens. Electricity is being installed in a number of posts at a cost of £50 due to uncomfortable atmosphere caused by oil lamps. Domestic shelters are being erected by Messrs Peaster of Swanley and Messrs Crooks of Horton Kirby at cost of £13 5s per shelter. They are 4'6" x 6' x 6'. Council concerned about shortage of cement for concrete shelters even though they are told cement works have ample supplies which the Ministry of Home Security will not release.

Ambulance at Ash -"Your committee are making arrangements for two of the ambulances at present at Button Street Depot to be transferred, one to Stone and the other to Ash. Mr Goodwin has undertaken to obtain the services of volunteer drivers in Ash, and volunteer drivers are required for the parish of Stone.

Evacutation - "Your committee have had their attention called to the influx of refugees from London and other districts into the Council's area. Apart from the refugees who have come into the district with the necessary authority to be billeted, which to the 29th instant amounted to 314, there are numberous other refugees who are also arriving in the district who are making their own private arrangements for accommodation, including the occupation of house hitherto empty. Large numbers of HM Forces are also being billeted in the district, thus further reducing accommodation.

Your committee are of opinion that having regard to the fact that the council's district is a restricted area, to its geographical position, its vulnerability having regard to the number of bombs dropped, and the amount of damage caused to property, that the council's area should cease to be classified as Reception Area for the purposes of the government evacuation scheme, and that the most vulnerable parts of the district, viz Stone and Wilmington should in fact be Evacuation Areas similar to the districts on either side of the parish of Stone, particularly as a number of people have evacuated themselves and asked for billeting allowances which cannot now be granted.

They also desire to point out that the influx of refugees is causing considerable overcrowding of the domestic shelter accommodation, and if refugees are allowed to continue to enter the district the numbers will accentuate the shelter problem.

Your committee recommend that these views be forwarded to the Minister of Health and to the members of Parliament for the Division, and that the Minister of Health be asked to receive a deputation thereon consisting of the Chairman (C S Bignell of Hartley), Vice Chairman, the Rev Stanley Morgan and Mr A E Rogers."

3 December 1940

Housing - notice under the Public Health Act 1936 in respect of 1 Essex Road, Longfield has been complied with. Informal notices under Housing Act 1936 served in respect of 4 Black Lion Cottages, Hartley, 1 Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham Green and Whitehill Cottage, Longfield.

War Damage - repairs have been carried out to a number of properties, particularly at Dartford Road, Farningham; Main Road, Eynsford opposite the school; Hever Avenue, Kingsdown and A20 opposite Hever Stores, Kingsdown.

Planning - Informal notice served on Mr W A Cooper of The Retreat, Fawkham Green Road, Fawkham "who has erected at this address, without the submission of plans, timber buildings which he intends to use as dwelling houses. I understand Mr Cooper has had to move with his family from his house in London on account of war damage."

ARP - expenses include Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society (2s 3d for refreshments), H T Parrett (10s 10d for refreshments)

St John's Lane, Hartley - "Your committee have received a further letter from the Kent County Council, dated the 15th instant, with regard to the Council's proposal for the acquisition of land belonging to Mr Hoath at St John's Lane, Hartley, to enable the lande to be widened for the whole of its length. It was stated that the county council had given consideration proiro to the war for the improvement of this lane but had only seen its way to approve the provision of 2 passing places, and that if action were taken now on the lines desired by the council, the county council would be committed to the widening of the road throughout its entire length, and that even if the scheme were approved in principle they would be reluctant to commit themselves, unless special circumstances existed, to the carrying out of the scheme after the war without a knowledge of the funds which would be available; information as to whether a grant would be made by the Ministry of Transport; and an opportunity of considering the relative urgency of the scheme in relation to schemes which may be desired in other county roads. They therefore desired to be informed whether there were any circumstances which made it advisable for the county council to reach a decision now in regard to the acquisition of the land in preference to leaving the matter for decision after the war.

Your committee have already pointed out the danger to pedestrians using the road, and they recommend the county council be informed that this council are of opinion that the land should be acquired [……rest of text missing in copy] connecting road between Church Road and Ash Road, Hartley, and that the county council be asked to appoint a sub-committee to meet a sub-committee of this council on the site and inspect the length of the road, which sub-committee could point out more clearly the council's reasons for the acquisition of the land.

Your committee have appointed a sub-committee consisting of the chairman and vice-chairman of the council, the Rev Stanley Morgan, Messrs G W Smith and W Wright."

Health - attendance at Longfield ante-natal clinic - 2 (also clinics at Wilmington, Franks Hall, Stone and Swanley).

Fire Brigade - in last month the seven crews have been called out to 14 fires and 1 flooded shelter, including Hartley (2 call outs), Longfield (1).

"Your committee have received approval to the payment of rent and expenses in respect of the undermentioned stations used for the Auxiliary Fire Service, viz: ……. Garage and Clubroom, Black Lion Inn, Hartley (£26 pa as from the 8th July…" (also Room over Swanley fire station, and building in Invicta Road, Stone)

"Your committee were informed that application had been received from the members of the Hartley Auxiliary Fire Service for heating arrangements to be made in connection with the room used by them. It had been ascertained that a small ‘Tortoise' combustion stove could be purchased and fixed for the sum of approximately £1 10s 0d, and fuel would cost approximately 5s per week. Your committee were informed that in view of the urgency of the matter, an order had been given for the purchase to be made and the work to be carried out."

The Crescent, Billet Hill, Ash - the owner G H Cripps has a mortgage with the council and as a result of an out of court settlement has granted a right of way over the land to his neighbours Mr & Mrs W Simmons. Council have no objection as it does not affect the value of their security.

7 January 1941

Housing - informal notices under Public Health Act 1936 served on owners of Bushwood, Main Road, Longfield and 7-8 St George's Cottages, Longfield. Notices have been complied with at the following properties: The Beeches, Church Road, Hartley; Minnis Bay, Kent Road, Longfield; 3 Court Villas, Longfield; 3 West View, Longfield; 7-8 St George's Cottages, Longfield; Bushood, Main Road, Longfield.

Notice to be served under section 9 Housing Act 1936 (to make houses fit for habitation) on owner of 3 Beaconsfield Terrace, Fawkham, as informal notice has not been complied with.

War Damage - council has spent £2,500 on first aid to houses damaged as a result of enemy action, they plan to raise a loan for this sum from the Minister of Health under Section 3 of the Housing (Emergency Powers) Act 1939.

Employees - 4 candidates for temporary assistant in Clerk's department, including Mrs Kathleen G Bastin (aged 34 of Mendip, Ash Road, no current employment) and Mrs Mary C Harris (aged 40 of Beulah, Stack Road, Hartley, no current employment). Mrs Harris received 3 votes but the successful candidate with 9 votes was a Mrs M M Snowden. Salary £156 pa for 2 year appointment. They also agreed to appoint Mrs Harris to the Housing Department if required.

Health - attendance at Longfield ante-natal clinic - 5. Also 29 immunised against diphtheria.

Fire Brigade - District Fire Officer reports "Since my last report there has been another heavy enemy attack over the whole district during which over 30 calls were received and attended to, all appliances and men, both regular and AFS being engaged. While the raid was at its height a call was received and arrangements made for 2 heavy units to be sent to Gravesend. The next day relief teams from AFS volunteers were supplied.

Health - The council have reviewed the districts for the 3 health visitors:

District 1 Miss Bates (Sutton at Hone, Wilmington, Lullingstone, Crockenhill, Eynsford rural). Acreage 6,900, population 9,423, evacuees 35, births (Jan - Jun 1940) 107, average visits per month (Jan - Jun 1940) 206, clinics at Hextable, Swanley, Wilmington, Ash

District 2 Miss Walling (Horton Kirby, Darenth, Stone). Acreage 8,073, population 12,938, evacuees 6, births (Jan - Jun 1940) 78, average visits per month (Jan - Jun 1940) 196, clinics at Horton Kirby, Darenth, Stone

District 3 Mrs Lowe (Farningham, Ash, Fawkham, Hartley, Longfield, Kingsdown, Southfleet, Ridley, Eynsford Village). Acreage 15,593, population 6,539, evacuees 104, births (Jan - Jun 1940) 63, average visits per month (Jan - Jun 1940) 260, clinics at Farningham, Longfield, Southfleet, Kingsdown.

"They are of opinion that having regard to the number of evacuees in the no 3 district that District is more than the Health Visitor can supervise in a satisfactory manner. They therefore recommend that for a temporary period the parishes of Hartley and Longfield be transferred to the no 2 District, which should then enable the work in no 3 District to be adequately performed and yet not interfere with the efficient working of the no 2 District." Council approves recommendation and accepted Mrs Lowe's resignation on health grounds as well as passing a vote of thanks for her services.

Spitfire Fund - the district raised £571 14s 9d including:

Ash - nil
Fawkham - nil (had sent their money raised to Gravesend Council fund before DRDC fund launched)
Hartley - £66 (including £34 from Hartley Country Club)
Horton Kirby - £74 11s 10d
Kingsdown - £113 15s 5d
Longfield - £3 10s 0d
Sutton at Hone / Swanley - £144 19s 1d
Wilmington - £67 1s 6d (including £30 13s raised by one teenager from Birchwood Road)

4 February 1941

Employees - one of the applicants for part time deputy Medical officer of Health was Mrs Evelyn M D M Scott, a 33 year old assistant general practitioner of Old Downs, Hartley. In the interview she got 12 votes to none for the other candidate. She was therefore appointed at £250 per annum.(Mrs Eveline Mary Dorothea Maunsell Scott, nee Collinson, qualified from University of Bristol in 1931. She married Cecil John Scott (1907-1959) at Farnham, Surrey in 1933. In 1939 she was living at Johnstone, Renfrewshire. Her father Thomas Arthur Collinson was also a doctor)

St John's Lane, Hartley - "A report has been received from the sub-committee appointed to meet a deputation from the Kent County Council, with regard to the council's desire that certain land in St John's Lane, Hartley, should be purchased immediately so that the road could be widened at an early date, that the county council would be prepared to give sympathetic consideration to the proposal to widen the lane after the cessation of hostilities provided the land required therefor could be acquired at a reasonable price."

Roads - council agree to 15% increase in contract price with Messrs Harber Bros for road materials, as a result of increased wages and haulage costs.

Health - 1 ante-natal clinic held at Longfield in the past month. 7 diphtheria immunisations at Ash and 10 at Longfield.

Public Health Act 1936, Ash Road, Hartley - "The clerk referred to the question of the drainage of Jubilee Terrace and Ash Road, Hartley, which had been under consideration by the Public Health Committee and stated that the Chief Sanitary Inspector had interviewed Messrs Pollard & Co, acting as agents for the owners, with regard to a contribution towards the cost of the construction of an overflow cesspool to alleviate the troublesome drainage of this property. He submitted a letter received from Messrs Pollard & Co, offering a sum of £25 towards the proposed construction. It was resolved that the offer be accepted and the construction fo the overflow cesspool proceeded with."

4 March 1941

Public Health Act 1936 - informal notice under the said act served on 2 caravans at Merton Avenue, Hartley. As a result the caravans have been removed. Notices elsewhere in the district with regard to general repairs, drainage and emptying of cesspools.

Agriculture - following action under the Milk and Dairies Order 1926, conditions at Red Cow Farm, Longfield "generally much improved."

Kent County Council have granted a licence under the Milk (Special Designations) Orders 1936-1938 for Choaks Farm, Fawkham to use the designation ‘Tuberculin' in relation to milk. (for background see Hansard 10 December 1942

War Damage - council expect a small supply of plaster board to replace some of the ceilings on damaged council houses.

St Luke's Church, Green Street Green - this church has just been demolished and provided much useful material. Council recommend bell be offered to Darenth Church on condition that it is used. Council has also allowed their unused building land at Lanes End to be used for allotments for the duration of the war.

Salvage - total for January 1941 was £53.15.2. Ministry of Supply are calling on councils to get 1 ton of paper, 10 cwt of metal and 1 cwt of bones per 1,000 population per month. "Your committee understand that the collection of waste paper and other products has decreased during the past few months, this being partly due to the special effort which was made during the months of July, August and September to collect all waste paper, books etc, and that in the district there are farmers and nurserymen who require paper for packing purposes and buy as much paper as possible from householder; and that in addition to the council's collection in the area, other organisations, such as boy scouts, were collecting salvage material.

War damage - very little damage in last month, slight window damage at Lanes End as a result of a daylight raid, has been repaired. Council to spend £20 to fill in crater caused by bomb damage at Brent Close, Stone.

Council to buy 6 tarpaulins 18 x 12 feet in size from Messrs Cayless Bros (Battersea) Ltd for first aid repairs. Cost £6.10.0 each.

Bungalows at Church Road, Hartley - "Informal notice has been served on Mr R R B Wilson, the owner of the above bungalows, requiring him to carry out work which has not been satisfactorily completed. Mr Wilson has allowed one of these bungalows to be occupied without notifying the council of his intention of doing so and without the building being finally inspected….. Mr R R Burnsten-Wilson attended before the council when he explained that the reason he had allowed the premises to be occupied was to let people who had been bombed out of their existing home find accommodation. The chairman pointed out the offence he had committed under the Public Health Act 1936 and the council's byelaws, and the penalties he would incur if proceedings were taken and a conviction obtained. Mr Wilson was informed that the work required by the council was to be proceeded with before the expiration of the present month and completed within a reasonable time, the builder employed to carry out the work to be selected from a list to be supplied by the council's building inspector."

Budget and precept 1941-1942 - Kent County Council's precept will rise from 9s 0.3d in the pound to 9s 11d in the pound.

DRDC's budget has risen by £3,985 increased expenses (£5,005) due to ARP expenditure (£3,200), Increase in precept payable to Dartford Joint Hospital Committee (£190), end of financial adjustment payments from Crayford UDC (£410), Reduction in interest income (£380), supplements to pay of men serving in forces (£500), General administration (£275), reduction in KCC grant income for Health officers (£50). Increased income of £1,020 due to reduced expenditure on Maternity and Child welfare (free milk £700), miscellaneous income (£190), increase of grant under Local Government Act (£130). DRDC precept will be 2s 7d in the pound (an increase of 1.3d), making a total rate of 12s 6d in the pound. Although some properties have been lost to enemy action, more have been built in the last year.

In addition Ash and Hartley Parishes have levied a 1d rate, and Longfield a 3d rate plus a special rate of 1d in the pound. Fakwham and Ridley parishes have not levied a rate.

Roads - council accept the following tenders for road materials 1941-42, but with proviso to get council's agreement if the price needs to go up:
Clinker, fine ashes (Edwards & Co (Longfield) 2/9 per cubic yard
Hardcore (Harber Bros 6/3 per cubic yard)
Road Tar (Gas Light & Coke Co and South Metropolitan Gas Co - 6½d per gallon)
55% Cold Bitumen Emulsion (British Bitumen Emulsions Ltd 9 3/8d per gallon)
Sand, Ballast etc (Stone Court Ballast Co Ltd, various 6/3 - 9/10 per cubic yard)
Pressed Granite, Aggregate Granite Kerbs & Paving Slabs (Atlas Stone Co Ltd, Wettern Bros Ltd, various prices)
Stoneware pipes and fittings 4/24 diameter (Edwards & Co (Longfield) Ltd and J H Sankey & Sons Ltd)
Team Labour (E Evered, 20/- per day, 18/- Saturday, 4/- per hour overtime)
Haulage of coal in trucks at Fawkham Station to Longfield Depot (Edwards & Co (Longfield) Ltd, 2/9 per ton).
Dry and Tarred Kent Ragstone (British Quarrying Co Ltd and Terry Quarries Ltd to give monthly quotes, prices for dry ragstone range from 20/10 to 23/4 and for tarred ragstone from 26/10 to 29/4 per ton depending on size).

Health - attendance at Longfield ante-natal clinic in last 4 weeks - 8. Also 2 diphtheria immunisations at Longfield. "The attention of your committee has been drawn to the desirability of mattresses being provided at the ante-natal clinics held at Longfield and Wilmington. Your committee recommend that 2 suitable mattresses be purchased."

ARP - "A considerable number of volunteers have attended demonstrations at Longfield Depot in fighting incendiary bombs. Your committee have arranged for a demonstration to take place at the depot on Sunday the 9th March 1941 at 10am, which members of the council and the staff are invited to attend. It is hoped that members will make a special effort to be present."

Employees - An increase of 3s per week has been agreed nationally for all adult male employees, making a total war wages increase of 8s per week.

Temporary post to be offered to Mrs L M Harris (previously unsuccessful candidate from Hartley).

1 April 1941

Employees - Mrs L M Harris of Hartley declines offer of temporary clerical assistant in Clerk's Department.

Cesspool emptying in outlying parishes - "Your committee have received a report from the Chief Sanitary Inspector on the inefficient manner in which cesspool emptying was being carried out by the responsible contractor in the parishes of Longfield, Hartley, Ash and Kingsdown. The Inspector stated that complaints were coming in daily of overflowing cesspools.

They recommend that the Joint Sanitary Committee be informed that the Council have had numerous complaints with regard to the delay in emptying cesspools by the contractor and that if the Joint Committee cannot deal rapidly with the work of emptying such cesspools the Council propose to take over the work themselves." Mr Wright (member for Longfield) claimed this was incorrect and he claimed there was no delay. Check if more on following page.

ARP - 1,400 steel helmets of the new civilian type are being distributed to the fire watchers. 250 axes being distributed at allocation of one per fire party with a stirrup pump.

Council committee pass vote of thanks to chairman F W Ladds and vice chairman Captain C S Bignell (of Hartley). Captain Bignell cited "for his services as vice-chairman of the council and also as sub-controller of the ARP and chairman of the Emergency Committee during a difficult period."

"Your committee beg to refer to the damage which occurred recently at Crockenhill and to report on the excellent work carried out by the various services and particularly by Cllr Mrs K Wood, who assisted in rescuing casualties from the debris, providing shelter for those rendered homeless, working untiringly throughout the night, and on the next day assisted in finding suitable billets for the various people who were temporarily without accommodation. Your committee feel that Mrs Wood's actions are to be highly commended."

War damage - council sign mortgage for £3,700 to meet money advanced by Minister of Health to meet cost of repairs to houses damaged by enemy action.

Bungalow, Church Road, Hartley - "The clerk reported that he understood Mr R R Burnsten-Wilson had instructed Messrs Elliott and Lynds, Builders, Station Road, Longfield, to carry out certain repairs to the property, but they had not received an order for all the items which were required to be carried out by the Inspector and agreed by the council. It was also reported that the time given by the council expired that day but the work was not yet completed. It was resolved that the time be extended by a further period of 21 days and that formal notice be served upon Mr Burnsten-Wilson to carry out the repairs."

Fire Brigade - Mr P J Gratured of Brandshatch Place, Fawkham writes to say there is no hydrant within 1 mile of his property. Council to ask Mid Kent Water Company if one could be installed and to go ahead if the price is reasonable.

Housing - Council cancels 1941 Garden Competition for its tenants due to present emergency.

6 May 1941

War Damage - "Since my last report only slight damage has occurred to houses in the area. Repairs are being carried out to houses damaged during the night of the 17th".

Council having difficulty in getting supplies of plaster board to repair ceilings. However they have received a letter from the Ministry of Health saying what constituted first aid repairs. Damaged plaster on ground floor should be removed and the laths left bare or covered with paper / stout cardboard. On the upper floor stout cardboard should be fastened to the ceiling joists with or without removal of plaster.

Fire Prevention Organisation - "For the purpose of the supervision of the Fire Prevention Organisation each of the present 21 Head Wardens has been appointed as Officer in Charge of the Fire Prevention personnel in his own district.

Each Head Warden's district has been divided into sections of varying size, according to the density of the population.

A leader has been appointed for each sub-section, his duties being to obtain enrolments, compile duty schedules in consultation with the volunteers, ensure that equipment provided is maintained in good order and to satisfy himself that such duties as are allotted to volunteers are being carried out.

All parts of the Rural District are covered in the manner set out above where the population is of such density as to permit such a scheme to operate. In certain outlying districts, however, where the population is particularly sparse, arrangements are being made with the occupiers of small groups of houses for observation to be kept as and when possible, but no schedule of duties covering these outlying districts can be arranged satisfactorily."

Council don't think there are any business premises covered by the Fire Prevention (Business Premises) Order 1941, other than some in Stone and Wilmington where such regulations already apply.

ARP "The Deputy Regional Commissioner visited the Rural District on Thursday, the 3rd April, and inspected the various units of the Civil Defence Services, visiting in particular the Report and Control Centre, Horton Kirby, Riseley First Aid Post and Casualty Section, Crockenhill site of damage and personnel at Crockenhill, the Rescue Party and Decontamination Squads at the Longfield Depot and Wardens, First Aid and other Civil Defence Personnel at Stone. Lord Knollys has since expressed his thanks for the organisation of the tour of inspection and also his appreciation of the interest and enthusiasm of the whole Civil Defence personnel throughout the district and of the work which they had accomplished during the past difficult months."

Council have bought 172 rattles for warden's posts at a cost of £10.15.0.

Employees - council have failed to get exemption from call up for their building inspector, and as a result of the new schedule of reserved occupations they will also lose his assistant to the call up in October.

Fire Brigade - "Since my last report no calls were received until the evening of the 16-17 April when the attack on London was in progress. The Stone Brigade and AFS were engaged throughout the night, also the Swanley Brigade and AFS were fully engaged, and Wilmington AFS and Pump assisted the Swanley Section. Regional Control sent a request during the night for a team to be sent to Beckenham. Horton Kirby Apex and Crew were sent but were delayed by bombed road in Bromley, but got there without injury to men and appliances."

Mr P J Gratwick of Brandshatch Place thanked the council for installing a fire hydrant near his property. Council got quote from Mid Kent Water of £14.18.0 for installing a hydrant on the green at Longfield Hill, they decided not to take any action.

Women's Voluntary Service - they have bought 81lbs of wool with a gift of £20, which is being distributed in the District to make comforts for the troops.

3 June 1941

Housing - the following notices under Public Health Act 1936 have been complied with: The Beeches, Church Road, Hartley (overflowing cesspool), 1-3 Johnson's Bungalows, Ash (overflowing cesspool)

War damage - a number of council houses have been damaged and received first aid repairs in the last month. A parish council has written to them to say they were impressed with the way those rendered homeless were helped and the quick repairs to houses.

Fire Brigade - Fees to Firemen "Your committee have also had under consideration the question of the fees paid to firemen and the difficulties that occasionally arise with the Retained Voluntary Firemen who feel that fees are lost to them by the fact that the two First Line Units standing by are sometimes sent to fires which they might normally attend.

The attention of the committee is drawn to the fact that it is the intention of the Home Office that the First Line Units, although engaged primarily for war time fires, should attend peace time fires, not only from the point of view of giving experience to the personnel but to extinguish the fires at the earliest possible moment, particularly if they should occur in the evening when they might form a beacon to enemy aircraft, and to the fact that every effort should be made to save property, particularly now that so much is being destroyed.

Your committee have had before them the average retaining fees and fire fees paid to the various sections during the 5 years ending 31st March 1941, together with a total number of fires attended by the various sections. This information is set out hereunder, viz:

Total fires - 264 (Average per brigade - 53, average per section per year - 11)
Total fees - £1,956.11.6 (average per brigade - £391.6.8, average per section p.a. £78.5.4)

Your committee therefore recommend that no alteration be made in the retaining fee to be paid to the Section Chief Officers, or to the Firemen, but that a sum of £42 be paid to each section of the brigade to be distributed by the Section Chief Officers in proportion to the amount of duty and fires attended by each member of the section.

The total amount to be paid would be as follows:
5 section Chief Officers at £15 (£75)
55 retained volunteer firemen at £3 (£165)
Amount to be shared amongst the members of each section, 5 at £42 (£210)
Total £450

This compares with an average of £391 6s 8d shewn above, an increase of approximately £60. Your committee feel that the adoption of this method would be a means of avoiding the question as to which unit should attend fires at any time of the day or night.

They discussed the suggestions with the Section Chief Officers, who agreed to the proposal if approved by the council, and have given an undertaking to place it before the firemen with a view to its acceptance.

Your committee therefore recommend that the proposal be adopted, with effect as from 1st July 1941."

Chief officer reports the following call outs to fires - Horton Kirby (7), Eynsford (6), Swanley (2), Stone (4), Wilmington (7). All stations a mixture of regular and auxiliary brigades.

"At a meeting of Chief Officers held at Chatham Town Hall on Thursday 1st May 1941, called by the Regional Inspector, the question of supplementary water was discussed. It was decided to mark and square off on a 6 inch map all the available supplies and to see that every receptacle is filled, so that we are able to work in the event of mains being destroyed. These supplies are to be card indexed and also lengths of hose necessary."

Committee recommend new fire hydrant near the council houses at Ash.

1 July 1941

Housing - Harry White of Ridley Court to be served with notice under s.44 Public Health Act 1936 to repair defective water closet at Red Haven, Pescot, Longfield.

Cesspool emptying - Longfield and Southfleet Sanitary Committee vote to wind themselves up on 31 March 1942 and ask that DRDC take over cesspool emptying. They cite "modern requirements and financial considerations" as the reason.

Fire Brigade - only 2 call outs in the last month to fires, one each by Horton Kirby and Eynsford Auxiliary Fire Engines. Hydrant pressure at Longfield Hill being monitored, 20lb psi, flow 45 gallons per minute. A two man manual engine not being used at present is to be relocated from Longfield Depot to Hulberry Farm, where there is a volunteer crew available to run it and ample supply of water.

Pay - fire crews have decided not to accept offer in minutes of 3 June, but as the government plan to take over all fire services, the council have decided not to take any further action.

Agriculture - "Standing Crops - Fire protection of cornfields. All farms to have watchers and to be abel to contact the fire stations quickly. To have at least one stirrup pump and people trained to use it. Carts or lorries ready for conveying tanks to any part of the farm; to be equipped with buckets, beaters, all old sacks, old lorry covers or tarpaulins, which are of no further use which can be saqturated with water in case of fires of this kind. Fire Brigades are instructed to use diffuser or vfry small bore nozzles, so as not to waste valuable water."

Hartley School - "Provision of Meals - a letter dated the 26th ultimo, was read from Mrs R E Oldrey asking if arrangements could be made for meals to be supplied to residents of Hartley from the canteen now in operation at the school. The Clerk reported he was in communication with the Director of Education, with the Clerk of the Parish Council, and with Mrs Oldrey to ascertain first whether the Education Committee would provide facilities for meals to be purchased, and secondly, what demand existed for the facilities. It was resolved that consideration of the matter be adjourned pending completion of the enquiries."

29 July 1941

Councillor C S Bignell (Hartley) - to become Chairman of the Council.

Councillor Rev H B Hennell (Ridley) - resigns for council due to health and difficulty getting petrol to attend meetings. He has been a member since 1904.

Health Measles outbreak with 316 cases in the DRDC district, including Hartley (4), Fawkham (6), Longfield (21), Ash (12). Also 4 cases of whooping cough at Longfield. 5 diphtheria immunisations at Longfield clinic.

Attendance at Longfield Ante-natal clinic - 1. Following merger of Southfleet Nursing Association into Longfield and District Nursing Association, ante-natal patients now being seen at Southfleet. Council to increase payment to Longfield Association from £8 to £12 per annum.

Housing - Following works completed under the Public Health Act 1936: 5 St Georges Cottages, Longfield (cesspool emptied), Red Avon, Pescot, Longfield (new WC pan provided, floor repaired).

War time nurseries - Council have made enquiries and found there is a demand in Stone, Swanley and possibly (West) Kingsdown.

Fire brigade - 9 attendances to fires in the last month with following engines: Horton Kirby (Aux 2), Eynsford (Reg 3), Swanley (Reg 3, Aux 1). Beresford Stork pump to be moved from Swanley fire station to Crockenhill where there are sufficient men there to man it. Lack of bell system making it difficult to muster a crew at Eynsford. Council to get estimates of cost of installing call bell system at Eynsford.

Agriculture - "On instruction from the Regional Commissionr, I have visited many farms in the area and have had printed 250 copies of a circular giving information relating to Fire Protection of Crops. These have been, and are still being distributed to every farmer in the area, so that there can be no excuse they were not advised and instructed in ways and means of helping to protect their own interests….

Your committee recommend that the National Farmers Union, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and the Kent War Agricultural Executive Committee be asked to impress upon farmers, assuming the country is still at war next year, that they should grow barley and other similar crops liable to be set on fire by incendiary bombs, in small areas or sections in fields by setting lanes of potatoes or other similar type of crop in between so that the danger to ripe crops by incendiary bomb attacks is minimalised and fires confined to small areas."

7 October 1941

Councillor C S Bignell (Hartley) - he writes to say he is off sick and is likely to be so for a while.

Health - 158 cases of measles in the district including Hartley (2), Longfield (3), Fawkham (1). 10 cases of whooping cough at Longfield.

Cesspool emptying - "Ash and District Joint Sanitary Committee. Your committee have received a letter from the Secretary of the Ash and District Joint Sanitary Committee stating that it had been decided not to have the committee's sanitary van repaired but to accept an offer of immediate sale and the Sanitary Committee desired to know whether the council were prepared to continue the emptying of cesspools up to the 1st April 1942, on which date the District Council propose to take over the service for the whole district, and the scale of charges to be made therefor. Your committee recommend that owners of premises in the outlying parishes whose cesspools are emptied before the 1st April 1942, be charged at the rate of £2 per cesspool or £2 10s 0d per day for emptying cesspools, and that the amounts be collected from the owners direct by the District Council." Council agreed but amended this to make the A&DRS Committee responsible for collection of the fees.

Salvage - Salvage of waste paper, non-ferrous metals, textiles, bottles and screened dust was 29 tons 13½ cwt in July and 16 tons 6 cwt in August. Salvage of bones was 3 cwt in July and 4 tons in August. "During the month of August approximately 9 tons of kitchen waste was collected in the district by local pig breeders." Council has been told by ministry of Supply to survey and provide a schedule of "iron railings, gate posts, chains, bars, and similar articles in this district which may in present circumstances be deemed to be unnecessary and do not fall within the following categories, viz: (1) iron railings which should be maintained for safety reasons; (2) railings necessary to prevent cattle etc from straying; (3) railings of special artistic merit or of historic interest. Public notice of the intention to conduct the survey has been given in the local Press." Ministry has also said railings should not be removed where a replacement is necessary.

War damage - 12 houses damaged in last month, repairs ongoing.

Fire brigade - National Fire Service took over role from local authorities on 18 August 1941. Council have accepted an offer of £4.10.0 from A Cole & Son, Brickfield Farm, Longfield, for an old engine formerly at Horton Kirby together with 4 wheels and 2 axles belonging to a dismantled fire engine at Longfield Depot.

2 December 1941

Health - attendance at Longfield ante-natal clinic was 2. Also 2 diphtheria immunisations at Longfield.

Following circular from Ministry of Health, Council hope to introduce distribution of fruit juice and cod liver oil to under 2s from 1 January.

War Time Nurseries - Ministry of Health has approved nursery at The Lawns, Church Path, Stone.

ARP Shelter Survey - "Your committee have received a report from the Air Raid Precautions Officer shewing that:
(i) 6,202 Anderson shelters have been delivered to applicants in the district.
(ii) 2,000 Anderson extensions have been issued.
(iii) 302 Brick shelters have been erected.
(iv) 228 Morrison table shelters have been issued free of charge.
(v) 21 Morrison shelters have been purchased by residents.
(vi) 180 Anderson shelters have been tanked.

It appears that 200 Anderson shelters still require to be tanked and that 75 outdoor and 52 indoor shelters are still required to satisfy applications received to date. To meet these requirements there are 30 Anderson shelters and 51 Morrison table shelters available and notification has been received that a further 100 Morrison shelters are being despatched by the Ministry of Home Security to the Council."

Canteens - Council has still not heard from Kent Education Committee about canteens at Swanley and Kingsdown. They have identified a site near Kingsdown Village Hall and have offered a building at Longfield depot now no longer required by the ARP, but await a reply from KEC. Council to write to county councillors to stress the urgency.

Housing - council agreed to sale of part of land owned by Mr E O Jones at Gorse Way, Hartley, on condition money goes to reducing sum owed on mortgage to the council.

Public Entertainments - Kent County Council had decided cinemas should open on Sundays between 3 and 8.30pm in December. Upon complaint by Cllr Rev Stanley Morgan that the opening houses were adversely affecting Sunday Schools, council agreed to amend the permitted hours to 4 - 8.30pm on Sundays.

6 January 1942

Cesspool emptying - Council to buy Dennis 750 gallon Cesspool Emptier with 200 foot hose at cost of £1,040 if they can get a license to purchase from the Ministry of War Transport. Application made to the SE Regional Transport Commissioner.

Mr H T Penney of Windy Ridge, Church Road, Hartley has written to ask whether the council taking over emptying in Hartley will increase the rates. Council calculate the total cost for year ending 31 March 1941 was £495.12.11¼ made up of vehicle running expenses (£81.18.4), petrol and oil (£116.1.0¼), wages and pension contributions (£295.10.11) and Third Party insurance (£2.2.8). Council's budget was £600, the remainder being depreciation on the £750 they spent to buy the vehicle 6 years ago. Wage increases and more collections may increase overhead slightly, but DRDC have already been asked to take over the Longfield and Ash area collections and are doing so for some time.

War Damage - no further damage to report this month.

British Restaurants - WVS have offered to run any British Restaurant set up by the council. Committee to look into the issue, it was suggested there was need of one in Crockenhill.

Housing - Mr E O Jones has sold another plot in Gorse Way for £60 and will be reducing his mortgage with the council by the £50 net proceeds after the cost of the sale. Clerk said their security was still a lot of land, so council consented to sale.

3 February 1942

Cesspool Emptying - deputation from Hartley Parish Meeting (C D Mayley and R T Gray) with Mr Collis of Ash, met council to enquire about cost of service. Given the same answer as H T Penney (see 6.1.42)

Rat and Mice Destruction Act 1919 - 149 rats destroyed in Swanley, Crockenhill and Eynsford area.

Salvage - in December council sold 41 tons 13¼ cwts of waste paper, metal, textiles, glass, screened dust and bones. Also other voluntary bodies had collected 20½ tons of paper and pig keepers had collected 38 tons of kitchen waste. Council to run salvage week 7-14 February. "It is hoped to advertise this special effort in the press and to obtain the use of loud speakers to tour the district appealing to all householders and others to give up all old books, files and other waste paper to the collectors when they call in the week."

ARP - government says unpaid part time volunteers will not be able to resign civil defence without the consent of the local authority from 5 February 1942. Council has let affected staff know but only a very small number of resignations ahead of the new regulations coming into force.

In ARP competition Riseley with Longfield win first place for First Aid Post and Ash win 1st place for First Aid Parties.

3 March 1942

Cesspool Emptying - council have received a lower quote of £932 for a 750 gallon cesspool emptier from Karrier Motors Limited. So they decided to buy this, subject to getting the license from the Ministry of War Transport.

War Damage - "Repairs are continuing satisfactorily, and nearly all ceilings needing renewal or urgent repairs have been completed. The work of reglazing broken windows is being undertaken as and when builders receive supplies of glass, which have tightened up considerably during the past few weeks, and, therefore, only partial reglazing can still be considered. A number of calls have been made and advice and help in completing their forms has been given to persons wishing to carry out permanent repairs through the War Damage Commission.

Rates 1942-1943 - Precept for Hartley to fall from 12/7 in 1941-42 to 11/6 in the pound for the coming year. Other figures are Ash (11/7), Fawkham (11/6), Longfield (11/10).

Corona Cinema, Swanley - under the Sunday Entertainments Act 1932 they have contributed £145.4.4 for charitable objects for the year ended 31.12.1941. Council decide the following local charities should benefit: Ash and District Nursing Association (£10), Longfield and District Nursing Association (£10).

ARP - Miss G M Serjeant is visiting local schools to check gas masks and teach children how to use them.

British Restaurants - "The Clerk reported that the sub-committee appointed to deal with the question of British Restaurants in the rural area had met that day to consider the correspondence from the Ministry of Food with regard to an application received from Lady Shaw of White House, Fawkham, for an allowance of meat, margarine and cooking fats to enable meat pies to be made for sale to agricultural workers and others residing in that neighbourhood. The Minister expressed the opinion that it would be better for Lady Shaw to act under the auspices of the council and asked if they would adopt the proposal as an official function of the council in the event of the proposals being approved. The sub-committee recommended that the council approve the proposals and the ministry fo Food be informed accordingly. It was resolved that the proposals be adopted as an official function of the council and Lady Shaw be asked to submit a monthly report upon the progress of the service, for details and number of pies supplied, and some particulars of the types and occupations of the people purchasing the food."

Housing - "A letter dated the 26th ultimo was read from Messrs Baily & Goff stating that Mr E O Jones had made another application for the sale of a further 80 ft of frontage to his land at Gorse Way, Hartley, for the sum of £130, the amount to be paid by a deposit of £30 and 30 equal instalments of £3 6s 8d, and asking the amount the council desired to pay off the mortgage to release this particular piece of land. Messrs Baily & Goff stated that it would appear the proper course would be for the vendor to enter into a contract with the purchaser for the sale of the land on the terms mentioned, the money to be paid to the vendor or themselves until the whole amount had been paid and the conveyance then prepared in which the council would join. It was resolved that the course suggested by the solicitors be agreed to and that Mr Jones be requested to pay the whole of the amount of the purchase in redemption of the mortgage, less the cost of the conveyance."

7 April 1942

Health - 1 case of pneumonia at Hartley.

Housing - Owner of Southview, Church Road, Hartley has written to claim property cannot be repaired under Housing Act 1936 at a reasonable cost.

The timber building called "The Retreat", Fawkham Green has still not been dismantled.

Buildings erected without plans: "The officer commanding No 4 Platoon, 19th Battalion, Kent Home Guard, in respect of a timber hut erected at Main Road, Longfield, for the use of the Home Guard. A letter has been sent requesting a site plan, so that the Kent County Council can be notified under the Restriction of Ribbon Development Act 1935, and to enable the council to issue a temporary license."

Salvage - 58 tons collected in the last month. Council has received notification from the government making it illegal under Statutory Rule 336 of 1942 to destroy waste paper or to put it in the waste bin with non-recyclables.

Cesspool emptying - council has received license to purchase Karrier cesspool emptier. Council to write letter of thanks to Mr E J Stokes, clerk for 34 years of the Longfield and Southfleet Sanitary Committee since it started up in 1907, to thank him for "the work done by him for the improvement of village life and for the good of the district generally."

5 May 1942

Salvage - amount collected in the last month was clean paper 6.96 tons, Other paper 19.56 tons, jars 2.43 tons, rags 0.96 tons, gunny etc 1.56 tons, black scrap 1.85 tons, rubber 3.65 tons, bones 0.23 tons. Total 37.19 tons, value £157.8.3. There was also 42 tons of kitchen waste collected direct from dwelling houses by private pig and poultry breeders. Ministry of Supply has said there is an especial need for scrap rubber.

Warships week - council to exchange plaques with the Corvette Gloxinia.

Invasion precautions - parish councils have made the following nominations for the proposed triumvirates (police, army, civil representatives): Ash (F Goodwin, White House, Ash), Fawkham (L Green, Elm Cottage, Post 12B, Fawkham), Hartley (C Sizmur, Ash Road, Hartley), Longfield Hill (J W Blackman, Hollybush, Longfield Hill), Longfield rest of parish (W T Goodwin, 8 Woodview, Longfield), Ridley (none). First meeting will be at Avenue House, South Darenth on 14 May, transport will be arranged.

Health - circular from Ministry of Health urged councils to impress on parents the importance of immunisation against diphtheria as it was the main fatal disease for children aged 4-10. Council replied they thought they had been in the forefront of the immunisation campaign and urged the ministry to make it compulsory.

2 June 1942

Local Government Reorganisation - council support resolution of Cirencester RDC to oppose any proposal for regional government.

ARP - Anti-gas training at Fawkham and Riseley. Council have received a mobile gas cleansing station from the county council, which is currently at Avenue House, South Darenth.

Following instructions from the Ministry of Home Security, Kent County Council have told DRDC to reduce the number of paid civil defence personnel as follows: Wardens (from 42 to 22), Report and Control Centre (from 9 to 6), Ambulance (from 13 to 6), First Aid Posts (nil - unchanged), First Aid and Rescue Service (from 34 to 28). Total (from 98 to 62). "Your committee have instructed the officers concerned to submit a scheme for the reduction in the present whole-time personnel to the revised establishments now authorised and for the whole-time personnel of the First Aid and Rescue Parties to be based on one depot at Longfield and for such personnel to be trained as to be interchangeable."

West Kent Electric Co Ltd to overhaul the 5 air raid sirens at cost of £14 16s 0d

7 July 1942

Aid to China week - council agree to support the week by holding 6 meetings in support with speakers, including Hartley Country Club on 2nd July. Already £14 14s has been raised in the district for the China Campaign Committee.

British Restaurants - subcommittee say no part of the district is populous enough to warrant a full British Restaurant, but they have considered the provision of meat pies and snacks etc throughout the area. "In making enquiries throughout the district, it was found that Messrs Light Ltd of Dartford, were already supplying meat pies in the parishes of Farningham and Longfield and the village of Hextable." They are to ask them to supply other parishes too. "They have therefore made arrangements, with the help of the WVS for the sale of the pies by tradesmen in the following parishes, viz. Ash, Darenth, Eynsford, Kingsdown, Southfleet, Swanley Village and Sutton at Hone, and the approval of the War-time Meals Officer of the Ministry of Food has been asked for….. Your sub-committee were informed that no facilities for war-time meals were needed in the parishes of Hartley (where the school canteen is available for certain of the public), Stone and Wilmington.

Salvage - County salvage drive to run from 17 July to 1 August. Normal bin collections will be suspended so staff can support drive. "They have suggested to the parish councils that possibly arrangements could be made with a local shopkeeper, or in some other manner, where salvage displays could be made in order the public may be shown the numerous articles used in connection with the war which are made from salvable materials." Parish councils to be given names of DRDC salvage stewards so they can help them, Sutton at Hone, Southfleet and Kingsdown parish councils have pledged support to the DRDC and stewards in the salvage drive.

39 tons 14½ cwt collected in June. New instructions on how to serve notice on householders to requisition railings received from Ministry.

ARP - film on Bomb Reconnaissance was shown to 650 members from the Wardens, First Aid and Rescue, Kent Mobile Reserve, 19th Battn Home Guard, 1236 Squadron ATC, National Fire Service, Police and Fire Guards.

Health - 59 cases of measles in the district including 1 at Hartley.

Transport - Minister in House of Commons debate dated 30 June 1942 rejected motion supported by DRDC to extend workmen's tickets until 8.30am. He thought it would be used by season ticket holders, and encourage people to travel later, putting further pressure on the rush hour traffic.

4 August 1942

Salvage - It was reported that the daily collections in the various parishes during the salvage drive were as follows: Ash and Hartley (6 loads of iron, 3 loads of paper and rags), Longfield, Southfleet & Ridley (4 loads of Iron, 4 loads of paper and rags). So far they have disposed of 5 tons of Cullet, 3½ tons of rags, 1 ton of gunny (sacking etc), 50 tons of mixed iron etc, 8 cwt bones, 12 cwts paste jars, 8 tons of rubber, 20 tons of paper. Some still needs to be collected. Council thanks WVS, parish councils and salvage stewards.

Housing completions - the drains at Rough Lee, Hodsoll Street have been tested and passed.

War damage - council have received approval from the Minister to use its powers to repair Sunnyval, Chichester Road, Stone and Derpete, London Road, Horns Cross. They have also spoken to the owners of 73 and 75 St Johns Road, Stone about reinstating their properties.

1 September 1942

HRH Duke of Kent - council to send condolences to his wife for the loss of her husband in the service of his country.

Fire Guard - "Owing to the use by the enemy of new types of incendiary bombs, and the increasing shortage of manpower, the Government have decided to introduce compulsory training for fire guards and the compulsory enrolment of women for fire prevention duties. Instruction in fire prevention duties will thus be materially increased, and the stirrup pump and fire drill for all fire guards should be carried out within a period of 90 days from the issue of the instructions. It will be necessary to give fresh instructions regarding the methods of attacking the new bombs and to the public on ways in which they can help the fire guards. These instructions have already been circulated to the Head Wardens and Officers in charge of Services, and senior fire guards for street parties, members of the public and for business premises. The council's 14 instructor have discussed and practised the new teaching, and arrangements are being made for a meeting of the head wardens to discuss the reorganisation of the fire guard service to meet the new fire bomb threat. The following system of organisation in the council's area is suggested, viz:

1 Fire Party Leader to be appointed for each 4-10 stirrup teams, i.e. 12-30 fire guards.

1 Senior Fire Guard to be appointed for each 4-10 Fire Party Leaders.

1 Head Fire Guard to be appointed for each Head Warden's area. The Head Warden, if agreeable, to be appointed as Head Fire Guard.

Women to be considered for the appointments where suitable women are available.

Your committee recommend that the ARP Officer continue to act as Fire Prevention Officer, with Mr L R Shury, instructor and Mr A W Towe, Chief Warden, equally responsible for the Fire Guard Service, acting under the supervision of the ARP Officer.

In order to complete the training of the personnel as rapidly as possible, it is necessary to provide 4 additional huts, similar to that in use at Longfield, in various parts of the district, and your committee have therefore applied to the Regional Commissioner for approval to the expenditure, including the cost of erection.

Your committee understand that the Head Wardens are prepared to supervise the Compulsory Registration of Fire Guards to their various areas, and they recommend this offer be accepted." Approved by full council.

First Aid and/or Rescue Party Depot, Longfield - "Your committee have accepted the quotation of £9 10s 0d by the West Kent Electric Company for the installation of the necessary electric light and heating point in the new building which is being erected at Longfield. Your committee have received approval in principle from the Regional Commissioner to the transfer of the First Aid Party Depot from Riseley, Horton Kirby to Longfield, and also to the transfer o the two movable garages for First Aid Party cars; to the purchase of a wooden hut at a cost of £55; and formal approval to the precise expenditure will be given as soon as the cost of erection and fitting has been ascertained."

Housing - council agree to Mr E O Jones selling a plot with 40 foot frontage in Gorse Way for £60, provided he pays the council £50 towards the mortgage he has with the council, the remainder to meet sale expenses.

6 October 1942

Housing - Damp to floors abated and drains repaired at Longfield School under the Housing Act 1936.

Salvage - the following was collected in July and August: Waste Paper (July 32.2 tons, August 27.3 tons), non-ferrous metals (0.4 tons, 1.3 tons), textiles (4.3 tons, 1.9 tons), bottles & jars (0.8 tons, 0.3 tons), broken glass (14.5 tons, 0 tons), rubber (5.9 tons, 3.3 tons), bones (0.5 tons, 0.6 tons). Total raised £335.8.3 (July) and £228.10.7 (August, including £2.3.6 for felt hats). 36 tons of kitchen waste also collected in August by local pig and poultry breeders.

Electricity - "Your committee report that they have received an application from the West Kent Electric Co Ltd, for consent to the erection of extra high tension overhead lines in the parish of Hartley, from the existing line near Church Road to the new Chemical Works at Hartley Bottom, a total distance of approximately 490 yards as shown on plan no C469/42. Your committee recommend that consent be given."

Unfit food - a large amount of food surrendered as unfit for human consumption this month, including 13 x 6lb tins of luncheon meat, 19 tins of pineapple, 9 tins of plums, 7lb sausages, 9lb bacon, 12lb chopped ham, 10 stone fresh herrings, 5 tins stewed steak, 5 tins of bakes beans etc.

Rescue/First Aid Party at Longfield - "The accommodation for the whole time personnel has now been completed at Longfield and arrangements have been made for the whole time personnel of the First Aid Parties at present stationed at Riseley to be transferred to Longfield on the 28th instant."

ARP - the Regional Commissioner said the 1942 Compulsory Enrolment in Civil Defence order will not apply for now in Rural Districts until urban district registration has been completed. Fire watching duties during daylight hours relaxed under SE Region Circular 188.

Salvage - council have been informed railing etc removal work will begin in the district from 5 October. Contractors are SRS, Victoria Station House, Victoria SW1.

3 November 1942

Housing - works under Public Health Act 1936 completed include increased lavatory accommodation provision at St Joseph's School, Woodlands Avenue, Hartley; new drainage system at Barrack Bungalow, Hodsoll Street; roof repaired at St John's Cottages, Longfield Hill.

Emergency Water Supplies - "Progress is being made in testing well water throughout the district. I have arranged for Mr Earl to carry out the testing and chlorination of such water."

Housing - Deputy engineer and surveyor reports that war damage repairs have been completed on council houses in Stone and Swanley; periodical painting has been completed at Longfield, Sunset View Stone, Hillrise Darenth.

War damage - the following actions have been taken:

9 & 11 Carsington Gardens, Dartford - 11 has been demolished and salvageable materials taken to Longfield depot. First aid repairs by covering windows and fixing doors to no. 9.
73 & 75 St John's Road, Stone - survey completed and specifications prepared for reinstatement.
The Lodge, St Mary's Home, Watling Street, Stone - reinstatement work in progress.
Homestalls, Main Road, Kingsdown - survey and specifications completed.
2-40 Tylers Green, Crockenhill - extended repairs have been satisfactorily completed.

5 January 1943

Fire Brigade - no fire call outs in the last month.

Water - "Suggestions for static supplies at Longfield Hill, Ash and Ridley have been forwarded through Area Headquarters to Region, and the question of additional hydrants is receiving immediate attention. It is understood that a relay was held on the 2nd instant, in which water was relayed from the water basin at Longfield to the Divisional Training School at Pincroft, a distance of 1¾ miles." The Fire Force Commander has asked the council to do something about the water supply at Longfield Hill. Council say they can't because of a shortage of steel dams, meaning such that they have must go to "more important places". They would reconsider if dams became available.

Staff - annual review of salaries sets following rates - General Division (Males £150-£225, Females £140-£170), Clerical Division A (Males £230-£260), Administrative Division A (Females £180-£220).

Rates 1943-1944 - council looks again at removing parochial special expenses and charging them on the general rate. Council notes that this has been gradually happening already. One of main remaining special expense is sewerage expenses, and they decided to charge this to the general rate, meaning a 6d in the pound rise. They noted that cesspool emptying is now charged to the general rate and don't think that the arguments against carry much weight. They also think it will make the district stronger against any threatened reorganisation. On being put to the vote the full council voted 11-3 in favour. The members for Longfield and Ash voted against. The member for Hartley was in favour.

Health - 79 Diphtheria immunisations at Longfield and 20 at Ash. They have received a circular from the Ministry of Health saying they are about to publicise the scheme for children to get vitamin D supplements through Cod Liver Oil and Fruit Juice.

2 February 1943

ARP - council have submitted application to Ministry of Home Security to operate the 5 public sirens by remote control. Cost £130 per annum.

Councillor for Fawkham - Rev J T Matchett has resigned and Fawkham Parish Council were asked to nominate suitable persons for consideration by DRDC. They suggested Lady EMT Shaw of the White House, or Sir Thomas Hohler of Fawkham Manor. DRDC chose Lady EMT Shaw to be the councillor.

Warships Week - Admiralty certificates to be sent to each parish.

Salvage 69.6 tons were collected in January, made up of Screened Dust (41 tons), Paper (17.9 tons), Cullet (5 tons), Jars (4 tons), Rags (0.9 tons), Sacking etc (0.5 tons), Bones (0.2 tons), Black Scarp (0.1 tons). Total value £116 15s 1d. 41 tons of ashes were collected by brick makers, and 45 tons of kitchen waste by local pig and poultry breeders.

Railings - Council concerned to hear that Ministry has done another survey in the district after expressing satisfaction with the council's.

2 March 1943

Rates 1943-1944 - District and county rate will be 12s 3d in the pound, up from 11s 6d in 1942-1943. In addition Hartley Parish Council has levied a 1d rate and Longfield a 2d rate (Ash, Fawkham, Ridley - nil).

6 April 1943

Salvage - in February the council collected rags (0.6 ton), gunny (0.5 ton), bottles & jars (0.5 ton), bones (0.3 ton), paper (11.1 tons), cullet (0.5 ton), metal (¼ cwt). 37 tons of screened dust taken by brickmakers and 41 tons of kitchen waste by local pig and poultry breeders.

Rubbish collection - householders have trouble getting dustbins, so council decide to buy 100 black painted dustins for sale to the public from W P Butterfield Limited at 10s 10d each plus 2s 2d purchase tax.

Housing - Minister of Health has asked for details of how many houses the council wishes to build in the first year they are allowed to after the war. DRDC say 200, but haven't decided where yet.

War damage - some damage to roofs by shrapnel, repairs carried out where necessary. Repairs to 73-75 St Johns Road, Stone delayed by other calls on the workmen's time.

Farningham Woods - Mr J Lewis of Scudders Farm, Fawkham to take tenancy of Purgate Bottom Field at £15 per annum rent.

Post War Planning - Captain Bignell and 3 other to attend meeting between Professor Abercrombie and local authorities in the London Area.

The Retreat, Fawkham - Mr W A Cooper still has not demolished the building and council learns that it has been used on occasion for human habitation. Council have served notice on him to comply within 7 days after 25 March or they will take proceedings under the Public Health Act 1936. At full council a letter from Mr Cooper was read, saying that he had sublet the land to Mr Chilmaid and had not authorised the occupation of the building. Council decide to demolish the property themselves.

ARP - Regional Commissioner has decided to merge the Rescue and First Aid Party Services to be called the Rescue Services. DRDC to have 9 parties of 7 people (4 full time, 5 part time), to be based at Longfield (4 FT, 1 PT), Hawley (2 PT), Kingsdown (1 PT), Swanley (1 PT). Additional accommodation will be required at Longfield, Hawley and Kingsdown.

Beveridge Report - Council consider motions of support from Chislehurst and Sidcup Urban District Council. "After discussion it was resolved that the council call upon HM Government to introduce legislation at an early date adopting the general policy of the Beveridge Report, and to take such steps as may be necessary to put into operation the essential principles of such report immediately upon cessation of hostilities."

Dartford Rural Food Control Committee - council protest that their Food Executive Officer had been promised the job of a combined Dartford Urban / Rural / Swanscombe district but without warning it was suddenly given to Dartford's FEO instead. DRDC feel that officers should not be appointed if they have interests which may affect their impartiality.

Warships Week 1942 - council have received plaque commemorating their adoption of HMS Gloxinia during the week, which will be put in the entrance hall of the council offices. They have asked the WVS to organise comforts, books, games etc for the crew.

Captain C S Bignell (Member for Hartley) - "The Rev Stanley Morgan spoke in appreciative terms of the services rendered by Captain C S Bignell JP as Chairman of the Council for the past year, and this appreciation was supported by other members of the council. It was resolved that an expression of the council's appreciation be conveyed to the Chairman for his services during the past year. The chairman thereupon acknowledged the expression of appreciation."

4 May 1943

Salvage - the following were collected in March: Dust for brickmakers (38 tons), kitchen waste (43 tons), rags (1 ton), sacking (0.8 ton), jars (7 gross), bottle tops (£1 1s worth), black scrap (4.9 tons), bones (0.6 tons), paper (14.5 tons), rubber (1.5 tons), cullet (3 tons), broken records (10s worth), books (40 to distribute to local army units). Total value where sold £124.15.8. There is a collection towards the National Book Recovery and Salvage Appeal in the fortnight 8-22 May, the target is 2 books per head of population.

Health - Scabies to become a notifiable disease in the DRDC district. Kent County Council have asked for details of arrangements to treat smallpox. DRDC reply they have an arrangement with the London County Council for their smallpox hospitals to take patients from the DRDC area. DRDC to pay for running expenses for each patient or £120 per year whichever is greater.

Council agree the following rents be paid for rent for clinics: Ash (8s 0d per meeting - cheapest), Longfield (12s 6d per meeting, same rent for Farningham, Hextable, Horton Kirby, Kingsdown, Swanley and Wilmington Halls).

Attendance at recent Longfield Ante-Natal clinic was 3. Also 4 children immunised against diphtheria at Longfield in March, no whooping cough immunisations.

Post War Reconstruction - Electricity "Your committee have considered a report by the London and Home Counties Joint Electricity Authority on the reorganisation and development of electricity supply services, and an outline of a scheme for the London and Home Counties Electricity district. The scheme proposed provides for a reconstituted Electricity Board and for the transfer to the new Board of all the Undertakings within the district, the Appointed Day of transfer to be the earliest possible date, if practicable before the termination of the War, so as to enable an improved organisation to line up as a single concentrated organisation and to take its part as an essential feature of National Planning". Idea is to bring in uniformity of systems (e.g. phasing out DC current) and tariffs, and to bring in improvements held back by the fragmentation of the industry. Council vote to support the scheme, however they say it should go further and take over gas undertakings too and that they should all be under local authority control.

Housing - DRDC agrees to back Gravesend Council's motion of support to the Scott and Uthwatt commission reports on post war planning.

ARP Rescue Service - DRDC have submitted the following scheme for their vehicles to the Regional Commissioner for approval:
Whole time ambulances to be increased from 6 to 9 if application accepted.
Chevrolet (Reg KR5143), Austin (Reg YV2028), Studebaker (Reg CGU344) to remain as ambulances.
Morris Ambulance (Reg AUW484) to be converted to rescue van.
Ford V8 (Reg NJ6562) to be decided later.
Talbot ambulance (reg KL6746) is no longer serviceable and should be used for parts.
Austin 18hp cars (Reg CKO937, CKK526) and Hilman 20hp (Reg CKJ156) currently first aid party cars to be converted into ambulances.
To apply to Regional Commissioner for 6 extra rescue vans so there will be one per Rescue Party.

Parish of Hartley - Fire Brigades Act 1938 - "A letter from the Mid-Kent Water Company dated the 29th ultimo was read, stating that in accordance with section 3 of the Fire Brigades Act 1938, they gave formal notice of the intention of the company after the expiration of 14 days from the receipt to the Notice to provide and lay a 12 inch water main in the parish of Hartley as indicated on the plan enclosed with the notice. It was stated that the main would be supplied from their high level reservoir at Exdown with a capacity of 1 million gallons. They desired to be informed of any observations the Council desired to make upon the proposal, as in the absence of any observations they proposed to proceed with the work. The Clerk reported that he had consulted the Surveyor and the National Fire Service who had no observations to offer upon the proposals, and he had informed the Company, but had stated that the reinstatement of the highway should be carried out to the satisfaction of the Engineer and Surveyor."

Women's Land Army - Council discussed billeting. At present it was on a voluntary basis and no-one has been compulsorily billeted at present. Council tell Kent War Agricultural Committee they favour setting up hostels for WLA personnel.

Fire Guards - each parish has reported on progress of training of Fire Guards compulsorily enrolled under the Civil Defence Duties (Compulsory Enrolment) Order 1942. Longfield (not yet commenced), Hartley (in progress, 2 lectures per week by Mrs Lacy), Ash (in progress, 3 lectures per week by Mrs Lacy), Fawkham (in progress, 3 lectures per week by Messrs L Green and Castle-Smith). Special provision for training of persons in isolated places, including Hodsoll Street.

Housing - Mortgage to Mr A H Thompson in relation to premises in Hartley has been paid off. Council to sign discharge.

Agriculture: Anthrax "A case of anthrax was notified and confirmed at Lower Austen Lodge Farm. The carcase was destroyed and buried in quicklime and the necessary disinfection carried out."

1 June 1943

Health - immunisations for diphtheria (Ash 1, Longfield 2), Whooping Cough (Ash 1)

War time Nurseries - Council has received a request for one at Longfield. Mr Wright (local member) said he thought there was no demand for one. Council to make enquiries. Attendance at Stone Nursery averages 20.

Women's Land Army - WLA report to council that they hoped to open a hostel at The Priory, Swanley Village in June.

Aid to China Week - this raised £206 17s 2d. Council thanked by organisers.

6 July 1943

Health - cases of Whooping Cough (Ash 1), Measles (Longfield 3, Ash 5), Erysipelas (Longfield 1)

Salvage - Book Drive Chief Sanitary Inspector reports "During the past month my time has been mostly employed in organising, collecting and sorting books for the National Book Drive and to date the following is a record of the book drive:

6,247 books sent to troops per Post Office; 20,928 books sent to paper mills for salvage; 85 books retained of historical value. Total 27,260."

"Your committee have written to the district secretaries of the Dartford, Chislehurst and Sidcup and Orpington, and the Sevenoaks District committees, expressing thanks and appreciation for the cooperation and help given by the teachers and children at schools in the council's area in connection with the book drive. Your committee also desire to place on record appreciation of the sacrifices made by many children in giving up their own books, such as prizes etc to the book drive.

Your committee are also pleased to record their appreciation of the assistance given by Mr Passmore-Bishop of Little Stirrups, Church Road, Hartley, in organising the collection of books for the book drive in the parish of Hartley, from which parish some 10,000 books were collected."

Salvage May salvage figures were: Ashes for Brickmakers (42 tons), kitchen waste (43.5 tons), textiles (1.1 tons), cullett (2.5 tons), Paper (15.1 tons), black scrap (0.8 tons), bones (0.3 tons). Total value £106.7.11.

Health: Typhus Countywide scheme for dealing with any cases agreed to by DRDC. All cases from Kent to go to Bow Arrow Hospital, Dartford. All costs to fall on county rate.

Entertainments on Sundays Corona Cinema in Swanley ask for permission to hold concerts for troops in August on Sunday afternoons. Currently their stage play licence only covers weekdays. In view of help cinema has given to charitable events, council agree.

YMCA Mobile Cinema Van DRDC decide to join in fundraising drive to buy a Mobile Cinema van for Dartford UDC, Dartford RDC and Crayford UDC areas. Cost £750 to £1,000.

HMS Gloxinia "A letter from the commanding officer of HMS Gloxinia was read, dated the 17th ultimo, expressing the appreciation of the officers and members of the ship's company on their adoption by the inhabitants of the Rural District. He stated that the ship had been on service in the Mediterranean since the first months of her life, and that the Admiralty had not forgotten that the flower Gloxinia was a native of Africa. He also stated that the work of Corvettes against U-Boats and as convoy escorts was well known, and the Gloxinia had seen a good deal of sea and parts of the Greek and three Libyan campaigns, as well as the battle for Malta. In addition, the ship had shot down an enemy aircraft near Alexandria. He reported the crew were in need of books and magazines of every sort as they were very scarce, as well as games and playing cards, sports gear and similar articles. In addition, blue and black stockings were very useful as they were part of their uniform and were in short supply. He also stated that a photograph of the ship was being sent under separate cover. It was hoped that the exigencies of the service would allow the ship to be sent to a home port, when perhaps visits to the ship could be arranged. In the meantime if there was any inhabitant who would like to have pen friends in their ship, he would be happy to arrange for an exchange of letters.

The clerk reported that he already had a number of books available to send to the ship. It was resolved that a copy of the letter be sent to each member of the council, to the parish councils, and the WRVS, and that they be asked to organise the collection of books and games for the ship, such collections to be sent to the council offices for despatch."

Local Government Reform Hartley, Eynsford, Horton Kirby, and Fawkham parish councils have supported the resolution of Darenth Parish Council on the issue.

3 August 1943

Joint Town Planning Committee Dartford BC, Gravesend BC, Dartford RDC, Strood RDC, Northfleet UDC and Swanscombe UDC to discuss setting up a joint committee. Regional Planning Officer told them they would need to delegate their powers to this committee if it went ahead. Council agree in principle to join.

St John's Jerusalem, Sutton at Hone Council hears that Sir Stephen Tallents has presented the house to the National Trust. Vote of thanks to him passed.

Garden Shows Council grant £3 towards running of Fawkham Produce show.

Harvest Volunteers Councillors told that there was no Volunteer Land Organisation office in DRDC, people told to go to Dartford Borough Office if interested.

Agricultural and Horticultural Victory Garden Shows Longfield parish council are organising one on September 18th.

7 September 1943

Mr George Day, deceased "The Chairman referred to the passing of Mr George Day since the last meeting of the council, and paid tribute to his work as a member of the council from its inception in 1894 until his retirement for reasons of health in 1938, during which time he had been chairman of the council from 1921 to 1936. He also referred to Mr Day's other public work in many spheres, including that of the late Board of Guardians and the Kent County Council, and referred in appreciative terms to the long service he had performed in the welfare of the public. Mr A Hewett and the Rev Stanley Morgan spoke in similar terms. The members then stood in silence as a token of respect. It was resolved that a letter of sympathy be sent to Mrs Day expressing sincere condolence for the loss she had sustained."

HMS Gloxinia Clerk reported that some books and playing cards had been received and they have been promised a gramophone and records. WVS say they will knit comforts if they can get the wool.

Gorse Wood, Hartley "The Chairman reported that he understood the sale of plots of land was taking place in Gorse Wood, Hartley, and it was desirable that the development of the estate should be carefully controlled. The clerk reported that the land was zoned for agricultural purposes. It was resolved that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, together with the surveyor and clerk, be authorised to inspect the area and report to the Town and Country Planning Committee."

5 October 1943

Housing Improvements under Housing Act 1936 include Hill Barn Bungalow, Fawkham (works completed), Le Stocks, ‘June Hill', Hartley (new drains, soil pipes, bath, WC and cesspool completed).

Agriculture Notice to limewash walls of cowsheds at Churchdown Farm, Fawkham and Green Farm, Fawkham, under Milk and Dairies Order 1926.

Salvage The following was collected in July and August: Rags (0.8 tons), sacking (0.4 tons), bottles (360), jars (5,472), miscellaneous metal (0.8 tons), black scrap (1.5 tons), bones (0.3 tons), clean paper (29.9 tons), rubber (1.7 tons), cullet (2 tons). Total value £218.19.1.

War Emergency Paint Ministry of Works have authorised the manufacture of 500,000 gallons of paint, of one colour only (dark brown), at 1s 9d a pint tin and 3s 6d a quart tin. It is only to be used to prevent deterioration of the exterior of dwellings and other civil property, and not for ordinary building maintenance. It will only be available from Dartford Co-op, Messrs J H Sankey & Sons, Dartford, and Messrs Edwards & Co (Longfield) Limited of Longfield.

Housing Surveyor reports work in progress on plan 3337 (Chapel Wood, Ash). Extended repairs being carried out to war damaged properties.

Gorse Wood Estate, Hartley "A joint inspection has been made with the Surveyor and Chairman, of properties. Wooden structures have been found erected without deposit of plans. Formal notices have been sent to the known owners."

HMS Gloxinia 77 books, 26 packs of cards, 4 sets of draughts and board, 1 chess set and other days, 6 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves and 1 helmet sent. Clerk reported that they couldn't get any wool and in any case the government has said that knitted comforts must be sent to a central fund and not to individual ships. In addition £6 11s 0d has been donated, from which additional articles will be bought.

2 November 1943

Health In September 1943 there was 1 case of tuberculosis in Hartley, and 2 cases of whooping cough in Ash.

Housing Surveyor reports new drains have been completed in September at Le Stocks, Hartley under the Public Health Act 1936.

Agriculture Works to cowshed and dairy at Green Farm and Churchdown Farm, Fawkham, now completed.

Salvage September results were: Clean Paper (12 tons), sacking (0.5 tons), rags (0.6 tons), bones (56lb), rubber (1.4 tons), cullett (1 ton), miscellaneous metal (0.5 tons). Total value £89.19.6.

Post war housing Council have decided that the following sites would be the allocated the 200 houses they plan to build in the first year of reconstruction: Watchgate, Darenth (56), St James's Lane, Stone (66), Swanley (68), Hodsoll Street, Ash (10).

Housing completion Addition to wash house (plan 3337) at Chapelwood, Ash, now completed.

War damage Bomb blast on 7 October 1943 led to extensive window and roof damage in Darenth, Sutton at Hone and Hawley areas. First aid repairs immediately carried out and builders are continuing with further reinstatement. Further damage on 21 October 1943 in Southfleet area. First aid repairs carried out and extended work in progress.

Gorsewood Estate, Hartley "The Clerk reported that he had communicated with H R Wardill, Regional Planning Officer, who was attending at the council office on Tuesday the 9th instant at 10.45am to discuss the question of the procedure to be adopted to prevent unsatisfactory development in the future on the Gorsewood Estate, Hartley, and in any other part of the district where development is likely to occur."

Aid to China fund Mr L U Judge wrote to say they had raised £2 12s 0d from a film show at Hartley Country Club. Other fundraising events planned in Darenth and Crockenhill.

HMS Gloxinia 5th parcel sent by the council, containing books and games. A letter of thanks has been received from Lt-Commander Harkness, the officer commanding. The plaque from the ship will be loaned to Hartley Country Club for a function on the 20th November.

ARP The senior regional officer of the Ministry of Health, Mr A S Charlton, visited the district on 27th October, and visited the Longfield Ambulance Station, amongst others.

7 December 1943

Health 48 cases of notifiable infectious diseases in October, including 1 case of pneumonia at Hartley, and one of scarlet fever at Longfield.

Housing Improvements under Housing Act 1936 under way at Avondale, New Barn, and completed at 8 Bennets Avenue, Ash.

Salvage Figures for October 1943 were Rags (0.9 tons), sacking (0.3 tons), miscellaneous metal (0.3 tons), bones (0.8 tons), clean paper (22.1 tons), rubber (1.4 tons), pig food (47 tons). Total value £120 18s 6d. Of this 7.4 tons collected by voluntary bodies. Ministry of Supply have analysed local authority returns and think DRDC is too low on bones and paper salvage. Council point out that hospitals and institutions in the district dispose of paper direct and the council can't get them to give figures. They will arrange for bins to be fixed at approved positions in the populous part of each parish to collect bones. They will ask parish councils for permission to fix bins to lamp posts.

Rats and mice Ministry of Food has written to remind councils of their power to deal with infestations and that they expect councils to use them. Council decide to pay 2d per rat's tail produced. District councillors or other duly authorised person to receive them on behalf of the council.

Health Immunisations of children in October at Longfield clinic were diphtheria (2), whooping cough (1), both (1). Total in whole of DRDC 58.

4 January 1944

Housing Improvements under Public Health Act 1936 at Rose Marie, Ash Road, Hartley (drains cleansed), and 4 Billet Cottages, Ash (gutters cleansed to abate dampness).

Disinfestation of vermin at Boot Shop and adjoining property, Station Road, Longfield. Following premises visited, poison laid and advice given at Lynhurst, Hoselands Hill, Hartley; 2 Fairview, Fawkham, Greenlands; Brands Hatch Road, Fawkham.

Salvage November's collection was clean paper (16.8 tons), black scrap (4.2 tons), sacking (0.5 tons), rags (0.8 tons), bones (0.3 tons), cullet (1.5 tons), kitchen waste (47 tons), brick dust (32 tons), miscellaneous metal (0.8 tons). Total value £107 6s 9d. 100 tons collected by council, 4 tons by voluntary organisations. Council has bought 150 tins to collect bones. Ministry of Supply say there is no need for compulsory powers now for ferrous scrap as they have enough to last ages.

Petroleum licenses Following licenses granted for 1944: (a) Southwark Council, Longfield Siding (300 gallons); (b) John Lewis, Scudders Farm, Fawkham (500 gallons); (c) F A Howe, Garage, Main Road, Longfield (2,000 gallons)

Slaughtermen licenses W Leeves of Station Road, Longfield given slaughterman and slaughterhouse license for 1944.

Health Immunisations of children in November at Longfield clinic were diphtheria (0), whooping cough (2), both (1). Total in whole of DRDC 64.

1 February 1944

Health During December there were 37 cases of notifiable diseases, including 1 case of pneumonia at Ash and 1 case of scabies at Ash.

Solly's Bungalow, Gorsewood Road, Hartley Council has served demolition order under the Housing Act 1936.

Housing Hartley House, Hartley treated with poison to deal with rats or mice.

Agriculture Health officer has taken 7 milk samples during the last month in the district. One cow was found to have tuberculosis and was slaughtered.

Sunday Entertainments Act 1932 The council decide on the charities to benefit from the £164 1s 7d paid by the Corona Cinema, Swanley under the act. The chosen charities include Ash and District Nursing Association (£10), Longfield and District Nursing Association (£10), WRVS for provision of wool for comforts for the troops (£10), Prisoners of War Fund (£15).

War damage "Enemy action caused damage to properties in the Kingsdown and Abbots Wood, Ash areas during the month. Repairs have been carried out by builders.

Thamesside Development Board Council decide to join. TDB was founded in 1936 to encourage develop land along the Thames between the Port of London Authority and Shoeburyness.

Fire Guards New scheme to be introduced in Swanley and Stone.

Housing Loan under Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts to Mr F O Comont has been discharged. (This relates to Valley Wood, Castle Hill, loan of £280 was taken out in 1931).

7 March 1944

Housing Demolition order notice affixed to front of Solly's Bungalow, Gorsewood Road, Hartley.

Salvage The following has been collected in the district in January: Clean Paper (12.6 tons), Bones (0.6 tons), Kitchen Waste (43 tons), Brick Dust (39.5 tons). Total value £76.3.2. Others will be recorded when it is collected from the depot next month.

"A circular letter has been received from the Ministry of Supply, stating that during the coming months there will be an urgent need for keeping industry supplied with raw materials required for direct war production and other essential purposes, and accordingly the nation must be called upon to make available to the utmost, all salvage materials, in particular, waste paper, rags and bones. The circular states that the WVS have agreed to cooperate with local authorities by undertaking a personal house to house canvas at an early date, such canvas to be supported with national publicity in the form of broadcasts, radio flashes, film trailers etc, and asking local authorities to arrange fro maximum local publicity by whatever means are available."

Road signs "Direction and signposts. The council will remember that representations were made by them to the county council for direction and sign posts to be reerected in view of the improved military situation. Your committee have now been informed by the County Council that direction and sign posts may now be reerected irrespective of previous restrictions and that they should be sited so as to take full advantage at night of masked headlamps. The surveyor has accordingly been instructed to reerect the direction and sign posts in the Rural District.

War time nurseries Only Stone and Swanley are mentioned, so it appears the proposed one at Longfield was never proceeded with.

ARP "Your committee has expressed their appreciation of the satisfactory manner in which all services have operated in connection with the recent enemy air attacks. They are also happy to report that letters of appreciation have been received from local inhabitants and others expressing their thanks for the assistance which the civil defence organisation and ancilliary services have rendered."

Rates precept 1944-1945 The district and country rate will be 12s 1d in the pound (of which Kent County Council's precept is 10s 0.25d) with additional parish rates of 1d (Ash, Hartley) and 2d (Longfield). Ridley and Fawkham have not levied a rate.

HMS Gloxinia Parcels 8 and 9 despatched to the ship containing 28 Records, 1 box gramophone needles, 32 books, 2 lexicons, 2 draughts, 2 dominoes, 2 jigsaws and a pack of cards.

War damage "Enemy action caused damage to properties in Swanley, Hextable, Darenth, Sutton at Hone, Wilmington and Stone districts. First aid repairs were immediately carried out and work is proceeding on extended repairs."

Planning of the London Area "A communication from the Clerk of the Kent County Council has been received referred to the Conference held at Bromley on the 7th April 1943 when Professor Abercrombie undertook to ask the County Council to call representatives of the local authorities concerned together at a future date, when he had some definite proposals to put forward for consideration. The county Council understand that it now appears unlikely that Professor Abercrombie intends to submit any proposals to a Conference of Kent Local Authorities prior to the submission of his completed plan to the government, and that the County Council desire all local authorities in Kent who were invited to the meeting at Bromley to be made aware of the present position. Your committee recommend that the County Council be informed that the District Council would welcome a conference to be attended by Professor Abercrombie to consider and express views and recommendations on any proposals made by Professor Abercrombie for the planning of the London area, and that the County Council be asked to press for such a conference accordingly."

4 April 1944

Housing Notices under Housing Act 1936 served on the owner of 1-3, Leyland, Suncroft, Woodside, Pinedale, Pineview, St Margarets and St Francis, Abbots Wood, Ash. Work in hand on 1,2,5-8 Abbots Wood, Ash. Drains cleansed at The Rising Sun, Fawkham, under Public Health Act 1936. Infestation of rats or mice dealt with at Strawstacks, Hartley Bottom.

salvage March return was Clean Paper (12.5 tons), Black Scrap (1.6 tons), miscellaneous metal (0.8 tons), rags (0.5 tons), sacking (1.5 tons), bones (0.3 tons), records (5 shillings' worth), brickdust (37 tons), kitchen waste (45.5 tons). Total value £92 9s 2d.

Milk Bacteriological tests at Speedgate, Fawkham and at Ash were very satisfactory. Local authorities are unhappy with proposals for the government to take over many of their regulatory functions relating to milk production.

Crematorium Medway authorities are proposing a crematorium between Medway and Maidstone to serve that area. It has been suggested Gravesend and Dartford area authorities do the same for their area.

War damage "Enemy action caused damage to properties in various parts fo the district on the 2nd and 22nd March 1944. First Aid repairs have been carried out. Extended work will be proceeded with as labour becomes available."

North Kent Joint Town Planning Committee the council consider the draft constitution. The area will be the boroughs/districts of Dartford, Gravesend, Northfleet, Swanscombe, Crayford, Dartford Rural, Strood Rural. Each authority to have 3 representatives as will Kent County Council. Most of the costs will be met by the County Council. They will be to prepare a joint scheme or schemes for town planning. DRDC will send all planning applications under the Planning Acts 1932-1943 for recommendations, but are not bound by the decision. Council ratify the constitution and appoint Captain C S Bignell of Hartley as one of their first 3 representatives.

Health 3 diphtheria immunisations at Longfield clinic in February.

ARP: Inspection of Respirators Council have checked 16,500 gas masks under free repair scheme which ended on 29 February. 2,500 repairs or replacements carried out. Condition of them was extremely good in residential areas, but only fair in industrial areas. "Your committee regret to report that the public response for the free repair of Respirators during the early part of the period was apathetic and in many sectors it necessitated the wardens conducting house to house inspections."

Civil Defence Flag Flag presented to council's Civil Defence Services by County Alderman Major M T Kirby, DSO. It had been blessed by Canon W Parker of Longfield.

Military Protected Area DRDC area is part of the area declared by the Secretary of State for War, which extends from the Wash to Lands End. With certain exceptions it means only residents may enter the area.

Sewerage and Sewage Disposal Schemes "A letter from the Kent County Council was read. Dated the 29th ultimo, stating that the County Council was about to give consideration to the question of projects which might be considered to be desirable to be undertaken in the immediate post war period, and that in the event of the County Council being asked to give financial assistance they desired to know whether the council had any schemes in contemplation, and if so, to forward particulars to the County Council.

The clerk referred to suggestions which had been made from time to time of laying a sewer from the parish of Ash, through Hartley and Longfield, to link up at Darenth, which could possibly also take Southfleet, and the Bean ward of Stone, as well as a sewer from Kingsdown to link up with the sewer at Farningham. If such sewers were ultimately constructed, the sewage would have to flow into the sewers of the Darenth valley Main Sewerage Board. These connections could not be made until the area under the jurisdiction of that Board was extended to include the parishes referred to. The Sewerage Board would have to give consideration not only to the extension of the Council's district, but of other districts within their jurisdiction, and whether the existing sewer would be capable of taking the added flow. It was resolved that the County Council be informed that although the Council had no immediate project in mind an extension of the sewers in the Council's district was under consideration and that the matter be referred to the Public Health Committee with instructions to investigate the possibility of sewers in some, or all, of the parishes referred to by the Clerk."

Post War Housing Gravesend Council has written to say, while they are working on proposals to build 108 houses on land they own, it might be possible to build 2,000 houses on a site in North Kent. They said it would need careful consideration and invited DRDC and others to informal talk, which DRDC agrees to attend.

HMS Gloxinia They have received a letter of thanks from the new commander of the ship. He sent pictures of the ship and crew. The council will frame them and put them up in the entrance hall, they will offer copies to any parish council who wants one.

Roads Council agrees with quotation for tar from South Metropolitan Gas Company at 7d per gallon net in multiples of twenty 40 gallon casks, subject to permits from the Ministry of War Transport.

1 May 1945

Health 3 cases of measles at Longfield and 1 at Hartley, 1 case of pneumonia at Hartley and 2 cases of scarlet fever at Longfield.

Salvage In the last month the following has been collected: Clean paper (7.85 tons), bones (0.15 tons), bottles (1,008), black scrap (2.64 tons), cullett (1.5 tons), kitchen waste (42 tons), ashes for brickmaking (17 tons).

Water "Your committee are informed that the Mid-Kent Water Company have removed the high water rate charge as from the 1st instant, which was previously charged in respect of those parishes served by the Mid-Kent Water Company in the Council's area."

HMS Gloxinia "A letter from the Commanding Officer of HMS Gloxinia was read stating that the ship had finally returned to home waters, and that when the periods of leave of the men had expired and they were less busily employed, they were anxious that an officer and a number of ratings should visit Dartford to express personally to the Council their gratitude for the many kindnesses the district had shewn to the members of the crew in the past. It was reported that a reply had been sent stating the dates of the council meetings, and the members of the council would be glad to meet an officer and a number of ratings."

Victory celebrations The council have received a letter from the Minister authorising any reasonable expenditure for local celebrations. "A letter from the Home Office was read, dated the 30th ultimo, giving information as to the manner in which the end of hostilities would be announced, of the proposal to open churches of all denominations for services and private prayer, that the Sunday following VE Day, should be observed as a day of thanksgiving and prayer, that full public lighting could not yet be restored due to the restriction on fuel, but bonfires could be allowed provided material of no salvage value was used, that businesses selling and distributing food should remain open for a few hours on VE Day and that on Thanksgiving Sunday, the government thought it appropriate that local authorities should organise victory parades, either in connection with the local services of thanksgiving, or later int eh day, such parades to include as many aspects as possible of the national effort." Council agreed to give parishes the equivalent of a 2d rate provided that any other expense does not come out of the parish rates but by local subscription.

5 June 1945

Health 1 case of measles in Hartley and 6 in Longfield.

Salvage In the last month the following has been collected: Clean paper (12.44 tons), rags (19.5 tons), bottles (960), kitchen waste (60.3 tons), ashes for brickmaking (17.5 tons), metal (0.25 tons), bones (0.15 tons). Most collected by council but some by voluntary organisations.

Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages KCC have revised their opening times in the Darent Valley sub-district: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month - West Kingsdown 10-11, Longfield 11.30 - 12.30, Southfleet 1-1.30. Attendance at Ash to be discontinued.

Petroleum Licenses C M Ellerby of Fairby Hill, Hartley, agricultural contractor, given licence to keep 250 gallons in the yard at the back.

ARP "Wing Commander Sir John Hodsoll, the Inspector General of Home Security, together with Col J H Campbell, the county ARP Controller and other county officials, met the Emergency Committee a the Civil Defence Headquarters, Avenue House, South Darenth, on the 3rd instant, after which Sir John Hodsoll inspected a representative parade of Civil Defence personnel. Communications have since been received from Sir John Hodsoll by the sub-controller and the ARP officer expressing his thanks for the kindness and hospitality shown to him on his visit, and stating that the Rural District has had to meet as heavy a scale of attack as probably any district in the country, and that he had never heard anything but the warmest possible praise for the work which has been done by the council's Civil Defence services."

"Communications have been received from the Ministry of Home Security giving instructions for the disbandment of the war organisation of the Civil Defence Services. In accordance with these instructions, notice has been given to whole-time paid members of the services to terminate their employment on the 1st July 1945, and steps are being taken to close all wardens' posts, first aid posts, rescue party depots etc. Your committee are also arranging for the dismantling of the various wooden huts, used as wardens' posts, and for their storage at the housing stores. The work of collection of equipment is proceeding and the rescue parties are also engaged on reinstating premises not owned by the council, but which have been used for civil defence purposes."

3 July 1945

War Damage Repairs completed this month to seriously damaged The Grove, Woodlea, New Barn, by builder G Russell & Son. Repairs in hand to the following other damaged properties: The Spinney, Orchard Cottage, Kine Dart, May Cate, Dunbar and Clevis, Main Road, New Barn; Knockfarren, Fawkham Avenue, New Barn; Haven Cottage, Hodsoll Street, Ash.

Salvage Figures for last month were: Clean Paper (8.46 tons), Bones (0.33 tons), Kitchen Waste (45 tons), Ashes for Brickmaking (15.5 tons).

"A communication has been received from the Ministry of Supply stating that with the cessation of hostilities in Europe the need for salvaging waste paper is no less urgent than before, but there has been a noticeable falling off in appeals to householders to make waste paper available as salvage. With a view to increasing supplies of waste paper, the Ministry have decided to offer to local authorities until further notice, but not longer than 1 year, an incentive in the form of a payment of £1 per ton in respect of every ton of waste paper sold by the local authority to licensed waste paper merchants or mills in each of the two half years to the 30th June 1946, in excess of 80% of the weight sold in the corresponding period of last year."

Staff Ministry of Health agrees to try and get release from the forces of Mr T H Iddison of Hartley, the district sanitary inspector.

Housing at Hodsoll Street "A communication has been received from the Ministry of Health, stating that subject to the approval of house plans by the Senior Regional Officer, and to the council being satisfied that the site will be in such a state that building can officially begin by the time the contract is let, authorisation is given to invite tenders for the erection of 10 houses in Hodsoll Street, Ash. The Architect and Housing Superintendent has submitted a draft house plan to the Senior Regional Officer of the Ministry of Health and on receipt of approval to, or suggestions on the plan, a draft layout will be submitted to the Committee for consideration. It is probable that the layout will only provide for 8 houses on the site already in the possession of the council at Hodsoll Street." Council agree to use Direct Labour rather than go out to tender.

Church Road, Pond "Mr Gladdish, Church Road, Hartley, has given permission to connect a small surface water pond (that frequently is a nuisance from overflowing) to a well on his property. (He lived at Stocks Farm) However council reject idea because of risk of contaminating water supplies.

Captain C S Bignell (of Hartley) "The Chairman referred to the honour conferred on Captain C S Bignell by HM the king, by the award of the MBE and desired to offer his congratulations and those of the council, upon the award made in recognition of his very able, willing and conscientious service in the Civil Defence Organisation of the district, and, having regard to the praise which has been bestowed by the authorities on the efficient working of the Civil Defence Organisation, it showed that there had been fine leadership."

Civil Defence "The Chairman stated that the organisation of the council's Civil Defence Services terminated on Sunday, the 1st instant, when all whole time personnel, with a few exceptions, ceased to be so employed. He felt the council had every right to be proud of the way in which the Civil Defence Services had functioned throughout the war, and that the thanks of the council were due to theperonnel for the loyalty and readiness with which they had carried out their duties. He made particular refrence to the services of Captain C S Bignell; of Mr F Sutch, the deputy sub-controller; Mr H C Radley, the Air Raid Precautions officer; and to his predecessors in that office; and to Mr A W Towe, who had been the Chief Warden and Fire Guard Officer and, although acting in a voluntary capacity, had put in an immense amount of time in carrying out the functions of the offices; to the Head Wardens, and to the head of the Casualty and other services."

Proposal to buy land at Hartley etc to control development "The Clerk reported that as instructed at the last meeting of the council, he had communicated with the local members of parliament and the North Kent Joint Town Planning Committee upon the council's desire to acquire the land at Fawkham, Hartley and Longfield, and had that morning received from Sir Waldron Smithers and Mrs J L Adamson copies of a letter they had received from the Minister of Town and Country Planning, which was to the effect that while the desire of the council to acquire the land was appreciated, the Minister felt that the Town and Country Planning Act 1944, gave planning authorities adequate powers to control the development of the land, and he was therefore unable to accede to the purchase of the land by the council."

31 July 1945

Housing Building Inspector reports that excavation of foundations of bungalow in Gorsewood Road for H C Turner is now OK (Planning ref 3391). Building line OK for bungalow at Gorsewood Road for R Ives (Planning ref 3340).

War Damage Repairs to Haven Cottage, Ash have been completed.

Hodsoll Street Council have completed plans for narrow fronted houses (estimated cost £913 each). The clerk was instructed to buy additional land there to enable 10 to be built.

Council Housing: Points scheme Council adopt the proposal of the clerk that they should adopt a points system used by other councils when allocating council housing, in view of the very large number of applications they are receiving. The following points scheme was agreed:

(1) Present Accommodation - Good 0, Poor 2, Very Poor 4, None 6.
(2) Degree of overcrowding, persons per room - One 0, Two 2, Three 4, Four 6
(3) Employed - In district 3, Outside district 1, Outside but formerly in 2
(4) Length of application - per year with satisfactory references 1 (max 6)
(5) Service in forces or service disablement - per year 1
(6) Whether husband or wife resident in district before 1939 - each 5 years 1 (max 6)
(7) Persons living in houses subject to demoltion/closing order or evicted from farm cottages - 1
(8) Homeless by enemy action - 1 year 1, each subsequent year ½.

One extra member of staff taken on to run the scheme.

Staff Forces will not release Mr Iddison of Hartley, no reason given.

4 September 1945

Housing at Hodsoll Street" A letter from the Ministry of Health was read, stating that the proposal to proceed with the erection of 10 houses.. by direct labour at a cost of £9,386 8s 4d was approved, and asking to be furnished with certain further information. It was also reported that there had been certain difficulties in connection with the acquisition of the additional land, due to the inability of the District Valuer and the owner's agents being able to agree on the price to be paid. The clerk reported that he had been in touch with the owners themselves, and, as a result he thought the price would now be mutually agreed.

A letter from the Mid Kent Water Company was read, dated the 27th ultimo, stating that the company would be prepared to provide and lay a 3 inch main at their own expenses if the council accepted responsibility for the payment of the water rates and would guarantee that the company will receive in water rates the sum of £10 per annum on the lines of the usual agreement. They also stated that the council would not doubt ask the National Fire Service if they desired a hydrant to be installed on the main. It was resolved that the council give a guarantee that the company would receive in water rates the sum of £10 per annum, and that the National Fire Service be asked whether they desired a hydrant."

2 October 1945

War Damage The following seriously damaged properties have had repairs completed in the last month: Sylva, Ash Road, Hartley (builder A Longhurst), Clevis and Dunbar, Main Road, New Barn (G Russell & Son)

Housing at Hodsoll Street "Your committee havbe been notified by the District Valuer that the purchase price to be paid for the area of land having approximately 1.016 acres, required for an additional housing site at Hodsoll Street, Ash, has been agreed at £75, Surveyor's fees and solicitor's costs on usual scale to be paid by the council in addition."

Housing Repairs to Suncroft, Peterkin and Woodside bungalows at Abbots Wood, Ash, completed under the Housing Act 1936. Roof repaired to abate damp walls at 1-3 The Drive, Longfield under Public Health Act 1936. Also The Orchard, Hoselands Hill, Hartley fumigated for fleas.

Food poisoning "Food poisoning occurred at Longfield, two families were affected. The suspected food was traced and samples submitted to the county laboratory."

Slaughterman licence Renewed for William Frederick Gough of St Teresa, Gorsewood Road, Hartley.

Salvage Following amounts collected in July and August: Clean Paper (18.44 tons), black scrap (1.25 tons), ferrous scrap (12.61 tons), metal (0.16 tons), rags (1.52 tons), sacking (0.3 tons), carpet (0.03 tons), bones (0.36 tons), ashes for brickmaking (34.5 tons), kitchen waste (109.25 tons).

Telephones "Your committee have received applications from the Post Office.. for consent to the erection of (a) 2 telegraph posts to carry wires in New Street, Ridley, and removal of telegraphic post carrying wires from outside Orchard Cottage to south side of New Street, and (b) 3 telegraphic posts to carry wires in New Street, Ridley. They have consented to the erection of the telegraph posts subject to them being placed in positions approved by the council's surveyor."

6 November 1945

Proposed satellite town at Meopham, Greater London Plan "The Council will have noticed references in the press to a proposal of a housing association to carry out a survey with a view to the erection of houses and other buildings to form a satellite town at Meopham mentioned in the Greater London Plan. Your committee have been in communication with the Ministry of Town and Country Planning, who stated that the housing association referred to in a recent announcement in the press is not sponsored by the ministry and has no connection with it. The Ministry state that in collaboration with other government departments they are at present considering the plan's proposals as a whole, including, of course, the proposal to establish a new town at Meopham, but than no decision had yet been reached, and full opportunity will be given to the local planning authorities to express their views, and that in this connection, the Minister of Town and Country Planning has already asked the North Kent Joint Planning Committee to collect and coordinate the views of their constituent authorities on the plan. The Rev Stanley Morgan reported upon the reasons of the formation of the housing association formed to erect houses at Meopham, and stated that the London County Council were interested in the scheme, but no steps could be taken until the proposals had the approval of the Ministry of Town and Country Planning and the London County Council, although he was of the opinion that housing associations, whose objects were to provide houses for occupation at as low a rental as possible and whose powers were limited by statute should be encouraged by local authorities."

4 December 1945

Housing Following damp proof course works in building works have been inspected and approved: Church Road, bungalow (planning ref 3556), bungalows at Gorsewood Road (ref 3391 and 3340). Excavation for foundations of dwelling house at Essex Road, Longfield now OK (ref 3531).

Chief Sanitary Inspector Preliminary notice served to owner of Old Parsonage, Church Road, Hartley. New dustbin supplied to 2 Mabel Cottages, Longfield. Cesspool done and cover renewed at Forge Cottage, Ash.

Agriculture Samples of milk tested and satisfactory at Speedgate Farm, Fawkham, and North Ash Farm, Ash.

Health Seven people have returned to district from typhus area. They are under observation by the health inspectors.

Hartley Bottom Road "Owing to accidents on this road the traffic department of the Kent Constabulary request that on 5 bends in the road hedges should be removed and trees felled. Lopping notices for overhanging hedges had been served on the respective tenants before the police inspection. The requisite lopping has now been carried out and the trees removed with the owners' permission. The Kent War Agricultural Committee are responsible for two of the hedge boundaries considered as dangerous corners. They have agreed to cutting further back on the Ridley corner. At the Haven Road junction a major road ahead sign is recommended as a cottage built up to the road boundaries obstructs the corner. The police record 20 accidents during the last 10 years. Local reports reduce the number to 6. Two of those are attributed to the hump back railway bridge at the siding. The road has as restricted traffic sign at the B260 junction. Fencing will be required if the hedges are grubbed as the land is used for grazing. The estimated costs of the suggested hedge grubbing and fencing is £200. The approval of land owners and KWA Committee would be necessary."

Longfield Station "Your committee have received a suggestion that representation should be made to the Southern Railway to ask that the 6.18 pm train from Victoria to Chatham should stop at Fawkham Station as a number of persons who normally alight at Fawkham desired to use such train. Your committee are making representation to the Southern Railway accordingly."

1 January 1946

Housing Building inspector reports lean to greenhouse at Haley Shaw, Church Road, Hartley (Planning ref 3599) has been completed satisfactorily. Also satisfactory are drains at a bungalow at Hodsoll Street (ref 1291), drains at a bungalow at Church Road, Hartley (ref 3556) and wall plates in external walls for dwelling house at Essex Road, Longfield.

Salvage December collection were figures: Clean paper (10.7 tons), bones (0.22 tons), bottles & jars (15 tons), miscellaneous metal (1.75 tons), ashes (17.5 tons) and kitchen waste (65.74 tons).

Hodsoll Street Housing Architect and Housing Superintendent reports "Work on the 10 permanent houses has been commenced but progress is bound to be slow until more labour is forthcoming. Every effort is made to obtain the labour. As this site is an isolated position it will facilitate the conduct of the work if the telephone could be laid on temporarily and I shall be glad to have your consent to this." Council authorised the phone.

"It was reported that the number of building workmen at present engaged by the council was 42, of which 10 were bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers and plumbers concerned with the construction of houses, the remaining staff being painters and labourers. Before the war the number of men employed on building construction by the council was approximately 150. There were at present in addition, 140 men employed by private firms engaged on the repair of war damage in the council's district."

Housing loan Mr J R Webster has paid off loan on property in Church Road, Hartley.

County Council elections Kent County Council propose that polling stations should be open 8am to 8pm in areas with a population over 3,000 but only 12 - 8 in smaller areas. DRDC wrote to say all areas should be treated equally.

5 February 1946

Housing Building inspector has inspected and approved the following works: Application No. 3615 (Addition to house, Johns, Church Road, Hartley) - foundations; 3564 (Garage, Merricks, Gorse Way, Hartley) - damp proof course

War Damage A further 97 houses have been repaired in the district last month.

Greater London Plan "Your committee have been invited to submit to the Advisory Committee on Greater London Planning, through the North Kent Joint Planning Committee, their observations on the Greater London Plan. The Council will remember that they accepted a recommendation of the Town Planning Committee that in connection with the Greater London Plan every effort should be made to retain the Darent Valley in its existing form and keep it as free as possible from buildings. Your committee have given further consideration to the plan and recommend that the North kent Joint Planning Committee be informed that the council:

(1) Recommend that communicaties should be formed round villages, and that ribbon development between villages, which might result if Professor Abercrombie's report is adopted, should not be allowed.
(2) Are not in favour of the suggested satellite town at or near Meopham, but suggest that the Hartley-Longfield area and Kingsdown be developed as larger villages.
(3) Feel that the local green belt round Dartford as suggested by Professor Abercrombie is perhaps too near the present closely built up area of the town, and suggest a reasonable area of land be provided for residential development within the local green belt, but not exceeding the area shown on the Thameside Area Plan prepared by the NW Kent Joint Planning Committee and produced to the Town Planning Committee."

Gorsewood Road, Hartley "Your committee have considered the proposed layout for the Gorsewood Estate prepared by the planning officer of the North Kent Planning Committee. They recommend that such layout be adopted but that no development be allowed at present beyond a datum line as set out on such layout plan and as agreed by your committee."

Housing "Having regard to the fact that the council have already agreed with the Ministry of Health to erect, if possible 200 house in each of the first 2 post war years, and that approximately 1,000 applications have been received for houses, it is obvious to your subcommittee that it will be necessary for some years to endeavour to continue to erect houses at the same rate as is proposed during the first 2 post war years. They therefore recommend that for the purpose of the return 600 houses be included at an estimated inclusive cost of £1,000 each, making an average capital expenditure for each of the three years of £200,000 or £600,000 in all."

Sewerage scheme "Your subcommittee have also given further consideration to the scheme for the construction of sewers, which was agreed in principle by the council on the 4th December 1944, when the following tentative proposals for the construction of sewers was agreed viz:

(i) Kingsdown to Farningham: Main sewer £14,000; Branch Sewer £1,000
(ii) Hartley, Longfield and Darenth: Main sewer £46,000; Branch Sewer £1,000
(iii) Ash and Fawkham to link up with (ii) at Longfield: Main sewer £33,000; Branch Sewer £1,000
(iv) Bean to link up with Stone outfall works: Main sewer £15,500
(v) Southfleet to link up with Stone outfall works: Would have to be separate sewerage scheme
(vi) Birchwood Road, Wilmington: Main sewer £8,000"

For terms of financial planning the sub-committee recommend doing scheme (vi) in year one and (i) to (iii) in the two subsequent years. (iv) and (v) were shelved for the time being.

Sunday Entertainments Act 1932 the Corona Cinema Swanley has paid £156 10s 8d under this act which the council distributed for charitable objects including £10 each to Ash and District Nursing Association and Longfield and District Nursing Association.

Health 1 case of Scarlet fever each at Longfield and Hartley. 1 case of whooping cough at Longfield

Housing: Public Health Sanitary Inspector reports work is in hand to provide a new cesspool at Idleigh Court, Ash. He has served intimation notices to owners of Railway Tavern, Longfield (Dirty urinal) and 1-10 St George's Cottages, Whitehill, Longfield (defective drainage). He has also treated 2 Ivy Cottages and 4 Elm Terrace Longfield, for bugs. Hartley Bottom Farm and Red Cow Farm have been told to cleanse their cowsheds. And rat poison has been laid at Longfield School and the Royal Oak, West Yoke, Ash.

Petroleum Licences The following local licences were granted: F A Howe, Main Road, Longfield for garage at Main Road (2,000 gallons); Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society, Ash Road, Hartley (400 galls); CM Ellerby, Fairby Hill Hartley, for Contractors Yard at Fairby Hill, Hartley (250 galls); W Leeves, Station Road, Longfield for Essex Road, Longfield (500 galls); Borough of Southwark for Longfield Refuse Depot (300 galls)

5 March 1946

Suggested airport at Lullingstone "....Your committee recommend that the Ministry of Town and Country Planning be informed that the council are in favour of the use of land at Lullingstone as an airport."

German Prisoners of War Council has no comment to make to the Ministry of Works, about proposal to use hutted camp at Sutton at Hone for German POWs.

Annual rate The district rate for 1946/7 will rise from 13s 7d in the pound to 14 shillings. Kent County Council rate will be 11s 4d in the pound. Parish rates are: Hartley - 1d in the pound; Longfield - 4d in the pound plus 3d in the pound for streetlighting, Ash, Fawkham, Ridley - nil. The lighting costs were said to have increased because of the reintroduction of street lighting.

Health 1 case of scarlet fever at Hartley.

Public Health Johnson's Farm, Ash and Heathfield (Hothfield?) Dairies told to cleanse walls and ceiling. Rat poison laid by inspector at Longfield School and Ridley Church. 2 Ivy Cottages, Longfield has complied with notice to eradicate bed bugs. Notice served on tenant of 4 Elm Cottages, Longfield, work is in hand.

Housing - Hodsoll Street "The Architect reported that he was unable to obtain an adequate supply of bricks, particularly Fletton facing bricks, and if necessary he might have to amend the construction by external cement rendering. The clerk reported that he had communicated with the principal housing officer asking if he could expedite the delivery of the bricks. It was resolved that the Architect be authorised to amend the construction having regard to the delay in the delivery of materials."

Ash Road, Hartley "Mr Hemesley, the owner of ‘Woodlands' at Hartley, in setting up a new boundary fence on his frontage, has agreed to a slight widening of the carriageway with concrete kerbing, providing drop kerbs are placed where requested for entrance to his property."

Hoselands Hill, Hartley "The Kent County Council have agreed to supply cats eye studs for Hoselands Hill traffic guide line. The County Police Inspector has inspected and approved the insertion for this dangerous hill."

Station Road, Longfield "A plan for the improvement of the horse-shoe bend at the junction with Hoselands Hill has been submitted to the county surveyor for approval."

2 April 1946

Land on south side of Hartley Green School "A large quantity of second hand timber and other materials has been deposited on the above land and Mr A Goldsmith of Fairway, Gravesend Road, Ash, has been apparently engaged on the repair and erection of sectional wooden buildings. Informal notice has been served on Mr Goldsmith, requiring removal of the sheds and accumulation of second hand materials. Council agreed to serve Public Health Act notice on Mr Goldsmith and Mr A S Varnham of Greenlands, Brands Hatch Road, Fawkham.(This is where Green Way is today)

Housing Building inspector reports approval of the following work stages: Addition to Parsonage Orchard, Church Road (ref 3569) - completed; Bungalow, Gorse Way, Hartley (ref 3609) - foundations; Bungalow, Gorse Way (ref 3637) - building line; Bungalow, Church Road, Hartley (ref 3630) - foundations; Garage, Merricks, Gorse Way (ref 3560) - completion; Additions to Johns, Church Road, Hartley (ref 3615) - drainage.

Dartford - Meopham bus service "Your committee report that consequent upon respresentations made by them to the London Passenger Transport Board that the 5.51 pm bus from Dartford High Street to Hillhouse Road, Stone, should continue to Darenth, thereby leaving more room on the 5.56 pm bus for long distance passengers wishing to go to Longfield and Hook Green, the Board have stated it is hoped it will be possible to make alterations to the timetable of the service to ease the position to which attention has been called."

7 June 1949

Health Cases of measles at Hartley (2), Fawkham (2), Ash (1). 1 case of scabies at Longfield.

Ice Cream permission given to W C Dunkley of the Royal Oak, Ash to sell ice cream.

Housing, Ash Road, Hartley Ministry of Health approves tender of Gravesend Federation of Building Trade Employees tender of £29,312 11s 2d to build 26 houses at Ash road. Council to apply for permission to borrow the money to be repaid over 60 years.

Housing Completions the following works have been completed in the last month: Ravenna, Church Road (Ref 4083) - War Damage Rebuild; Bungalow, Ash Road (Ref 4101); Bungalow Church Road (Ref 4249); Garage, Church Road (Ref 48/126); Addition to bungalow, Church Road, Hartley (Ref 49/64)

Site for cadet hut, Longfield council agree to rent 100 foot square site on their land until 31.12.1952, at a rent of £1.

Road safety 9 accidents (including 2 at Ash) occurred in district in April with 11 injuries.

5 July 1949

Gorsewood Road "Plan No 4299. Action on a notice served on Mr A Boyd, 4 Albion Road, Bexleyheath to remove a shed at Gorsewood Road, Hartley, the subject of a temporary notice, has been deferred in view of the Minister of Town and Country Planning allowing the appeal of the owner to develop the site in question for residential purposes. As Mr Boyd has intimated that he intends to submit detailed plans for a residence in the near future, I recommend the temporary licence be renewed to expire on 31st December 1950."

Chief Planning Officer calls for widening of Gorsewood Road. "Now that the Ministry of Town and Country Planning have agreed that development shall take place along all the frontage of Gorsewood Road, I am off the opinion that steps should now be taken to ensure adequate access to all the properties along the road. This matter should be discussed with the Engineer and Surveyor to the Dartford RDC. County Surveyor may have some observations on the question of road width which should be maintained."

Housing completions House, Ash Road, Hartley (Planning Ref: 4175); Garage, Haverstock Drive, Hartley (ref 4173). Village Hall, Longfield Hill has also been completed but drainage is not yet satisfactory.

Housing at Ash Road, Hartley error in original tender spotted, the value of the contract should be £29,676 3s 8d, repayable on an annuity basis over 60 years at 3%.

Health 4 cases of measles at Longfield and 1 at Hartley

Housing council plans to build 160 houses in 1950 including 12 at Longfield and 8 at Ash on sites to be acquired.

Telephone Boxes DRDC to get 4 extra for the district to be at Crockenhill, Southfleet, Hawley and by Longfield Schools.

26 July 1949

Tree Preservation "The following list of trees and woodlands is presented to the committee for consideration and it is suggested that they be submitted to the Kent County Council for their consideration:"

Hartley: Foxbrough Wood, Goldsmith's Shaw, Hartley Wood
Ash: Long Bottom Shaw, Hatch Wood, The Roughits, Haven Wood, Jub's Hill Wood, Pettings Wood, Redhill Wood, Springcroft wood, White Ash Wood, Dunmerry Grove, Nine Horse Wood, Redsteadle Wood, Dell Wood, Redlibbets Wood, Turner's Oak Shaw, Old Chapel Wood, Shaws and trees from The Haven via Horn's Lodge to Pettins Cottage, Mace Wood, Peckham Wood
Ridley: Middle Wood, Viney Wood, Ridley Wood
Fawkham: Parkfield Wood, Pennis Wood

Salvage Last month collection was: Clean Paper (8.53 tons), Rags (2.27 tons), Bones (0.15 tons), Black Scrap (1.5 tons), Sacking (0.38 tons), Misc Metal (0.15 tons), Kitchen Waste (24.45 tons), Ashes for brickmaking (23 tons)

Oak Farm Estate, Ash Council refuse application from Mr Ernest Walker of 88 Addis Road, Peckham for licence to live in a double decker bus there, but say if he can show he has a fresh water supply, then they may reconsider.

Agriculture Renewal of slaughterman's licence for John Rogers of Ash Street, Ash.

Gorsewood Road "An application by Mr Frederick Brook, Byways, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, for a licence to station a caravan and kitchen then there was submitted. It was reported that that site had been inspected and found in a clean condition; that main water was available, and that the sanitary arrangements were satisfactory. The application was approved by the Sanitary Inspector and the Medical Officer of Health." Licence until 31.12.1949 approved.

Sunday Entertainment £5 from Corona Cinema, Swanley's payment to go to Longfield Darby and Joan Club.

Health 1 case of measles at Longfield.

Housing, Longfield council agree to name houses in Fawkham Road "Wright Villas" and houses in Kent Road "Walter Villas" after Walter Wright, Longfield councillor for 27 years. Clerk pointed out there were already Walter Cottages in Kent Road and suggested they came up with another name, which they agreed to.

6 September 1949

Licence to build 13 licences to build granted, including B Alexander (ref 49/140 bungalow, Church Road, Hartley), Mrs N M Hitchcock (ref 49/141 house at Manor Drive, Hartley), C Warwick (ref 49/157 Grosvenor Road (sic), Hartley), R Hoare (ref 49/162 bungalow, Wellfield, Hartley) (the refs are the building licence refs, not the planning application number).

Hartley Old Rectory Council agree to support Mr Hallewell's desire to build another house or bungalow on the land.

Housing completions at Hartley Bungalow, Gorse Way (Ref 4155), Bungalow Stack Road (Ref 4435); Bungalow, Church Road (Ref 49/107), Pigsties, Church Road (Ref 49/167)

Housing: Longfield Parish council suggest new Airey houses in Kent Road be called Marie Villas. Approved by council.

Housing at Ash Road, Hartley Council sign contract with Mr L Redwood, Mr PC Tarrant, Messrs Magner & MacDonald.

4 October 1949

Civil Building Licences 16 licences granted including to R Hoare (licence 49/99 Haverstock Drive, Hartley), C Warwick (49/114 Gorsewood Road, Hartley), P H Edwards (49/126 Ash Road, Hartley)

Salvage The following was collected in July and August: Clean paper (33.13 tons), Bottles & Jars (0.4 tons), Black Scrap (1.15 tons), Bones (0.61 tons), Rags (1.56 tons), Kitchen waste (57.2 tons), ashes for brickmaking (43 tons). Total value £178 10s 8d.

"A communication has been received from the Board of Trade, stating that subsisting directions and instructions to the council relating to the collection or preservation or disposal of paper (including cardboard and articles made therefrom) or rags (including sacks and carpets), or household bones has been revoked. A letter has also been received from the Southern Paper Stock Co Ltd, to whom all waste paper collected by the council has been sold in the past, stating that the company have been reluctantly compelled to reduce the purchase of waste paper as from the 10th September 1949, to 2 tons of mixed papers per week. Your committee recommend that the council continue to collect waste paper for the time being, notwithstanding that fact that such collections cannot be disposed of to the Paper Mills, the matter to be considered again in 3 months time."

Mabel Cottages, Longfield Cost of converting 1-6 Mabel Cottages from Pail to water closet will be £293 14s 5d. Council will pay half, the owner the other.

Street names ".....The Hartley Parish Council, who were invited to submit suggestions for the naming of roads on the new housing estate in that parish, have recommended the following names: Wellfield to replace Haverstock Drive, Larksfield to replace Silverdale, the connecting road which runs parallel to Hoselands Hill to be named Hoselands View. Your committee are in agreement with the suggestions made by the two parish councils and recommend accordingly."

Council bulletin The first 4 editions have sold 453, 552, 498 and 279 copies respectively. Unsold copies given to schools, youth clubs, doctors' and dentist surgeries.

Road Safety Road safety organiser gave report of increase in accidents (1948 equivalent month in brackets):

January 19 (26), fatalities 1 (0)
February 21 (17), fatalities 1 (0)
March 20 (23), fatalities 0 (1)
April 21 (9), fatalities 1 (0)
May 33 (17), fatalities 1 (0)
June 31 (26), fatalities 1 (1)
July 36 (26)

Total injuries in June/July were 42. Causes of accidents included defective tyres/wheels (27), fatigued pedal cyclists (13), improperly overtaking (8), cyclists holding onto vehicle (4), pedestrians heedless of traffic (4).

Housing: Ash Road, Hartley Ministry of Health give permission for council to go ahead. Council sign contract with Mr E A Owens to build 8 houses at Hartley.

1 November 1949

Salvage The following was collected in September: Clean Paper (7.95 tons), bones (0.11 tons), Kitchen waste (29.94 tons), Ashes for brickmaking (19 tons). Total value £42 7s 9d.

Parish boundaries Council ask parish councils to suggest changes.

Tenders for dismantling, collection and removal of Anderson and Morrison Shelters "Your committee have received 10 tenders for the dismantling, collection and removal of Anderson and Morrison shelters, the lowest being from Mr Austin Gibbons of 76 Warwick Avenue, Edgware, Middx, in the sum of £500 1s 6d. Your committee recommend that this tender be accepted, subject to examination by the Engineer and Surveyor and to the approval of the Home Office." (approved by full council)

Civil Defence Under the Civil Defence Act 1948 this is a county function, but KCC have delegated recruitment and training to district councils. Clerk of DRDC to be responsible for civil defence matters.

Housing at Hartley since last report inspector notes following completions. Additions to bungalow, Phoenix, Church road (Planning ref 48/102), Additions to Bungalow, Manor Drive (Ref 49/148), Additions to Bungalow, Ash Road (48/176).

Planning breach at Highfields, Ash Road. Unauthorised use of garage and extension without consent (S F Willmott)

Building licences granted to W Nixon to rebuild war damaged bungalow at Gorsewood Road (Licence 49/167) and to Miss M Waters to build house at Gorsewood Road (Licence 49/191)

Electricity for council houses Council agree to seek tenders to install electricity in all pre-1939 council houses that do not have it.

Housing at Longfield Council have approved land on a site south of the railway and east of Hartley Road for new council houses for Longfield.

Highways council have agreed for a loan of £1,247 payable over 20 years with the Public Works Loans Board for roads in Hartley and a mortgage of £29,976 with the Public Works Loan Board to build 26 houses in Hartley.

6 December 1949

District Plan Council "do not approve the observations and recommendation of the Hartley Parish Council that the parishes of Hartley and Longfield, with the New Barn area, should not be created a major centre with a population of 5,000 for which the development plan could be adapted to provide." Hartley member A E Edward tried to overturn this proposal but withdrew it when told only "normal development" would be allowed there. Plan also names Crockenhill, Eynsford and Horton Kirby as minor centres. Council calls for 7,500 population of Swanley Junction, not 5,000 as in the draft. They also do not like proposal to prevent development in Dartford to force development into the Dartford Rural area.

Caravan licences Council approve the following until 31.12.1950 (1) A Hitchcock of Highfield Caravan (Johns), Gorsewood Road, Hartley - trailer caravan and small hut at Gorsewood Road; (2) F Barker of Byways, Gorsewood Road, Hartley - motor caravan and kitchen tent at Gorsewood Road; (3) W R Moseley of Churchdown Farm, Longfield - trailer Caravan at Churchdown Road; (4) A Hitchcock of Highfield Caravan (Johns) - moveable dwelling at Highfield, Gorsewood Road, Hartley.

Whitehill Tip, Longfield "A letter has been received from the Ministry of Health, stating that complaints had been received by the Minister from Longfield Parish Council, concerning stench and nuisance from flies alleged to arise from the council's refuse tip at Whitehill Cross Road, Longfield. Mention has also been made of the fact that the refuse tip caught fire during the summer and is still burning. Your committee as a matter of urgency, have authorised the Chief Sanitary Inspector to hire a mechanical excavator to dig out refuse at present on fire and to dig channels to prevent the fire spreading. Ratification of this action is called for. Your committee also recommend that a mechanical excavator be hired to dig out earth at the disused quarry for spreading over the layers of refuse as it is deposited on the tip from the council's refuse wagons. Your committee also recommend that, if necessary, mechanical dumpers and lorries be hired in connection with the digging and transport of the earth to be deposited over the layers of refuse." Approved by council.

Housing at Hartley Garage at Stack lane (Planning Ref 49/275) has been completed since Surveyor's last report. Licence to build detached house at Ash Road granted to P H Edwards (Ref 49/210)

Playing fields council agreed to try and include playing fields in future council house building.

3 January 1950

Greater London: Movement of population to new and expanded towns Draft scheme from Ministry of Town Planning to move population and industry from congested parts of London to reception areas of outer county ring. Assumption is that movement from Beckenham, Bexley, Bromley, Sidcup, Crayford, Erith and Penge will be to Crawley. Ashford is listed as a reception town, due to grow from 24,000 to 43,000; also listed is Aylesham, due to grow from 3,000 to 18,000.

Recreation Ground and/or Playing Field at Longfield Council recommend reclaiming land at Whitehill Crossroads, currently being used as a tip, for a recreation ground.

Salvage November figures were: Clean Paper (5.87 tons), bones (0.19 tons), cullet (1 ton), Kitchen waste (24.67 tons) and ashes for brickmaking (16 tons). Total value £30 5s 10d. Southern Paper Stock Co Ltd will now take all council's paper at £5 per ton in pressed packed bales.

Petroleum Licences granted to Frank Charles Judson of Three Corners, Longfield Hill for Longfield Hill Garage (500 gallons); John Lewis of Scudders Farm (500 gallons; Thomas Alfred Hemmesley of Woodlands, Hartley (1,000 gallons); Edwards & Co of Longfield (500 gallons); Stanley Redvers Brown of Mardan, Ash (1,500 gallons); F A Howe of Garage, Main Road, Longfield (2,100 gallons); Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society of Ash Road, Hartley (400 gallons); Rosetta Sims of Sims Garage, Station Road, Longfield (1,500 gallons); C M Ellerby of Contractor's Yard, Fairby Hill, Hartley (250 gallons); E M Leeves of Station Road, Longfield for Essex Road, Longfield (250 gallons); Borough of Southwark for Longfield Refuse Depot (500 gallons).

Slaughter licences 5 Slaughterhouse licences granted including E M Leeves, Station Road, Longfield, employing 2 slaughtermen J Rogers of the Street, Ash and R J Lynds of Kent Road, Longfield.

Moveable dwellings Licence until 31.12.1950 granted to Mrs C M Day of 6 Norfolk Place, WC2 to site trailer caravan at Oak Farm Estate, Gravesend Road, Ash.

Dairy Licences granted to Messrs Evans and Payne, Station Road Dairy, Longfield (pasteurised, also distributor of milk registration); HW Hollands, Green Farm, Fawkham (Tuberculin tested pasteurised and pasteurised, also distributor of milk registration); H S Clarke, 3 The Parade, Ash Road, Hartley (Tuberculin tested pasteurised and pasteurised, also distributor of milk registration).

Housing Site, Longfield "The sub-committee, at the request of Mr F Goodwin, inspected the suggested housing site belonging to the Railway Executive adjoining Ash road, Hartley, and the opinion was expressed that the site was not an ideal one for housing purposes, particularly having regard to the fact that the access to Ash Road, Harltey, might constitue a source of danger to the residents, having regard to the height of the site from the road. A further site, in proximity to the existing site but in the parish of Hartley, was inspected on which a number of houses have already been erected. It was resolved to recommend the Housing Committee to abandon the proposals for the site belonging to the Railway Executive and to acquire the suggested site on Hottsfield Estate, Hartley.

Health one case of erysipelas at Hartley, one case of pneumonia at Longfield.

Polling Places council propose Hartley North voting district should vote at or near the Primary School and the Hartley South voting distict should vote "within the polling district". For Ash and Ridley the places are Greenfields, Hodsoll Street, West Kingsdown Primary School and Ash Primary School; while Longfield to vote at Village Hall and Longfield Hill Community Hall.

7 February 1950

Housing Completions Completions since the Surveyor's last report: bungalow at Church Road, Hartley (planning ref 3989); lean to extension at Church Road, Hartley (49/401) (Ticehurst).

Temporary Planning Licences Permanent licence granted to C Warwick for Store and summerhouse at Gorsewood Road, Hartley because he is erecting a new bungalow on the land and it would constitute permitted development. J C Ilderton is removing timber built surgery at Grafton House (ref 2587) so licence no longer required. F J Lester's licence for builder's hut at Merton Avenue (4152) not renewed because house is nearing completion. Mrs L Driver given permanent consent for garden shed at Gramerci, Gorse Way (3955) as it is permitted development. Licence for W H Arnold to keep a poultry house and shed at Burnt Ash, Gorsewood Road, Hartley renewed until 31/12/1953. G E Moore had licence for a garage at Kenrise, Church Road, Hartley (3754) renewed until 31/12/1953.

Salvage December's figures were: Bottles & Jars (3.77 tons), Clean Paper (0.86 tons), bones (0.1 tons), Black scrap (0.8 tons), Kitchen Waste (30.27 tons), Ashes for brickmaking (15 tons). Total value £19 18s 7d.

Roads Dartford RDC ask Kent County Council for delegated powers to go back to maintaining local unclassified roads.

7 March 1950

Temporary Planning Licences R R B Wilson given licence to keep store shed at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (ref 3589) until 31/12/1950 or until the building in progress is completed. Shed to be used for no other purpose.

Salvage January's figures were: Clean Paper (1.1 tons), Bones (0.17 tons), Bottles & Jars (2.25 tons), Kitchen Waste (24.22 tons), Ashes for Brickmaking (16.8 tons). Total value £11 5s 2d (only bottles, jars and bones worth anything).

Housing completions at Hartley since the surveyor's last report: Scullery extension at Church road (Planning Ref 49/341)

Planning enforcement informal notice sent to F G Burridge of Southview, Church Road in respect of timber framed building erected without consent.

Police council say there would be no problem with a police house at Ash opposite the village hall and by Attwood's Cottage.

Civil Building Licences council have 12 for year and have allocated 4 to urgent cases including A C M Jago of Maxwelton, Church Road, Hartley and John Davis c/o Hillview Hartley Bottom, Longfield.

Rates for 1950/51 County Rate 13s 11.75d in the pound, District Rate 2s 5.25d in the pound. Parish Rates (in the £): Hartley 1d, Ash 4d, Fawkham 3d, Longfield 6d + 6d for lighting, Ridley nil.

Health 1 case of TB at Hartley

4 April 1950

Housing completions at Hartley Since last report Kitchen Extension at Old Parsonage Cottage, Church Road (ref 50/5) has been completed.

Salvage February's collections were: Clean Paper (11.72 tons), Bottles & Jars (1.81 tons), bones (0.1 tons), Kitchen waste (29.2 tons), Ashes for brickmaking (19.5 tons). Total value £59 10s 3d.

"A copy of Salvage Circular No 144 has been received from the Board of Trade stating that the present waste paper supply position no longer makes it essential to call upon local authorities to submit a regular monthly return, except for kitchen waste. The board of Trade states that this does not imply that there should be no relaxation of organised collections by those local authorities who are assured of an outlet for their waste paper."

Ice Cream Mr J H Izard of Fairby Stores, Ash Road, Hartley registered to sell ice cream under s.14 Food and Drugs Act 1938.

Proposed 6 Houses at Longfield Engineer and Surveyor writes "As the committee know, there has been difficulty in obtaining a large site in Longfield, and in order to make a start in this parish, I have prepared a plan for 3 pairs of 2 bedroomed houses on a site owned by the council at present occupied by a civil defence hut in Fawkham Road. The houses can drain to the existing sewage disposal plant, and to save time, an advertisement has been issued inviting tenders which will be opened at the council's next meeting.

Your committee have approved the lay out prepared by the Engineer and Surveyor for the 6 houses at Longfield. It will be necessary to remove and re-erect the existing Civil Defence Hut on an approved site in Fawkham Road, and your committee have instructed the Engineer and Surveyor to carry out such work." Council will need to get Minister of Health's permission to appropriate the 0.62 acres of land for housing purposes.

Bus fares Council considered the British Transport Commission's draft London Area (Interim) Passenger Charges Scheme. The proposal is that bus fares should be 1.5d per mile for the first mile, then 1.25d per mile thereafter. Council think it should be a flat 1.25d per mile, which would reduce a 6 mile fare from 8d to 7½d. The Commission want to replace workmen's fares (which largely don't apply on country buses) with early morning fares if the journey is completed by 8am. These would be higher than workmen's fares but lower than regular fares. Council are in favour of this but call for the cut off time to be 9am and for it to be extended to those who work shifts. The North-West Kent Traffic Advisory Committee has agreed to support all the recommendations apart from the early morning fares ones.

Road safetyFigures for 1949 with 1948 in brackets.

January 19 (26)
February 21 (17)
March 20 (23)
April 21 (9)
May 33 (17)
June 31 (26)
July 36 (26)
August 34 (29)
September 25 (32)
October 24 (23)
November 26 (18)
December 31 (20)
Total 328 (259)

Fatalities 6 (3)
Injuries 176 (114)

Causes of accidents included defective tyres/wheels (46), fatigued pedal cyclists (20), improperly overtaking (10), pedestrians heedless of traffic (7), driver hampered by luggage or passenger (5).

Parishes with the highest accidents were: Farningham (27), Swanley (16), West Kingsdown (11), Darenth (10), Stone (9). Farningham Cross Roads (5) was the worst accident spot. The most dangerous day was Sunday and time was 3-8pm.

2 May 1950

Housing Completions Engineer and surveyor reports the following completions since his last report: Detached house, Manor Drive, Hartley (planning ref 4225),; War damage rebuild of bungalow, Gorsewood Road, Hartley (Ref 4370); Greenhouse at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (ref 49/307)

Licences to build Granted to J Davies for Gorsewood Road, Hartley (licence 50/26 Kchana, Gorsewood Road); D S Hill for Ash Road, Hartley (licence 50/44 Windy Ridge, Ash Road); and H A James for Gorse Way, Hartley (licence 50/46)

Council houses at Fawkham Road, Longfield Council received 12 tenders to build 6 houses, accepted quote of £6,833 6s 1½d from Messrs Magner & MacDonald. Council to seek permission from Minister of Health to borrow money from Public Works Loans Board, payable over 60 years.

Nuisance abatement notice to be served on 4 Billet Cottages, Ash under section 93 Public Health Act 1936.

Salvage The following was collected in March: Rags & Sacking (1.66 tons), Misc Metal (0.12 tons), bones (0.13 tons), cullet (0.5 tons), Kitchen waste (27.1 tons), ashes for brickmaking (15 tons). Total value £31 11s 8d.

Housing Completions (Council) Surveyor reports completion of 4 houses at Hartley by E A Owens and 2 houses by Magner & McDonald.

6 June 1950

Elections Arthur Ernest Edward of Meadcot, Ash Road, Hartley elected unopposed for Hartley ward, as was Frederick Goodwin at Ash and Lady Elizabeth Mary Theodora Shaw at Fawkham.

Housing Completions at Hartley since last surveyor's report: Detached house at Manor Drive (Planning Ref 4225); Bungalow at Gorsewood Road (ref 3383). Also 4 council houses completed by Magner and McDonald. Council have been told the development charge for the 26 houses at Hartley will be £485.

Building Licences granted to A C W Jago of Maxwelton, Church Road Hartley for a detached house (licence 50/61) and to K W MacDonald of Woodlands Avenue, Hartley for a detached house and garage (Licence 50/62).

Health 1 case of meningitis at Hartley and 1 case of Pneumonia at Ash.

Cadet Hut, Fawkham Road, Longfield council have signed wayleave agreement with Seeboard so they can bring electricity to the hut.

Rubbish Collection Following representations from the workmen, council decide to buy protective clothing - 56 non-utility shrunk men's bid and brace khaki overalls, and 4 men's boiler suits.

Loans under the Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts Council approved mortgage to Kenneth William MacDonald of 9 Merton Avenue, Hartley for house in Woodlands Avenue, Hartley (Willow Lodge) (valued at £1,908, loan £1,460 over 20 years at 3¼%) and to Henry Archibald James of 130a Widmore Road, Bromley for a bungalow off Gorse Way (valued at £1,518, loan £1,200 ovr 15 years at 2¾%). Council to borrow a further £10,000 from the Public Works Loans Board over 30 years to finance loans under this scheme.

Footpath at Hartley Manor "Your committee have for some time been in communication with the Hartley Parish Council, and the solicitors acting for Mr B Richards in connection with a footpath at Hartley Manor, Hartley. The footpath was registered under the Rights of Way Act 1932, and the owner of the land through which the footpath ran stated that at no time had a right of way existed over any part of his land. The Hartley Parish Council stated that following a communication from the Footpaths, commons and Open Spaces Preservation Society it had been decided that sufficient evidence could not be obtained to make a successful claim to the footpath, and requested that this footpath be deleted from the map prepared under the Rights of Way Act 1932. Your committee therefore recommend that the footpath at Hartley Manor be deleted from the rights of way map."

Civil Defence In spite of committee's reservations, recruitment meeting will go ahead at the Kent House Club, Longfield on 12 June.

Electricity Council sign wayleave with SEEBOARD to supply electricity to Cadet Hut at Fawkham Road, Longfield.

Roads at Hartley Council agreed to sell "a piece of land having an area of 970 square yards on the Ash Road, Hartley, and forming part of the Hartley Housing Estate, as shewn in pink on the plan now produced... to the county Council at a nominal charge of 1s 0d, subject to the county council bearing all costs of effecting the improvement, including boundary walls and the proper legal costs of the transaction and subject to the consent of the Minister of Health being obtained thereto."

4 July 1950

Housing at Fawkham Road, Longfield council have used powers of appropriation for housing purposes of 0.62 acres of land, value £375.

Housing Completions at Hartley 7 council houses built by L Redwood (3) and E A Owens (4) have been completed.

LCivil Defence ".. a public meeting was held at the village hall, Kent Road, Longfield on Monday 12th June, which was addressed by Major T Hepburn, Kent County Civil Defence Officer. 10 volunteers for the Civil Defence Corps and 3 for the Hospital Services were recruited and it is confidently expected that further recruits will enrol as a result of the meeting."

Permitted development the following plans were permitted development under the Town and Country Planning Act and the council approved construction under the by-laws: Glazed lean to at Arden, Gorsewood Road, Hartley for C R Bewg of Arden (Plan no 5605)

Housing Completions at Ash WC and drainage at Johnson's Farm (planning ref 50/37), new drainage at Oak Farm, Hodsoll Street (ref 50/65)

The Hut, Fairby Lane, Hartley "A property known as The Hut, Fairby Lane, Hartley, has, since early 1940, been occupied for living accommodation. Since 1940 the property has been leased to several tenants - one of whom has been granted a building licence for a private dwelling and another has recently been allocated a council house. The Housing Sub-committee asked if any steps could be taken to ensure that the property was not relet. Mr J R T Mawson purchased The Hut and Leslie Cottage, Ash Road, Hartley in August 1949. It would appear that it would be difficult to take any action against the continued use and the owner is willing to enter an agreement with any future tenant that they do not use the property as a lever to obtain either a building licence or council housing accommodation should the council require this to be done."

Salvage Total for May was Clean Paper (5.62 tons), Bones (0.01 tons). Total value £28 4s 0d.

Pollution Committee recommend council buy equipment for smoke measurement at £10 10s 10d and £2 12s 6d per month for analysis.

Licences to build Council has received Ministry of Health Circular 57/50 which will allow councils to grant licences for private house building for up to 20% of their allocation for 1951. But they must balance the needs of those on the housing waiting list with those who want to build. In some areas it may be appropriate for all new houses to be built by the local authority. Council to consider this further.

House Building Costs Ministry of Health Circular 58/50 deals with this. It tells local authorities not to accept the lowest tender if it appears they may be able to negotiate a reduction. It also suggests fewer semis and more terraces and reduction of room height to 7 feet 6 inches to reduce costs. Council willing to change design but not to lower room height.

Television Aerials on Council Houses Council will allow single di-pole or indoor aerial, if tenant agrees to pay for any damage during installation. H type of aerial only to be allowed where reception is bad and where it will not be unsightly.

Housing Waiting List Housing Welfare Officer reports there 932 applications for housing making an effective list of 856. 42 applications had been received in June and 33 families rehoused or transferred to more suitable accommodation. Council has also received reports of problem families on their estates and has invited police, probation, NSPCC, Education Authority and Rochester Diocesan Council for Moral Welfare to discuss.

1 August 1950

Sunday Entertainment Council agree to reduce contributions by the proprietor from 10% to 7½% of Sunday takings, due to falling trade.

Health 1 case of TB at Hartley, 1 case of food poisoning at Longfield. Kent County Council have found that their bylaw to ban the sale of contraceptives in slot machines is unenforceable, so DRDC agree to their request to make it a condition of licences for dance halls, theatres etc.

Housing Completions at Hartley 7 council houses have been completed, 3 by L Redwood of Hodsoll Street and 4 by P E Tarrant.

Telephones "Telegraphic Cabinet, Hartley Green. A notice has been received from the area engineer of the SE Area, London Telecommunication Region, of a proposal of the Postmaster General to construct a Telegraphic Cabinet on Hartley Green approximately 3 feet north of the existing telegraphic post. Your committee can see no objection to the proposal and recommend that the Area Engineer be so informed."

Road Safety Kent Police say 12 killed on roads in Dartford Rural District in 1949, with 60 serious injuries and 168 slight injuries. In January - March 1950 DRDC has seen 31 accidents with injury and 41 without injury. Killed 0, serious injuries 7, slight injuries 31. April had 10 accidents with injury and 11 without injury. W G Simmons, the Road Safety Organiser is concerned about the approaching summer with two main roads to the coast running through the district. He outlines the planned publicity on road safety over the coming months.

Council tenant garden competition Winners for Longfield, Hartley and Fawkham were (award in brackets): Mr T Miles, 2 Fawkham Road, Longfield (£2); Mr G Lynds, 2 Clovelly Villas, Fawkham Road, Longfield (£1 5s 0d); Mr J Rich, 11 Merton Avenue, Hartley (£1 5s 0d); Mr J Harbour, 10 Pondowne Villas, Longfield (£1).

Winners in Ash and West Kingsdown were: Mr F Robinson, 9 Butler's Place, Ash (£2 15s 0d); Mr S Hallard, 7 Park View, Hodsoll Street (£2), Mr J Cole, 10 Park View, Hodsoll Street (£1 5s 0d); Mr L Jenner, 1 Park View, Hodsoll Street (£1).

A councillor who went round with the judges said a lot of gardens in the district were being neglected.

Council housing The 2,000th house to be built by Dartford RDC will be completed shortly. This is one at the Saddlers Hall Estate, Eynsford.

Council houses, Fawkham Road, Longfield Council signs contract with Messrs Magner and MacDonald to build 6 houses.

5 September 1950

Police Housing Site in Ash Village "The sub-committee felt that the County Planning Officer and the Ministry of Agriculture should give further consideration to the application for a Police Housing Site, which was refused in October 1947, in Ordnance Parcel 55b on the Ash - Hartley Road. The reasons for this request are that:

(i) The site referred to in this report (Plan TH/5/50/322) has recently been approved for residential purposes to a private developer (TH/5/50/217).

(ii) Ash is in the rural zone defined in Map 41 and the majority of the land which is undeveloped in the village area is all of high class agricultural value and the Ministry of Agriculture will not clear it for development. This places hardship on private individuals wishing to build in Ash village.

(iii) The Police Officer occupying the police house will carry out his duties in Hartley and Ash; Ordnance Parcel 55b is between the two villages and would be a better site from the police point of view.

(iv) the Police Authority are wiling to acquire the site as it will meet their requirements better than the site in Ash itself, and the owner is prepared to sell.

(v) Ordnance Parcel 55b is stony ground, is not cultivated and has no apparent agricultural value.

Council agree to adopt the proposal.

Council Coat of Arms The draft has been approved, with a few amendments, by the College of Arms.

4 October 1950

Housing Completions Since last surveyor's report extension to Hillview, Gorsewood Road, Hartley (planning ref 49/213) has been completed.

Loans under Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts The following loans were agreed: (1) Lawrence W Blake for Kirkee (now Primrose Cottage), Manor Drive, Hartley - valuation £1,500, loan £1,000 over 20 years at 3¼%. (2) Geoffrey C Lievesley of 81 Havelock Road, Dartford, for 2 Yew Cottages, Hartley - valuation £2,500, loan £1,000 over 20 years at 3¼%. (3) William C Collins of 337 Belle Grove Road, Welling, for Barncroft, Church Road, Hartley - valuation £2,400, loan £680 over 20 years at 3¼%.

Alleged cartel in sand and ballast industry "It was resolved on the motion of Mr H W Lee, seconded by Mr A E Rogers, that (i) the Council draw the attention of the Minister of Health to the restrictive practices adopted by the sand and ballast industry in this region on prices, and their refusal to allow the council to obtain sand and ballast from the pits by their own lorries (ii) the Minister be asked to make a detailed enquiry into the alleged practices."

Health In the 9 weeks to 2/9/1950 there have been 89 cases of notifiable diseases. Hartley (measles 3, TB 2), Longfield (Whooping Cough 1, TB 1, Erysipelas 1), Ash (measles 2, TB 1), Fawkham (measles 4). Of the 89 cases, 41 were measles, 26 TB, 9 Whooping Cough and 6 Scarlet Fever.

Salvage Figures for July and August were: Clean Paper (7.47 tons), Cardboard (9.7 tons), Scrap Iron (0.11 tons), Rags (1.97 tons). Total value £99 19s 0d.

Agriculture Prevention of Damage by Pests (Threshing and Dismantling Ricks Regulations 1950. "There are two main requirements in the new regulations. In the first place the owner of any rick of corn, beans, peas, tares or linseed is required to take all practical steps to destroy rats and mice escaping from the rick or from the foundation of the rick during the operation of dismantling. The second main requirement is, that unless the rick is dismantled before the 1st November of the year in which the stacked crop was harvested, neither the owner of the rick nor any person contracting to dismantle the rick may start dismantling until a fence, which must be at least 30 inches high and secured to the ground at a reasonable distance from the base of the rick, has been placed round the rick."

Section 47, National Assistance Act 1948 "A report by the Medical Officer of Health has been considered, stating that Mr William B Cheeseman of 2 Beaconsfield Cottages, Fawkham Green, is aged, infirm and living in insanitary conditions, is unable to devote to himself, and is not receiving from any other persons, proper care and attention. In the opinion of the Medical Officer... it is necessary for Mr Cheeseman to be removed from the premises at which he is residing. Your committee recommend that the Medical Officer of Health be authorised to make application to a court of summary jurisdiction for an order for the removal of Mr William B Cheesman to a hospital or other suitable place, and his detention and maintenance therein".

Housing Completions In last 2 months, 2 council houses have been completed at Hartley by L Redwood.

Council housing at Fawkham There were a planned 8 houses to be built at Fawkham in the 1950 programme, but this will be put back to 1951 and the 8 houses will go to Watchgate. This is because they are having difficulty tracing the owner. Council agree on Compulsory Purchase order for 2.07 acres of land in Fawkham Valley Road, OS reference 308. Reputed owner Mrs K Pickering, occupier H W Hollands.

Housing Programme 1951 Council plan to build 160 council houses and grant private building licences for another 40 houses. 8 of the council houses to be at Fawkham Green, others to be at Watchgate (40), Swanley (56), Wilmington (30), Hextable (10), Sutton at Hone (16).

Garages on housing estate, Hartley "The Surveyor has been instructed to prepare a scheme for the erection of garages on the Hartley Housing Estate, this, if approved, to be the first of similar schemes to be submitted for other council housing estates."

Council house waiting list Council has 1,040 applications with an effective list of 906.

7 November 1950

Garages on housing estate, Hartley "your Committee have approved a plan for the construction of a block of 4 garages on the Hartley Housing Estate, subject to the Finance Committee making recommendations on the financial implications involved."

5 December 1950

Provision of Rural Telephone Kiosks "Your committee have received a letter from the Rural District Council's Association, Kent Branch, stating that there were two further rural telephone kiosks to be allocated to complete the quota for the year ending 31 August 1951, and requesting to be informed of any immediate priority cases in the Rural District. Your committee have informed the Rural District Councils' Association that telephone kiosks are urgently required at Church Road, Hartley, and Gore Road, Darenth."

Bus Routes 423 and 477 "Your committee have had under consideration the question of the overloading of bus 477 consequent upon the revision of fares. It would appear that the fare for bus route 477 from Swanley Junction to Dartford was a penny cheaper than the fare on route 423 proceeding to Dartford, via Birchwood Road, with the result that passengers for Dartford who normally used route 423 often waited for the 477 bus which caused that bus to be overloaded at peak periods. The attention of the London Transport Executive has been drawn to the position and if a satisfactory reply is not received your committee will refer the matter to the North-West Kent Traffic Advisory Committee."

House building licences 1951 Council plan to allow 120, of which 24 will be private house building. Councillors asked to come up with names for the initial allocation of 6 private licences, which the Ministry of Health say they can issue immediately.

Health 23 cases of notifiable diseases in the 5 weeks to 4.11.1950. This includes 1 case of Erysipelas at Hartley and 2 cases of measles and 1 of whooping cough at Longfield.

Road Safety There were 53 accidents in the Dartford Rural district in August 1950, the highest month since the police began to keep records in 1948. This compared with 34 for the same month in 1949 and 32 for August 1948. 13 accidents were due to misjudgement, clearance, distance and speed, 7 related to dogs in the carriageway, and 3 each for swerving, skidding, turning right without care and stopping suddenly. 31 were slightly hurt, 8 seriously. They have made a start on refreshing the white lines on the road and showing road safety films.

2 January 1951

National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 "...In this connection the council will be aware that the County Council has asked for suggested areas within the district which might be considered the subject of Access Agreements or Access Orders, thereby enabling the public to have access to such open country for open air recreation." Council recommend (a) Grazing lands along banks of River Darent; (b) The Birches woodland Eynsford; (c) Knatts Valley (in multiple ownership); (d) Horton Wood, Horton Kirby: (e) Darenth Wood; (f) The Thrift, Bean.

Listed buildings Council suggest the following be added to KCC's list: Lullingstone Roman Villa, Maplescombe Chapel (West KIngsdown), Wilmington House, Longfield Manor Farm, Sheep Bridge at Farningham.

Private House Building Council have 24 licences for 1951, they plan to meet on 9 January to decide who should get the initial 6 licences.

Loans under Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts The following loans were agreed: (1) H E Collins of 22 Further Green Road, Catford SE6, for Springfield, Churh Road, Hartley - valuation £2,000, loan £350 over 15 years at 2¾%.

Public Health During 4 weeks ending 2/12/1950 there was 1 case of Measles at Hartley and 1 case of pneumonia at Longfield.

Salvage The following was collected in November: Cardboard (2.9 tons), Paper unfit for paper mills (2.7 tons), Clean Paper (3.8 tons). Some bottles, glass and old tyres. Total £53 8s 1d. "A communication has been received from the President of the Board of Trade commending to the council the new Waste Paper Recovery Campaign which is being launched by the Waste Paper Recovery Association. The paper mills have agreed to pay a minimum rate of £6 10s 0d per ton for mixed baled waste paper received from local authorities, with higher prices for better sorted grades. The President of the Board of Trade also points out that the mills have undertaken to accept all the paper offered to them by local authorities at these prices until the end of 1951, and furthermore, if the market prices are higher to pay the market price."

B260 Road, Longfield "Your committee have received a letter from the Kent County Council in connection with the council's request for the provision of a footpath from Pondowne Villas to Woodview, Main Road, Longfield. The letter stated that a scheme for constructing the footpath would involve the acquisition of land and the excavation of a bank 6 feet high, and would also provide for realigning the carriageway. The cost was estimated to be £3,125, plus the cost of the land, and it was unlikely that any grant would be forthcoming from the Ministry of Transport until the financial situation improved. The County Council had, therefore, decided to defer further consideration of the scheme for the present."

423 Bus "Your committee have received a communication from the London Transport Executive, stating that arrangements were being made to introduce revised fares between Swanley and Dartford, so that the fares would be the same on both routes 477 and 423...."

Gritting of Roads Cllr Tanner called for more gritting of hills in snowy weather, suggesting ashes could be used as well.

6 February 1951

Temporary licence Granted to C R Bewg of Arden, Gorsewood Road, Hartley for garage at Arden. Licence to run to 31/12/1952. No renewal of licence for R R B Wilson of Claremont, Church Road for Store shed at Gorsewood Road, Hartley, because it has been removed.

Clifton Greyhound Track Licence renewed to 31/12/1951 for W O'Riordan (Planning Ref 49/363). "....a letter was sent to 50 residents living in the vicinity of the Clifton Kennels requesting their observations on the proposal. So far, 26 replies have been received - 11 support the project, 2 support the project providing it is kept on a temporary licence, 4 state the project has not yet started as the track is incomplete and no mechanical hare has been installed, and 9 are against the project. The main objections to the proposal are: Dogs barking and whining (6); undesirable characters frequent the area (2); site is too close to private property and school, dogs get into private gardens (2), village green and roadside is fouled by dogs when being exercised (1)."

County Plan Dartford RDC make a number of comments: "The draft map should show that water-borne sewerage schemes are proposed for Ash, Fawkham and Southfleet. It is understood that the County Council's Consulting Engineers are preparing a report on sewage disposal and sewerage in rural areas throughout Kent, and proposals as to which settlements are to be provided with sewerage schemes within 20 years will be included in the development plan before it is submitted for formal consideration by the county district councils." DRDC also call for Swanley to become a major centre with a population of 8,000.

Private building licences Granted to (Licence 173) W Ashmore of 49 Marion Crescent, St Mary Cray for bungalow at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (Lynwood Cottage); N E Hunt of Loxwood, Gorsewood Road, for a house at Gorse Way (The Clefts); F Hockley of Ash Road for a bungalow at Church Road (Orchard Lea)

Health Infectious diseases in 4 weeks to 30/12/1950: Hartley - 1 measles; Longfield - 3 whooping cough; Ash - 2 whooping cough.

Temporary Licences Temporary licence until 31/12/1951 for a caravan and chalet at Byways, Gorsewood Road, Hartley. Applicant is F Parker.

Peach Cottage, Hodsoll Street Council turn down application for improvement grant of £300 towards the £625 cost.

Ice Cream Council decide to buy a Prestcold fridge at £75 so they can keep samples at the weekend when the county laboratory is closed.

Council housing at Fawkham Road, Longfield The new houses are to be named 3-8 Clovelly Villas (1-2 are existing pre-1939 houses).

Amended council housing points scheme Applicants must normally live or work in the Dartford Rural District, some exceptions for those who lived here before marriage and key workers recommended by a government ministry, or those with valid health reasons. Applicants have to reapply annually or be struck from the list. Points are allocated as follows:

Overcrowding - 5 points for every child who has to sleep in same bedroom as parents, additional ½ point for every year over the age of 5 for each child. 5 points where male and female children aged 5-12 years have to share a bedroom, 10 points if they are over 12.

Family size - 1 point per child or pregnancy.

Current accommodation - bedroom in shared house - 6. Bedroom & living room in shared house - 2. Family live and sleep in 1 room - 10. Shared bathroom - 1, shared lavatory - 1, shared cooking facilities - 1. No bathroom - 2, no flush toilet - 2, no water to house - 2, no food storage cupboard - 1. House unfit for human habitation - 15.

Other factors - TB infection - 5 to 10. Service disablement - 1 to 5. Each period of 5 years' residence in the district - 1 (max 6), each year since first applied - ½ point. Each year in HM Forces to June 1946 - ½ point.

Housing Welfare officer reports that there are 1,187 current applications with an effective waiting list of 922. In the last 5 weeks, 30 families have been rehoused and 9 council tenants moved to more suitable accommodation.

Parking at West Hill Hospital Hospital will allow parking for 6 cars before 5.30pm and unlimited parking afterward. Council to ask Dartford Borough Council to extend time limit in King Edward Avenue from 2 to 6 hours and to see whether parking could be allowed at the Convent there. Dartford BC is looking at allowing parking in Priory Road.

Trees at Hoselands Hill, Hartley "A letter has been received from the County Surveyor concerning the condition of the roadside bank and beech trees at Hoselands Hill, Hartley. The County Surveyor stated that he had gone very thoroughly into the matter with the County Planning Officer and the Forestry Officer of the County Estates Department and was of the opinion that the only proper way to overcome the danger due to the roots of the trees was to remove them and to replace them with young beeches on a new line further back in the field. This would allow for a much needed improvement to the sight line on the bends to be effected and would at the same time preserve the amenities of the district. It would not be necessary to remove the whole of the existing trees at one time, but a start would be made with the most dangerous ones on the bends allowing the less dangerous trees to stand until a new line of beeches had grown to a reasonable height. Your committee have agreed to the removal of the trees as outlined in the county surveyor's letter, subject to the Hartley Parish Council being in agreement with the suggestion."

6 March 1951

Rates for 1951/52 General Rate (KCC & DRDC) 17s 6d in the pound (up 1s 1d). Parish Rates (in the £): Hartley nil, Ash 3d, Fawkham 2d, Longfield 8d + 4d for lighting, Ridley nil.

Housing Completions Since last Engineer and Surveyor's report the following have been completed: garage at Gorsewood Road (planning ref 50/213) and bungalow off Gorse Way, Hartley (Ref 4134)

School Hut, Ash "Following a report from the Ash Parish Council it has been ascertained that the School Hut, Ash, has been let as a dwelling to a Mr and Mrs Burness. This hut has been the subject of considerable correspondence with the owner, Miss A M Wright, and she was advised that the hut was not suitable for habitation in its present condition, and further that its use as a dwelling required consent under the Town and Country Planning Act 1947. Warning letters were sent to the owner and occupier on the 1st instant and any further developments will be reported verbally to the committee." At meeting of it was reported Mr and Mrs Burness had left.

Playing Field for Longfield "A letter has been received from the County Planning Officer stating that the area originally suggested as a playing field for Longfield would be inadequate for a recreation ground since the county Education Committee required part of the site, and that the most suitable alternative would be on the old gravel pit at Whitehill, which is owned by the council, which for the past 2 years has been used as a refuse tip, and has quite recently been partly levelled. The County Planning Officer asks that the Council should consider the suitability of the site as a playing field for the parish of Longfield and for information as to whether the Parish Council desired to use the land for the purpose. In this connection a letter has been received from the Longfield Parish Council enquiring whether the Rural District Council will be prepared to consider leasing the site of the old gravel pit, referred to by the County Planning Officer, to the parish council for the purpose of a playing field, and, if so, suggested terms and length of lease. Your committee recommend that the council approve, in principle, the letting to the parish council of part at least of the land. A sub-committee, consisting of Messrs AE Edward, HW Lee, AR Lucas and GJ Russell, are making a detailed inspection of the site at Whitehill and will report direct to the council on the area recommended to be leased to the parish council and the terms of the lease."

"The report of the sub-committee ... was submitted as follows.... Your sub-committee have inspected the land at Longfield and have given careful consideration to the use to which it could be put. They are of opinion that the lower part, which is fairly even and was levelled by the tipping of refuse and subsequent surfacing with soil, could be used as a recreation ground. They also suggest that the upper part nearer to the railway could be planted by the council with trees, such as beeches, lime etc, and then utilised as an open space for the parish. Your sub-committee therefore recommend the council to adopt this course and to offer the land to the parish council as a playing field, and after tree planting, the remainder as an open space at a nominal rent of £1 per annum, the parish council thereafter maintaining the land at their own expense."

Annual Rate Precept General rate to be 17s 6d in the pound, up from 16s 5d. Parish rates: Hartley (nil), Longfield (8d + 4d for lighting), Ash (3d), Fawkham (2d), Ridley (nil).

Loans under Small Dwelling Acquisition Acts Granted to H W Jordan for purchase of Ship Cottage, Church Road, Hartley. Value £1,900, loan £400 over 15 years at 2¾%.

Rubbish Collection Council agree to buy Dennis 7 cubic yard side loading vehicle, with enclosed driver's cabin and seating accommodation for 5 loaders. Cost £1,070 from K T and Engineering (Dartford) limited.

Health In the 5 weeks to 3/2/1951 the following notifiable diseases were recorded: Hartley (measles 1), Longfield (measles 7, whooping cough 4)

Salvage The following was collected in January: Cardboard (3.85 tons), Clean Paper (4.85 tons), metal (2.35 tons), also some bottles. Total value £79 12s 2d.

Caravan licences (section 269 Public Health Act 1936) Licence to station trailer, caravan and chalet at Johns, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, granted to A Hitchcock.

Civil Defence Kent County Council have told Dartford RDC what their peacetime establishment should be (numbers recruited so far in brackets): Headquarters 40 (11), wardens 124 (28), rescue 0 (6), pioneer 0 (1), ambulance 56 (16), welfare 330 (37). Total 550 (99). The council has also sent the Home Office a return on air raid shelter requirements, and another return to the Ministry of Health on open sites "for the temporary dumping of debris in the event of war". They approve Ash Parish Council's request to hold a recruitment meeting there.

Dedication of highway land Council sign deed of dedication to Kent County Council of land by Hoselands Green for road improvement purposes.

3 April 1951

Housing Completions Since last Engineer and Surveyor's report the following have been completed: Pig Styes at Castle Hill, Fawkham (Planning ref 5679).

Private Building Licences Granted to W Ashmore for a bungalow at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (licence no 51/27).

Private Building Licences Granted to (licence 103) H C Moore of Windy Cott, The Grove, West Kingsdown for a bungalow at Gorse Way, Hartley; (203) H Benton of Hornbeams, Gorsewood Road for a bungalow at Gorsewood Road.

Loans under the Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts Loans granted by the council to E A Elborn of 49 Wendover Way, Welling for Oakdene, Church Road, Hartley (valuation £1,900 loan £300 over 15 years at 2¾%).

Rubbish Collection "Your committee recommend that 3 dozen khaki cotton donkey jackets with flaps and canvas backs, for the sum of £4 12s 10d each, be ordered from Messrs Adam & Lane & Neeve Ltd..." They also recommend buying a Fordson 10 cwt 2 cubic yard Salvage Collection Vehicle from K T & Engineering (Dartford) Ltd.

Health In 4 weeks ending 2/3/1951 there were 13 cases of measles in Longfield, 7 in Hartley and 3 in Ash. Also one case of TB in Hartley.

The Medical Officer of Health also published the weekly sickness benefit claim statistics for Dartford Borough, Dartford Rural District and part of Crayford to show the winter flu was on the wane (First Certificates):

November 1950: week ending 7th (212), 14th (193), 21st (194), 28th (193)
December: week ending 5th (212), 12th (201), 19th (166), 26th (114)
January 1951: week ending 2nd (429), 9th (606), 16th (549), 23rd (546), 30th (463)
February: week ending 6th (360), 13th (337), 20th (264), 27th (274)

Caravan licence "An application from Mr H J Cracknell for permission to station and use a double-berth trailer caravan on land at the rear of The Knoll, Church Road, Hartley, was submitted. The Sanitary Inspector reported that the premises had been inspected and were satisfactory and complied with the provisions of the Act." Granted until 31/12/1952.

Council house building Approximate final costs of a 3 bedroom parlour house at recent developments were: Hodsoll Street £1,371 (house £1,346 land £25), Saxon Place Horton Kirby £1,495, Chave Road Wilmington £1,512.

Council housing at Fawkham This will not go ahead in 1951, so the council will build a similar number at Swanley instead.

Fawkham Road, Longfield "It is understood that the County Council are likely to give favourable consideration to the construction of a footpath fronting the council houses at Fawkham Road, Longfield. Your committee recommend that the council do convey to the County Council the strip of land required for the footpath improvement, as shown on the plan now produced, for the nominal sum of 1/- subject to (1) The Minister of Local Government and Planning approving the sale and (2) the county council agreeing to construct the footpath."

1 May 1951

Waratah, Hodsoll Street Temporary licence granted to G L French to use garage for private hire service renewed until 31/3/1952.

Private building licences Granted to N E Hunt for house at Gorse Way (licence 51/44), F Hockley for a bungalow at Church Road (licence 51/45) and H Benton for a bungalow at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (licence 51/46).

Loans under Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts Loans granted to (1) Mrs G I Hockley of 2 Fairby Grange Cottages, Ash Road, Hartley for a bungalow at Church Road, Hartley (valuation £1,450 loan £900 over 15 years at 2¾%); (2) W Ashmore of 49 Marion Crescent, St Mary Cray for a bungalow at Gorsewood Road, Hartley (valuation £1,450 loan £1,150 over 20 years at 3¼%).

Health Notifiable diseases in the 4 weeks to 31/3/1951 were: Measles (Hartley 1, Longfield 4, Ash 7), Whooping Cough (Hartley 2, Longfield 2), TB (Hartley 1)

2 June 1959 (Council)

Council Election Results

Hartley: Ethel Annie Everard (of Greenhythe, Ash Road) 702 ELECTED, Ivy Florence Brakefield (of 5 Brandshatch Cottages) 72.
Ash & Ridley: William Simmons 254 ELECTED, Dennis Joseph Gee 43
Fawkham: Harold Hosking Tayler 143 ELECTED, Herbert Augustus Bean 108

Pantiles, Gorse Way, Hartley Council seals discharge of mortgage with R Adamson.

9 June 1959 (Public Health Committee)

Housing Committee recommend an improvement grant of £153 for 1 Goldsmiths Cottages, Hartley Bottom Road. This was approved by the Finance Committee at its meeting of 23 June 1959.

16 June 1959 (Housing Committee)

Scout Hut "Mr F T C Sims reminded the committee that Mr G J Russell and he were requested at the last meeting to investigate the possibility of obtaining a suitable site in the Longfield area on which could be erected a building for the headquarters of the Hartley Scouts Group. It was proposed by Mr FTC Sims and seconded by Mr W Simmons that the Hartley Scouts Group be offered a site on the vacant land at Longfield Cross Roads, the tenancy in the first instance to be for a period of 10 years." This was accepted 9 votes to 2, an amendment to reduce the period to 5 years was lost. Approved by General Purposes Committee meeting 14 July 1959

7 July 1959 (Council)

Street numbering Engineer and surveyor said Hartley Parish Council have been asked for views on numbering Woodlands Avenue.

Fawkham Road, Longfield Council discuss inadequate water drainage here.

14 July 1959 (Public Health Committee)

Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage SchemeMotion to have 15 inch sewer, rather than the 12 inch proposed, was rejected 5 votes to 11. Motion to accept tender of G F & R Enginnering Limited of £117,525 accepted 11 votes to 3. A recorded vote was taken. Kent County council refuse grant because it benefits the supply of the Medway Water Board.

14 July 1959 (General Purposes Committee)

Buses New timetable from 10 June for routes 451, 490, 489, and 489A sent to Hartley and Ash Parish Councils for information.

Hut at Whitehill Cross, Longfield "The committee were reminded that the Longfield Parochial Church Council had been leased a site on land owned by the District Council at Whitehill Cross Roads for a hut formerly occupied by the Territorial and Auxiliary Forces Association. A letter was read from the Rev C H Sutton requesting permission for the water supply to be connected to the hut from the Civil Defence Club hut and also for permission to let the Parochial Church Council's hut to the Post Office as a Sorting Office during the Christmas Holiday. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that there would be no objection to the water supply being extended from the civil defence club hut to the hut occupied by the Longfield Parochial Church Council."

Station Road, Longfield "The clerk submitted a letter from the Longfield Parish Council with regard to car parking at Fawkham Station, and suggesting that consideration be given to the acquisition of a site in the vicinity for use as a car park. Resolved: that the Longfield Parish Council be informed of the proposals which have been submitted by the council to the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee for the parking of cars in Kent Road and Station Road, Longfield." The committee also discussed time limits on parking "The Committee were reminded that the council in June 1958, made a recommendation to the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee that the north side of Kent Road, Longfield (between nos. 25 and 45, Kent Road, and No 51 and the junction of Kent Road with Station Road, Longfield), and the southern side of that part of Station Road, Longfield, from the part where it joins Hartley Road, Hartley, to the main entrance to the railway station, be scheduled as long term street parking places between the hours of 7am and 7pm. A letter was submitted from the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation stating that the London and Home Counties Traffic Advisory Committee had asked for a detailed report on the council's proposal, and requesting certain information thereon. The letter added that it had been proposed that parking should not be authorised before 7am or after 12 midnight and asked whether the council would agree to these hours or prefer to retain the 7am to 7pm period suggested by them. The letter also asked that the council obtain the views of the police and county council as the highway authority on the proposal. Resolved: that the views of the police and Kent County Council be obtained on this scheme and that the proposal for parking to be limited to the hours from 7am to 12 midnight be agreed."

21 July 1959 (Planning Committee)

Green Belt "It was reported that the county planning officer was of the opinion that the effects of the restrictive policy applied within the comparatively narrow Green Belt shown in the development plans has been to transfer the pressure to allow mainly residential development related to London, to the area which is outside the Metropolitan Green belt. This has been found to be the case in all the Home Counties and all county councils are considering major extensions of the Green Belt. In Kent the pressure has been more noticeable west of Tonbridge and in the environs of Meopham. The County Planning Committee have decided that consideration should now be give to the extension of the Metropolitan Green Belt to beyond Meopham and Wrotham to the western borders of Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, and to the County boundary in the south as a minimum. The Engineer and Surveyor stated that so far as the rural district is concerned, the Green Belt is shown on the plan prepared by the county planning officer to be extended eastwards from its existing limits, and will include the whole of Hartley and West Kingsdown town map areas, together wil the land to the east. He recommended that the County Planning Officer's views be supported. Resolved: that consideration of the matter be adjourned and that copies of the plans prepared by the County Planning Officer be forwarded to each member of the committee for consideration at the next meeting."

8 September 1959 (General Purposes Committee)

Bus services on routes 451, 489, 489A and 490 London Passenger Transport Board said they had changed times on 15 June as a result of the new rail timetable at Longfield, but now need to make further changes from 14 October in view of circumstances.

8 September 1959 (Public Health Committee)

Improvement Grants Committee recommend the following discretionary grants: Ash End, Ash Road, Hartley (£255); 6 Vineyard Row, Ash Road, Ash (£195); Quantocks, Castle Hill, Fawkham (£260), Elswyndor, Stocks Hill, Hartley (£180 (now called Radio House). An application for 5 Vineyard Row, Ash Road, Ash was rejected because the improvements proposed would still not include a bathroom and hot water supply.

Hartley, Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme "Letters were read from the Kent County Council and the Mid Kent Water Company on the council's applications for grants towards the cost of the .. Scheme. The letter from Kent County Council stated that the council's application would be considered by the county members at their meeting to be held in October. The letter from the Mid Kent Water Company stated that they did not consider that they have any responsibilities for making a grant towards the cost of the scheme as it is the duty of the local authority to provide for the proper disposal of sewerage in the area."

Wasps' Nests Rodent operator has destroyed 149 wasps nests up to end of August 1959, compared with 35 for the same period in 1958. He said the council has no statutory authority to do this, and suggested the council charge for this.

15 September 1959 (Housing Committee)

Market Testing Ministry of Housing and Local Government have written to say local authorities will need to satisfy them that Direct Labour was good value when submitting applications for loan sanctions for housing. At least 1 in 3 contracts should ask for both Direct Labour and outside contractor bids, the lowest bidder should normally win.

Wellfield Council agree to District Valuer's Valuation of 2.45 acres they plan to buy of £2,640 plus surveyor's fees of £55 13s 0d and vendor's legal costs.

13 October 1959 (Public Health Committee)

Woodview, Castle Hill, Hartley Council agree discretionary improvement grant of £130.

Wasps' Nests Council decided not to charge for destruction of nests.

13 October 1959 (Public Cleansing and Transport Committee)

Disposal of sewerage Council decide to withdraw from agreement with Hook Green Farm, Southfleet whereby they could tip cesspool contents on the land free of charge if they emptied the farm's cesspool for free. So council charged farm £2 for cesspool emptying.

Public toilets, Longfield "A member reported that in the absence of a public convenience at Longfield, toilet facilities at a public house were made available to the public out of licensing hours. It was suggested that in these circumstances the charge for emptying the cesspool might be waived." Deferred.

Rubbish Collection Council take action after complaint from member of the public.

27 October 1959 (Planning Committee)

Old Downs Tree preservation order No. 3-7 and 12 Old Downs, Hartley. A letter was submitted from a resident of Old Downs, Hartley drawing attention to the lopping of trees in the front gardens of 7 and 12 Old Downs.. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that thinning of the lower branches of the trees had been carried out. In his opinion the thinning could have been carried out to abate a nuisance without consent being required. Resolved: that the resident... be informed that although the trees are the subject of a TPO, the owners have rights to lop such trees and that the council have the matter under observation."

Thorn Hedges Estate, Gorsewood Road, Hartley Planning ref TH/5/59/346. "The Engineer and Surveyor drew the attention of the committee to their disapproval of application TH/5/59/346A for the erection of 17 bungalows at Thorn Hedges, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, on the grounds that the proposal did not provide for a link road between Gorsewood Road and Gorse Way, and would, therefore, prejudice the satisfactory development of the are in accordance with the Hartley Village Plan. The Plan provided for the link road and the applicant had also deposited informally and without prejudice a layout for the development of the site in conformity with the plan. This layout plan provided for a link road across the site having 28 feet width and a 16 feet carriageway. The applicant's agents suggested that in the event of this informal proposal being submitted as a planning application and being approved any additional costs incurred by their client in constructing a link road should be met by the council. It was pointed out to the committee that this suggestion raised the problem of possible compensation to other developers who were required to develop land in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Hartley Village Plan. Resolved: that Messrs Prall & Prall be informed that the council are unable to meet any additional costs incurred by the developers in constructing the link road referred to." (This estate is the bunglows at the north end of Gorse Way by the junction with Gorsewood Road)

Plots 61 & 62 Wellfield, Hartley "A letter was read from the South East London Property and Investment Corporation Limited arising out of the refusal of the council to permit the erection of a bungalow on plots 61 and 62 Wellfield, Hartley. The letter asked the council to review the matter. Resolved: that the officers be requested to negotiate with the developers on a suggestion of the Engineer and Surveyor that permission might be granted for a house on the site subject to the siting being satisfactory." (36 Wellfield)

3 November 1959 (Council)

Hartley/Longfield/New Barn Sewerage Scheme "Mr H H Tayler moved and Mr Wm Simmons seconded the following motion: ‘that the council repudiate the suggestion in the minutes of the Public Health Committee that certain members voting in the matter of tenders for the H/L/NB Sewerage scheme had a pecuniary interest therein and depolore that the allegation was made and that publicity was given to it in the notice and agenda of the council meeting.' The Chairman ruled that the motion proposed by Mr H H Tayler and seconded by Mr Wm Simmons, was out of order, as it did not comply with Standing Order no.5.

An amendment was then proposed by Mr H H Tayler and seconded by Mr G T Jones that the resolution appearing at the end of paragraph (n) H/L/NB Sewerage scheme (pages 35/321 - 37/323), which was proposed by Mr L L Reeves and seconded by Mr E Petty ‘That the appropriate authorities be informed that certain members of the committee voting on the matter had a pecuniary interest therein' be referred back to the Public Health Committee for further consideration." Carried 9 votes to 7. Proposed amendments by Mr D G Sweetland and Mr L L Reeves to readvertise the tenders or refer the tender back to the Public Health Committee were tied 9-9 and lost on the casting vote of the chairman. At the same meeting Hartley member Miss E A Everard declared an interest in discussion on dust from a cement works.

10 November 1959 (Public Health Committee)

Hartley/Longfield/New Barn Sewerage Scheme "The Committee considered the following minute of the last meeting relating to interest of members voting on the acceptance of the tender for the Hartley/Longfield/New Barn sewerage scheme and which minute was referred back to the committee by the council on the 3rd November 1959 for further consideration: ‘that the appropriate authorities be informed that certain members of the committee voting on the matter had a pecuniary interest therein.' It was proposed by Mr H H Tayler and seconded by Mr Wm Simmons ‘That it be affirmed that whether a member shall act as though he has a pecuniary interest in any matter under discussion is a question for his own judgement and that the council be recommended to repudiate and condemn the resolution of this committee at its previous meeting, which committed the committee and attempted to commit the council to a completely unfounded accusation.'

An amendment was proposed by Mr L L Reeves and seconded by Mr E Petty: ‘That this committee take note of the reference back from the council and wish to make it clear that the recommendation to the council should not have implied that the members may have had an interest in the firm submitting a tender which was accepted, but that the interest was in the completion of works under that tender under conditions which members of the council in submitting the recommendation considered were disadvantageous to the council whose best interests would have been served by giving notice that the council were prepared to accept new tenders." The vote was tied 9 - 9 with the chairman using his casting vote against, so it was lost. A recorded vote was called for which appears to show Labour were in favour of the motion and the Conservatives against. This motion was reintroduced at the council held on 1 December 1959 and passed 11 votes to 0.

"A further amendment was proposed by Mr F Tanner and seconded by Mr G J Russell ‘That the minutes of the meeting of the Public Health Committee relating to the H/L/NB Sewerage Scheme, dated 13th October 1959, the action of the council taken thereon on the 3rd November 1959 and the minutes of the meeting of the Public Health Committee dated 10th November 1959 be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosections." Carried 17 votes to 0. "The Engineer and Surveyor reported on his interview with a director of Messrs Mears Brothers Ltd with regard to the tender submitted by that firm for the construction of the Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme. He stated that the company concerned were not prepared to stand by the tender submitted by them as the work would now extend over 2 winters and the prices of materials had increased and a wage increase had been made or envisaged. The company were, however, prepared to carry out the work by adding a certain sum to their tender price which sum would cover the cost of increased prices for materials and increased wages. Resolved: (1) that the council invite new tenders for the scheme; (2) that it be recorded that the committee made an error at the last meeting in submitting a recommendation to the council that the tender of Messrs Mears Bros. Ltd be accepted in view of the fact that that tender was no longer a valid one."

Flouridisation of water Council is in favour of Metropolitan Water Area introducing fluoridisation, but told government don't want to encourage this at present.

17 November 1959 (Civil Defence Committee)

Air Raid Warning System "A letter was read from the Kent County Council requesting to be furnished with details of any places in the council's area where a siren is justified (on the basis of 3,000 population within 1 mile radius), but not yet provided. The letter stated this information is required by the Home Office in order to estimate future requirements of siren equipment. The engineer and Surveyor reported that the air raid sirens at present established are at Horns Cross, Stone; Martin Road, Wilmington; Park Road, Swanley; Priory Lane, Eynsford; Avenue House, South Darenth; Larksfield, Hartley and Vernon Grove, West Kingsdown, so that the major centres of population in the council's area are largely provided for. Darenth, where the population is quite high, the siren system being provided by Horns Cross and South Darenth which are approximately 1½ miles from Lane End. He also reported on the desirability of providing sirens for Southfleet and the Birchwood Road area of Wilmington, although these two areas have not a population of 3,000. Resolved: that application be made to the Kent County Council for the provision of a siren to cover the Birchwood Road area of Wilmington." The proposal was ratified 7 votes to 4 at full council meeting of 1 December 1959. But the council meeting also passed a resolution by 9 votes to 4 for the Civil Defence Committee to say whether they thought there was any point to their work given poor attendances and the minimal warning there would be in the event of a missile attack.

24 November 1959 (Planning Committee)

Electricity Council have no objection to proposed SEEBOARD substation at Manor Drive, subject to existing screen of bushes being preserved.

22 December 1959 (Planning Committee)

Plots 61 and 62, Wellfield, Hartley Application No TH/5/59/330. "The Committee were reminded that at their meeting held on the 27th October 1959, a letter was considered from the SE London Property & Investment Corpn Ltd arising out of the refusal of the council to permit the erection of a bungalow on plots 61 and 62, Wellfield, Hartley. As requested the officers had negotiated with the applicant from which it transpired that the developers were prepared to site the dwelling satisfactorily, but were unable to agree to the erection of a house in place of the bungalow, for which application had been made. A letter was submitted from the applicant regarding the matter. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that he had asked the County Planning Officer to prepare the layout for the undeveloped areas of Hartley at Wellfield and Merton Avenue, showing development grouped into houses and bungalows. Resolved: That pending the receipt of a layout plan from the County Planning Officer, the matter be deferred and the applicant be informed accordingly."

12 January 1960 (General Purposes Committee)

Car Parking at Longfield "The Committee were reminded that parking arrangements in the vicinity of Longfield Station had been approved at the last meeting of the council, and that application was being made to the Minister of Transport for his approval thereto. A letter was before the committee from the Longfield Parish Council stating that the proposal for street parking in Kent Road and Station Road should only be accepted as a short term policy for a period of 12 months, and it was considered by the parish council that every endeavour should be made to secure an alternative site for car parking. Resolved: that no action be taken in the matter."

12 January 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Pet Animals Licence to J C Ford of Kenwood, Ash Road, Hartley to breed and sell birds from Kenwood.

Petroleum licence Licence to G R Brown of Malden Garage, Ash to store 1,500 gallons (renewal).

26 January 1960 (Planning Committee)

Electricity Council have no objection to proposed SEEBOARD substation in the back garden of Amberley, Merton Avenue, Hartley.

Sites for Industry The South East England Development Board is looking for (i) Site for light engineering firm, (ii) 20,000 square feet of storage, (iii) site for service industry for paper mills. Council agree to offer land in Swanley.

9 February 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Hartley/Longfield/New Barn Sewerage Scheme "(a) Meeting with Medway Water Board. A report was submitted of a meeting with members of the council with the General Purposes Committee of the Medway Water Board in connection with the council's application for a grant by the Water Board towards the cost of the Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme. Resolved: that the report be received and the members thanked for their attendance at the meeting.

(b) Approval of Scheme. A letter was read from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government stating that no objection was raised to the council's acceptance of the tender submitted by Messrs S G & A Agombar for carrying out the Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme in the sum of £144,212 4s 1d. Resolved: that the necessary contract documents be prepared for sealing by the council and the officers be authorised to take any necessary action for the early commencement of the work."

"Mr L L Reeves moved and Mr E Petty seconded an amendment that the following resolution be substituted for the resolution contained in para (f) ... page 43/418: ‘that the committee take note of the reference back from the council and wish to make it clear that the recommendation to the council should not have implied that the members may have had an interest in the firm submitting a tender which was accepted, but that the interest was in the completion of works under that tender under conditions which members of the council in submitting the recommendations considered were disadvantageous to the council, whose best interests would have been served by giving notice that the council were prepared the accept new tenders" Carried 11-0.

16 February 1960 (General Purposes Committee)

Main Road, Longfield Kent County Council have rejected a request to extend the 30 mph speed limit from Longfield Village to the edge of the parish, because there were only 7 houses affected and the bends in the road mean it would have little effect. Council decide to ask for the limit to be extended from Longfield village to the school instead. There appears to have been an error in this request because the full council on 1 March 1960 amended it to from the school to New Barn Road.

1 March 1960 (Full council)

Electricity Council places seal on conveyance of land at Amberley, Hoselands Hill to SEEBOARD (presumably because they have mortgage over the land or are landowner).

8 March 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Improvement Grants £35 grant to Oak Farm, Ash for Bath (£25) and Food store (£10).

Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme Medway Water Board will not change their mind about refusing to make a grant towards the cost. Council still can't get Senior Engineering Assistant even after 3 adverts.

15 March 1960 (Housing Committee)

Land at Hartley "A letter was read from Messrs Whitely, Ferris and Puckridge, from who the council have recently purchased 2.45 acres of land for housing purposes, offering to sell the council a further 3½ acres or thereabouts of land on the same estate. It was also reported that Mrs M Jones of 220 Victoria Road, Ruislip had offered to sell to the council Plot 234 having an area of approximately 0.13 of an acre. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that the land in question was within the area shown on the Hartley Town Map as being primarily for residential purposes, although the programme map indicated that development is to take place during the 6-20 year period of the plan. He recommended that the land be acquired by the council for housing purposes. Resolved: that the District Valuer be requested to negotiate the purchase of the land on behalf of the council."

12 April 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Southwark Council Longfield Tip "A member reported that it would appear that it was not the practice to cover the trucks of refuse with tarpaulins and nighttime at the Southwark Council tip at Longfield." Southwark Council to be asked to do this.

Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage scheme "The Engineer & Surveyor reported that the contractors had commenced the Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme and are operating at two points, namely near the Southern Hospital entrance, Darenth and St Margarets Road, Green Street Green. He reported that he had met representatives of the Kent County Council, the Kent County Constabulary, London Transport Executive and the RAC on the site with regard to the construction of the sewer. He stated that there are at present two points of difficulty outstanding as follows:

(a) The railway bridge over the Longfield/Hartley Road. The number and position of services already int eh road make the siting of the sewer extremely difficult at this point, and he proposed to investigate a possible small realignment of the sewer in this area to avoid the necessity of laying the sewer under the bridge.

(b) Church Road, Hartley. In order to construct the sewer in this road it will be necessary to close the road in short sections, to traffic. It will be possible for most vehicular traffic to sue other routes via School Lane (sic) and Ash Road. If possible this work will be carried out during July and August, and thus cause as little inconvenience as possible. The Engineer and Surveyor requested authority to approach the Kent County Council for the closing of short stretches of this road to be arranged by agreement during the period mentioned. Resolved: accordingly."

12 April 1960 (General Purposes Committee)

Thames Barrier "Circular No. 9/60 issued by the Minister of Housing and Local Government, together with a Command Paper summarising the reports received by the Minister from two firms of Consulting Engineers appointed by him to consider the practicability of a moveable flood barrier across the River Thames at Long Reach, were submitted to the Committee, together with a letter from the kent River board with particular reference to the possibility of flooding of areas of the Rural District downstream from the proposed flood barrier". Consideration deferred by council.

Footpaths in Ash Ramblers Association complain of obstructions to paths. Council to remove obstructions and write to all parish councils to check their paths for obstructions.

19 April 1960 (Housing Committee)

Hoselands View Council give permission to T Morgan of 8 Hoselands View to erect council garage in his garden.

26 April 1960 (Finance Committee)

Wellfield, Hart ley Council to apply to Minister of Housing for permission to borrow £2,793 12s 0d to acquire 2.45 acres of land at Wellfield.

26 April 1960 (Planning Committee)

Electricity Council are asked for views on proposed substation sites for SEEBOARD. "Clifton, Green Way, Hartley. The site is in a prominent position, but the Board had agreed to set back the sub-station 5 feet from the road boundary in order to improve visibility along Green Way. Resolved that the South Eastern Electricity Board be requested to seek a less conspicuous site for the proposed substation."

3 May 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Woodview, Castle Hill, Hartley Improvement works completed (See minutes of 13 October 1959)

10 May 1960 (Public Health Committee)

Hartley/Longfield and New Barn Sewerage Scheme "(i) The Engineer and Surveyor informed the committee that the Hartley/Longfield and New Barn main drainage scheme was proceeding satisfactorily with the exception of trench reinstatement, which was receiving his attention.

(ii) Pumping of sewage to Stone Sewage Works. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that in accordance with the instructions of the Committee he had given consideration to the possibility of treating the sewage from Hartley, Longfield and New Barn at the council's sewage disposal works at Stone. In order to do this it would be necessary to construct a pumping plant and ancillary works near the entrance to the Southern Hospital, Darenth, and to lay pumping and gravity main sewers from this point to the sewage disposal works. In addition it would be necessary, in modernising the existing sewage works, to carry out considerable enlargement of the works to deal with the increased flow of sewage. He estimated that the cost of such works over and above the cost of modernising the sewage works would not be less than £120.000. He stated that he did not anticipate that the cost of treating the additional sewage at these works would be less than the cost of treatment by the West Kent Main Sewerage Board, and in addition there would be considerable annual running and maintenance expenditure at the suggested new pumping plant. He recommended that the sewage be discharged as at present proposed, by gravity to the works of the west Kent Sewerage Board. Resolved: that consideration of the matter be deferred pending the submission of the report by the Public Cleansing and Transport Committee on the disposal of house refuse."

10 May 1960 (General Purposes)

Council representation Council voted 8-2 to increase the number of members for the following parishes: Darenth (1 to 2), Stone (3 to 4), Swanley (3 to 5) and Wilmington (2 to 3).

Thames Flood Barrier Council to attend meeting of authorities to discuss proposed barrier.

Longfield Station Fawkham and Longfield parish councils are agreeable to changing the name of the station from Fawkham to Longfield (for Fawkham and Hartley)

Gorse Hill, Farningham Council voted 8-2 to rename the hill ‘Death Hill' until the Ministry of Transport agree to the road safety works that the council want.

17 May 1960 (Housing Committee)

Larksfield, Hartley "A letter was read from the solicitors of the vendor of Plots 499 and 500 Silverdale Avenue, Hartley, with regard to the price to be paid by the council for the land. A letter from the district valuer was produced stating that he would be prepared to recommend a payment of £97 under section 35 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1954, in addition to the £20 already agreed. Resolved: that the District Valuer's recommendation be accepted and the additional sum of £97 be paid in respect of the land concerned."

24 May 1960 (Planning Committee)

Electricity: Green Way, Hartley "The Committee were reminded that at their last meeting, it was decided to request SEEBOARD to seek a less conspicuous site than the one proposed in Green Way, Hartley. The Engineer and Surveyor reported that the Board had made every effort without success to obtain an alternative site in the small area in which the substation must be sited. The substation was needed urgently and the Board had suggested that the original site might be acceptable to the council if it were screened with trees. Resolved: that the Board's suggestion be accepted and no objection be raised to the positioning of the proposed substation on the original site proposed in Green Way, Hartley, subject to the Board agreeing to plant and maintain a laurel hedge on the southern and western boundaries of the site."