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Edwards Family Wills 1664 - 1673

Centre for Kentish Studies reference CKS U47/11 E27

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Will of John Edwards, 1667 (summary)

Document Reference: Centre for Kentish Studies CKS/DRb/PW34

He leaves his soul to Almighty God.

To poor of Hartley: 10 shillings at his burial.

To George Eves, minister: 20 shillings to preach a sermon at his funeral.

To John his son, of Dartford: his land at Hartley, with reversion to executrices, and annuity of £5 to any widow)

To his two daughters, ie. Dennis Alchin widow, and Annis Kettle, wife of Francis Kettle of Stone (executrices): lease of 2 pot? houses at Milton next Gravesend.

To grandson, Barnaby Alchin: £5

To Dorothy Goldsmith of Boxley widow, beloved sister: £5

To Matthew? Goldsmyth, beloved kinswoman, daughter of his sister: £5

To all godchildren: 5 shillings each.

To Denise and Annis, executors: the remainder of his personal goods.

To George Eves, overseer: 20 shillings for his pains.

John Edwards (X)

29 August 1664; proved 1667

Will of Thomas Edwards, 1673 (summary)

He leaves his soul to God and his body for a decent burial

To poor of East Malling: 20s in cash and 20s in bread.

To wife Ann: £10 or a year's boarding with his executor; wearing apparel; 5 sheets and 5 pairs of coarse sheets; 12 fine napkins and 12 coarse napkins; 1 fine tablecloth, 3 coarse tablecloths; 2 fine and 3 coarse pillowcases; 4 towels and 6 coarse towels; 1 new hanging press for clothes; 1 great joined chest called the wooden chest; 1 plain chest and 1 trunk covered with leather etc. - for life only then to grandson William.

To grandson William: various gifts of bedding etc.

To Mary, Anne and Joan, daughters of William: £30 each.

To grandson William: land at Riarsh and East Malling and all other land (not specified)

Executor to be William, overseer his friend Francis Twisden.

Dated 7 March 1672/3

Proved at London 6 May 1673