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County Council Election Result 7 May 2021

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  07 May 2021 -  Conservatives retain local division with reduced  majority
David Brazier was reelected  councillor for the Sevenoaks Rural North East Division (Hartley, New Ash  Green, West Kingsdown) of Kent County Council with a greatly reduced majority  of 1,255 in an election that saw a 21 per cent swing to the Green Party.  Turnout was up 4% at 34%.  The experience of this writer is that only  the Green Party appeared to have campaigned, I received 2 leaflets from the  Greens and none from the other parties.  Hartley has 2 other county councillors, Conservative husband and wife  Perry and Penny Cole won Swanley and Dartford East for the party, perhaps the  party has trouble finding local candidates in some areas.

The result  was:
David Brazier (Cons) 2,887 (59%, -19%)
Laura Manston  (Green) 1,632 (33%, +23%)
Ian Rashbrook (Lab) 572 (8%, -4%).  

Overall the Conservatives have  lost a little ground at Kent County Council, but their majority is not seriously  threatened, overall a very good night for the Greens.  The new council is Cons 61 (-6), Lab  7 (+2), Lib Dem 6 (-1), Green 5 (+3),  Residents 2 (+1), Vacant 1.
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