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01 Jan 1917 Belgian Refugees at Hartley Dixmude en omstreken
Joseph Ketele still at Sacristy Cottage, Hartley, details of family

05 Jan 1917 Quarry at Whitehill Road Dartford Chronicle
Another Longfield PC meeting re quarry and allotments

06 Jan 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Hartley Gravesend Reporter
WKAT - Longfield - Robert Spriggs (40), C1/B1, gardener for Mr Harris at Hartley Manor.  Dismissed, but not to be called up for 14 days.  Thomas Cecil Stuart, smallholder and poultry farmer, C2.  Dismissed

06 Jan 1917 Gravesend Yacht Club VAD Hospital Gravesend Reporter
Yacht Club VAD hospital thanked those contributing to Christmas appeal, including people from Gravesend, Northfleet, Longfield, Hartley and Meopham.

06 Jan 1917 Merton House Kent Messenger
Longfield - choir entertained by Mr and Mrs Cromar of Merton House

12 Jan 1917 Longfield Fire Brigade Dartford Chronicle
Longfield public meeting on allotments, also calls for PC to reform the fire brigade and return the equipment to Longfield Hill. Said they won leading place at Crystal Palace competition, and bad idea to disband them in time of war.

12 Jan 1917 Longfield Church Confirmation Dartford Chronicle
Confirmation service to be at Longfield on 27 March at 3pm

12 Jan 1917 The Longfield Battle Dartford Chronicle
"The Longfield Battle" paper says it is petty and ridiculous "at a time of national stress"

13 Jan 1917 Gravesend Trades Council Oppose Immigration Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend Trades Council oppose plans to introduce coloured labour to UK, urge Labour MPs to oppose

13 Jan 1917 Quarry at Whitehill Road Kent Messenger
Longfield Parish Meeting threatens litigation

13 Jan 1917 Casualties of War - Longfield Kent Messenger
Casualties - killed - Pte J Simes of Longfield, RWK 12427

19 Jan 1917 Call not to Conscript Agrcultural Workers Dartford Chronicle
"Charles English of the Grocery Stores, Hartley was summonsed by Mr Robert William Emmett, solicitor, on behalf of Dennis Clements Edward Danby (14) his stepson, Mr G Clinch appeared for the defendant, who pleaded not guilty.  The youth stated that on January 2nd he was on his bicycle, in company with his nurse and a younger brother on the road leading from Dartford Heath to the defendant's grocery stores, which adjoined the Black Lion, when he observed English thrashing his horse with the butt end of his whip, in his opinion in an unmerciful manner.  The nurse shouted out to him that it was not the horse's fault, and he (complainant) afterwards called out to him, telling him that he was a "confounded wretch".  Defendant then caught hold of him by the collar, and pulled him off his bicycle, throwing him to the ground, when, he knelt upon him and dealt him two or three slight blows across the head, saying that if he said such a thing again he would take the law into his own hands and put his eyes out.  Witness afterwards went away on his bicycle.  Cross examined - he knew defendant's brother had got into trouble, and it was the common talk of the place.  Mr Clinch - "And the parishioners have been jeering at the family.  Have you done it yourself?"  Complainant - "Once or twice I have done it".  In further cross examination he denied using abusive language to the defendant, only that he was a "confounded wretch".  Mrs Ethel Bevan of Longfield, who was with her perambulator at the time, said she saw defendant thrashing his horse and the complainant knocked off his bicycle. Afterwards English said "They must not insult everybody".  Florence Hodge, nurse to the family stated that she saw defendant thrashing his horse.  She exclaimed "If you don't leave off, you awful man, I'll watch you".  Defendant complained that Master Dennis had insulted him, and said he would take the law into his own hands.  Witness remarked "You have already done so".  Defendant replied "Yes I have and I will".   Mr Clinch for the defence, said that his client's brother had got into trouble and was being punished, and that was part of the cause of people casting imputations about matters that had nothing to do with them. The horse which defendant used in his grocery van was a 'jibber' and troublesome, but he only chastised it with a small whip.  The complainant used strong language, insulted English, and jumped off his bicycle of his own accord, and defendant merely put his hands on his shoulder.  English gave evidence and produced a small whip which he said he had used on the horse.  The youth called him a _____ cruel beast and dirty fool and, having jumped off his bicycle, hesitated, expecting he would get a box of his ears, and then sat down on the ground, but he (defendant) merely placed his hand on his shoulder and remonstrated with him.  He denied knocking him down or kneeling upon him.  Richard Woodward, living in a cottage near the Black Lion, Hartley, said that when about 200 yards away he saw complainant get off his bicycle, and sit down in the road, afterwards riding away.  He knew the defendant's horse jibbed.  A young nephew of the defendant, who takes the horse out with the van, said the animal was a jibber, but h e only used the small whip produced.  Mr Emmett intimated that he could call his wife Lady Alexander Emmett, to throw some further light on the case, if the magistrates desired, but the chairman said they had heard sufficient. Having retired, the chairman observed there had been an assualt, and fined defendant 2s 6d."

[Charles's brother had recently been convicted of handling stolen goods, but it appears his innocent family also suffered at the hands of some of the locals.  The nominal fine in this case suggests the Magistrates thought Mr English was more sinned against than sinner.]

19 Jan 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction Company Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - H Humpries (34) of 117 Victoria Street SW explained business of Fairby Construction Co. Given conditional exemption.

20 Jan 1917 Assault at Hartley Gravesend Reporter
"Echoes of Army Boots Case". JW English fined 2s 6d

26 Jan 1917 Toll of the Brave Dartford Chronicle
"Toll of the Brave" whole page of the war dead includes Lance-cpl E J Parsons of Ash and Seaforth Highlanders, killed in action Dec 1916

26 Jan 1917 War Bonds Dartford Chronicle
Paper urges readers to buy war loan at an advantageous rate of interest that would have made a pre-war investor's mouth water. £3,000 raised in Dartord so far not nearly enough "This is a case of you money or your life. Liberty, honour, the peace of Europe are at stake".

26 Jan 1917 Eat Potatoes in their Skins Dartford Chronicle
After poor potato crop, people urged to eat them in their skins to preserve supplies.

27 Jan 1917 Allotments in Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Writer says many Gravesenders are digging allotments, but mostly middle class "villa" residents.  Cllr Porter said he collects rent from 400 houses, only 10% have cultivated gardens, many overgrown.  "Never in Gravesend has so much land been turned up with the spade and fork as is being turned up now".  184 applications for allotments, including 5 from women, 100 granted.

27 Jan 1917 Dartford War Agricultural Committee Kent Messenger
Dartford War Agricultural Committee first meeting.  Chairman George Day.  Labour shortages frequently mentioned, can't cultivate more land without more help, could they use POWs?  Need lead from government

01 Feb 1917 Belgian Refugees at Hartley Dixmude en omstreken
Joseph Ketele of Sacristy Cottage, Hartley, details of family

02 Feb 1917 Humphrey - Barham Wedding Dartford Chronicle
Wedding at Hartley between Alice Catherine dau of Mr & Mrs Charles Humphrey of Yew Cottage, Hartley Green and George Ernest Barham of Strood. Bride wore orange dress with veil and orange blossoms, carried bouquet of white crysanths. List of gifts.

02 Feb 1917 War Bonds Dartford Chronicle
"Do it now" editorial. War savings certificate costs 15/6 redeemable for £1 in 5 years time, or there is 3¼% war loan

02 Feb 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Exemption for John Cornelius confirmed, George Day said on hearing that army's appeal against Gravesend tribunal's finding on the same person had been lost, that it was one of the stupidest cases they'd seen,

03 Feb 1917 Casualties of War - Southfleet Gravesend Reporter
Inquest on Pte 7421 Alfred Hannaford (32) of Southfleet - suicide due to pain of wounds

03 Feb 1917 Gravesend Volunteer Corps Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend Volunteer Corps now has 150 members, but more as tribunals order exempted men to join.  Original members can resign, but new recruits must sign  on for war.  If you attend 10 drills a month you get a uniform.   Idea is they can relieve garrison troops for front

09 Feb 1917 Pigeon Shoot Dartford Chronicle
"War Agricultural Committee for the Rural District of Dartford - the Nation's Food Supply - Pigeon shoot on Wednesday Afternoons 14th, 21st and 28th February 1917, from 3 until dark.

Arrangements are being made for this shoot to take place simultaneously on farms within the above district, and the Agricultural Committee invite the cooperation of persons having guns, and prepared to take part in making the combined effort a success.  It is well known that the destruction caused by Woodpigeons amongst corn crops results in a very considerable dimiinution in the yield, and in the present situation of the country's food supply a great effort is needed to reduce this destruction to a minimum.  Persons in a position to join this shoot should at once communicate with local farmers.  The Agricultural Committee also desire to strongly urge the formation and working of rat and sparrow clubs in the different parishes in the area."  Another advert says they are prepared to suspend by-laws against keeping pigs too close to houses.

09 Feb 1917 Snowball Fight at Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Impromptu snowball fight between Australian Soldiers and local girls in Dartford, seemingly enjoyed by all.

09 Feb 1917 Call not to Conscript Agrcultural Workers Dartford Chronicle
W Cobbett Barker of Kent War Agricultural Committee complains of the calling up of farm workers. Kent Farms were already understaffed at outbreak of war, and then 40% of workers went to army or munitions works. Labour members of WKAT said to be unsympathetic because of low agricultural wages.

10 Feb 1917 War Savings - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Up to £10,000 per day invested by Gravesenders in War Loan.

16 Feb 1917 Theft at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Thomas Frederick Bristow of Longfield given 1 month for theft of 7s 6d from till of Mrs Elizabeth Smith of Station Road, Longfield while she went to fetch bloaters (herrings) from back (see also Kent Messenger 17.2.17)

16 Feb 1917 War Savings - Dartford Dartford Chronicle
"Bravo Dartford". War savings campaign raises £180,000 from town

17 Feb 1917 War Savings - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
War Loan for Gravesend now £270,000.  Mayor says this would "show the Germans that we ar e not beaten in a long way in finance".

17 Feb 1917 War Profiteers Kent Messenger
"A farmer's boy" writes to deny farmers are profiteering, wages are up 25%, feed up 150%

17 Feb 1917 Black Lion, Hartley South Eastern Gazette
"At the annual licensing sessions for the Dartford Division, the police reported that the number of public houses in the division was 71, and they had been well conducted.  The population was 57,204.  58 persons had been convicted of drunkenness, 27 of them being non-residents.

Alderman Lawrence Mitchell asked why the case of the Black Lion, Hartley had not been mentioned.

Mr George Clinch replied that there had been no conviction at the time the licence was transferred.  It seemed that certain stores had found their way from Gravesend to this place, and the former tenant was convicted and sentenced."

22 Feb 1917 Belgian Refugees at Hartley De Stem Uit Belgie
Obituary of Leonie Ketele

23 Feb 1917 Call not to Conscript Agrcultural Workers Dartford Chronicle
Farmers needing ploughmen should apply to KWAC. Will need to pay 25s per week and provide lodging

23 Feb 1917 Eat Potatoes in their Skins Dartford Chronicle
Paper reports that 3lb of potatoes cooked in skin and then peeled weighs 2lb 13oz, if peeled before cooking it only weighs 2lb 6oz

23 Feb 1917 Assault at Whitehill Road, Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Walter Holland of 11 Whitehill Road fined 40s for assualt on Mrs Amy Sandeman of Whitehill Road in row over catching rabbits in lucerne field by houses (he had rights to trap them, she the rights to shoot them)

23 Feb 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - W Robson jun (18) of Grafton House, assistant overseer and tax collector - application refused.

23 Feb 1917 Changes in Conscription Dartford Chronicle
"Will the age go to 50?" Paper explains medical grading. Only grade A conscripts go to the trenches B1/C1 get other military service, B2/C2 labour corps, B3/C3 other national service only.

24 Feb 1917 Blackout Regulations Gravesend Reporter
Military refuse Gravesend BC's request for relaxation in blackout regulations due to number of accidents

24 Feb 1917 Edwin Cheary - Commendation Kent Messenger
"For conspicuous bravery: Lance Corporal E Cheary, 2nd York and Lancs Regiment has been awarded the Military Medal in recognition of valuable services rendered in an isolated trench."

09 Mar 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
WKAT - Walter Robson (18), B1, appeal refused. To be called up in 21 days.

09 Mar 1917 Food Shortages Dartford Chronicle
Editorial - group of women set out to teach servicemen's wives how to cook economically, only to find their audience could teach them, as they'd done it all their lives! So it may be with agriculture. There are plots being let to people in Dartford with no idea how to cultivate them.

10 Mar 1917 War Savings - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
War Loan - Gravesend now totals £275,000

10 Mar 1917 Servant Wanted Kent Messenger
General Servant wanted - Pipe, Himalaya (=Rochford)

10 Mar 1917 Land for Sale Kent Messenger
3 acres of land with shed for sale £165 - Tate [Oaklands, Church Road]

17 Mar 1917 Food Shortages Gravesend Reporter
Potato shortage not as bad in Gravesend as elsewhere.  Shops had sold out by Saturday afternoon with no more expected until Tuesday.  But one shop had a plentiful supply on Thursday

17 Mar 1917 Food Shortages Kent Messenger
Gravesend BC calls for potatoless Mondays

17 Mar 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - certificates withdrawn from GV Lynds (24) of Hartley Green, painter; F Young (28) and AT Young (30), papermakers of Hartley

17 Mar 1917 Market Garden Work Wanted Kent Messenger
Lady wants market garden work - "E" Louis Cottage, Hartley

23 Mar 1917 Derilict Land at Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRDC - Derilict land - Rev Stanley Morgan proposed council express regret that KCC's War Ag Committee had not compulsorily acquired derilict land in the district. "Mr Lynds said he had done all he can in his district but acres of land in Hartley were uncultivated and covered in weeds". (See article)

23 Mar 1917 Food Shortages Dartford Chronicle
Lord Davenport the Food Controller requests well off not to buy potatoes as they are in short supply and staple of poor

23 Mar 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - E R Hoadley (18) of Middleton Farm, horseman, given 2 month's exemption

23 Mar 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction Co applied for GV Lynds (24) of Hartley and others.

23 Mar 1917 Conscription Policy Dartford Chronicle
Papers says what's the point of tribunals calling up men in low medical categories, who are unlikely to be ever enlisted.

24 Mar 1917 Poor Treatment of Serviceman's Wife Gravesend Reporter
Letter from PC "one doing his bit" - joined in 1914, he found wife's allowance from Gravesend BC watch committee reduced from 5s 5d to 1s 1½d because government pays 3s 6d.  His wife has to struggle to pay all on 20s 6d per week.. Single men in force were getting 8s per week until Chief Constable said enlist or resign.

24 Mar 1917 Archbishop Criticised for Allowing Sunday Working Kent Messenger
Paper challenges archbishop of Canterbury allowing people to work on Sundays, it is a matter of personal conscience, does necessity know no law? Like Germans if they say ends justify means

30 Mar 1917 Potato Queue in Dartford Dartford Chronicle
"Potato queue in Dartford - an unusual scene" - Underhills had ample supply when everyone else was sold out, hence queue They served an estimated 6,000 with 2lb each at the regulation price.

31 Mar 1917 Food Shortages Gravesend Reporter
"The sugar shortage continues to cause much anxiety among housewives".  Only available on certain days "The Germans and their submarines are teaching us frugality".  Being sold in ¼ lbs - unheard of before.

31 Mar 1917 Assault at Whitehill Road, Longfield Kent Messenger
Walter Holland of Whitehill Road fined 40s for assaulting Mrs Amny Sandeman in dispute over rabbits

31 Mar 1917 Longfield Church Confirmation Kent Messenger
24 confirmed at Longfield Church, mostly women and most from Longfield with a few from neighbouring parishes

31 Mar 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Kent Messenger
For most of week potatoes unobtainable in Gravesend, general shortage of vegetables, rush when som available

06 Apr 1917 Paper Salvage Dartford Chronicle
Advert by Ingress Paper Mills - "Save your waste paper and obtain money to buy food"

06 Apr 1917 Longfield's Troubles Dartford Chronicle
"Longfield's Troubles" - row over minute book at PC meeting ends with clerk having to spend all night transcribing minutes of public meetings into minute book, in the presence of PS Binfield and volunteers. But as lamp was broken took him well into the next day. Book was then to be handed to police. Also complaints that poster for people to ask for seed potatoes was put up too late to be any good. Min of Ag to visit allotments (see also "Longfield minute book seized KM 7.4.17)

06 Apr 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction Company Dartford Chronicle
WKAT - Fairby Construction Co appliy for George Victor Lynds (24) and others. They were told to get men badged in proper way in next 14 days. Firm makes aeroplane hangars at Longfield.

07 Apr 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Fairby Construction Company Gravesend Reporter
WKAT - Fairby Construction Co - other names Percy Taylor (28), George Bray (30), Alfred Mundy (29), Frederick Jellis (28), Frederick Scoot (28) (see article)

13 Apr 1917 Soldiers Available for Farm Work Dartford Chronicle
KWAC write to say soldiers are available for farm work.

13 Apr 1917 Longfield PC Minute Book Taken Dartford Chronicle
Summons granted to Longfield PC for 3 people accused of seizing minute book at annual parish meeting.

14 Apr 1917 Food Shortages Gravesend Reporter
Mr Kennedy Jones tells paper that stern economy is needed to make bread and wheat flour last until next harvest.  Eat 1lb less bread per week.  But substitutes must not soar in price as butter and haricot beans have.  Lord Davenport should consult poor housewives more.

14 Apr 1917 Bargains in Bungalows Kent Messenger
"Bargains in bungalows and land on the Kent hills at Fawkham [Hartley]; £10 deposit will purchase an acre, £50 deposit a cottage; several lots of Farm buildings and woodland for sale, close to the station; ladn from £30 an acre - Small Owners Ltd, Hartley Estate, Fawkham"

20 Apr 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - P Harris (41) of St Margaret, Manor Dirve, poultry and fruit farmer, given 2 month exemption

20 Apr 1917 Sewage in Longfield Area Dartford Chronicle
DRDC - medical officer said cesspools sometimes overlowed onto roads in Longfield, while people dump ashes on waste ground. Committee to see if Longfield, Ash and neighbouring villages could combine for sanitary purposes. War Agricultrual committee has told Longfield PC not to evict allotment holders.

21 Apr 1917 Sickness Benefits Gravesend Reporter
DRDC - to pay 20s per week less payments under insurance act for first 3 months of sickness for employees.

21 Apr 1917 Plots for sale at Kent and Essex Roads, Longfield Gravesend Reporter
Kent and Essex Land and General Investment Company will sell at Railway Tavern on 26/4/1917 plots in Kent Road, Essex Road and Fawkham Road for small dwellings (photocopy of KM 21.4.17)

21 Apr 1917 Memorial Service for Recent War Dead at Longfield Church Kent Messenger
Longfield church well filled to remember 3 recent casualties James Caller, John Simes and Frederick Cherry.  Appropriate hymns, ending with Dead March in Saul played by organist Mr Cromar

21 Apr 1917 Homefield, Stack Lane and Contents for Sale Kent Messenger
"Home Care, Hartley near Longfield.  About 1 mile from Fawkham Railway Station

Messrs Prall and Prall (Mr H Alexander Prall FSI) will sell by auction upon the premises as above, on Wednesday April 25th, 1917 at 2 o'clock precisely, the household furniture and effects.

Comprising brass and iron bedsteads, bedding, bedroom furniture, carpets, rugs, linoleums, fenders, fireirons, lamps, couch and easy chairs in saddlebags, velvet and leather, walnut and other sideboards, tables and chairs, mahogany bookcase, two oak rolltop desks, kitchen tables and utensils, china and glass, quantity of silver plate, 4 wheeled phaeton, 2 sets cob harness, 2 saddles, ladders, lawn mower, garden and carpenter's tools and miscellaneous effects....

The premises are for sale or to let...."

27 Apr 1917 Cleared of Food Control Allegation Dartford Chronicle
Case against Thomas R Hamilton, farmer of Ash, dismissed. Accused of selling Dalhousie Potatoes at 12s 6d per cwt to William Nash, greengrocer of Gravesend. This is £12.10s per ton when food controller's price was £10.10s. It appears that the date of sale and delivery were key

28 Apr 1917 Longfield Council Troubles Kent Messenger
"Longfield Council Troubles"

28 Apr 1917 Food Control Case at Ash Kent Messenger
Thomas B Hamilton of Ash fined £6 for selling potatoes

28 Apr 1917 Longfield Council Troubles Kent Messenger
A number of summonses at Dartford Police Court dismissed without costs following row at Longfield Parish Council meeting.

04 May 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Henry G Green (40) of Hartley Green, B1, market gardener and boot maker with 3 children and 5 acres of land, given 1 month exemption

05 May 1917 Land at Church Road, Hartley to let Kent Messenger
"To let 1½ acres, well planted fruit trees and bushes, fowl houses and runs, situated Church Road, Hartley, Longfield, Kent - apply Stevenson, Middlesex Canteen, Mill Hill, NW7" [Ashleigh, Church Road]

12 May 1917 Non Conformist Ministers Teach in Anglican Schools Gravesend Reporter
Rev S J Poole (CofE) writes to support non-conformist ministers doing national service by teaching in CofE school after being criticised by "A Parent" in a previous edition of the paper

13 May 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - appeals dismissed - K H Glover (18), ploughman and horseman, Hartley

18 May 1917 Employing a Deserter Dartford Chronicle
EC Powder Company fined 20s for employing a deserter unwitingly

18 May 1917 Disenfranchising those on Benefits Dartford Chronicle
Dartford Guardians support motion to change law that says those on parish relief can't vote. Proposed by Mrs Ling

18 May 1917 Surface Water Problems at Fawkham Dartford Chronicle
DRDC - council buys land in Fawkham for £110 to deal with surface water.

18 May 1917 Fined for Selling Fresh Bread Dartford Chronicle
Alice and Frederick Webster of Ash accused of selling bread less than 12 hours old. Policeman said he saw FW delivering bread in Ash Street at 12.45pm, defendant admitted it had been baked at 9am. Mrs Webster had 6 loaves in her shop, 3 were new. Mr Webster said he only delivered 3 times a week. Case against AW dismissed, FW fined small sum of 5s because his business is small (in another edition it is said some bakers were getting extra trade by selling new bread at expense of those following regulations)

18 May 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - KH Glover, Hartley Bottom Farm, ploughman and horseman, declared to have been discharged after 1 day as totally disabled for military service. Request by military refused.

19 May 1917 Northfleet Bin Men Check for Food Waste Gravesend Reporter
Northfleet UDC dustmen find bread in many people's bins and tell them off with noticeable effect.  Bormley woman fined £5 for putting bread in the bin.

19 May 1917 Calls to Plough up Golf Club Kent Messenger
Mid Kent Golf Club in Gravesend reject calls to plough it up sayng they are doing their bit by grazing 500-600 sheep on its 113 acres

19 May 1917 Frederick Welch of Castle Hill Kent Messenger
Letter from Frederick Welch of Hartley about useful birds

25 May 1917 Theft at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Jane Bennett, married of New Barn Cottages, Longfield, fined 10s for stealing broccoli at Longfield Hill farm

26 May 1917 Wounded Soldiers Arrive at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
170 wounded arrive by train at Gravesend Central station to be distributed among local hospitals

26 May 1917 Calls to Plough up Grassland Kent Messenger
Henry Parker of Longfield writes to support ploughing of grassland for wheat

26 May 1917 Obituary of Ronald Charles Foster Kent Messenger
"The death occurred at Longfield on the 10th inst of Ronald Charles Foster, only child of Mr and Mrs C Foster of Station Road.  The funeral took places at Longfield Parish Church, when the Rev E Smith officiated, and numbers of relatives were in attendance.  The children from Hartley school with their teachers lined the path to the church doors, adn after the service the children sang 'Gentle Jesus meek and mild' (little Ronnie's favourite hymn) and each one dropped a bunch of primroses into the grave.   Miss Fiddis, the school mistress, was at the organ.  Many floral tributes were sent.  Ronnie was only in his 7th year, and his father is serving with the Royal West Kents in India."

01 Jun 1917 Food Economy Exhibition at Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Food economy exhibition at Dartford Cooperative Hall to be opened by MP James Rowlands on 4 June

01 Jun 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Ash Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Fred Goodwin (28) of Ash, A, hay and corn merchant. He said he had 66 acres under cultivation and had just agreed with Kent War Ag to plough another 20 acres for cereals. He had 3 brothers who had joined up. Given 3 months exemption.

02 Jun 1917 Poor Attendance at Meopham Church after Bombing Gravesend Reporter
Vicar of Meopham gives thanks in sermon that no-one in parish harmed by recent bombing (German "frightfulness"), however surprised that so few of those living in parts of parish not affected not in church.

02 Jun 1917 Air Raid Casualties - Northfleet Gravesend Reporter
Northfleet teacher killed in raid on Folkestone

08 Jun 1917 Infant Mortality Dartford Chronicle
DUDC - Cllr W J Bourne (Lab) said government wasn't interested in infant mortality before the war and is only interested now because of the depletion caused by the war.

09 Jun 1917 No Air Raid Warning at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Recent air raid close to Gravesend during the day, no warning, people only knew when military called to barracks.  Told siren will be provided in future

09 Jun 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Gravesend Reporter
Boundary review - Gravesend may have to take some areas of Dartford to bring electors up to 70,000

09 Jun 1917 British Workers League at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
British Workers League meeting at Gravesend attracts 1,500.  Mr Macaillin spoke of profiteering sanctioned by Food Controller at expense of poor, called for more democratic control.  Many asked him to speak again.

[The BWL appears to be a short lived far right anti-pacifist party]

09 Jun 1917 Gravesend Yacht Club VAD Hospital Gravesend Reporter
Yacht Club VAD hospital has 1,250 patients, given motor ambulance by licensed victuallers, chairman of hospital - transport a problem for 8½ hospitals in district, relied on private vehicles

09 Jun 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Kent Messenger
Conscription - applications for exemption by Charles English and others (see article)

15 Jun 1917 Food Hoarding at New Barn Dartford Chronicle
Ellis Culling of Maycote, New Barn, fined £5 for food hoarding. PS Binfield asked why he had 2 cwt of sugar. He said he ordered this amount every year. Court said there were no food regulations then.

15 Jun 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Ernest R Hoadley (18) ploughman of Red Cow Farm, employed by Rural Development Co, who had undertaken to plough more land if they could keep him, given 2 months exemption

15 Jun 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Charles English (27), The Stores, said there was no other retailer for 7 miles, worked from morning to midnight and did bookkeeping on Sundays - 3 months exemption

15 Jun 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Henry G Green (40), market gardener and bootmaker, B1. Said to be tilling 5 acres, Chmn George Day said some could get as much out of 1 acre as 10 acres - 2 months' exemption

16 Jun 1917 Primus Stoves Wanted Kent Messenger
Primus Stoves wanted - Bartels

20 Jun 1917 Frederick Welch of Castle Hill Daily Mirror
Letter from Frederick Welch of Hartley about useful birds

22 Jun 1917 National Baby Week Dartford Chronicle
National Baby Week - paper reminds readers that 6.9% of babies die within 1 month. Baby show at Wilmington

22 Jun 1917 House in Longfield Struck by Lightning Dartford Chronicle
Lightning in violent storm at 3pm on Tuesday struck Closeburn in Longfield, James Kirk the owner was unhurt but description of passage of bolt through house.

23 Jun 1917 Rector of Milton Calls for Bombing Germany Gravesend Reporter
Rector of Milton Church calls for reprisals to air raids - real and ruthless, no half measures.  He thought if they could destroy a German town they would give up bombing England.

23 Jun 1917 The Thunderstorm: Curious Effects at Longfield Kent Messenger
"On Tuesday afternoon a violent thunderstorm vistited Longfield and the vicinity, leaving some traces of its visit.  Just about 3 o'clock a particularly heavy charge of the electric fluid seemed to burst upon the Rectory Meadow, cauing some alarm to the occupants of the Rectory, and then crosing the road, struck the chimney stack on the eastern side of "Closeburn" the residence of Mr J F Kirk, chruchwarden.  To those who saw it there appeared to be a ball of ire settling on the chimney top, a thunderbolt, as some described it, and some of the callers afterwards looked about for the "bolt".  This appearance was probably caused by the intense het produced by the shock striking the obstructing chimney pot, and burning the small amount of soot recently collected there, giving an appearance of fire and smoke.  A meteoric bolt might have a similar appearance, though due to a very different cause.  The force in its efforts to reach the earth seems to have travelled down the kitchen chimney, and burst open the kitchen range, hurling a saucepan across the room, but not finding conductive material, travelled back by the hot water pipes to the termination on the non-conducting tiles over the kitchen sink, where, being blocked again, it burnt through a wall the pantry, where it threw down and smashed 3 egg cups which stood in its way, doing no other damage there, and escaping by the iron fastening, through the window to an iron rain pipe, into an iron water tank, through an iron pail standing against it, and so to earth.  The structural damage appears to be not so great as might be expected from the severity of the shock, owing no doubt to the substantial building, and no serious personal injury was suffered by anyone, the two occupants both being in a room on the western side of the house, although slight shocks were felt by neighbours a furlong or more away.  The owner himself had just laid down the volume of Sir Walter Scott's which he was reading, and gone off into his afternoon doze, unconscious of the storm, from which he was awakened by the noise of the explosion and the crash of the falling bricks on tiles and the conservatory glass.  His first thought was 'bombs', and he threw himself face downwards on the floor beside the dining table, as being the most secure position, until the uproar ceased.  Great consternation and alarm were caused amongst the children in the school, about 50 yards away, and the teacher had to make great efforts to pacify them.  Many sympathetic neighbours made kind enquiries and offered assistance, which was gratefully acknowledged  A motor car which was passing along the road at the time had its roof damaged."

23 Jun 1917 Fruit holding for Sale Kent Messenger
"Fruit for sale, about 1½ acres.  Young plantation, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, apples, pears, what offers? Nairn, builder, The Elms, Church Road, Hartley"

30 Jun 1917 Conscientious Objectors - Dartford Gravesend Reporter
FL Lintrott of Swanscombe says he received a lot of letters of support for letter of 26/5 where he criticised DRDC for employing a CO on tar spraying roads.  Other workers supported by refusing to work with man wounded in war because his mother made her feelings known to the CO.

30 Jun 1917 Votes for Women Gravesend Reporter
Women's Suffrage vote.  Kent MPs were 8 for (incl Ernest Lamb, G F Hohler, James Rowlands), against 2 (Col CE Warde, Lawrence Hardy), 4 abstained or were absent (incl Philip Sassoon)

06 Jul 1917 Sugar Hoarding at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
John Joseph Hickmott of Longfield Court fined £20 for sugar hoarding. He had ordered 1 cwt from Martineaus in London, who were his tenants. He said he needed it for 7 acres of fruit to make jam. Mrs Hickmott said she got sugar from local grocer for domestic purposes.

[Also mentioned in Daily Express, 30.6.1917]

06 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - James E Pepper (35), poultry farm manager, graded B1 after being rejected, said to be 96lb, under 5 feet tall and had rheumatism. George Day said "excellent for flying corps". Request refused, to be called up in 28 days.

06 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - John Boorman (41), gardener and milker at Hartley Court, married with 7 children, previously graded C3 and now B2. Given 3 months to get employment on a farm.

07 Jul 1917 Seamen Strike to Prevent Peace Conference Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend Trades and Labour Council criticise Seamen's Union for 'illegal' strike to stop Ramsay MacDonald attending peace conference.

07 Jul 1917 Rector of Milton Calls for Bombing Germany Gravesend Reporter
John Lewis of Windmill Street writes criticising Rector of Milton for letter - "The spectacle of a servant of our Lord, his hands red with the blood of slaughtered children is not an inspiring one".  

07 Jul 1917 Longfield Roads Kent Messenger
"Sir - Attention was drawn in your columns last season to the fact that the main roads through Longfield were being treated with tar, such treatment being held under the then existing abnormal war conditions to be quite unnecessary.  It seems hardly credible that while those same conditions still hold, and in fact, from an agricutural point of view, are considerably worse, this work is again in hand, and ten or more able bodied men who might be on the land are engaged on, to put it gently, less urgent work.  It must be borne in mind that the through traffic on thse roads is a negligible quantity, and the necessity of dealing with the surface, so far as the local needs go, does not exist.  Then why is it done?  Is it not a law of the Medes and Persians that this job must be done annually?  Or is it that the road surveyor and his staff must do something to justify their existence?  If the latter, then for reason's sake, let the authorities pay these gentlemen a small retaining fee, and set them free to turn their hand to some work that will either help to win the war, or ease the oft-times crushing burden of those who are already so engaged.

As a local ratepayer who thinks he gets little enough for his sufficiently high half-yearly contribution to the local rates.  I am glad to see the roads kept decently, but as a common citizen who finds that 2 ounces of bread do not to very far at tea time, I cannot stand to see waste of time, energy and money that might and should be turned to food production.  Yours faithfully, J W Lawson, Clevis, Longfield July 4th, 1917".

07 Jul 1917 £45 Fine for 1 Cwt of Sugar Kent Messenger
"At Dartford Police Court on Friday, Joseph Hickmott, Longfield Court, Longfield, was summoned under the Food Hoarding Order for acquiring sugar exceeding in quantity that required for ordinary use.

There was also a summons against the managing director of Messrs Martineau, sugar refiners of Mile End E for selling the sugar.

PS Binfield said on June 16th he went to Longfield Court, and saw 1 cwt of white crystal sugar, which Mr Hickmott said Messrs Martineau had obliged him with for preserving.  Messrs Martineau were his tenants, adn he supposed the cost would be deducted from the rent.  He had 7 acres of fruit, and would require the sugar to make it into jam.  On June 18th, Mr Eastick, the other defendant, told him that as Mr Hickmott was the owner of their business premises, they felt they were morally bound to supply the sugar.  The Sugar Commission's solicitors examined the books quarterly.  The price would be 47s per cwt and carriage extra.

The defence was that the sugar was required solely for jam.

Mr Hickmott was fined £20 and Mr Eastick £25."

13 Jul 1917 Locals see German Raid on London Dartford Chronicle
German raid on London last Saturday witnessed by thousands in the district.

13 Jul 1917 Conscientious Objectors - DRDC Road Workers Dartford Chronicle
DRDC - Swanscombe PC calls for conscientious objector employed by DRDC to be sacked. Council refuses but said his pay is pegged to that of soldier.

14 Jul 1917 Conscientious Objectors - Swanscombe Gravesend Reporter
Rev Coleridge of Swanscombe told Swanscombe PC that he thought no truly religious person could be conscientious objector (DRDC chairman had said most were the salt of the earth)

14 Jul 1917 Rector of Milton Calls for Bombing Germany Gravesend Reporter
Rev GW Mennie of Milton said, yes, he would carry out reprisals, if he were younger he would have joined up.  He is excused by it being a "righteous war"

14 Jul 1917 Gravesend Council Calls for Bombing Germany Kent Messenger
Gravesend BC votes for reprisal air raids on Germany

14 Jul 1917 Longfield Roads Kent Messenger
Sir, Your correspondent last week, writing under the above heading remarks that agricultural work is of greater importance that road making or repairing.  I beg to differ.  What are the roads for?  Are they not for transport?  And road transport is becoming increasingly important now.  How many hundreds of wounded men have travelled along the road from Longfield to Dartford.  Ask any of them if the road was in need of repairs.  I have experienced several rides in an ambulance, and can say that our roads are not in good condition at all for the transport of wounded men.  Think of the many anti-aircraft guns that need ammunition etc more so now that the German raids are frequent.  These reasons alone class road reparing as a work of national importance.  But there are others, which perhaps are of more importance.  Lord Roberts warned us to be prepared, but every failure in this war has proved we have not taken his advice.

Had we prepared a more elaborat plan of transport / road making etc, the Dardenelles and the Mesopotamia etc campaigns would not have turned out as they did.

Have ot these muddles, shown us the value of being prepared?  Why hasn't the government stopped road repairing?  Because it sees what a great part our roads will play when Germany, realising that she is 'done' will vent her spite on England, and Kent will very probably bear the brunt of the attack.  Then it will be seen that every inch of good road will be of the utmost importance in aiding us to check them.

And my I add that the 10 men mentioned as employed on the Longfield roads are, I believe, all over military age.  Three of them have been employed at road work for upwards of 30 years, one has three, one two and two have their only sons serving their King and country.  Yours Truly - A son of one of them."

14 Jul 1917 Rural Library Scheme in Gravesend Kent Messenger
Proposals for rural library scheme based at Gravesend Library, to be sent in special boxes that can be used as shelves to local schools and rooms.  1,000 children's books 400 novels 2,000 technical books already earmarked for scheme

14 Jul 1917 Hartley - Food Production Activities Kent Messenger
"The recommendations of the Board of Agriculture as to fruit preserving and potato spraying are being taken up with enthusiasm.  On Tuesday 3rd inst, 8 cwts of sugar for jam making were distributed by Miss Fiddis, the village registrar, with the assistance of Mrs Tate and Miss Braybook, in lots averaging about 20lbs each.  Fruit preserving bottles to the number of 172 dozen have been ordered by the Hartley Agricultural Cooperative Society for local distribution.  Potato spraying and supplies of chemicals have been organised by Mr Frank Tate, and this work is being carried out.  Demonstrations of fruit bottling are being arranged for, and a food economy exhibition and vegetable show have been suggested."

14 Jul 1917 Patriotic Entertainment at Longfield Kent Messenger
Patriotic entertainment at Longfield, run by Mr and Mrs Fielder on 4/5 July raises £65 for wounded and Gravesend VAD hospital

14 Jul 1917 Dog Fight over Thames Estuary Kent Messenger
Dog fight (term not used) between British and German planes seen in Thames area near Dartford at 10.50 am on Saturday as Germans returned from London.  30 planes involved.

20 Jul 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Dartford Chronicle
Boundary Review - Boundary Commission had proposed a Dartford seat consisting of the urban and rural district councils which would make a compact seat. But now counter proposal is to add DRDC to Bromley RDC area, paper doesn't think much of the idea of having Keston and Swanscombe in the same seat. Dartford town would then go with Erith, Crayford and Bexley.

20 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - W Macauley (37), poultry farmer and working at EC Powder Works. Adjourned for medical

20 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - Percy Harris (37), poultry farmer and former organ builder, had 4 acres but not all under cultivation because he said someone who was going to plough it had let him down. Medical examination showed his health was not improving. Given 6 months exemption.

20 Jul 1917 Gravesend Hospital Kent Messenger
"The Heroes' Bed Unveiled at Gravesend Hospital

The scene was the Tingey Ward of the Gravesend Hospital; time Tuesday evening.  The function was sweet in its simplicity.  A little knot of people gathered round No 9 cot.  Save for the gilt chain of the Mayor, the whitel surplice of Canon Gedge, and the blue and white uniforms of the military invalids who stood hard by, there was little to give the ceremony colour.  Yet behind it all was the golden thought and generosity of the people of the district for their brave warriors.  By pulling a tri-coloured tape, the Mayor removed teh folds of the Union Jack beside the cot, and this revealed simply the words 'Heroes' Bed' pickout out in red letters on a white background.  If there is glitter in the words, there was none in the lettering.

Behind this little function a tale can be told.  When the war began - alas!  How long ago those days seem - it was the thought of Mr H D Stephenson JP, Chairman of the Hospital Committee, that it would be appropriate to endow a bed in honour and memory of those who volunteered in Gravesend and district to serve their king and country.  An appeal was made and from the 310 subscribers a total of £526 10s was received.  The advent of conscription detracted in a degree from the original conception, but nevertheless it is the committee's intention to preserve the bed for the volunteer warriors for preference, though of course, it will be used for others when necessity arises.  The £526 has been invested in war bonds, and this sum will assist the funds of the hospital to the amount of £27 per annum......" [List of those attending, Mayor's speech]

21 Jul 1917 Who are the Profiteers? Gravesend Reporter
"The producers of food deny that they are, adn the vendors declare their innocence of being the guilty people.  We have no information to enable us to decide between the two, but we may relate two incidents which have been communicated to us.  When lettuces were being sold at 2d and 3d each in the Gravesend Greengrocers' shops a jobbing gardener, who had an abundance of lettuce ready to cut, and who thought he might become a profiteer in a small way, cut a hundred and hawked them round to the greengrocers' shops.  The highest price that was offered was 5d per dozen, so that assuming the greengrocer sold them at 2d each there would be a clear profit of 1s 7d per dozen, or nearly 300%.  In an adjacent village a local fruit vendor offered a cottager with plenty of blackcurrants 3½d per pound, the cottager to do all the picking.  At the same time blackcurrants were being sold in Gravesend at 8d per pound - a clear profit on such a transaction of over 100%.  We simply record these facts, but make no comments.  Indeed, comment would be superfluous."

21 Jul 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Kent Messenger
Boundary enquiry at Maidstone - for Dartford and Erith seat: Mr Ling (NW Kent Labour), Mr Weller (Bromley RDC), Stone and Swanscombe (reportedly), Mr Bourne (Dartford Trades Council).  Against: F Beadle (Dartford Conservatives)

21 Jul 1917 Assault at Fawkham Kent Messenger
Mrs Ethel Pankhurst was walking back to Hillside Cottages, Fawkham, where she lived from Dene Bottom Farm where she worked, when attacked by Arthur Sampson of Crayford, a deserter from army who took her by neck and threw her to ground.  Thomas Wilson Crouch of Longfield, coal merchant, and his brother heard cries and gave chase, caught Sampson in wheatfield in Horton Kirby.

21 Jul 1917 Appeals Against Conscription - Longfield Kent Messenger
Conscripton - applications for exemption from 4 Longfield men (see article)

27 Jul 1917 Air Raid Precautions - Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Dartford UDC rescind decision of 24/6 not to give air raid warning. Siren on electricity works tested and will be used. Take cover will be 50 second blast follwed by 3 x 5 second blasts 5 seconds apart.

27 Jul 1917 Rector of Milton Calls for Bombing Germany Dartford Chronicle
"Gravesender" writes to support Rector of Milton.  Writer was "more German than English" to write such a letter and hasn't lost anyone in an air raid.

27 Jul 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Dartford Chronicle
Boundary Commission proposals are for (1) Dartford UDC and RDC; (2) Orpington and the Crays. Dartford Conservatives in favour, Labour wanted a Dartford, Erith, Crayford and Swanscombe seat. Commissioners have apparently been told to combine rural and industrial areas.

28 Jul 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Gravesend Reporter
Boundary Commission Enquiry at Maidstone on Tuesday. Dartford/Erith option supported by NW Kent Labour Party (Dartford has always been centre for Erith); Bromley RDC & Chislehurst UDC (no interest with Erith); Dartford Trades Council; Sevenoaks Conservatives (want Dartford RDC/Bromley RDC to be one seat, Erith has no interest with BRDC). For Dartford UDC/RDC seat - Stone and Swanscombe; Dartford & NW Kent Liberal Assn (Dartford-Erith would be 103,000 too large); Dartford Conservatives (said area's population increase permanent not temporary war)

28 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Gravesend Reporter
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - W Macauley (37), military rep appealed against exemption on grounds he'd changed his job. He was South African colonist who'd come over to take up poultry farming on behalf of mother and invalid sister. Too hard for him due to effects of enteric fever, so got job at EC Powder Works "as he thought he would be doing better service for the country". Told to go to medical board.

28 Jul 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Gravesend Reporter
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - F Harris (32) St Margaret, vegetable, fruit and poultry farmer, C2. 6 months exemption

04 Aug 1917 Gravesend Yacht Club VAD Hospital Gravesend Reporter
Poem of thanks from patient at Gravesend Yacht Club VAD hospital

04 Aug 1917 Taking Souvenirs from Crashed Plane Kent Messenger
9 people fined £1 each at Dartford for taking souvenirs from crashed British plane at Slade Green.

10 Aug 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - case of W Macauley (37) dismissed

10 Aug 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Longfield Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - F Lynds (23) of Essex Road, Longfield. Only man assisting Mr Nairn of Hartley. Given conditional exemption because of his invalid mother.

11 Aug 1917 Farm Workers Leave for Better Pay Gravesend Reporter
Rural Development Company complains that DRDC is trying to get farm hands to work on roads, by offering higher wages than farm work. Denied by council.

11 Aug 1917 More Arable Farming in Kent Gravesend Reporter
Plans for 216,000 acres of corn in Kent for 1918 up 78,000 acres from 1916.

11 Aug 1917 Meopham v Longfield Cricket Kent Messenger
Cricket at Meopham Green - Meopham 50 Longfield and District 21 (full cards in paper)

11 Aug 1917 Plane Lands in Longfield Kent Messenger
Longfield "Down from above - great excitement caused in the village on Sunday evening by the descent of a large aeroplane which after many attempts to make a fresh start, finally alighted in the field opposite the Railway Tavern, where it stayed for the night under the charge of a military guard."

17 Aug 1917 Ludicrous Longfield Dartford Chronicle
"Ludicrous Longfield - who is clerk to the council" reminds paper of Alice in Wonderland. Walter Wright [1869-1952] found he'd been sacked when he went to book schoolroom for PC meeting to be told by rector that he wasn't clerk, so can't accept booking and that Urban Judge [1851-1929] had been appointed. Each faction on council supports one or other. Numbers are equal. [There may be other factors at work here, the 1911 Census records that Walter's wife Marie was German, however it is likeliest that his standing up to the powerful was the reason.  It is interesting to note that in 1942 he was sacked by Hartley PC on highly dubious grounds, again he had recently stood up to Captain Bignell, then it was Urban's son Leonard Urban Judge (1899-1968) who took his place.  Walter Wright led a varied life, he was born at Langham, Norfolk and learned carpentry from his uncle; in 1901 he was a carpenter at Bridgnorth, Salop, but by 1911 he had moved to Longfield as a nurseryman.  In 1939 he gave his occupation as journalist.]

17 Aug 1917 Dangerous Driving at Ash Road Dartford Chronicle
Edward Arthur Nash (17) employee of Brent Laundry fined £3 for dangerous driving of laundry van on Ash Road (see article)

17 Aug 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
Conscription - application for exemption by HC Green (see article)

18 Aug 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Kent Messenger
Milk shortage for several weeks in Gravesend.  Now to lose milk of 100 cows (225 gallons) due to loss of herd from Chalk

24 Aug 1917 Burglary at Station Road, Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Albert William High (13) of Essex Road, Longfield accused of breaking into F T Hicks's shop at Station Road, and stealing biscuits, sweets and cigarettes worth 35/-, on 3 occasions.  Police followed trail of red ochre to his father's stables.  Mother left some years ago, father said was too busy carrying coal for Metropolitan Asylums Board.  Case adjourned to get father.  Later he was sent to County Industrial School until he turns 16.

24 Aug 1917 Lighting Pipe in Longfield Explosives Factory Dartford Chronicle
Thomas Dunn (71) of 1 EC Cottages, Bean fined £5 or 14 days for smoking a pipe at EC Powder Works in Longfield.  He had worked there 20 years with unblemished record.  He said it was for toothache.

24 Aug 1917 Food Regulations Dartford Chronicle
Details of DORA food regulations.  Bread - can't be sold for 12 hours, must be 1 piece, extraction rate increased to 81%.  Maximum prices for wheat at 78s per 480lb quarter.  

25 Aug 1917 Heavy Rain at Meopahm Kent Messenger
5.58 inches of rain has fallen in Meopham in 3 days 30 July - 1 Aug.  Rain in Thames Valley has had bad effect on corn crops

31 Aug 1917 Gales Cause Damage to Crops Dartford Chronicle
Gales cause damage to crops, apples etc blown to the ground, corn flattened.  "Harvest prospects have been rendered deplorable".  Another article said rain was so heavy people knocked on doors in Dartford thinking it was a thunderclap.

31 Aug 1917 Poor Harvest Expected Dartford Chronicle
Harvest prospects (poor quality microfilm).  One of the worst seeding periods in history has been followed by unfavourable harvest.  Better weather early in August but followed by heavy rain and gales.  Corn is too twisted and broken to use cutters.  Discoloured straw and sprouting corn predicted.  Harvest will be late which is usually bad.  Very poor crop forecast.

31 Aug 1917 Minimum Wage for Farm Workers Dartford Chronicle
Minimum wage of 25/- for farm workers set by Parliament.

01 Sep 1917 Gravesend Hospital Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend Hospital Pound Day - donations may be left at GW Bancks Hartley Rectory, Mrs Day, Ash etc

01 Sep 1917 Fawkham Soldier Wounded Kent Messenger
Casualties - wounded - 70470 Gunner J Morphew of Forge House, Fawkham

01 Sep 1917 Sugar Cards at Gravesend Kent Messenger
Gravesend - details for issue of sugar cards, application forms from Post Office to be returned to Food Office by 6/10.  Scheme to start 1 Jan.  "Sugar in its many forms, is just now a substance somewhat conspicuous by its absence"

01 Sep 1917 Servants' Registry Kent Messenger
Mr Pipe of Himalaya Bungalow [Rochford, Church Road], Hartley, Longfield advertises for housemaid, kitchenmaid, between maid, general servant for seaside [presumably he is running some kind of agency]

07 Sep 1917 Profiteering Dartford Chronicle
Editorial about profiteers.  Word is a product of the war, used glibly by many.  Paper says everyone is a profiteer in their own way e.g. wages, and people are not always criticising the right targets, only the ones they immediately deal with.

08 Sep 1917 Estate of Walter Robson Gravesend Reporter
Executor notice for claims against estate of Walter Robson of Grafton House, who died on 5.5.17, will proved 20.6.17

15 Sep 1917 Profiteering Gravesend Reporter
"Distracted Housewife" writes to say government promise of reduction in price of meat has had no effect locally. Her weekly joint cost the same, prices not prominently displayed as they are supposed to but 'pasted up in obscure corners'. Prices of clothes, hardware and other necessaries also too high. She blames profiteers, notes many butchers have recently bought cars.

21 Sep 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - C English (27, A) The Stores, Hartley, given 3 months exemption, ER Hoadley (18) 1 month (of Middleton Farm, horseman)

21 Sep 1917 Fined for Selling Fresh Bread Dartford Chronicle
Frederick Webster, Fawkham Green, fined 40/- or 14 days for selling bread less than 12 hours old, DRDC inspector found loaves on him at Ash.  FW said they would be that old by the time he'd delivered them.  DRDC solicitor said most bakers were "patriotic" and obeyed DORA order, but complained they had lost business to those flouting the rules.

21 Sep 1917 Sale of Rural Development Company Stock Dartford Chronicle
"Mr Philip Champion has been instructed by The Rural Development Company Ltd, to sell by auction at the above address on Monday October 1, 1917 at 11.30am the live and dead farming stock comprising: 9 powerful cart horses, 2 cobs, 3 cows in full profit, 2 heifers, 4 yearlings, 2 calves, yearling bull, 144 Kent and Cross-bred ewes, 124 lambs, 2 southdown rams, Kent ram, 2 sows and pigs, pedigree middle white boar, the whole of the implements including: Horse rake, corn drill, ploughs, mower, self-binder, plain and ring rolls, potato balker and water cart.  4 Tip carts, trade cart, 2 box carts, dogcart, pony trap, 12 sets harness, hay elevator, sprayers, dairy utensils, cattle and pig troughs, sheep racks, 200 yards chestnut fencing, 70 sheep gates, sheep netting, potato boxes, strawberry tubs, market garden utensils, and miscellaneous effects...."

21 Sep 1917 Allowing Cattle to Stray at Hartley Dartford Chronicle
Hedley Symons of Hartley Wood fined 5/- for allowing 1 boar and 2 store pigs to stray on Hartley Road.  He said he had baricaded the fences, was working night and day and was very short handed.

22 Sep 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Gravesend Reporter
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - C English (27) given 3 months exemption, ER Hoadley (18) 1 month (of Middleton Farm, ploughman and horseman)

22 Sep 1917 Maximum Meat Prices Gravesend Reporter
Paper publishes list of maximum meat prices issued by food controller. Retailers may add 2½d per pound.

22 Sep 1917 Rev Stanley Morgan Moving Gravesend Reporter
Rev Stanley Morgan moving from Greenhithe to Deptford Congregational Church, remaining as DRDC councillor.

26 Sep 1917 Councillor's Bereavement Melbourne Herald
"Much sympathy will be felt for councillor E(dward) C(ooper) Treadwell [1864-1950], the well known city publisher, who within the last few days lost his eldest son Sergeant EJC Treadwell, and his wife, mrs Treadwell, who had been in ill-health since March last, died at her residence 'Fairby', York Street, St Kilda, yesterday.  The funeral, which left her late residence for the Brighton cemetery this afternoon, was largely attended.  Amongst those present wer Sir David Hennessy (the Lord Mayor) and several city councillors.  Sergeant EJC Treadwell's death is officially reported to have taken place in England on September 20, and was due to an aeroplane accident.  The late sergeant was 22 years of age.  He had been a prefect of the Church of England Grammar school, and at the time of his enlistment was a lieutenant in the citizen forces"

28 Sep 1917 Blackout Regulations Dartford Chronicle
Paper says it is pointless getting householders to extinguish lights when trams with their flashes keep running.

28 Sep 1917 Skull found at Pennis Cottage Dartford Chronicle
"Workman's gruesome find".  Large skull found in cellar of cottage at Pennis, with hole in head.  Paper recounts legend of man being murdered some years ago and body taken to Pennis.  A few people remembered seeing skull on mantlepiece.  Present owner probably didn't want it but feared to get rid of it because of fear of ghosts.  Previous owners of the cottage, the Dumnalls, said it was only haunted with rats!  Skull thought not to be of murder victim, known to have been owned by Cooper family.

29 Sep 1917 Fined for Abstracting Water without Paying Gravesend Reporter
Thomas George Lynds (acquitted) and John J Hickmott (£5) of Longfield accused of taking water from Mid Kent's mains without authority, relating to Hickmott's shop being altered into 2 shops, but told by company that would need 2 connections and 2 charges

29 Sep 1917 Fairby Stores Want Manageress Kent Messenger
Manageress wanted for Fairby Stores - Small Owners Limited

05 Oct 1917 Skull found at Pennis Cottage Dartford Chronicle
Fawkham skull said to have been buried in 1829 by William Cooper when he took over farm from uncle

06 Oct 1917 Precept for Guardians Gravesend Reporter
Dartford Guardians - KCC precept up from £12,451 to £15,672. Means rates will rise from 5½d to 7d in the £. Hartley to pay £147.18.8 county rate, £1.3.3 Education rate (up from £1.0.7). DRDC to increase expenditure from £8,823 to £10,488.

06 Oct 1917 Zeppelin Raids at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Sunday (23rd Sept)

New moon a subject of conversation.  A year ago we blessed the coming of a new moon, now we curse it.  Funny how human nature veers round.  Everyone prophesing a week of horror during coming week.  Makes one wish one was in Timbuctoo or some other place of safety.  Sister-in-law, who is a brave soul, chides me for being afraid.  She only has a husband and he doesn't count.  I have a wife and a family.  She has a cellar; I have none.  Her husband, under her influence, keeps telling me to "buck up" (I know all the while he is trembling at the knees).  Sister-in-law very comforting, she evidently believes in doctrine of predestination.  "If you've got to be killed, you will be killed" she says decisively.  Her husband changes the subject and talks about luck.  Fine subject that. I have always been unlucky, so shan't wonder if I keep up my record during the week.  To bed early.  Whle undressing draw aside blinds and peer down the road every two minutes to see if the lights are in.  Don't want fag of bustling into clothes again as soon I've got them off.  Nasty way of gettin gthem on wrong way.  Very tired.  Soon dropped asleep.  Dreamt of babies - most unlucky.  Wonder what will happen?

Monday (24th Sept)

Beautiful day; fine prelude to a fine night.  Luck on the side of the Huns.  "We're in for it this week" is the speculation of the earliest friend I meet.  He means of course, the universal topic.  "Moon all in their favour" he adds, and I'm not in the least on the point.  Go about my work, trying not to think of what may be in store.  Comforting reflection - I have made my will.  Precious little to leave.  Government takes everything.  Look up Old Moore to see what time moon rises - note 2.28.  It will be well up in the heavens about 8 o'clock.  Shan't worry.  Decide to go to the Palace Theatre to see "The Rosary".  Rather rash, but one must be bold sometimes.  All serene at 6.30; go to the Palace.  Enjoy the performance and forget all bout air raid, Huns, etc., listening to the wisdom of Father Brian Kelly.  Performance over about 9.  Emerging into the street find all lamps out.  Raid week has begun.  Not a word has been said to the audience or even a whisper went round taht an air raid was on.  Very good of the management.  Hurry home.  On the way home hear the guns booming.  Met friend who had been to teh Cinema.  Thee, he tell me, notice was displayed that all lights had gone out, and later on that guns had started.  He decided that was no place for him, so quickly left and padded the hoof for home.  We do ditto together.  Arrived home to the humming of aeroplanes.  Everybody in their burrows like rabbits.  Sociable people.  We seek ours.  Turn off gas as precaution and open doors; take up stand in middle of hall, close to party wall and wait results.  Fine view through open doors of Verey Lights, a real Brock's benefit.  Guns are ripping it pretty well.  Curious sinking feeling at pit of chest.  Knees not very stable, and my voice shakes when speaking.  However, for sake of wife and family must be brave.  Encourage them with jokes at Hun's expense.  No retribution from them at present.  What's whistling noise - the shrapnel or the shells make.  Wonder if it is anything like this at the front.  Glad I'm not there, and taht age is the bar.  Not much better living here.  Wonder how my sister in law is faring, and what her subservient husband is doing.  Exultantly express pious hope he is supporting her in a dead faint.  There's a big explosion; must be a bomb dropped.  Second thought - doubt whether it was.  Probably only a gun speaking above a whisper.   Guns getting fainter.  Drone of aeroplanes cease.  Probably they have gone.  Disquieting reflection - will they return.  Venture to the front door.  Verey lights long distance away, gone very faint.  Ah, London must be catching it.  Sorry for London.  Congratulate my locality - which has passed unscathed.  Mustn't crow too loudly.  Must adopt Asquithian pose, and wait and see.  Walk boldly into the open.  Discuss raids and war with neighbours.  Don't think peace is anywhere near.  Touch on note of the drone of aeroplanes.  Wonder if our experts know the difference between note of our engines and those of Taubes, Albatrosses and Gothas.  Suggest they may have sort of microphone to ascertain distance of craft, as they do in connexion with submarines.  Discuss the point, left as you were.  All quiet.  Wonder whether lights will soon go on.  Very tired.  Strain is rather exhausting.  Will have supper and go to bed and chance it.  Have supper, ascend to dormitory.  Ah! What a relief.  Lights are on.   Go to bed and soon in the arms of Morpheus.  Dream tonight about a wedding in which I [....] to as best man in curious church.  Bride queerly dressed with a brown motor cap instead of bridal wreath and veil.  Ridiculous.  This probably effect of raid.  Shall be glad when we have done with such things.

Tuesday (25th Sept)

Eagerly get paper as soon as it arrives and read it in bed.  Ah, here is the official communique.  Will get it on record.  "Hostile aeroplanes attached the south-east coast of England this evening. The raiders came in at different places in Kent and Essex, and a few of them follwed the River Thames and attacked London.  Bombs were dropped at several points, and so far the casualties reported ammount to six killed and about 20 injured."  Followed the River Thames.  No wonder we heard them so plainly   Of course they will come again.  Shan't worry.  Feel that I'm getteing used to this sort of thing.  Reflection - wouldn't it make the Huns mad if they only knew how quickly fear of the frightfulness vanishes.  Ought to go to a meeting tonight, but decide that raid shall settle whether I go or not.  After tea work in the garden for an hour...........

[Refers to 23 - 30 September 1917]

12 Oct 1917 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Dartford Chronicle
Proposed constituencies of Chislehurst (61,216) and Dartford (89,637) very unequal but paper thinks it is the best way of meeting community interest.

12 Oct 1917 Selling Margarine for Butter Dartford Chronicle
Elizabeth Smith fined 5/- for selling margarine for butter at her small refreshment house at Junction Road, Longfield.  PC had ordered 3 slices of bread and butter and tea for 3½d, sent for analysis.

13 Oct 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
Papers says experiences of many in Gravesend last week are to find no bacon or tea and to be told there was virtually none in the town. Urges economy.

13 Oct 1917 Evening Classes Gravesend Reporter
Southfleet PC arranging KCC lectures on beekeeping and poultry rearing. More applications for allotments.

13 Oct 1917 Maximum Meat Prices Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend Council draws up schedule of maximum prices of meat.

13 Oct 1917 Servants' Registry Kent Messenger
"General servants wanted for all parts of London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, also for Eastbourne, Folkestone, Hastings, Hove, Brighton etc.  Highest wages, best places, no fees.  Kitchenmaid wanted, one lady, 5 servants £20.  Lady help £18.  Several cooks, cook generals, house parlourmaids, and housemaids wanted for all parts - please write, stating age, wages wanted, length of character to Mr Pipe, Kent County Registry, Hartley, Longfield, Kent."

19 Oct 1917 Fire at Maple Cottages, Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Fire at 4.30pm on Thursday at James Jenkins's house 1 Maple Cottages, Longfield.  Neighbour Mrs Amy Perkins discovered it and dealt with it with buckets of water, assisted by another neighbour Mrs Morris.  Caused by drying clothes by fire igniting.

27 Oct 1917 Assault at Fawkham Gravesend Reporter
Arthur Samson (38) jailed for 2 years with hard labour for attack on Ethel Pankhurst at Fawkham on 17 July.

27 Oct 1917 Blackout Regulations Gravesend Reporter
Correspondent thinks shopkeepers' highly burnished brasswork will reflect moonlight and help bombers

02 Nov 1917 VAD Volunteer Dartford Chronicle
Article on Mrs Horace A Porter of Gravesend for her VAD work since the start of the war.  Her husband was chairman of the Kent FA and saw to it Kent was the first county to close cup and county engagements.  She was trained at Rochester VAD, served at Higham and has new job at Swanley

02 Nov 1917 Fined for Selling Fresh Bread Dartford Chronicle
L T Garrett (see Reporter 3.11.17) Chronicle adds that he had told inspector that miller had delivered his flour late, but this was found to be untouched.

02 Nov 1917 Lack of Roadstone Dartford Chronicle
DRDC complain they have only received half the stone they need to repair roads.  They also say bakers are using the 12 hour rule to get away with selling underweight bread by saying it is over 30 hours old and not subject to the regulations.

02 Nov 1917 For their country - Corporal C Haygreen (pictured) Dartford Chronicle
"Mr and Mrs Haygreen of 7 Park Road, Dartford, are mourning the loss of their 4th son, Corporal Charles Haygreen, aged 28, who was serving with the RGA (Royal Garrison Artillery).  He joined up on November 23, 1914, had been in France since August 30, 1915, and was last home October 7, and had only just rejoined his regiment, being killed on October 10.

Before enlistment Corporal Haygreen was employed by Mr Humphries of Hartley, and was a scholar at Hartley Schools.

Mr and Mrs Haygreen have two other sons serving.

[Sadly, before the war was out Mr and Mrs Haygreen was to lose another son, Ernest, both are commemorated at Fawkham.]

03 Nov 1917 New Bread Gravesend Reporter
"New Bread" - Leslie Thomas Jarrett of Longfield pleaded guilty to selling new bread. DRDC said they found warm bread on his cart on 15 October. He said things were difficult for country bakers. Fined £3.

03 Nov 1917 Court Baron at Meopham Gravesend Reporter
Manor of Meopham - Ecclesiastical commissioners as lords of the manor to hold court baron

03 Nov 1917 Sugar Cards at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
WJ Harrington replies to letter complaining about actions of his canvasser to get householders to register with him for sugar "which practically means the other part of the order as well". Other traders are doing this. His assistant simply withdrew if they said no. Papers also apologies to Mr Harrington.

03 Nov 1917 Women's Army Auxiliary Corps advert Gravesend Reporter
"Women of England! Your help is urgently needed." Apply to employment exchange in Gravesend.

03 Nov 1917 Servant Wanted at June Hill Kent Messenger
"Wanted general servant with knowledge of cooking, wages £26, help given, 3 in family, small modern house.  Apply Mrs Bourdillon, June Hill, Hartley, Longfield"

03 Nov 1917 Rabbits for Sale Gravesend Reporter
King of Gravesend sells English trapped rabbits, "fresh supplies daily from country districts".

10 Nov 1917 Zeppelin Raids at Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
German communique said results of raid on night of 31/10 - 1/11 on Gravesend and elsewhere was 'satisfactory'. Paper says that if that is so, then in Gravesend's case they are easily pleased "Never was there a more feeble attempt to inflict damage and to instil terror into the hearts of the people.."

10 Nov 1917 Service for Brave Departed Kent Messenger
Longfield - Service for brave departed, attended by 50 soliders

24 Nov 1917 Food Economy Committee at Longfield Kent Messenger
Longfield - setting up food economy committee

24 Nov 1917 Profiteering Kent Messenger
Public meeting called at Gravesend to protest at milk being sold at 8d per quart.  Motion calls for boycott of milk sold above 6½d and for equality of sacrifice by rationing for rich and poor.  Claims of profiteering by shopkeepers, dairymen and farmers at meeting, denied by them all.  G Stubbs called them "theives and traitors to the land" (mixed applause and dissent), spoke for babies who have no voice, fathers at front, mothers have no voice on council.

01 Dec 1917 Conscientious Objectors - Quakers Gravesend Reporter
Two Quakers forced into non-combatant corps given 2 years (18m remitted) for refusing orders at Milton Barracks

01 Dec 1917 Shop Opening Hours Inconvenient Gravesend Reporter
"A Soldier's wife" writes to say shop opening hours are inconvenient for working women as they are closed lunchtimes and in the evenings and they are "sold out" at the weekends.

01 Dec 1917 Food Producation Show - Ash winner Kent Messenger
Women in food production show at Allington.  Mrs Chatfield of Ash 2nd in planting cabbages and strawberries class.  Meopham school gets award for making toys in village industries class.

01 Dec 1917 Gravesend Butcher Strike Kent Messenger
Gravesend butchers - 13 out of 17 strike, claiming fixed retail prices not high enough.  People bought fish instead.

01 Dec 1917 Death of Captain Treadwell Melbourne Sporting Judge
Death on active service of Cadet E J C Treadwell; it was suggested he be buried in Hartley with his ancestors but army wouldn't pay to transport body

03 Dec 1917 Properties for Sale by Small Owners Farmer
(1) Excellent 6 acre orchard for sale, £90 per acre (2) Good mixed farm 150 acres, 12 roomed house; (3) 6 room modern bungalow with 4 acres pasture £685 - Small Owners Limited

07 Dec 1917 Prices for Pigs too Low Dartford Chronicle
C W Blair of Sutton at Hone says government prices for pigs are so low that they can't make a profit.  He cites withdrawal of pigs from Dartford market recently

08 Dec 1917 Small Holding For Sale Kent Messenger
"Kent, 1½ miles from Fawkham Station - market garden for sale, comprising 5 acres fully planted with fruit, strawberries, asparagus, including tomato house, mushroom house, packing sheds and frames, price £1,060 - apply Small Owners Limited, 20 Copthall Avenue EC"

08 Dec 1917 Corporal E H Beer (Longfield) Kent Messenger
"Heavy Battery RGA - Awarded Military Medal Oct 2nd, Died of Wounds Oct 3rd.

For extreme gallantry during fighting on October 1st, Corpl E H Beer of a Heavy Battery, RGA, was granted the immediate reward of the Military Medal.  It is regretted that the brave corporal has not lived to enjoy this official recognition of his courageous conduct, for during the engagement in which he played so distinguished a part he received wounds to which he succumbed on October 3rd.  that Corporal Beer's untimely death is deplored by his comreades in France, is illustrated by a letter which his young widow, Mrs Beer, of Station Road, Longfield, has received from the Officer Commanding her husband's battery, who writes, 'I very much regret to have to inform you that your husband Corpl Beer died of wounds which he received in action here on October 1st, on which occasion he behaved with the greatest gallantry and was recommended by me for the Military Medal, which was awarded to him the day before we heard of his death.  It came as a great shock to us, as when he was carried away from here, we had no idea he was badly wounded.  I enclose the notification of his award of the MM and also the report which I made about him at the time.  As regards his not being carried away at once, this was quite impossible even if he had wished it, as the shelling all round was too heavy.  I cannot tell you how sorry we all are about it.  He had been in our battery for a year and was a very brave and hard working NCO, and his splendid behaviour on this occasion had made us all hope that he would get all right to wear his medal in the battery.  He will not be forgotten by the officers and men of this battery which he served so well.'

The report referred to indicates that Corpl Beer was rewarded 'for conspicuous behaviour and devotion to duty at _____.  when the SOS went up on the morning of October 1st 1917 his gun was under rapid and accurate fire by medium guns.  He immediately ran to his gun and got it into actino, being then knocked down and badly wounded by one of the many shells bursting round in rapid succesion.  He set a very fine example to his detachment, refusing to be carried away until the men had finished their firing'.

The Corporal was in his 23rd year.  (Photo in article)

14 Dec 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Dartford Chronicle
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - H G Green (41), of Hartley Green, case adjourned for medical certificate

14 Dec 1917 Theft at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Annie Simes of 10 Whitehill Road, Longfield, accused of stealing £2 in notes from next door neighbour, Mr Messe martin.  Said to have confessed.  Case adjourned.

14 Dec 1917 Fatal Cycling Accident - Tar Barrels on Longfield Hill Dartford Chronicle
Mary Ann Gherkins v DRDC re death of her husband who cycled into a barrel left by defendants at Longfield Hill.  They said barrel wasn't on road.  Jury finds for council.

15 Dec 1917 Gravesend Butcher Strike Gravesend Reporter
Gravesend butchers' strike over maximum prices

15 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
"The food queues in Gravesend  - shall the town have a ring fence" Gravesend council discuss matter.  Some councillors wanted to stop outsiders coming to the town, they in turn said they had always shopped there.  Other councillors disagreed saying the town lived "to a great extent on its market and market day" and would lose other trade if people went elsewhere.

15 Dec 1917 War Casualties - Longfield Kent Messenger
Longfield casualties - Pte P Pankhurst 735 Royal West Kent - wounded

15 Dec 1917 Gravesend Butcher Strike Kent Messenger
Gravesend meat strike settled.  Gravesend food committee rejects claims that butchers should be able to charge London rates, saying they don't have the same overheads.  Some smaller increases agreed.

15 Dec 1917 Tractor Ploughing Record Kent Messenger
Motor tractor in herefordshire sets record by ploughing 48 acres in one week.

[Traditionally an acre is the amount of land that could be ploughed by a horse team in one day, so mechinisation achieved 7 times this]

15 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Kent Messenger
Gravesend Council discuss queues, outsiders being blamed by some for buying supplies meant for Gravesend, but one shopkeeper on council said his supplies took outsiders into account.

21 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Food queues - letter to paper says people are having to arrive earlier and earlier and suggests shops open later.  Paper thinks that won't work, and calls for rationing as shortages are the real problem

21 Dec 1917 Theft at Longfield Dartford Chronicle
Annie Simes case details.  Fined £3 (see Dartford Chronicle 14.12.17)

22 Dec 1917 Appeals against Conscription - Hartley Gravesend Reporter
DRT Appeals Against Conscription - H G Green, case adjourned

22 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Gravesend Reporter
"A democrat" writes to remind readers that rationed items are what poor people depend upon, rich can buy unrationed items, poor have always had 7 meatless days.

22 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Gravesend Kent Messenger
FR Weller of Rose Cottage, Southfleet writes to complain about Cllr Hinckley's suggestion that Gravesend shops shouldn't sell to those in country districts.  For years Gravesend tradesmen "have sought the custom of the people who live in the villages around".  He and many others have done so.  What if country people hoarded vegetables, the councillor wouldn't like it then.  Is this the equality of sacrifice he talks about on other occasions?

22 Dec 1917 War Savings - Kent Kent Messenger
National War Bonds 11 weeks to Dec 15th.  Dartford (pop 23,609) £14,155 Gravesend (28,117) £36,795

28 Dec 1917 Private Brewster of Longfield wounded Dartford Chronicle
Casualty list - wounded - Private W Brewster of Longfield, 240854 Royal West Kent Regiment

28 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Dartford Dartford Chronicle
Dartford Food Committee commandeers Maypole Margarine

29 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Southfleet Gravesend Reporter
Southfleet PC complain that people there have trouble getting food from Gravesend, their nearest town without a ticket. 20 tons of coal from DRDC distributed around parish, people happy with that.

29 Dec 1917 Gravesend Introduces  Rationing Gravesend Reporter
"Abolishing the food queues in Gravesend" - Gravesend Food Control Committee has taken over rationing of tea, butter and margarine within 6 miles of Gravesend, the area including Longfield and Fawkham which used Gravesend as a shopping centre.  Permits issued for items with their grocer, food requisitioned from grocers with surplus to ensure others do not run out.  Outsiders who shop in Gravesend will be given sugar ration card with squares to be cut out by retailer.  Tea ration to be 1-2 persons (2oz), 3-5 persons (4oz), 6-8 persons (6oz), 9+ (8oz)

29 Dec 1917 Private Brewster of Longfield wounded Kent Messenger
Longfield - wounded - Pte 240854 RWKent, W Breston.

29 Dec 1917 Food Shortages - Dartford Kent Messenger
"Extraordinary scenes were witnessed in Dartford on Christmas Eve, queues numbereing several thousands waiting outside the grocers' shops for supplies of margarine.  At most shops the supply had run out by noon on Saturday, and though retailers in some cases promised to open on Sunday morning if further stocks arrived, nonewrer delivered, and buyers waited in vain. Early on Monday a force of police was busy regulating the queues, adn wehn a five ton parcel consigned to the Maypole company arrived, it was comandeered by the Food Committee and distributed among small shops.  Orders were issued that nothing but margarine was to be sold till 1 o'clock, and forbidding the purchase of supplies by one family at more than one shop, or by more than one member of a family at any shop.  Butchers found it necessary to admit customers by the shop door, and pass them out at the back of the premises after being served."

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