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Covid Update September 2021

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Since the last update in April 2021, cases remained low until mid-June with the advent of the Delta Variant, which now makes up 99% of all cases (PHE Technical Briefing 21, page 26).  Throughout April and May most days had less than 3 cases for each of Hartley, Longfield and New Ash Green.  On 28 June the rate for the 3 parishes was 81 per 100,000 per week.  This rate doubled every 7 days to peak at 651 per 100,000 on 19 July.  Since then the rate has fallen to track just below the national average for England.  On 6 September the local rate was 277 per 100,000.

The increased number of cases has had an effect on hospitalisations, but thanks it is believed, to vaccination the numbers have been far fewer.  The number of Covid patients at Darent Valley Hospital now averages 20-30 when they were over 200 in January when case rates were similar.

In April 2021 none of the 20 deaths in the 3 parishes were attributable to Covid.

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