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News November - December 2021

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13 December 2021 - Parish Council: Councillors
Meeting ran from 7.30 to 8.02pm.  All but Cllr Graeme (apologies) were present, as were the clerk and Cllr Brazier (KCC).  There were no declarations of interest.
Parish Council Meeting
13 December 2021 - Refuse: Pepper Hill
Cllr Brazier said they plan to continue the booking system for recycling centres.  However following consultation, they will make slots available on the day.  He confirmed this had not led to an increase in flytipping
Parish Council Meeting
13 December 2021 - Ash Parish: Hodsoll Street
Cllr Perry Cole said the owners did not plan to rebuild after the fire.  Locals are looking at whether they can acquire the site and build a new pub.
Parish Council Meeting
13 December 2021 - Planning: Neighbourhood Plan
Cllr Alford said 283 out of 2,500 questionnaires had been returned, mostly from older people.   They plan Landscape Character (£2,900) and Green Belt (£tbc) Assessments.  As they had no reply from the council's website provider they will set up a separate site using the government grant money they are applying for, although there is no guarantee the government will continue this in 2022.  Councillors hoped the costs of all of this would be covered by grant money.
Parish Council Meeting
13 December 2021 - Charities: Community Cupboard
Following legal advice, the council agreed to pledge £5,000 for an extension to the Food Bank at West Kingsdown but only if they reach the £48,500 target.  They are OK with West Kingsdown PC being the ultimate owner should the scheme wind up.  Cllr Perry Cole said it is well used by Hartley residents and deliveries are available for those who can't drive.
Parish Council Meeting
13 December 2021 - Finance: Payments
Payments of £20,879 for December were agreed.  As well as usual items, this included £645 for tree work at Woodland Avenue, £2,500 donation for portable goalposts, £102 for signs for the new burial ground.
Parish Council Meeting

Rail Usage Statistics for 2020-2021
As might be expected, rail usage locally fell in the year April 2020 - March 2021, Longfield saw 80% fewer passengers.  Similar falls at other local stations - Swanley 74%, Meopham 76%, Sole Street 77%, Farningham Road 80%.

StationFull FareReduced FareSeason TicketTotal Entries & ExitsTotal 2019/20
Farningham Road12,07813,96212,89238.932198,984
Sole Street4,0485,2924,52213,86259,448

Record Number of Million Pound Property Sales in 2021
Three properties in Hartley sold for 7 figures in 2021 - Orchard House, Ash Road (£1.16m);  Ferndale, Church Road (£1.105m); and St Margaret, Manor Drive (£1.026m).  None however have beaten the 2009 record of £1.32m for a property in Simmonds Drive.

51 properties were sold in 2021 and the average annual increase for unimproved houses was around the 3-4% mark.

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