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Newspaper Stores 1943-1944

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01 Jan 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Social Club - Thrift club shared out £450; (2) Obituary of Miss Marjorie Barker (59) of Heort Lea

12 Feb 1943 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Kent Messenger

"The clerk reported that the Rural Council is taking steps to renew the printed instructions in each fire extinguisher, making clear the method of using them.  On Miss Barker's suggestion it whoud also be made clear that the extinguishers are not to be used on incendiary bombs.

The ministry of Works and Planning wrote asking for the surrender of the railings round the war memorial.  The chairman (Mr C Sizmur) said he had consulted the original donor of the railings, Mrs Robertson, who was willing that they should be given up for the war effort, and the council agreed.

The Chairman reported that the winding up of the Ash and District Sanitary Committee revealed a balance of £95 8s 10d, and that this had been disposed of by a gift of £30 each to the three nursing associations of Kingsdown, Ash and District, Hartley and Longfield.  The balance £5 8s 10d was handed to the cker in recognition of his services.  The clerk was instructed to call the attention of the rural Council to the agitation agains increase in rates, which the council had no knowledge, and to ask for enlightenment on the subject."

12 Feb 1943 Hartley WI Kent Messenger

"Over 70 members and friends, including some members of Ash WI attended the 22nd birthday meeting on Thursday last week….."

19 Feb 1943 Articles for Sale Kent Messenger

(1) "Geese & ganders for sale, 11 months old, also Rhode island Red Pullets, RIR and Khaki-Campbell hatching eggs - Sudds, Applegarth, Hartley, Longfield."; (2) "For sale, blue child's playing pen; Marmet Buffer Car; Savoury & Moore Baby Weighing Scales; Tourer Cot; Windsor Armchair; all good condition; Belling Electric Heater-Griller-Hotplate, new - Dallen, Hartley, Longfield 2249."

05 Mar 1943 Nanny Wanted Kent Messenger

"Nannie-companion for mother, 3 little girls (1 day school); modern house; bus route; own cow, chickens, vegetables - Dallen, Hartley Manor Farmhouse, Longfield 2249."

12 Mar 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Annual meeting of Hartley Folk Song and Dance Society, [NAME] president, Mrs Keen [1888-1968] secretary. Informal dances held first Saturday of month at Longfield Youth Centre Hut; (2) WI raise £20.10.8 for Aid to Russia Fund.

12 Mar 1943 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Kent Messenger

"At the March meeting a certificate was received from the Admiralty to commemorate Hartley's participation in the adoption of HMS Gloxinia as a result of Dartford's Warship Week.  The clerk was instructed to have the certficate frames and exhibited at the Hartley Schools, the Post Office and the WI in that order, the Institute to be asked to give it a permanent home when it cam rount to them.  A circular was received from the District Council calling attention to the liability of rabbits to tuberculosis, and in all suspicious cases the carcases should be sent for examination before consumption to the Sanitary Authority, Dartford.  Infected rabbits are dangerous as food.  The clerk read a memorandum from the District Council explaining the plans of the council for spreading local expenses over the whole rating area.  The immediate item of interest is that of sewage which may result in a rate of 5d or possibly 6d in the Hartley area.  The full implications of this as reflected in the new rates was left over to be explained at the parish meeting by Captain Bignell, who readily undertook this duty.  A resolution of protest against the proposed regional rearrangements of district and parish council areas was received from the Wilmington Parish Council with request for Hartley's support in opposition to the plan.  Discussion revealed a unanimous opinion that these changes would adversely affect the responsibilities of the parish councils particularly, and it was decided to support Wilmington's protests and to so notify Sir Waldron Smithers MP.  As the donor of the War Memorial railings was reluctant to see them sent away, the supply department was notified and agreed to their non-removal."

[At the previous meeting the council had claimed the donor of the railings was OK with them being taken for scrap]

19 Mar 1943 Parish Assembly Kent Messenger

"A protest against Dartford Rural Council's new spread over rating plans was made at the annual parish assembly on Wednesday last week.  Mr Gray gave comparative rateable values of the parishes and said that per head of the population, the Hartley rate was already higher than in other villages in the Dartford Rural Area.  Miss Chisholm said that people should not think only of their own pockets, but of the advantages accruing to the public as a whole arising from the expenditure of the rural council.  The new spread over rating plans were explained by Captain CS Bignell, who pointed out that they would be to the ultimate benefit of the parish.  There was warm applause when Mr Fielder drew attention to the splendid work being done by women in the parish, particularly as regards jam making and knitting comforts for the services."

26 Mar 1943 Beehives for Sale Kent Messenger

Beehives for sale or whole apiary. Elphick, Ash Road

02 Apr 1943 Permission to Marry Dartford Chronicle

"[NAME], Bayonne, Church Road, Hartley [Marsworth, Church Road],  who appeared in WAAF uniform, also asked permission to marry.  Her  father said he would rather they waited unitl they were older and had  more means.  Permission granted."

16 Apr 1943 Articles for Sale Kent Messenger

Poultry house for sale. MacDonald, Phoenix [now Stocks Mead, Church Road]. Nanny goat for sale - Selworthy [church road].

30 Apr 1943 House for Sale at Hartley Kent Messenger

"Well Built house for sale; main water, electric; buses pass; garage; £1,000 freehold - Coney, Hartley Bottom" [believed to be an estate agent]

14 May 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Shed and poultry house for sale. Alexander, Cavan, Church Road. Laying batteries, 24 poultry cages, fowl house. Parkins; (2) Auction notice for Le Stock Farm, 3 bedrooms, 1¾ acres land planted with fruit trees; (3) Hartley exceed £5,000 Wings for Victory target by £365. Includes £165 from mock auction and £11 from two WI Whist Drives. Names of winners of children's drawing competition; (4) "Hartley is going all out to make its book drive for the Services and for salvage a success.  Residenta are asked to ring Mr Passmore Bishop (Longfield 3143) for information.  Books can also be taken to his house."

14 May 1943 Home Guard Anniversary Kent Messenger

"To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Home Guard, platoons from Southfleet, Longfield, Hartley, Fawkham, Ash and Kingsdown, representing 'A' company will attend the ceremonial parade of the 19th battalion at 3.30 on Sunday at the Farningham Cricket Ground.

the public are invited to witness the parade, and many interesting demonstrations will be given.  There will be also a realistic depiction of the rise of the Home Guards from the LDV days to its present smooth running efficiency.  A running commentary will be broadcast on each item.

21 May 1943 County Association's First Wartime Show Kent Messenger

Kent  County Canine Association Show at Maidstone.  Local Winners: Miss K M  Raine, Longfield (Puppy 3rd; Daschunds 2nd & 3rd); Mrs Dorracott,  Hartley (Bull Terrier 1st; Big breeds 2nd; Terriers (not fox) 1st;  Sporting 1st; novice any variety 1st; maiden any variety 1st; beginners  any variety 1st)

21 May 1943 Child Entertainers to Visit Southfleet and Hartley Kent Messenger

"Miss Gwendolyn Randall [later Lynds, 1913-2001], formerly of Hartley, whose troupe of child  entertainers has raised large sums for war charities, is to visit  Southfleet and Hartley to give two shows for the Southfleet and  Longfield British Legion Prisoners of War Fund.  By means of this fund  comforts are sent to local men in enemy prison camps.  Miss Randall now  has a dancing academy at Wolverton, Bucks.  The performances will be at  Southfield School this Saturday afternoon, and at Hartley Country Club  the same evening."

[Gwendolyn Randall used to live at Ship Cottage, Church Road, by this time she had moved to Wolverton, a town now swallowed up by Milton Keynes; she married in 1940 but continued to use Randall as her stage name]

04 Jun 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "Fruit,  vegetables, flowers, nuts etc etc purchased for cash, any quantities;  empties supplied; transport arranged - Hemesley, Woodland, Hartley,  Longfield, Kent Tel Longfield 2174 or Hemesley, Covent Garden.  Tel  Temple Bar 9372."; (2) "Wanted a Norweigan or Swedish spinning wheel - Poole, Homecot, Hartley, Dartford"

18 Jun 1943 Misuse of Motor Fuel Dartford Chronicle

Graham Henry Wood [1889-1962] of Hatchlands, Hartley Hill, Hartley [Blue Firs, Church Road]  pleaded guilty to using motor fuel for another purpose than that  stipulated on his application form.  He was fined 40 shillings and  ordered to pay 14 shillings costs.

25 Jun 1943 Local Will Dartford Chronicle

Mr  William Lockwood of Le Stocks Farm, Hartley, who died on December 16,  left £2,458 16s 11d gross, witn net personality £1,656 1s 3d.  Subject  to an annuity of £78 to his sister Clare Lockwood, he left the residue  to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to further the national war effort.

16 Jul 1943 Girls Training Corps Dartford Chronicle

Country Club - 483 company of Girls Training Corps dance at Country Club

[The GTC was started in 1942 for girls aged 14-20 with the idea of preparing  them to support the war effort.  Can't find what area 483 company  covered.]

16 Jul 1943 Land for Sale at Fawkham Kent Messenger

"By order of the personal representatives of Mr H White - Kent near Wrotham - Ridley Court Farm, 290 acres with Queen Anne farmhouse and farm buildings.  All in the occupation of the Kent War Agricultural Executive Committee.  Compensation Rent £215 per annum.

Also Pescot Field, Longfield, about 4¾ acres.  In the occupation of the Kent WAEC.

Also by order of Mr Harry White - Pescot Land, Longfield and Hartley, about 27 acres.  Partly in the occupation of the Kent WAEC and 3 bungalows, let on weekly tenancies.

To be sold by auction by Messrs Dann & Lucas on Tuesday 24th August 1943 at the Bull Hotel, Dartford in 3 lots." (Also in Dartford Chronicle 23.7.43)

23 Jul 1943 Cow and Pigs for Sale Kent Messenger

Shorthorn cow and store pigs for sale - Glover, Hartley Bottom

13 Aug 1943 Inefficient Brakes Dartford Chronicle

William H Heale [b 1911] of Ash Rd - inefficent brakes

13 Aug 1943 Country Club Sports Fair Dartford Chronicle

"On  August bank holiday a sports fair in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund was held at the Hartley Country Club sports ground  A considerable sum was  raised by various competitions and a collection taken on a captured  swastika flag realised £13.  Horse rides aranged by Mrs Hatten and  helpers raised £11.  The sports prizes were presented by Lieut-Col O  Moseley, Officer Commanding 19th battalion Kent Home Guard, and Squadron  Leader Johnson, RAF."

20 Aug 1943 Speeding Fine Dartford Chronicle

"At Chatham on Monday, Edward Arthur Kitto [1904-1994], lorry driver, Black Lion Inn, Hartley, was fined 40 shillilngs for exceeding 30mph with a goods vehicle at Shorne."

22 Aug 1943 Obituary of Charles Bate MscFarlane Times

Death of Charles Bate MacFarlane of Hartley House, director of William Dunn & Co Ltd

27 Aug 1943 Hartley Manor Farm to Let Kent & Sussex Courier

"The committee invites tenders for the letting, in its present condition of  Hartley Manor Farm, Hartley.  The farm contains 129 acres and includes a  bungalow and good farm buildings, providing accommodation for 50 cows.   Additional land in the committee's occupation in the vicinity could be  included in the tenancy if required.  The tenancy will date fro 29th  September 1943, and will be for 3 years to Michaelmas 1946, and  thereafter from year to year."

03 Sep 1943 Burglary at Stack Lane Kent Messenger

"Henry Le Long, aged 20, a soldier in an infantry training company was remanded in custody until September 9th by the Dartford magistrates on Thursday last week on a charge of burglarously breaking into Beulah, Stack Lane, Hartley and stealing property worth [.....] shillings, the property of Percival Leonard Harris.  PC Knight deposed how he cycled to Fawkham railway station where he saw Le Long in the waiting room and Harris identified a coat he was wearing.  When charged with the offence, Le Long said 'It's OK.  I took all the stuff except the purse.'"

03 Sep 1943 Case Dismissed Kent Messenger

"Hubert William Gladdish, Le Stock Farm, Hartley, was summoned at Maidstone on  Tuesday for driving a car at excessive speed during the black out.  His  speed in London Road, Maidstone was stated to have varied between 30 and  35 mph.  Defendant said the most he could get out of his car was 20  mph.  The case was dismissed."

10 Sep 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Erith Schoolboys of Country Club have been working on local farms; (2) Fr Camise McCarthy to be RC Priest; (3) Henry J Leiong (20) - burgled Beulah, Stack Lane (see also 22.10.43))

17 Sep 1943 Obituary of Lucy Weston Dartford Chronicle

Obituary of Mrs Lucy M Weston (86) of Anzac, Church Rd

08 Oct 1943 Buses - alterations to Route 423 Dartford Chronicle

Alterations to Route 423

15 Oct 1943 Propery Sale Kent Messenger

"At auction, Messrs Dann and Lucas at the Bull Hotel, Dartford, on Wednesday last week, sold for £2,000 to Mr J Barker, Pescot land at Longfield and Hartley, comprising 23 acres 3 roods and 18 perches, and including 2 bungalows (one vacant) and a range of brick and slated buildings.  A second lot, Pescot Field and Longfield, comprising 4 acres 3 roods and 14 perches fell to Mr S S Stewart for £500."

29 Oct 1943 Dogs for Sale Times

Mrs Darracott selling 2 bull terrier pups

19 Nov 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "C M Ellerby - All  classes of Agricultural Contracting, including - row crop cultivation,  draining, pipe laying, ploughing, pressing and drilling combined, land  clearing & levelling, rise ploughing, subsoiling, mowing, binding,  transport.  Longfield 3195."; (2) Dance at Country Club for HMS Gloxinia, corvette adopted by DRDC; (3) Alsatian pups for sale - Mrs Larkin, Jessern, Ash Road

26 Nov 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Country Club - licence to serve light refreshments; (2) For Sale: Freehold building plots 50'xl901 for £96

10 Dec 1943 Road Works in Ash Road Dartford Chronicle

"A  long standing complaint by Hartley parishioners, of water collecting at  the junction of Ash Road and St John's Lane, had been dealt with, under  instructions by the local Defence Emergency Committee.  Mr W Wright,  chairman of the Highways Committee, took strong objection to the matter  being dealt with by the Emergency Committee, and said he had neither  been consulted or informed.  The Chairman (Capt Bignell) said the matter  had received the attention of the Emergency Committee because the use  of a well, which was now an emergency water supply, was involved.  It  was also stated that a letter from Hartley Parish Council on the matter  had been previously considered by the Highways Committee."

[Another suggestion here that the sacking of Mr Wright by Hartley Parish Council may have been motivated by personalities.]

10 Dec 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Letter from Commander Gloxinia thanking parish for books & games; (2) Ernest H Constable [1909-1982] of Cranmere, Church Rd - speeding

14 Jan 1944 Incubator for Sale Kent Messenger

"Gloucester incubator, self turning tray, 150 egg £6 10s; rearing house and hover £5 10s.  Goodwin, Westfield [Church Road], Hartley, Dartford"

21 Jan 1944 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"Dartford rural Council wrote confirming arrangements for the clearance of the footpath from St John's Lane.  The Ratepayers' Association wrote expressing appreciation for this work.  It was reported that the appeal for salvage of sacks had already resulted in a number being sent in.  Expenditure for the year ending March 31st, 1945, was estimated at £30, equal to a penny rate.  The balance in hand from the current year is £50 approximately.  Flag days have been arranged as follows: Aid to China Fund, March 14th; King George's Fund for Sailors, April 4th; The War Savings 'Salute the Soldier' week will be held May 6th to 13th.  The council went into committee to discuss a round robin from the parents of the children in Hartley Church of England Schools."

["Going into committee" was a way local councils used to use to exclude the public from witnessing proceedings.  This was not stopped until a 1960 Private Member's Bill sponsored by Mrs Thatcher]

07 Feb 1944 MacFarlane Wedding Times

Marriage of Janet MacFarlane eldest dau of Mrs MacFarlane widow, formerly of Hartley House

11 Feb 1944 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) New Rector Rev JW Henderson - picture and biography; (2) Parish council to press for modern buildings for primary school, and in the meantime better sanitation

11 Feb 1944 Hartley Pumping Station Dartford Chronicle

"Hartley Water committee.  Mid Kent Water Company.  Gravesend and Milton Waterworks Company - Special Enactments (Extension of Time) Act 1940.

Whereas the Hartley Water Committee, the Mid Kent Water Company and the Gravesend and Milton Waterworks Company (hereinafter called 'the water undertakers') severally made application to the Minister of Health (hereinafter called 'the minister') for issue of an order under the Special Enactments (Extension of Time) Act 1940 (hereinafter called 'the Act of 1940') to extend the period limited by section 75 of the North West Kent Joint Water Act 1936 (hereinafter called 'the local Act') for the completion of the works described below, that is to say:

Work No 1 - A well and pumping station (called the Hartley Pumping Station) authorised by section 18 of the local Act to be constructed by the Hartley Committee;

Work No 2 - An aqueduct of lines of pipes authorised by Section 29 of the local act to be constructed by the Mid Kent Water Company; and

Works Nos 3 and 4 - A reservoir and waste water conduit respectively authorised by Section 30 of the local act to be constructed by the Gravesend and Milton Waterworks Company;

And whereas the Minister granted the said applications and by the North West Kent Joint Water (Extension of Time) Order 1940 extended the said period until the 13th July 1944;

And whereas the water undertakers have severally made application to the Minister for an Order under the Act of 1940 to extend by 3 years, that is to say until the 13th July 1947, the period as now limited for the completion of the works described above.

Notice is hereby given that the Minister will consider any objections or representations made to him in writing before the 26th day of February 1944, against the grant of the said applications by any person or body interested in the subject matter of the application.  Such objections or representations should be address to the Secretary, Ministry of Health, Whitehall, London SW1.

ANC Shelley, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Health, Whitehall, SW1.  2nd Februay 1944."

11 Feb 1944 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"At last week's meeting, the date of the annual parish meeting was fixed for March 15th.  On Mrs Gates' suggestion, it was decided to hold a small exhibition of Chinese products to stimulate interest in the National Flag Day for the United Aid to China Fund.  Mrs Gates and Mr Chisholm are to call a small committee to make arrangements.  The council received a committee's report on the Church Schools, and a resolution was passed that the present premises were inadequate and asking that plans for modern schools be drawn up.  this was sent to the Kent Education Committee with a letter emphasising that the School sanitary arrangements needed immediate attention."

11 Feb 1944 New Rector of Hartley Kent Messenger

New rector John William Henderson to be inducted April 15th.  In the meantime services to be held by Canon A T Wallis, who was curate in charge when Rev Lenton was chaplain to the forces.

12 Feb 1944 Hartley Family's Fine Record - Six in the Services - Son Reported Missing Gravesend Reporter

Mr and Mrs John Sale, of Broomfield, Ash Road, Hartley, who have every reason to be proud of the war record of their famiy, have received news that their second son, Sergeant John Sale (pictured), has been reported missing in Italy since January 19th.

Sgt Sale is 29 years of age and his army career extended over a period of 11 years.  He is a fine specimen of a British soldier.  For 6 years he served with the Royal Fusiliers in India, and on the outbreak of hostilities he came to the Middle East with the 5th Indian Brigade.  He took part in 3 campaigns, was mentioned in despatches for gallantry, and was able to return home for a well deserved leave in December 1942. After 6 months in England, he again returned to the Middle East, and with the Irish rifles he saw a considerable amount of fighting in Sicily and Italy.  Sgt Sale has a large number of friends, particularly among the members of the Hartley Country Club.

Other members of the family are doing their bit for their country.  The eldest son, Pte William Sale of the Royal West Kents, has had nearly 13 years' service in the army.  He was wounded during the fighting in France.

LAC Charles Sale, the youngest son, is at present n Italy with the RAF and has been in the Middle East campaign for 3 years.  He met his brother John on a number of occasions.

LACW Daisy Sale has been in the WAAF for 3 years and her brother in law Corporal H Moore of the REs, served with the Army in France in the early days of the war.

It should also be mentioned that Mr John Sale, a well known resident of Hartley, and a retired Sergeant of the Metropolitan Police has been a member of the Home Guard practicallly since it was formed, and is CQMS of "A" Company of the 19th (Farningham) battalion.

[Happily for Sgt John Sale's friends and family, it was reported on 30 March 1944 that he was alive, as a Prisoner of War of the Germans.  He was held at Stalag 344 Lemsdorf, Poland.   An account of how he came to be captured in Italy can be found on the Irish Brigade website.]

18 Feb 1944 Articles for Sale Gravesend Reporter

"Sideboard, bookcase, modern bed chair, ¾ oak bed complete; no dealers.  'First House', Hartley Manor Lane, Near Longfield"

25 Feb 1944 Hartley Flying Officer Missing Kent Messenger

"News has been received that Flying Officer G H Sudds RAF (pictured),  younger son of Mr and Mrs H H Sudds, Applegarth, [Church Road], Hartley, Longfield, and formerly of North Star Farm, Mereworth, has been reported missing after flying operations.

Flying Officer Sudds, who is 21 was educated at Sir Roger Manwood's School, Sandwich, and before joining the RAF was employed at Inglewood, by Sevenoaks Rural council."

03 Mar 1944 Peter Harle POW Dartford Chronicle

Trooper Peter Harle moved to POW camp in Germany

03 Mar 1944 Absent from Home Guard Kent Messenger

"Longfield man fined - Hezekiah Woodin [1896-1970], Ringwould, Longfield Hill, Longfield, was ordered to pay £7 1s at Dartford Police Court on Friday for absenting himself from the Home Guard on three occasions.

The prosecution stated that the defendant, a stoker at the Gravesend and Milton Waterworks, Northfleet, joined the Home Guard in August last year.  He did not attend on November 10th, 17th and 20th although summonded to do so and aid in execuse that on the first 2 dates  he was seeing Dr Hasler, and on the third he was firewatching at his work.

Dr William Hasler of Meopham said defendant called on him on November 10th and complained of pains in the back.  He also asked the doctor how he could get exemption from the Home Guard.  Witness gave him a ticket to show the Home Guard Medical Officer.  Woodin had not gone to the surgery since.

Mr Barber of the Waterworks, Northfleet, said defendant was not firewatching on November 20th.  Defendant said that he did not go because he was feeling ill.

Fines of £2 on each charge, plus 1 guinea costs were imposed."

[Of course it would be quite hard to do a night's Home Guard duty if, like Mr Woodin, the day job involved heavy manual labour.  Mr Woodin was born at Skips Cottage, Hartley Bottom Road in 1896.]

10 Mar 1944 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"Held on Wednesday last week, a report was received from the committee on arrangements for the the United Aid to China exhibition on March 13th.  Numerous Chinese articles had ben promised.  Mr Leavy, KCC representative, wrote in reply to the council's resolution concerns; the church schools, that immediate rebuilding was of course impossible, but that the matter would not be overlooked.  The council made comprehensive arrangemetns for Salute the Soldier week, the target being £2,500.  The destrictuion of trees on Hartley Green was mentioned, and the chairman undertook to follow up information which had reached him with a view to reporting the damage to the authorities." (Dartford Chronicle 10.3.44 also mentions Salute the Soldier target but says it was £2,700)

10 Mar 1944 Wanted Advert Kent Messenger

"Wanted: 12 gallon electric water storage heater, glazed Bath 5 foot long.  Meadow Cottage, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, Longfield, Kent."

17 Mar 1944 Chinese Art Exhibition Kent Messenger

"An exhibition of Chinese Arts and crafts, arranged by the Parish Council for the Aid to China Fund, was held on Monday at the WI Hall.  The exhibits included beautiful inlaid and carved furniture lent by Mr Waters, ancient Ming and other vases lent by Mr Simmons of Ash, many other valuable ornaments and curiosities, costumes, silk embroidery and tapestry work.  Those lending exhibits included Captain and Mrs Bignell, [NAME], Mr Stickland, Mrs Goodwin, [NAME], Miss Barker, Mr and Mrs Davis, Mr and Mrs Hemmings, Mrs Hemesley, Mrs Webb, [NAME], [NAME], Mrs Francis, Dr Welch, and Mr and Mrs Chisholm.  Children of the Hartley CofE schools under Miss Fiddis and Miss Barnes, contributed a model of a Chinese theatre and a Chinese home, with several dolls, rice bowls and chopsticks.  All these had been made by the children themselves, those responsible being [NAME], Brian Jenkins, [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], Malcolm Barlow, [NAME], [NAME], Michael Gay, [NAME], [NAME], [NAME], [NAME] and [NAME].  Mr Sizmur, chairman of the Parish Council, spoke of the debt we owe to our ally China, and Mr F H Waters, a Hartley resident who formerly lived in China, told of all China had done and suffered since the invasion of Manchuria in 1931.  Over £7 was taken at the door and for teas, a welcome addition to Hartley's flag day effort."

17 Mar 1944 Vast Volume of Southern Railway Traffic Kent Messenger

"Presiding at the general meeting of the Southern Railway on Thursday last week, Col E Gore-Browne said the freight traffic on the Southern system still grows, whether measured by tonnage originating or by the loaded wagon miles moved, the increase over pre-war figures approaching 50 per cent.

The freight train miles run by the SR engines exceed by 25% the corresponding figures for 1938.  This vast freigh movement over a system which in peace time is predominantly a passenger line doe not follw the normal flows of traffic along the main routes, many secondary and branch lines having found a new importance by the construction alongside of important war-time depots.

In addition to the increase in freight traffic, the passenger side continues to expand.  The number of naval, military and air force men and women we have conveyed on duty - apart from leave - since the beginning of the war now exceeds the 10 million mark and the number of special trains is over ?20,000".

24 Mar 1944 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Dartford RDC to become protected area again from 1 April, along with Gravesend BC, Strood RD.  However Dartford BC, Sevenoaks UD and RD not protected areas.  This means no visits for shopping or entertainment for example, but people registered at shops in restricted areas can still shop there; (2) Notice confirming extension of time to complete works at Hartley Pumping Station.

31 Mar 1944 600 Mile Tow - Then Lost Dartford Chronicle

"Sub-Lieutenant A C Hooper, RNR of Hartley, of the rescue tug Stormking, has recently been concerned in a gallant but unsuccessful attempt at rescuing a crippled sloop - HMS Woodpecker, afer she had been torpedoed.  The Stormking towed Woodpecker for 600 miles; then in stress of heavy weather and while within 40 miles of land Woodpecker capsised and Stormking was obliged to slip the tow.  "Twice during the tow", said Sub-Lieutenant Hooper, "part of Woodpecker's complement was taken off and put aboard other ships of the escort group, but a skeleton crew was maintained on board unitl it became necessary to transfer them for their own safety. Then we had a signal to expect a north-easterly gale. Commander Pryse decided that Woodpecker could not live through a gale and ordered "Abandon Ship".  You would imagine th bitter regret of the captain having to take such a step when almost within sight of land. But the wisdom of his decision was proved in the following morning, when Woodpecker capsised and we slipped the tow rope."  Sub-Lieutenant Hooper, who was in the merchant service during the early part of the war, was a regular voyager in coasters through 'e-boat alley'."

[The Kent Messenger of 24.3.1944 has a shorter version, it added that Lt Hooper lived at St Just, Stack Lane, went to King's School Rochester, was apprenticed to P&O and was with Messrs W J Everard's, coastal shipowners of Greenhithe when war broke out.]

31 Mar 1944 Fare Evasion Dartford Chronicle

"At Bromley Police Court on Friday, Mrs Adeline May Cavanagh [b 1900] of St Peters, Stack Lane, Hartley wa summoned for travelling on the Southern Railway without paying her fare.  It was statd that she produced an out of date ticket at Bromley South station and when challenged admitted that she had used the same ticket before.  She was fined 20 shillings."

20 Apr 1944 A Vision of the Future Times

Captain Plugge (Chatham, Conservative) said that science was going to penetrate deeper and deeper into our lives.  There would one day be television in every home, and it would be in colour and of three dimensions.  The newspaper of tomorrow, using tons of paper, was obsolete.  Thought could be transported through the air.  In future one would be able to switch a button on the radar at the bedside according to whether one read the Daily Mail or the Daily Express or the Times, or even the Daily Herald, and in the morning one would be able to tear the newspaper off the machine, with up-to-the-minute news and features and photographs.

Mr Boyce (Gloucester, Conservative) What about the Parliamentary report? (laughter)

Captain Plugge said that there would be a new method of travelling.  It would be possible to detach the mind from the body, to leave the body at the seaside, and transact business by thought through the aether.  (Loud laughter)

Colonel Greenwell (The Hartlepools, Conservative) Is there any chance of the soul getting back into the wrong body? (Renewed laughter).

[Not really about Hartley, but one MP (Leonard Plugge) in a debate on scientific research appears to foresee colour and 3D television as well as the Internet. He also suggested that people would be able to conduct business while sunning themselves on the beach, as of course is possible now.  He was not taken seriously by his colleagues. Full text of the speech is in Hansard.]

21 Apr 1944 New Rector of Hartley Kent Messenger

"Instuted by Bishop of Rochester

The tiny 11th century parish church of All Saints' Hartley, was crowded on Saturday, when the new Rector, Rev J W Henderson AKC, formerly curate at Orpington, was instituted by the Bishop of Rochester and inducted by the Archdeacon of Rochester (Ven WM Browne).

Among the large congregation were over 50 friends from Orpington.  Also present were the Revs R Williams, Vicar of Orpington, who presented the new Rector to the Bishop on behalf of the patron Miss I N King, Rev F Moore, vicar of Welling, with whom Mr Henderson served his first curacy, Revs JD Vigo (Rector of Ash), WJ Sugden (Rector of Fawkham) and H Parkins.

Canon AT Wallis acted as Bishop's chaplain, and Canon W Parker (Rector of Longfield) read the lesson.

The visitors were afterwards entertained to tea by the Church Council at Hartley Court, which was kindly placed at their disposal by Brig-General and Mrs TA Andrus." (Also Dartford Chronicle 21/4/44)

05 May 1944 Salute the Soldier Fun Fair Dartford Chronicle

Salute the Soldier Fun Fair at Hartley Country Club (also 12.5.44))

05 May 1944 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Hartley Parish Council "At the annual meeting mr charles Sizmur was reelected chairman, and Mr W N Chisholm vice chairman.  It was decided to approach the potato section of the War Agricultural Committee with a view of ensuring that Hartley shall get its quota both for human and animal consumption."; (2) WI Choir of 130 including women from Hartley and Ash perform at Gravesend Cooperative Hall.

12 May 1944 Hartley Primary School Dartford Chronicle

Criticism of state of Hartley School

12 May 1944 Indoor Fun Fair Dartford Chronicle

"Mr W R Dingle opened Hartley's Salute the Soldier Week on Saturday at the Country Club, where there was an indoor fun fair.  He explained the object of the Week and stressed that money invested was lent and could be withdrawn at any time.  The Liaison Officer Mr C L Edwards, took charge of a hoopla stall.  Another attraction was a game, entitled 'Bombing Germany', in the charge of Mrs Phillips, and Mr Godfrey Davies had charge of effegies of notorious persons, which came in for some severe punishment.  There were many other helpers."

[This article explains that the money 'raised' at many of these wartime events was money lent to the government by savings.  By encouraging saving the government also managed to depress demand for other goods that were in short supply.]

12 May 1944 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"At the May meeting, a letter was read from the county organiser, Aid to China Fund, concerning further efforts in the parish to raise funds.  Suggestions from the public will be welcome if sent to the clerk, Mr L U Judge, council office, Darenth.  The resignation of Mr Gomer Davies on account of ill health was accepted with regret, and Mr Passmore Bishop was coopted in his place.  Mr Gable urged the council to begin at once the formulation of suggestions for the post war planning and improvement of the countryside in and around the parish and it was decided to ask the RDC to provide a list of road plans etc, already formulated."

12 May 1944 Salute the Soldier Kent Messenger

"On Saturday, funfair was held in the Country Club, when a large crowd tried their skill at games and competitions, and also inspected the portrait gallery - photographs of local servicemen and women.  £20 was raised towards the week's expenses.  In addition to the events of the week already announced, the Home Guard are arranging another fair for tomorrow, also at the Country Club.  There will be parades of children's fancy dress, and decorated bicycles and a display of despatch riders."

Another article said £3,619 was raised including £643 2s from WI Savings Group House to House Sales.#

12 May 1944 Women's Institute Kent Messenger

"On Thursday last week, Miss Hudson, of the Ministry of Food, demonstrated the uses of dried eggs in a wide range of good things to eat.  She was thanked by Miss Sale.  The month's Food Production Flash, on bee keeping, was given by Miss Robertson.  Mr Gates announced the arrangements for the District Conference in the Hartley WI Hall on June 2nd, when Mrs Esme Johnson, chairman of the West Kent Federation, will preside, and an exhibition of useful or beautiful things made or grown by members will be staged.  Samples of rabbit, cat or dog 'wool' will be spun on a spindle by Miss Everitt, if sent to her by May 13th."

19 May 1944 Blackout Offence Dartford Chronicle

Thomas Graham [b 1911] of Gra-burn, Fairby Lane - breached black out regs

26 May 1944 All Saints' Appeal Dartford Chronicle

All Saints - appeal for new chalice and paten (cost £27)

26 May 1944 Young Naturalists Club Kent Messenger

"At a meeting in the Congregational Hall on Saturday, the Hartley Naturalist Club was formed.  Membership is open to boys and girls from 8 to 16; those over 16 may be associates.  Rev J W Henderson, Rector, was elected president, with Mrs Gates hon secretary, and Mrs Greave treasurer.  An assistant secretary and 3 committee members are to be elected from among the members."

02 Jun 1944 Dogs for Sale Times

Mrs Darracott selling King Charles Spaniel pup

02 Jun 1944 Rhymes of Old Kent Kent Messenger

"No 10 Hartley by Aitcheff

The Hartley (near Fawkham) people claim

Though with Hartley (near Cranbrook) they share a name

THEIRS is the Hartley where Defoe wrote

The book on which all schoolboys dote.

I'd like to get the story right

And offer neither Hartley slight

But, as it seems both sides have proof.

From argument I'll stay aloof

Perhaps both places' claims are true

And Daniel either Hartley knew."

09 Jun 1944 Car for Sale Kent Messenger

Vauxhall 14hp Black Saloon for sale - Hartley Manor Farm

16 Jun 1944 Hemesley's Advert Kent Messenger

"D Hemesley Ltd still at your service and buy for cash any quantity Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Flowers etc etc.  Empties supplied, transport arranged.  Hemesley, Woodlands, Hartley, Longfield.  Phone Longfield 2174 or Covent Garden, Phone Temple Bar 9372.  Staplehurst Branch, phone Staplehurst 237."

16 Jun 1944 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"On Wednesday last week, Mr B Passmore Bishop was welcomed on taking his seat as a member.  A special meeting is to be held on June 21st to tabulate suggestions in regard to the new bus stops and services in the parish.  Residents are invited to forward any observations to members before this date.  Mr Bishop reported that he is arranging for the Book Drive in the parish.  The chairman reported that the final figures for Salute the Soldier week are: Investments £3,719; profits from functions £94 17s 9d.  The LPTB wrote that the service from Gravesend to Longfield on Saturdays could not be extended to Hartley Hill, but from a date in the near future this service would be extended to Ash (White Swan).  It was agreed to ask the County Council for particulars of post war schemes in connection with road improvements."

23 Jun 1944 Salute Week: How the £500,000 was Raised Dartford Chronicle

Salute the Soldier - £95 raised by Hartley, £20 by Ash, £40 by Fawkham.

30 Jun 1944 Hartley Manor Sale Dartford Chronicle

Hartley Manor- £75 raised in sale for Hartley knitters for Merchant Navy. Meanwhile flag day for Red Cross and St John's Ambulance raises £23 in Hartley (collectors [7 NAMES])

07 Jul 1944 Assault Summons Dismissed Dartford Chronicle

"[NAME], Woodlands, Woodland Avenue, Hartley summoned Daisy Margaret Barlow [1892-1960], View Point, Merton Road, Hartley for assault.  Mr C B Searle was for complainant, and Mr Norman T Baynes for defendant.  Both solicitors request that complainant should accept an apology from the defendant, but this complainant refused to do, and the case proceeded.

It was stated that on the evening of May 31 complainant went to meet his housekeeper off the train, and coming back encountered the defendant who squirted water in his face from the bulb of an electric horn and passed offensive remarks.  Complainant alleged that for the past 2 years defendant had insulted him, thrown stones at him, and would not keep away from him.

Mr Baynes urged that defendant was a much tried woman.  She was a woman of good character and had greatly suffered.  Complainant did not deny he had smacked Mrs Barlow's face with a paint brush a few days before she squirted water at him.

The case was dismissed."

07 Jul 1944 Hartley WI Produce Guild Kent Messenger

"On Thursday last week, at the Rectory, Ash, about 27 members of the Hartley WI produce guild, from Ash, Hartley and Longfield Hill, attended a meeting at which Mrs Brownlow of Seal Herb Farm, spoke on the medicinal uses of common herbs.  She was thanked by Miss Garratt.  After tea, two horticultural competitions  - the naming of fruit and vegetable leaves and the identification of several herbs immortalised by Shakespeare, were won by Mrs Henderson and Mrs Meager respectively."

14 Jul 1944 Rabbits for Sale Kent Messenger

Rabbits for sale - Watney, Forge Farm

28 Jul 1944 Maintenance Arrears Dartford Chronicle

"James Reginald Webster [1907-1989], Sacheverell, Church Road, Hartley, was charged with being £4 0s 6d in arrears on a maintenance order made in September 1940, in favour of his wife Annie Frances Webster [1905-1985], 154 Bridge Road, Grays, Essex.  The order was amended on March 10, 1942, whereby he had to pay £1 15s a week for his wife, and 10s for the child - remanded." (also in Kent Messenger 28.7.1944 which said he admitted he had heavy expenses)

28 Jul 1944 Ash Servicemen's Canteen Kent Messenger

A canteen for the men of all the Services in the district has been opened in the parish hall, under the general direction of the YMCA.  Mrs Vigo is the local leader, and she is supported by enthusiastic helpers.  The canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 and 10pm.  It is meeting a marked need, and the men who have visited it have expressed their appreciation.  Developments are under consideration."

11 Aug 1944 Presentation to Miss Fiddis Dartford Chronicle

"30 Years head of CofE School: After nearly 30 years as headmistress of Hartley Church of England School, Miss Fiddis retired when the summer term ended last week.

Her successor is Miss Dorothy Barnes, assistant teacher at the school, who will assume her new duties on September 4.

There was a gathering of friends and ex-pupils at the school on August 3 to witness a presentation to Miss Fiddis, which was made by the rector, the Rev JW Henderson, on behalf of the managers.

Mr Henderson expressed his gratitude to Miss Fiddis for the work she had done during her fine term of office and expressed the hope that although she was goinig to her home in Ireland, they would see her again in the village where she had spent many years of her life.  A chance of expressing their gratitud in a tangible manner had been taken by the setting up of a fund, which had been augmented by the effort of Miss Barnes and the school's present pupils.  He now had pleasure in presenting a cheque for over £40 and a leatehr bound book in which were recorded the signature of all those who had contributed.

The children also presented Miss Fiddis with a bouquet of gladioli and a book for her to read on her journey home.

After Miss Fidis had acknowledged the gifits, which she would greatly treasure, the meeting ended with cheers by the pupils."

11 Aug 1944 Day of Prayer Dartford Chronicle

Day of Prayer: Archdeacon at All Saints

28 Aug 1944 Wedding Dress for Sale Kent Messenger

Secondhand wedding dress for sale, no coupons required, Mrs White, Stocks Farm

08 Sep 1944 Ferrets for Sale Kent Messenger

"Ferrets, well grown, 15s, 17s 6d.  Austin, Manor Drive, Hartley, Longfield."

08 Sep 1944 Tractor Driver Wanted Kent Messenger

"Tractor driver wanted for contract work, experienced, able to drive car, permanent job with good wages and overtime.  Longfield district, no house.  Ellerby, Ash Road, Hartley, Longfield 3195."

14 Sep 1944 Balloon Belt Times

"Sir, As one of those residing in the heart of the balloon belt, I write to express my appreciation of Mr Michael de la Bedovere's letter in the Times of September 11.  The pearly radiance of this flying armad caught in the rys of he rising sun is a sight we residents will not easily forget; nor will our ears quickly lose the twany of the vibrating cables and above all the ominous silence preceding the explosion after an approaching bomb had made contact with one of the balloon cables, and the instant speculation as to whether our dwelling lay in the path of the falling missile.

I would, however, particularly like to pay a tribute to the men of the RAF, who have manned the balloon sites during the past 2 and a half months.  Theirs has been one of the unspectacular, tiring, often boring, jobs of this war, and sinc eno individual could claim credit for bringing down a flying bomb, however big a bag their own balloon might claim, they hav been unheralded by the press and wireless.  Many of the sites were in lonely, water-logged fields, miles from anywhere; sometimes drinking water supplied only every other day, and wind, weather, and blackout alike, were endured cheerfully in their cheerless regulation tents.  When the full story of London's ordeal by flying bombs comes to be written, I hope that the part played by the men of the balloon sites will not be forgotten.

I am, Sir, yours faithfully, Margaret J Gates, Wild Garth, Hartley near Dartford, Kent.  Sept 11"

22 Sep 1944 House for Sale at Hartley Kent Messenger

"Kent Fawkham Station: semi-detached freehold modern residence for sale with possession; 2 receptions, 3 bedrooms, bath, WC, electric power throughout, garage, garden, near RC church, completely furnished, in perfect order; all in £1,900.  Owner - Felsted, Hartley, Longfield."

06 Oct 1944 The Flying Bombs: More Facts and Figures Dartford Chronicle

73 Fell in Dartford Rural Area, but not one casualty - Fawkham Village Badly Damaged, Swanley Junction the worst hit.

Seventy three flying bombs fell in the Dartford Rural District between June 16 and August 30, but not one caused a fatal casualty.

Many of the missiles fell in open country, but sometimes villages suffered damage, notably Fawkham, where a flying bomb exploded in the centre of the village green.  Near Horton Kirby five crashed within 100 yards of each other.  In the middle f them was  row of wooden cottages, which survived the onslaught and only sustained light damage.  More damage was caused at Swanley Junction than anywhere else in the rural area.  One crashed on a Sunday morning 50 yards from the Central Schools.  Nearly 270 houses were blasted.

Time and time again shelters provided by the government proved their worth.  People walking out unharmed from Anderson shelters within a few feet of a crater.

The greatest difficulty experienced in the rural area was the removal and storage of funiture belonging to people whose houses were made uninhabitable.  Contingents of the RAF and NFS augmented the Civil Defence in this work.

In the early days sector post wardens gave valuable information to higher authority of the direction, height and frequency of the flying bombs.  After a time it was estalished tht the Germans, always methodical, were sending them off to a time table.

The following is an account of the flying bombs in each parish in the rural district.

Ash and Ridley - only 2 flying bombs caused casualties here.  The first was the more serious and crashed in Ridley.  It caused considerable damage to property and one serious and 4 slight injuries  One person was slightly hurt whe the other fell in Ash.  Others exploded harmlessly in open country.

Bean - one of the earliest crashed in Bean and injured 2 people, but after that residents had a quieter time.

Darenth - Of 4 bombs, 2 caused casualties  The last flying bomb to fall in Dartford rural area exploded 50 yards in front of the main building at Darenth Colony.  Some damage to property occurred and 7 slight casualties were reported but the inmates all escaped injury.

Eynsford - although several flying bombs fell in the parish, the village escaped with negligible damage.  With Bean, Eynsford had the first in Dartford Rural District.  This cause one slight casualty and damaged 4 buildings superficially.  Later another injured one person and others came down in open country.

Farningham - 11 people were slightly hurt and houses were badly damaged in Olver Crescent when a flying bomb fell during the hours of darkness  2 bombs fell in almost the identical spot within exactly a week of each other just outside the village on the road to Dartford.  Houses along the roads were blasted by the second, and there were slight casualties.  Over the period 17 people were injured.

Fawkham - Fawkham village suffered badly when a flying bomb exploded on the village green.  One person was seriously hurt, 3 others slightly; 3 buildings were completely destroyed, a further 3 were almost destroyed, 6 were made uninhabitable and 30 were damaged to a lesser extent.  Prior to this, one had fallen in the vicinity and caused 3 slight injuries and superficial damage to 40 houses.  Others crashed in open country, one causing a slight casualty.

Horton Kirby - a row of wooden cottages were subjected to heavy bombardment, five flying bombs landing all around them, but despite their comparatively flimsy construction, they stood up to it well and windows and tiles constituted their only damage.  There were no casualties.

Kingsdown - the countryside around Kingsdown was peppered with the craters of flying bombs.  The worst incident happened at night near Hollywood House in a copse.  Blast blew some nearby wooden huts to matchwood and seven occupants were injured.  Several fell on the Hever Estate in open country.

Longfield - Longfield had only one flying bomb within the parish boundaries and this caused neither casualties nor any serious damage.

Lullingstone - Lullingstone had numerous flying bombs in the grounds.  The castle suffered some damage, as did the church and a cottage, and on another occasion one fell at the entrance to the grounds.

South Darenth - A flying bomb fell behind houses in Station Road, injuring two people slightly, almost destroying a bungalow and damaging other houses.  When cottagers came out of their shelters some time after the incident they were surprised to see the crater and the damage.  Although within a matter of feet from the crater, they had not heard anything.

Southfleet - Two flying bombs landed near each other on different occasions and damaged cottages near the railway station.  Others fell without doing damage and there were a total of two casualties.

Stone - There were 6 casualties in all at Stone.  One or two of the bombs fell on the marshes or in the river, another in quarry.

Swanley - The parish of Sutton at Hone includes Swanley, where the worst damage occurred.  On a Sunday morning a flying bomb landed 50 yards from the Central Schools, near a housing estate.  Casualties numbered three and 270 houses were damaged, 12 seriously.  Wardens in a nearby post saw it coming and jumped into their shelters. When they came out they found their post had been blown to pieces.  Their greatest regret was that they had lost their telephone, which had been recently installed after 4 years without one.  Another bomb landed at Swanley Village, injuring 4 people seriously and 12 slightly, and damaging 30 houses.  Others fell in the parish, one on the Main Road, damaging houses and others doing no harm.

Wilmington - two bombs in Wilmington area resulted in 12 casualties and damage.  The first fell in a nursery, destroying greenhouses where tomatoes were growing.  Blast carried the owner, Mr Wallace, a distance of 20 yards, but he was uninjured.  There were 6 casualties here and 6 more at Stanhill Farm, where the second bomb fell, and trapped a horse in a stable.

[It appears from this article that not one V1 Doodlebug landed on Hartley during the first 3 months of the bombing campaign as every other parish in the district recorded bombs falling.  By Aug 30th the numbers reaching Britain had dramatically declined.]

13 Oct 1944 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "Set black van harness complete; excellent condition, fit horse 14-15 hands; £8 - Hartley Rural Industries, Longfield, Kent."; (2) Parish Council has received certificates for Wings for Victory and Salute the Soldier and picture of HMS Gloxinia to go in WI Hall

20 Oct 1944 Dog wanted Times

Wanted - a griffon female dog, Mr Morgan of Johns

10 Nov 1944 Maintenance Order Dartford Chronicle

"William John Gillman [1886-1962] of Mount Mead, Trottiscliffe, West Malling, applied for reduction of an order payable to his wife, Emily Maud Mary Gillman [1880-1968] of Acacia, Gorse Way, Hartley, on the ground of unemployment - Order reduced to £1 while unemployment continues."

17 Nov 1944 Home Guard Shoot Kent Messenger

"Longfield Platoon win Andrus Cup

The cup presented by Capt TA Andrus of Scadbury Manor, Southfleet for the best shooting platoon in the 19th battalion Kent Home Guard, was won by Longfield platoon of 'A' Company in the Manor Grounds on Sunday.

In the first shoot, Longfield and Kingsdown both scored 236, and in the final Longfield ran out winners by 225-223.

Capt Andrus, in handing over the cup, which was first competed for last year, to Lieut A Farries, said that would probably be the last competition in uniform.

Lieut-Colonel Moseley (CO 19th Bn) said no doubt it would be continued.

The winning team comprised [9 NAMES]r.

Among those presend were Brigadier-General Andrus, Major Ellerby, Capt DL Woodward and Capt Godley (adjutant of the 19th battalion)

Southfleet No 5 platoon held the trophy."

24 Nov 1944 Young Naturalists Club Kent Messenger

15 attend Young Naturalist talk drawing from nature by Mrs Jenman

01 Dec 1944 The Man from Dartmoor Dartford Chronicle

"William James Clark (64) of no fixed abode, was charged with stealing between October 12-18, £11 in cash, 50 Victorian pennies, a cycle, 5 pullets and 6 rabbits, together valued at £23 3, the property of his employer, Kathleen Nevill Arnold [b 1904].  He pleaded guilty.

Police evidence was that the accused worked as a gardener for the loser at Hartley House, Hartley.  He was 'living in' and was left alone for several days while his employer was away.  When she returned she found he had gone, taking some of her property and leaving behind a note, which read: 'Gone away for a week's holiday.  Not feeling too well.  Telephoned Mrs Arnold last night.'  He had, in fact, not telephoned Mrs Arnold, and the police were informed.  It was subsequently established that he had sold the pullets locally.  The accused was traced to Torquay, was later charged, and admitted stealing some of the property, although he claimed that some of the rabbits were his.

There were five previous convictions, the last being 4 years' penal servitude for burglary.

Addressing the bench, accused said that 16 years ago he was released from Dartmoor.  His criminal record had followed him about, and he had lost several jobs because of it.  He had had a clear record from then up to now.

Prisoner was sentenced to 3 months' hard labour." Also in Kent Mesenger 1.12.44 Case of William Clark (see Dartford Chronicle).  Shorter article, but mentions after coming out of Dartmoor he got a job as a waiter and served the judge who sentenced but was sacked when criminal record was known.

01 Dec 1944 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "A young farmers' club has been started in the village [Longfield], meeting at the Youth Club.  The committee elected are: Mr Ken Glover [1927-1996] (chairman), [NAME] and [NAME], joint hon secs and Miss A Burridge [1925-1978], hon Treasurer.  On Saturday Mr Don Woodward gave an address on the aims and objects of farming."; (2) Breeches Bible Presented to Southfleet Church - Mr E Snelling-Colyer has donated the Bible dated 1585 to the Church, so called because it says Adam and Eve made breeches out of the fig leaves; (3)

08 Dec 1944 WI Sale of Work Dartford Chronicle

WI sale of work for Red Cross (£130) and Forces Comforts (£23)

15 Dec 1944 Home Guard Stand Down Dartford Chronicle

"Enthusiastic Gatherings at Hartley and Darenth - Hopes that Spirit of Comradeship may be Preserved

There have been several Home Guard stand down gatherings in the district recently, and all have been attended with the utmost enthusisam.  The hope was expressed on every side that the comradeship that has grown up during the war years may be carried into the 'piping times of peace'.

19th Battalion - Social Evening at Hartley Country Club

'You are the best shooting battalion in kent'.  Thus were the loyalty, efficiency, keenness and good fellowship of the 19th battalion, Kent Home Guard, rewarded in an address by the Commanding Officer for Kent to the officers at the 'Stand Down' dinner at Hartley Country Club on December 8.

Amplifying his statement, Colonel HSH Franklin CMG, CBE, DSO said that with steady and determined work from the start, the battalion had become really efficient.  there was no 'window dressing' , the training had been properly spread over and applied througout their strength, with the result that their general average was very high.

'Most of us' said Colonel Franklin, 'view the stand down with mixed feelings.  Many would have liked to see the thing through until the Hun was down and out.  But we must remember that we have done the job for which we were raised.  Though the Home Guard have never had to shoot in anger, that fact makes the greatest victory the Home Guard could ever have own.'

'The Germans hada had the impertenence to raise something called teh Volksturm.  It was a damned insult to call it the German Home Guard.  The Home Guard were volunteers, and are largely so to this day.  I have watched your battalion grow to great efficiency under the leadership and example of your commanding officer, Colonel Moseley, who, from the word go has worked like a Trojan.' (applause)

Colonel Franklin, who was proposing a toast to the battalion, here called upon Major J R Stickland, second in command.

'We wanted', said Major Stickland, 'To express to Colonel Moseley in some way our deep gratitude for what he has done for us in this time of national stress.' (applause)

Producing an inscribed silver shiver, he handed it to Major J Langlands (Officer Commanding D Company), one of the oldest of the old originals, who presented it to Colonel Moseley amid loud cheers.

The inscription, sumounted by the crest of the Royal West Kents was, 'Presented to Lieut-Colonel O H Moseley by the members of the 19th battalion Kent Home Guard, as a small token of their esteem and gratitude to him as their commander in a time of great national stress.  December 1944.'

Thanking the battalion for the gift, and replying to the toast, Colonel Moseley said, 'The spirit with which wes started is still with us.  I am very proud to think that this battalion has gained so many honours.  We have taken on many regular units at shooting, and have never been defeated.  On the one occasion when we hald an exercise with the Guards Brigade we were the only battalion to receive recognition for good work.  I thank all the ranks for their hard work and loyalty.  I owe so much to my second in command, company commanders and platoon commanders for what they have done.  It is the platoons who have to get on with the work, and they are the men who have done so much to make this battalion what it is.  The platoon commanders' leadership has been responsible for the high commendation which we have received.'

The commanding officer then thanked the higher Home Guard staff for their help and encouragement.  When, at the start, his name had gone forward for appointment, General Lance had said, 'To h___ with this man, his name's Oswald Moseley!' (Laughter)

When they were taken over by the Army they received nothing but help from the staff and from the training officers.

Colonel Moseley also spoke warmly of the excellent relations between the Civil Defence, represented by Captain Bignell, and the battalion.

Warm applause greeted teh Colonel's mention of the presence of Lieut FWT Ross, RNVR, the battalion's former adjudant.  'I thank him personally', said the colonel, 'for his great help in the early days.  He was a staunch friend and a real help.'

Thanks were expressed by Colonel Moseley to Brigadier General Andrus CMG, 'At the outset', he said, 'he was asked to be CO, but preferred to be company commander in his own area.  He agreed to be my second in command, and I owe a tremendous amount to him.'

The battalion's permanent staff, Captain Godly and Captain Stills had been two very good friends.  They had helped the battalion endlessly.  He thanked them, the others on the staff, and all permanent staffs of companies and platoons.

Musical honours follwed by cheers were accorded the CO.

Proposing 'the visitors', Captain D Woodward, second in command A Company, mentioned particularly Brigadier-General F F Lance, former group commander, 'who founded the Home Guard in this part of Kent', General Andrus, 'who formed the best company in the best battalion in Great Britain', Colonel Cavendish MVO, Colonel Henderson DSO and Colonel PLM Wright TD, Commander of the West Kent subdivision, to all of whom the battalion were greatly indebted.

The toast was responded to by Colonel Wright.

'Absent Friends' was proposed by Lieut GR Leavey, ammunition officer and a former platoon commander, the oldest officer of the battalion present, who mentioned especially Colonel Chitty, General Farmer, Major Dance, and Lieut Bramer (officer commanding Farningham platoon), also those who 'can never come back, men who have gone and have given their best for England'.

Following the drinking of the toast, Major Ady, officer commanding F Company, mentioned two of his former officers, Lieut Cassey, who was killed in Normandy and Lieut EJ Marks, whose death was caused by enemy action.

The Adjutant (Captain PCT Godly MC) paid high tribute to the Kent Home Guard.  Wordsworth's words were as true now as they were then - 'Vanguard of Liberty, ye men of Kent / Her haughty brow against the coast? of France / Now is the time to prove your hardiment?'

'Kent will still be the vanguard of liberty of the British Isles' said the Adjutant.

General Lance said the battalion had alway been very dear to him.  'You', he said, 'have been one of the reasons why we never had an invasion.'

Apart from the general enthusiasm, the function was a great success socially.  A first rate dinner prepared by the club steward and staff, received unanimous praise, which was voiced by the commanding officer, who said 'We have never asked this club to help us in vain.  The steward has always come forward.  He is a Home Guard, and that may well be the reason he has done so well.' (applause)

The Steward, Private Gay, of A Company, said in reply that he looked forward to the battalion's first reunion dinner at the club.

'Auld Lang Syne' concluded the evening.

Officers of the battalion gave many of the good things that went toward the success of the dinner, while entertainment was provided by Fred Morris and Jemmy Allen (comedians), John McHugh (tenor) with Teddy Holmes at the piano, and by Kuda Bux 'the man with the X-ray eyes'.

Organisation was in the hands of Captain Godly, Lieut Simmons and Private Gay, assisted by Captain Stilles and Lieuts Cook and Dray.  Grace was said by the battalion padre."

15 Dec 1944 Better Bus Services Kent Messenger

"Improvements for Hartley Area

Several minor improvements in bus services serving the Hartley district are forecast following a conference recently between representatives of the London Passenger Transport Board and Dartford Rural District Council.

Reporting to Hartley Parish Council, Mr B Passmore Bishop said that nearly all the improvements asked for were granted and others promised.

There is to be an additional bus on service 490 to connect with a down train at Fawkham Station at 6.21, also an additional bus on Saturday evenings between Gravesend and Hartley.

Another extra bus from Ash at 3.53pm is to start almost at once.

Provided that trees on the route can be removed or lopped, extra accommodation on buses from Gravesend is to be provided by substituting double deckers for single decker buses.

Times of departure of buses from Fawkham Station are to be altered so that they leave 4 minutes later than the time of arrival of the 3.56 and 5.56pm trains.

Representations with regard to later evening services are to be made to the Minister of War Transport."

22 Dec 1944 Reduction in Civil Defence Dartford Chronicle

"Farewell social for rural wardens

In view of certain reductions in civil defence in the Dartford Rural District area, a farewell social was held at Hartley Country Club on Saturday evening for head and senior wardens and officers in charge of casualty services.

The opportunity was taken by officers from the Ministry of Home Security, South Eastern Regional Office and Kent County Control to say a few words of appreciation for the wonderful work which had been accomplished by all branches of the civil defence General Services.

Mr TR Leigh, who introduced his colleague, Mr AB Ashbourne from the Inspector General's department, said he welcomed the opportunity for Mr Ashbourne to speak, as he had been Regional Officer for the area.

Mr Ashbourne said Wing Commander Sir John Hodsoll KCB, Inpsector General, regretted he was unable to be present, but he wished him (the speaker) to thank them for their splendid work.  The Civil Defence General Service was one to which anyone could be proud to belong.

Major Hepburn, Deputy County Controller for Kent, said Dartford Rural had a remarkably fine record and he would like to say 'thank you' for all they had done.

Captain CS Bignell, Sub-Controller, replied on behalf of the Services.

The artists were Mr Bartholemew, Mrs Harrington, Mike Regan, Mr Siddals and 'Jock', with Mrs Howe as accompanist and Mr F Sutch (Deputy Sub-Controller) as MC and compere.

Refreshments were served, Mrs Lacy being the convenor, and there was dancing until midnight."

22 Dec 1944 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Education: Hartley to be in No4 NW Kent District - Gravesend area; (2) Modern 3 bed bungalow at Hartley - £795?.

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