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Newspaper Stories 1941-1942

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03 Jan 1942 Parish Council and Its Clerk Gravesend Reporter

"The Hartley Parish council on Tuesday night decided to give the Clerk (Mr W Wright) notice that his services would be dispensed with .  The following recommendation was approved: "That the findings of the council in committee regarding the clerk be accepted and Mr Watler Wright be given notice that his services will not be required after March 31st, 1942".  The clerk asked for the reason, and the chairman replied "loss of confidence".  Mr Bignell objected to that and the chairman withdrew the remark.

Mr C Sizmur presided, and other members present were Miss E E Barker, Mrs M J Gates, Messrs W B Gable, W H Chisholm, C S Bignell and the Clerk (Mr W Wright).  A few ratepayers were also present.

For the forthcoming warship week it was decided to follow similar methods as in the Spitfire Week and the clerk was instructed to invite all the War Savings Committees, Clubs and other Institutions in the parish to appoint representatives to attenda meeting to be held at the Institute Hall on January 14th at 7.30pm.  Mr Fielder, local postmaster and Mr D N Dallen will also be invited.

An invitation from the rural District Council to submit nominations for the vacancy on the Kent County Council was received, adn names (if any) will be sent to the clerk in the course of a few days.  Mr C S Bignell and Mr H Penney were both approached but refused to stand.

The question of filling the vacancy on teh Hartley Parish Council was left over until the next meeting on February 5th.  A letter from Mr Meddick referred to the Chairman's remarks at the last council meetig regarding powers of parish councillors to resign, stated "If the council adopted the viewpoint that they cannot resign during the war it followed taht his resignation was wrong and the council were wrong in accepting it, and he proposed to resume his seat at the next meeting of the council."  Members of the council contended that Mr Meddick had misunderstood them; he had tendered his resignation and it was accepted.

The parish council boards are considered too high, and orders were give to have them lowered and the name of the parish erased."

03 Jan 1942 Fairby High School Gravesend Reporter

(Advert) "Headmistress: Mrs Appleton MSC.  Preparatory and Middle School, Mixed.  Senior School, girls only.  New Term begins January 12th, 1942.  Parents seen by appointment.  Telephone: Longfield 3175."

04 Jan 1942 More Post than in 1940 Kent Messenger

"The postal authorities in Gravesend, I am told, estimated a 20% fall in Christmas traffic.  It proved heavier than last year.  Christmas cards were as much in demand as if they had been eggs (or chocolate) and nobody quibbled about the price.  By Christmas Eve, every shop selling articles suitable for gifts was empty and desolate.  When the cheaper goods were gone, the more expensive lines sold just as freely.  People were determined to spend.

There's one consolation, from the Government's point of view.  They will get most of the money back, one way or the other.  And if there's nothing much in the shop to buy for the next 3 months, so much the better for war savings!"

09 Jan 1942 Carols Kent Messenger

"A carol service was held in the Congregational church hall on New Year's Eve, when carols were rendered by a special choir, organised by the organist Miss Hazel Chisholm.  Among these, sung unaccompanied, were Dr Terry's setting of 'Joseph and the Angel', and the tradional 'Coventry Carol', 'The Holly and the Ivy' and 'Here we come a wassailing' in the two latter with the help of 3 boys from Rosherville Parish Church, whose organist and choirmaster, Mr Harold Dresser, lives in Hartley.  One of the boys, Master Colin Armett sang 'The Star of Bethlehem' and was greatly appreciated.  The Rev Edwin T Green, hon minister of the church, in additon to presiding, sang Gounod's 'Nazareth' and Mrs Brunt sang 'O Thou that tellest', from 'The Messiah'.  A second solo by Colin Armett 'The Holy City' and a quartet 'Christmas Cradle Song' by Fred H Wood, sung unaccompanied by Mrs Luxford, Mrs Brunt, Messrs Dresser and Chisholm completed an excellent programme.  The collection on behalf of St Dunstan's raised £3."

09 Jan 1942 Women's Institute Kent Messenger

"The 21st annual meeting was held on Thursday last week.  Mrs Willmot, hon secretary, reported that particular attention had been devoted to food production, preservation and cookery, but the other arts and crafts had not been neglected.  The Institute, through its delegates Mrs Gates and Mrs Rickwood, had shared in the deliberations of the West Kent County Federation and other members had attended dramatic and singing days.  The savings group had done well, while the Fruit Preservation Centre, run jointly with Ash WI, had done as well as the fruit crop permitted.  Much knitting of comforts for the forces continued, also for Russia.  Mrs JL Cook, till recently hon treasurer, sent a satisfactory financial statement.  Beside a balance on the year, the Institute had a useful nest egg of £10 in defence bonds.  Miss Chisholm, retiring president, expressed thanks for the cooperation of all.  Mrs Cook and Mrs Willmott would be greatly missed, and it was inevitable that others of the younger members would not be able to continue voluntary work owing to the claims of national service, but those who remained would carry on.  Mrs Balchin was elected president, and the retiring members of the committee were reelected, with the addition of Mrs Burr and Miss Sale.  Mrs Alexander, West Kent Federation Executive Committee, congratulated the Institute on its 21st birthday and on the progress it had made.  Mrs Willmott thanked the speaker.  Tea and games followed."

10 Jan 1942 Children Entertained Gravesend Reporter

Children Entertained - 62 children and evacuees served dinner by women of WRVS

16 Jan 1942 Gloves for Russia Kent Messenger

"The Ash WVS knitting party has been busy knitting glove mittens for Russians.  In spite of the short time available, 30 pairs have been sent."

23 Jan 1942 Sheep Wanted Kent Messenger

"Wanted 50 half bred store tegs or lambs - Fulford, New House Farm, Hartley, Dartford."

23 Jan 1942 Warships Week Kent Messenger

"Representatives from all local organisations were present, with Mr Dallen and Mr Fielder, representing local shops, at a meeting last week.  Mr C Sizmur presided.  The following suggestions were approved: A film show at the Country Club; a competition drawing of a corvette, for school children, ages 5-7, 8-10, 11-14 respectively; whist drives; dances at the Country Club and Social Club; guessing competition for a silver cup, presented by Mr Soper.  A selling centre for savings stamps and certificates is to be opened at Mr Dallen's shop."

24 Jan 1942 Divorce Case Gravesend Reporter

Divorce of Elizabeth Emma Constable [1902-1993] from Hartley Old Rectory. Her husband was a dental practitioner. They married in Germany in November 1927 and came to England in 1928. Petitioner suspected adultery since 1938 (also in Dartford Chronicle 23.1.42)

[later in 1942 she married George L Perkins.  In the 1939 register it seems both she and her ex husband were living with their future spouses in the same house at Reigate]

31 Jan 1942 House for Sale at Hartley Gravesend Reporter

Pilley & Talbot - Bungalow and 2 acres in Hartley. 3b, bath, 2 sitting rooms, garage, electricity. £900

31 Jan 1942 Obituary of William Robert Braybrook Gravesend Reporter

"Old residents of Hartley will learn with regret the death of Mr William Robert Braybrook of Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, Middlesex.  He passed away at the age of 84.  Mr Braybrook, for many years the principal builder in the parish of Hartley and district, had much to do with the early development of Hartley from purely agricultural to residential status. He retired from business and left the parish about 20 years ago but did not dispose of all his property, which had since and up to September last occasionally visited.  He leaves a widow, son and daughter, to whom great sympathy has been extended.  The son is in the forces and was sent abroad a short time before his father's death.  The cremation took place at Golders Green on Tuesday of last week."

[A significant figure in the history of Hartley.  The article infers that most of the "smallowners" houses built 1912-20 in Hartley would have been by Mr Braybrook's firm.]

06 Feb 1942 Pastry Oven for Sale Kent Messenger

"Electric pastry oven, caterer's steamer, 6 shelves - Townley, Hartley, near Dartford.  Phone Longfield 2218."

[Townley's Cake Shop was next to Fairby Stores in Ash Road, it appears it had to close because of the war]

06 Feb 1942 Fawkham Knitters Kent Messenger

"Lady Shaw's knitting party meets each week at White House and continues its excellent work.  Every man and woman in the forces from the village received a gift at Christmas, and over 500 garments have been sent away.  One member has knitted 14 seamen's pullovers.  Members have been presented with badges (white ensign on blue background) by the Merchant Navy Comforts Service."

13 Feb 1942 No Bicycle Light Dartford Chronicle

Arthur C Strutt [1898-1968] of Knoll, Ash Rd - cycled without rear light

14 Feb 1942 21st Anniversary of Hartley WI Gravesend Reporter

21st birthday of WI

28 Feb 1942 Obituary of Edwin John Lee Kent Messenger

"The death took place on Friday at the County Hospital, Dartford [West Hill Hospital], of Mr Edwin John Lee of Witzies, Church Road, Hartley.  He was 52 years of age.  Mr Lee has resided in the district about 20 years, and carried on a greengrocer and fruiterer's buisness up to the beginning of the war, when he ntered into munition work.  He leaves a widow, 3 sons and 2 daughters, to whom deep sympathy has been extended.  The funeral took place at Ash Parish Church on Tuesday, the Rev Simmonds officiating....(list of mourners and givers of flowers)."

28 Feb 1942 Diamond Wedding of Mr & Mrs Charles Humphrey Gravesend Reporter

"Mr and Mrs Charles Humphrey (pictured) of Yew Tree Cottage, Hartley, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Thursday surrounded by their family of 3 sons, 4 daughters, together with some of their life? partners and children.  Mr Humprhrey was born at Wadhurst, Sussex, 80 years ago, and Mrs Humphrey was born in the same district a year later.  They were married at Wadhurst.  They have resided in Kent about 50 years, [most?] of which have been spent at Hartley.  Mr Humphrey retired from his work as stockman about 10 years ago.  The happy [...] couple, parents of the highly esteemed Postmaster of Longfield, still enjoy good health and the good wishes of a large circle of friends."

[There is a small amount missing from the photocopy.]

06 Mar 1942 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Obituary of Flying Officer MJC Harwood DFC, born Hartley 1920; (2) Pupils of Mrs Appleton's Fairby High School donate £12 to warship week

07 Mar 1942 Hartley Ratepayers Association Gravesend Reporter

(1) Letter from C D Mayley (1881-1957) of Ratepayers Association to each councillor, suggesting they resign; (2) Country Club report successful year

13 Mar 1942 Child Maintenance Dartford Chronicle

(1) Maintenance order for child of Church Road man; (2) Success of Street Salvage Stewards and of funds warship week; (3) A total of £2,291 was raised via savings, £2,000 of which was paid into the Post Office Savings Bank,  Mr Fielder, the sub-postmaster said Jan 1941 - Feb 1942 a total of £14,000 in savings has been paid in, which included 4,301 Savings Certificates.

14 Mar 1942 Hartley Ratepayers Association Gravesend Reporter

Hartley Parish Council reject Ratepayer's Association suggestion

20 Mar 1942 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Obituary of Mary Ann Bishop of The Piggotts, Church Rd; (2) Dance at Hartley Country Club for Longfield and Southfleet branch of British Legion attended by 150.  Mr Potter (chairman) said 6 men in their district were POWs and the legion sent them half a pound of tobacco and 120 cigarettes a month.

20 Mar 1942 Bringing Court Action Kent Messenger

"Council clerk's statement after vote of thanks

The retiring clerk to Hartley Parish Council (Mr Walter Wright) announced at the annual parish meeting on Thursday last week that he was brining a suit against the chairman and other members of the council.

The announcement was made by Mr Wright after a vote of thanks had been proposed to him for his services during the past 7 years.

In his report, Mr Wright referred to his own personal defferences with the council, which, he indicated would be heard in due course in the High Court of Justice.

Mr Fielder, Hartley's Postmaster, made a strong appeal for unity and cooperation among residents of the parish instead of the bickering which had lately developed.

His remarks were supported by Mr Soper and the Rector

Messrs Gomer Davies, Bishop and Soper were put forward to fill a vacancy on the Parish Council and the chiarman explained that the council would coopt one of these nominees, but declined to permit a show of hands as a guide to their relative support at the meeting.

The dissolution of the Ash and District Sanitary Committee and the taking over by the Rural Council of the cesspool clearance was discussed.

The deputation sent to the counicl by the Ratepayers' Association reported that they were not well received and attained no satisfactory result.

They asked for the reinstatement of the Sanitary Committee or the formation of another similar body.

They were told that they had been misinformed as to the alleged probable increase in the rates for this service.

Mr Gray, chairman of the Ratepayers' Association, said it was not right that the ratepayers generally should pay anything towards the cost of cesspool emptying.

The acounts showed a credit of £91.

Mr Charles Sizmur presided at the meeting."

20 Mar 1942 Passing of the Rev Edward Smith Kent Messenger

"The funeral of the Rev Edward Smith MA, formerly Rector of Longfield for 35 years, took place at St Mary's Church, Swanley on Friday.

Mr Smith, who was in his 91st year, died the previous Wednesday after a short illness.

He retired in 1929 and came from Longfield to live at Ellesmere, Hextable, and for some years assisted the Rev W E Woodwasrd at St Mary's Swanley.  He had spent 54 years in the ministry of the Church after being ordained at Longfield.

Prior to his preferment to Longfield, he was curate for 10 years at St Mary's Gillingham.

The celebration of his 50th anniversary of his entry into the ministry at Longfield, was marked by the presentation of a solid brass alms dish to the Church of St Mary Magdalene by the parishioners, whilst personal gifts to the rector included a cheque for 50 guineas, an illuminated address and a silvr inkstand from the church and Sunday School.

Mr Smith represented Hartley on the Dartford Board of Guardians for some years, for 3 of which he was chairman.

For over 30 years he was an assistant inspector of religious knowledge in elementary schools and for 25 years one of the chaplains (latterly senior chaplain) of the Lay Readers' Association.

In 1935 he celebrated his golden wedding.  He leaves a widow, 3 sons and a daughter.  His eldest son died in Brazil last year.

The funeral service was conducted by the Rev LEA Ehrmann (Vicar of Linkstead, Sittingbourne), assisted by the Rev J Lucas (vicar of St Mary's Swanley).  Other clergy present were Canon Powell, Canon Parker, Canon Webb, the Rev D Milner and the Rev J H Gooden.

Family mourners were Mr CEBM Smith, Mr GJD Smith, Mr and Mrs WKH Smith (sons and daughter in law), Dr H T Sells and Nurse Ready.  Mr West was at the organ, and the hymns were 'My God, my Father, while I stray' and the Easter hymn 'Jesus Lives'."

[It is not so odd that he was councillor for Hartley, because then the old Longfield Rectory on Pescot Hill was in the parish of Hartley]

21 Mar 1942 House for Sale at Hartley Gravesend Reporter

Pilley & Talbot - modern bungalow on bus route, 2b, 2r, bath and large garden - £575

21 Mar 1942 Lively Hartley Meeting Gravesend Reporter

"The Annual Parish Meeting at Hartley on Thursday evening of last week was to say the least of a lively character.  There is a difference of opinion between the parish council and certain parishioners who represent the local ratepayers' association, the chief points in dispute being the election of Parish councillors and the position of the clerk (Mr Walter Wright) who is under notice to vacate that office at the end of this month.  Many speeches were made and personalities indulged in.

There was an attendance of about 50 at the Institute Hall and Mr C Sizmur (chairman of the parish council) was in the chair.

The clerk (Mr Walter Wright) submitted his financial statement, showing a balance in hand December 31st 1941 of £98 4s 10d, the expenditure of the year being £34 15s 5d.  The Clerk added "I have not this year produced my usual resume of the work of the council during the past year, because it would necessitate the mention of much ersonal matter that will later be heard in the High Court of Justice....  I have served the parish for 6 years, the first 5 of which were in perfect harmony with the parish council and without a single complaint  I thank you, and say goodbye with confidence that honesty and turth will prevail.  Reason for my dismissal has been refused.

Mr G T Mayley produced his report on a recent conference at Dartford with the Public Health Committee of Dartford District Council concerning the new arrangements for the emptying of cesspools in certain parishes of the rural district including Hartley.  The conference was held at the request of a recent parish meeting.  Mr Mayley disagreed with the District Council's report that appeared in the press, stating that "the deputation left the conference perfectly satisfied," they in fact, he said, obtained no satisfaction.

Mr D T R Gray, one of the deputation, supported Mr Mayley and stated that there were 331 dwellings in the parish and only 14 cesspools were emptied last year.  It was not fair under the circumstances to put the charges on the rates.

Mr C S Bignell: "The rates have not gone up but down a shilling."

Mr Gray: "That is due to the county rate dropping by 10½d".

Mr Bignell remarked that Mr Mayley had said at the conference that the cesspool emptying would cost a rate of 1s 4d adn added that he got that figure from a councillor not present.

Mr Mayley: "I said no such thing either about the figure or the councillor."

Mr Gray asked if they would not withdraw the charges against the clerk.

The Chairman: "The council will stick to their decision."

The Rev L G W Lenton (rector) wished to know how his name was connected with the matter.

The Chairman: "The minutes are signed and we stand by them."

Mr Gay disputed the payment of £12 in grubbin groots in the proposed new burial ground and stated it was a capital charge that the council had no power to incur.  He also asked that in the event of legal proceedings the counci should first call a parish meeting on the matter.

Mr Gomer Davies, Mr B Passmore Bishop and Mr F H Soper were nominated for the council's selection of a new member to fill the vacancy on the council.

The Secretary of the Hartley Ratepayers Association (Mr Mayley) submitted the following questions, notice of which had been given - Whether the council received from the clerk to Kent County Council a copy of this association's letter of November 20th with request for the council's observations?  Whether this matter has been discussed at a meeting of the council in open session, and what were the observations sent? If not so discussed what explanation can be given for dealing with public business otherwise than in open session.  The chairman referred the matter to the Clerk.  The Clerk: "To whom was the letter addressed?" "Mr Mayley: "To the chairman of the Parish Council".  The Clerk: "It has not passed through my hands, or been discussed in my presence."

Mr F E Todd moved a vote of thanks to the retiring clerk and expressed deep regret at the loss of such a valuable official.  The Rev L G W Lenton in seconding, said the clerk had done his duty faithfully and well, and he hoped the time was very near when he would be reinstated.  Mr H H Meddick endorsed the rector's remarks and the vote of thanks was unanimously passed.

[The meeting dwelt mainly on the dismissal of the clerk, Walter Wright for reasons the parish council would not state.  The Rector Rev Lenton was unhappy his name had been used as he fully supported the clerk.  This matter seems to go back to when Mr Wright as district councillor for Longfield, opposed the appointment of Mr Bignell (Hartley parish and district councillor) as chairman of Dartford RDC.]

27 Mar 1942 Obituary of Richard Dearn Kent Messenger

"Much sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Dearn of The Elms, Longfield, in the death of their youngest son, Richard, age 6 years, following an operation.  Richard was a pupil of Merton House School, Hartley.  The funeral is at Longfield Church on Monday."

27 Mar 1942 His Toy Kent Messenger

"By disposing of a toy wheelbarrow, Colin Homewood [1930-2011], 11 year old son of Mrs Homewood of Kent Road, has sent £2 4s to Mrs Churchill's Aid to Russia Fund."

03 Apr 1942 Yew Cottage for Sale Kent Messenger

"By order of the Executors of A W Hall esq, deceased: A King esq deceased; The Public Trustee and others.  Messrs Porter Putt and Fletcher are instructed to submit to auction at the Masonic Hall, Wrotham Road, Gravesend on Wednesday 15th April 1942, at 3 o'clock precisely, the Freehold Properties:"

5-11 (odd) Stanmore Road, Erith

54 Shepherd's Lane, Dartford

1-4 Railway Cottages, South Darenth

1-3 Red Street, Southfleet

2 Victor Cottages, Southfleet

"Four cottages near the Wheatsheaf, producing £89 18s 4d per annum, landlord paying rates

Hartley Green - Thatched Cottages, producing £69 11s 0d per annum, landlord paying rates

Ash - 4 cottages near The Swan, producing £70 4s 0d per annum, landlord paying rates

Longfield - Nos 1&2 Hope Cottages, Station Road, producing £87 19s 4d per annum, landlord paying rates"

[The 4 cottages in Hartley will be Yew Cottage, Hartley Green (then 2 cottages), Hartley Green Cottage and Thelcot, Castle Hill, the rent works out a just under 7 shillings per week for each cottage]

10 Apr 1942 Hartley Ratepayers Association Kent Messenger

"A Busy First Year - In its first year Hartley Ratepayers' Association has played a large part in local affairs, and has been a vigorous supporter of those things which it considers are for the good of the parish.

This was evident from the report presented at the annual meeting in the WI Hall last week.

The Association has a membership of 148 and is in a sound financial position.

The report stated that the Association opposed the dismissal of Mr Walter Wright, clerk to the parish council, and had requested the Council to resign as it did not retain the confidence of the electorate.

Regret was expressed that the Council showed no sign of cooperating with the Association.

The Association was actively interested in the situation arising from the disbandment of the Hartley Platoon of the Home Guard, and had also taken up the matter of securing larger supplies of paraffin for the village.

Representation were mde to the Home Office, andalso the local MP upon the denial to the electorate of exercising its right to elect persons to vacancies on Parish Councils.

Representation were also made to the Rural Council to improve the dust and salvage collections in the parish and improve the distribution of 'points' coupons.

As a result of action by the Association thre had been an improvement in the lighting of trains.

Thanks were accorded to Mr C D Mayley for his valuable work as secretary and treasurer.

Th enew management committee consists of Mr DTR Gray (chairman), Mr Mayley (secretary and treasurer), the Rev LGW Lenton, and Messrs Bishop, Brain, Crouch, Penny and Todd."

[The Ratepayers had an impressive membership.  While it is not clear what numbers the other side could muster, they had an unassailable advantage because they could not be ousted because parish council elections had been suspended for the duration.]

17 Apr 1942 Car not Immobilised Dartford Chronicle

"Albert  Stanley Varnham [either 1897-1974 or 1919-1997] of Lima, Church Road, Hartley pleaded not guilty to a  summons for leaving his car unattended without immobilising it.  Mr Hugh  Goff appeared for the defence.  Varnham stated that he had removed the  gear lever, which was the most effective way he knew of putting a  vehicle out of action.  Defendant was fined 20 shillings and costs."

17 Apr 1942 Cooperative Society Kent Messenger

"On Monday Mr CH Moore presided at the annual meeting of the Hartley Cooperative Society.  The report showed increased profits although turnover for the year was £4,000 down.  The dividend on purchases was 2s 2d in the pound.  Mr Moore was reelected chairman.  The retiring committee was reelected, except for Mr Fenn, whose calling up is now due.  Mr S S Tate, takes his place."

24 Apr 1942 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Restrictions on Retail Deliveries in Longfield Area, butchers allowed 2 per week up to 3 miles, others only 1 per week ½ - 3 miles; (2) Parish Council advertise for new clerk.

24 Apr 1942 Hartley's New Councillor Kent Messenger

"At the annual meeting of Hartley Parish Council, on Thursday, last week, Miss Barker acted as clerk.

Capt Bignell moved the reelection of Mr Charles Sizmur as chairman, and referred to his single minded devotion to the interests of the parish.

Mr Chisholm referred to the high esteem in which Mr Sizmur was held throughout the parish, despite recent attacks and criticisms directed against him and the Council.

The proposal as unanimously endorsed by the council and Mr Chisholm was reelected vice chairman.

M Gomer B Davies was coopted to fill the remaining vacancy on the council.  In reply he expressed his appreciation.  He said he had heard some of the epithets used in certain quarters concerning the council, which, from his own peronal contacts with members, he knew were not justified.

Two letters from the Ratepayers' Association were then read.  The first drew attention to the desirability of the council being represented on the Gravesend committee of the LPT Services, and the chairman undertook to investigate and report on the activities of the committee.

The second letter offered suggestions and advice on council procedure, and it was unanimously decided that it be laid on the table.

The rural council having written concerning the formation of a council of three in each parish, to act in case of invasion, to consist of one appointed by the military command, one by the police and one leading citizen, by the parish council, it was decided that the chairman should be the Hartley representative.

The appointment of a clerk to the council was discussed, and it was decided to advertise the vacancy.

The chairman reported that the new sanitary arrangements were working satisfactorily."

[It will be recalled that there were 3 candidates for the council vacancy, it is perhaps unsurprising that the person chosen was a supporter of the ruling group.  During the war the council was safe from challenge because council elections were banned.  However none of this council stood for election at the next election in 1946.]

24 Apr 1942 Longfield Man in Polish Prison Camp Kent Messenger

"Second from the right (back row) in this photograph is Pte William Reginald Lynds [1918-1976] of the Royal West Kent Regt, aged 23, son of Mr and Mrs W Lynds, Hilltop, Longfield Hill.

Educated at Longfield School, he worked for Messrs W J Holland and Son, Builders, of Gravesend, up to the outbreak of war, and was one of the first to be called up from Longfield.  He was a member of Cobham Comet Cycling Club, and took part in several races.

His parents have received a number of letters from Stalag XXB, 175, a prisoner of war camp in Poland, where Pte Lynds was sent after being captured in June 1940.  He says he is well, adn would like to be remembered to all his friends in Gravesend."

[for more information on Stalag 20B see Wartime Memories Project]

01 May 1942 British Restaurant - Dartford Dartford Chronicle

Dartford British Restaurant has 400 customers per day [The restaurant was at Kent Road, Dartford]

08 May 1942 Why 'Parachutists' Got the Upper Hand Kent Messenger

19th Battalion of the Home Guard took part in and provided umpires for military exercise for the 48th London Battalion at the Southern Hospital.  Defenders deemed to have lost.

15 May 1942 He Played Cricket and Broke Law Kent Messenger

"'This case has been a great eye opener to me,' declared Mr Norman Baynes, solicitor, at Dartford Police Court on Friday, when he defended a young woman who was summoned for entering Dartford, a defence area.

Mr Baynes, who for years has been a member of Dartford Cricket Club, said that, quite unwittingly he must have committed the same offence of which the girl was accused.

'If I go to my office on Saturday morning, return home for a meal and then go back to Hesketh Park to play cricket, immediately I pass the barrier I have committed the offence, because I am not entitled to play cricket in the area', Mr Baynes added, 'I have come to the conclusion that I must change my cricket club.  It won't happen again as far I am concerned.  I shall have to think of something else.'

Mr Baynes, who lives at Bexleyheath said the circumstances of the case were such that he felt justified in asking the magistrates to dismiss the summons on payment of costs.  The defendant Elsie Dorothy Bradford of Gordon Road, Belvedere, was a native of Stone, and for five years had been employed by Burroughs Wellcome & Co at Dartford.

She had a certficate from the firm which entitled her to enter Dartford for the purpose of her employment.  On the day of the alleged offence she showed her identity card and went to a friend's house and then to the Masonic Hall for a dance.  When the offence was pointed out to her she immediately returned to Belvedere.  It was not a deliberate act on her part.

PC Milton said that when he asked defendant her reason for being in Dartford and going to the hall where a public dance was in progress she said 'Just dancing'.

The case was dismissed on payment of 4s costs."

15 May 1942 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"At the meeting on Wednesday last week, it was decided to redeem the tithe on the new burial ground for a lump sum of £2 16s 6d.  Four applications having been received for the vacant pot of parish clerk, it was decided that the council go into committee to consider them, and report their recommendation at the next meeting."

22 May 1942 Ration Books Dartford Chronicle

(1) New Ration Books from WI Hall; (2) Marriage of Marjorie Sopp [1919-1990] of Hazel Wood,Church Rd to Ernest Earl [?1912-1979]; (3) Obituary of Mrs Florence A Cromar of Merton House (75) 29/5 Funeral

22 May 1942 Car for Sale Kent Messenger

"1938 Ford 8; privately owned; excellent condition, taxed, insured £70 - Selworthy, Church Road, Hartley.  Phone Longfield 2286."

29 May 1942 Obituary of Florence A Cromar Kent Messenger

"The funeral took place at Longfield Church, on Saturday, of Mrs Florence Ann Cromar, widow of Mr AW Cromar, of Merton House School, Hartley.  Mrs Cromar, who was 75, had lived a busy life for many years, and used to help her husband in his duties as clerk to Horton Kirby Parish Council and District Rate Collector.  She was at one time headmistress of Hartley Schools.  Later she established the private school known as Merton House School, but was compelled, by ill health, to give this up about 2 years ago.  It has been carried on by her niece, Miss Brind [1908-1996].  She had been hon secretary to the Longfield Parochial Church Council since its beginning, enrolling member of the Mother's Union, secretary of the free will offering scheme, and the PCC representative at the Diocesan and Ruri-Decanal Conferences.  Beside the family mourners, many friends were present, and members of the Mother's Union.   The hymns sung were 'Jesu, Lover of My Soul' and 'Our Blest Redeemer', also the 23rd Psalm.  Miss Burch, a friend, was at the organ.  Canon Parker officiated."

29 May 1942 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"At a special meeting to consider the report of the council in committee regarding the appointment of a clerk, Mr C Sizmur presided.  The report recommended the engagement of Mr Leonard N Judge of Pycroft, Lanes End, at a salary of £30 per annum, and this was adopted.  Mr Judge was then invited to take over the books and was welcomed by the chairman.  Mr Judge said he would do his utmost to give satisfaction."

29 May 1942 Pigs for sale Kent Messenger

"For sale, 2 sows, each with 9 young.  Apply Free, Castle Hill, Hartley, Dartford".

05 Jun 1942 Landladies in Trouble Kent Messenger

Two Gravesend landladies fined for failing to get boarders sign registration forms.

05 Jun 1942 A Longfield Hill Need Kent Messenger

"Hut for Community Centre

Longfield Parish Council are to write to the National Council of Social Service supporting the application of residents of Longfield Hill for a hut to be used as a community centre.

This was decided at Monday's meeting when letters from Longfield Hill WI and the Community Hall Committee were received asking for the council's support.

A letter from Longfield Hill WI drew attention to the danger caused to children by playing on the roads near the railway embankment.   It was suggested that if a sandpit was provided on land loaned to the local youth club, it might keep small children off the roads, and the council were asked if they would contribute towards the cost.

Members agreed to do so.  Mr NT Goff said there were other places in Longfield where sandpits would be useful."

12 Jun 1942 ARP Certificates Kent Messenger

"The following entrants were successful in the the anti-gas examination held at the Ash First Aid Post Miss I Sheath [1908-1998], Mrs D Walley [1902-1993], [6 OTHER NAMES].  The examiner was Mr Shury."

12 Jun 1942 Girls Training Corps Kent Messenger

"Sir, A Girls' Training Corps is to be formed in the Dartford Rural Area and we should be most grateful if you could give it some publicity in your paper.

A Management Committee has been formed of which Mrs GBC Davis of Stone is the Chairman, and Miss PE Pike of the Longfield CofE Schools, is to be the commandant of the Corps.  The Corps will be run in 3 sections at 1 Longfield, 2 Sutton at Hone taking in Horton Kirby, 3 Farningham taking in Eynsford.  So far section officers have been appointed for Longfield and Sutton at Hone.  The Corps is quite ready to function and applications for enrolment should be made to Miss Pike at Longfield CofE school.

Girls in other villages not near enough to join the sections already formed should write to Miss Pike, who would be very willing to consider the formation of additional sections.

All girls between 16-18 years of age will be most welcome and very valuable and attractive training will be provided.  The uniform consists of a white blouse, navy blue skirt, tie and beret and black outdoor shoes.

Dora E Smythe, acting secretary, Dartford and District Youth Committee, 11 Essex Road, Dartford."

12 Jun 1942 Hartley Parish Council Kent Messenger

"At the monthly meting of the Parish Council, June 3rd, all members being present, the form of agreement with the newly appionted clerk, Mr LU Judge, was approved, and it was decided that Fidelity Bond should be drawn up for presentation at the next meeting.

Among other matters discussed was the burial ground, for which the certificate of redemption of the tithe has now been received from the Commissioners.  At Capt Bignell's suggestion it was arranged for the council to visit the site in order to keep proper track of its condition.

Regarding the Invasion Committee or 'Triumvirate', the chairman reported that the Police member had not yet been appointed, but that as regards the civilian side of the plan he had the matter well in hand should sudden emergency arise.

As regarded the fire watching arrangements, enquiry was to be made of the wardens as to the present position, more especially in view of the Home Secretary's recent broadcast.

The collection of waste paper by the WVS, under the direction of Mrs Bignell, has been most successful, the house to house idea having had a good result.  There is still some time to go before the collection is completed and parishioners are urged to turn out everything they can and let Mrs Bignell know of it.  Up to date, the best part of a ton has been collected in the village, but it is felt there must be a lot more than this if a thorough discarding is made of everything possible."

[The Burial Ground land was never used and now is just another part of Foxborough Wood]

19 Jun 1942 Saved a Newspaper Kent Messenger

Mrs Lucy of Hollingbourne (pictured) who published newspaper for 46,000 Channel Islanders in Britain and the forces, faced closure when the government barred her getting newsprint paper. It featured messages from those under occupation in the islands.  However after wrting to the King, the Ministry have relented.

[I don't know the background to this (perhaps they thought the messages from the islands might be German propaganda) but it does strike me as a very British way of suppressing the freedom of the press, officially the Government didn't have to close down a newspaper it didn't like, just choke off its supply of newsprint]

19 Jun 1942 Refugee Association Kent Messenger

"The 3rd annual meeting was held on Saturday in the Congregational Church Room.  Mr C Sizmur presided, and Mrs Gates, hon secretary, gave an outline of the progress of the young man, Harry Leucht, now a junior clerk with an insurance company.  He will be sitting for the preliminary examination of the Institute of Actuaries next month.  It has been found necessary for him to live at Harpenden, and it was hoped that those members who could do so would keep up their subscriptions to help him over the initial stages of his career.  His only relatives in England were contributing out of their slender means.  Mr Gomer Davies, hon Treasurer, reported a balance of £38."

22 Jun 1942 James William Appleton Missing Kent Messenger

"Appleton, James William, Flight Lieutenant RAF, last heard of Alexandra Military Hospital, Singapore, January 1942.  Any information gratefully received by his parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Appleton, Hartley, near Dartford, Kent."

[Happily James Appleton was found and did survive the war, but had to endure 3 years as a POW (Reporter 11.10.1958).  Sadly two of his brothers were lost in the war and are commemorated on the war memorial]

26 Jun 1942 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Sideboard for Sale £20.  Brickend, [Church Road], Hartley; (2) Inauguration of Dartford's 'Holidays at Home' scheme.  Funfair, swimming gala and ATC sports planned.

26 Jun 1942 Fare Evasion Kent Messenger

"…after evidence had been given that he had produced an out-of-date ticket, and was followed by a porter to Dartford Station, Telford Goodman Goodwin [1884-1981], The Beeches, [Church Road], Hartley was fined £1 and £1 11s 6d costs for travelling on the railway without paying his fare."

[He was living in Fawkham in 1939]

03 Jul 1942 A Very Foolish Act Dartford Chronicle

"Theft of Silk Stockings

William Edward Barlow (73) [1869-1952] of View Point, Merton Avenue, Hartley, pleaded not guilty to stealing 7 pairs of silk stockings from Marks and Spencer, High Street, Dartford, on June 19.

Violet Martin, Olive Road, Dartford, sales assistant, said she saw defendant go to the hosiery counter, pick up the stockings and put them in his pocket.

Leonard Summerskill [1892-1952], Danson Lane, Welling, stores manager, said he saw defendant at the cake counter waiting to be served, and noticed stockings hanging from his pocket.  He said he had picked the stockings up, and added 'What do you want me to do? Pay for them'.

Detective Sergeant Eldrett said when charged defendant said he found the stockings and did not know what to do with them.  He was going to find out who they belonged to.

Barlow said he picked up a piece of rag and a woman bumped against him.  He fell against a window.  He queued up at the cake counter and never knew anything until he was touched on the shoulder.  He did not take the stockings from the counter, and did not know where this counter was.

The defending solicitor said Barlow was afflicted and he submitted that it would be a very foolish act on his part to taken the stockings.  He was obviously the last man to be an expert shoplifter, because he had not got the full use of his hands.  The last thing a shoplifter would do would be to have the stockings trailing from his pocket.

A fine of £1 was imposed."

[It is doubtful whether he would have been charged today as he had not left the store and had not attempted to conceal the goods, so intent would be hard to prove.]

03 Jul 1942 War Workers Want Bus Priority Kent Messenger

"Hundreds of Kent war workers are getting a raw deal from pleasure travellers who monopolise buses, especially in the evenings.  Men and women, tired after a day's hard toil, are constantly left behind because buses are filled to capacity, and mostly by theatregoers, trippers and shoppers, the last mentioned of whom completely ignored the request to do their shopping before 4pm."  Cites cases of war workers left behind at Dartford by people going to a whist drive at Greenhithe.

10 Jul 1942 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Women's Institute "The meeting on Thursday last week was devoted to round table discussions on 'Our Village after the War'.  Reporting on opportunities for social and cultural activities, Mrs McKenzie stressed the need for a playing field; Mrs Balchin said the school was hampered by its out of date building; Mrs Gates spoke of the importance of giving security to those who derived their livelihood directly from the land; Mrs Townly foresaw the WI continuing to play its part; and Miss Chisholm spoke of the function of local councils for the preservation of the countryside...."; (2) Aid For China meeting attended by 40

17 Jul 1942 Gallantry in Malta Kent Messenger

"Kent Officer Awarded MC.

News has been received by Major and Mrs JR Stickland, The Old Downs, Hartley, that their son Lieut John Charles Stickland has been awarded the MC for gallant and distinguished services in Malta.

Lieut Stickland, who is 22, has served with the Royal Artillery in Malta for nearly 2 years.  He joined a Territorial Artillery Unit at Dartford on leaving school, and obtained his commission early in 1939.

At Haileybury, where he was educated, he was the Head of College, and a sergeant in the OTC.

Until the outbreak of war, he was in business with the family firm Messrs Hawkins and Pitson, rope manufacturers, of London.

Major Stickland told a reporter that he had no details of the service which earned his son the award, but that he had been very active in organising sports and entertainments for his men in Malta." (also Dartford Chronicle 7.8.42)

17 Jul 1942 Salvage Drive Kent Messenger

"Hartley Parish Council at its July meeting was requested by the Rural Council to organise a special collection of salvage material during the County Salvage Drive, July 17th to August 1st.  The Council called a special meeting for Wednesday last week, requesting the presence of the salvage stewards.  At this meeting arrangements were made to divide up the parish so that every house would receive a direct personal visit before the start of the drive.  Stewards undertaking this work are: Mrs Bignell, Miss Frith, Mrs McKenzie, Mr Meddick, Mr Parkins, Mr Soper, aided by Councillors Gates, Gable and Gomer Davies.  The purposes of the personal visits is to see that each householder thoroughly combs out his premises and is ready for the visit of the Rural Council vans on or about July 20th, brining their material to dumps which will be arranged in their vicinity.  The chief articles wanted are paper, rags, bones, rubber and metals and the Rural Council has assured all concerned that everything offered during the fortnight's drive will be collected.  The regular weekly collection of household refuse and waste will be suspended, the collecting vans being devoted entirely to salvage for the two weeks."

24 Jul 1942 Local News in Brief (1) Dartford Chronicle (2) Kent Messenger

(1) Dartford Chronicle - Cricket - Hartley Home Guard beaten by Regular; (2) Kent Messenger - To a question about how many teachers who are Conscientious Objectors, Kent County Council said they had been told about 5 who they have sacked.  They reckon only 6 COs in a staff of 3,000, about 300 are in the services.

07 Aug 1942 Obituary of Mabel Green Sevenoaks Chronicle

"After a very long illness the death occurred on Thursday of Mrs Mabel Marianne Louise Green, wife of Mr Eric S Green of PIne Tree Cottage, Chipstead Lane.  Mrs Green was 41 years of age, was a daughter of the Rev G W Bancks of Hartley, near Dartford.  She and her husband resided for some 3 years at Otford before moving to Chipstead about 2 years ago.  During the time she lived at Hartley, Mrs Green took a keen and active interest in amateur dramatics, and it was largely due to her that the Hartley Players, a highly efficient society, came into being.  Mrs Green was also a great lover of nature.  In addition to her husband she leaves a son.  Following cremation, the funeral, which was of a private character, took place at Charing on Saturday."

[Mabel Green was the daughter of Rev Bancks and one of the founders of the Hartley Players.]

07 Aug 1942 House for Sale at Hartley Kent Messenger

"Bungalow for Sale, freehold; 3 bedrooms, dining, drawing rooms, scullery, usual offices, ½ acre land, including fruit bearing orchard.  Apply for inspection, Hillview, Gorsewood Road, Hartley, Longfield."

14 Aug 1942 Wanted Advert Kent Messenger

"Wanted cheap horse or trailer caravan, seller deliver.  Bassano, Croft, Hartley, Longfield.

21 Aug 1942 Peter Harle POW Dartford Chronicle

"Trooper Peter Harle aged 22 years (pictured), son of Mr and Mrs Stanley Harle, and grandson of Councillor EET Harle is a prisoner of war. He was reported missing on June 20, and his parents have since received postcards from him from a prisoner of war camp in Italy.

Trooper Harle has been since December 1940 in the Middle East, where he was wounded.  He was a Dartford Grammar Schoolboy, and played in the school rugby team, and was also a member of the Dartford Tennis Club.  Prior to joining the forces he was a studen at the Gravesend School of Art, and had passed the Board of Trade examination in the drawing group."

[After the war he moved to Stack Lane, Hartley, and was a prominent member of the Hartley Churches Association]

21 Aug 1942 Local News in Brief (1-2) Dartford Chronicle (3) Kent Messenger

(1) WI Festival in Hartley; (2) Obituary of Charles Smith (82) of Black Lion.  Funeral at Chingford 13.8.42; (3) Cadet CF Evans of Hartley ATC promoted to A/Corporal (3) "Mr and Mrs Danecourt, Hartley, Dartford, breeders and exhibitors of exhibition rabbits, winners of 65 first prizes alone from January to June.  Stock for sale.  Breeds: Rex, Dutch, Chinchillas (Longfield 2160)."

25 Aug 1942 MacFarlane - Hollings Wedding Times

Marriage of [NAME] of Nigeria Regiment, only son of Mr & Mrs CB MacFarlane [of Hartley House, Ash Road]

04 Sep 1942 Dive Bombed 10 Times - How Kent Officer Won MC Kent Messenger

"Among those recently decorated by General Gort VC at an investiture at Malta on his 38th birthday, was Lieutenant John Charles Stickland, son of Major and Mrs J R Stickland, The Old Downs, Hartley, who as previously announced in the Kent Messenger, has been awarded the MC.

the official citation reads: 'This officer was in command of a heavy AA gun position which was dive bombed ten time within a fortnight.  His firm and unswerving control of the guns and his personal determination and complete disregard for his own safety resulted in magnificent work by the troop under his command.  His courage and inspired leadership had instilled in the personnel under his command a dogged courage and devotion to duty.'

Aged 22, Lieut Stickland has served with the Royal Artillery in Malta for nearly 2 years."

04 Sep 1942 Houses Broken into at Longfield Kent Messenger

"On Saturday night, the homes of Mr and Mrs Whitehead and Mr and Mrs T Simes in Kent Road, were robbed.  In the first case, money was taken from the bedroom where Mr and Mrs Whitehead were sleeping.  In Mrs Simes, food was stolen from a cupboard."

11 Sep 1942 Salvage of Waste Material Kent Messenger

"Parish Council: At last week's meeting, the clerk read a letter of appreciation from the Rural Council of Hartley's salvage effort, which resulted in 49 lorry loads of scrap metals and 36 of paper and rags, as well as a quantity of rubber and glass.  The chairman voiced thanks to the stewards, the public and to the lorry drivers for their keen cooperation."

18 Sep 1942 Items for Sale Kent Messenger

(1) "Rover 10 Regal Saloon; maroon; good running order; leather upholstery; what offers? - Wood, Hatchlands [now Blue Firs, Church Road], Hartley, Longfield" (2) Goat, kidded May £4; 2 nanny kids £2 and £3.  Perkins, Old Forge, Hartley

02 Oct 1942 Harvest Festival Dartford Chronicle

All Saints/Congregational - Harvest gifts given of Rescue Home, Gravesend

23 Oct 1942 Dartford Transport Firm Sued Dartford Chronicle

SE Transport Co, 73 East Hill, Dartford was sued by Robert Roy Burnsten-Wilson, River View, Church Road, Hartley, for £18 12s for goods supplied.  There was a counter claim for £12 10s.  Mr Hugh Goff appeared for the plaintiff, and judgement was given for the amount claimed.  The counter claim was dismissed."

06 Nov 1942 Congregational Church Kent Messenger

"At the annual church meeting the hon treasurer, Mr W L Gates, announced a balance in hand which would enable the final instalment of the building loan (£25) to be repaid when due next February.  The freewill offerings would thereafter cover ordinary church expenses.  It was agreed to launch a scheme to enable church members to contribute to the reconstruction fund of the Congregational Union for the assistance of war-damaged churches.  It was agreed in principle that the church should enter into closer cooperation with the Congregational churches in Gravesend and district and Messrs Sizmure and Parking (Chairman and Secretary of the church council) were appointed to attend the next meeting in Gravesend of a joint committee which was being formed to draw up proposals.  The officers and church council were reelected.  A report of the Women's Guild mentioned well attended meetings and much useful service undertaken."

06 Nov 1942 A Sale of Work Kent Messenger

"In aid of the Soldiers' Sailors' and Afirmen's Families Association was held on Wednesday last week at Court Cottage by Mrs Orde, Mrs Andrus and members of the Court Cottage Working Party.  £23 was realised."

13 Nov 1942 Local News in Brief (1) Dartford Chronicle (2) Kent Messenger

(1) Cuts to buses - none after 9pm eves, or before lpm Sundays; (2) "Freehold land for sale, main road, Hartley, near Dartford, electricity and water service; 450 ft frontage by 100 ft depth, £2 per foot." Box address

20 Nov 1942 Remembrance Sunday Dartford Chronicle

Remembrance Service led by Brig-gen Andrus

27 Nov 1942 Motorbike for Sale Kent Messenger

"Ulster Rudge 500cc, late 1937, perfect condition, taxed and insured, £60.  Sizer, Church Road, Hartley"

11 Dec 1942 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Parish Council - 144 can be accomodated at Hartley rest centre; (2) Sale of work for Parish Church funds

11 Dec 1942 Cowman Wanted Kent Messenger

"Cowman or land girl wanted; cottage available, Fulford, New House Farm, Hartley, Dartford."

11 Dec 1942 Long Service Specials Honoured Kent Messenger

"Presentation of long service medals and bars to members of the Kent Special Constabulary in the parishes of Ash, Ridley, Fawkham, Hartley, Longfield and Meopham were made at Hartley Social Club on Wednesday last week by General TA Andrus of Hartley Court, Hartley.

Recipients were: Ash: SCs Osbourne and Weller (medals); Segt Claydon and SCs E Sharpe and G Sharpe (bars); Fawkham: SC Hollands (medal), Head SC Crouch (bar); Hartley: Head SC F Crouch, SC Davies and Morris (medals); Longfield: Head SC Leeves and SCs Burgess and Pankhurst (medals), Segt Hickmott (bar); Meopham: Head SC Probert, Sergt Hogg and SCs Maxted, Roots and Yates (medals), Sergts Roots, Norton and Simmonds (bars)."

18 Dec 1942 Chickens for sale Kent Messenger

"A few Rhode Island Red and LS Hens 15 shillings.  Gorsewood Farm, Hartley."

01 Jan 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Social Club - Thrift club shared out £450; (2) Obituary of Miss Marjorie Barker (59) of Heort Lea

12 Feb 1943 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Kent Messenger

"The clerk reported that the Rural Council is taking steps to renew the printed instructions in each fire extinguisher, making clear the method of using them.  On Miss Barker's suggestion it whoud also be made clear that the extinguishers are not to be used on incendiary bombs.

The ministry of Works and Planning wrote asking for the surrender of the railings round the war memorial.  The chairman (Mr C Sizmur) said he had consulted the original donor of the railings, Mrs Robertson, who was willing that they should be given up for the war effort, and the council agreed.

The Chairman reported that the winding up of the Ash and District Sanitary Committee revealed a balance of £95 8s 10d, and that this had been disposed of by a gift of £30 each to the three nursing associations of Kingsdown, Ash and District, Hartley and Longfield.  The balance £5 8s 10d was handed to the cker in recognition of his services.  The clerk was instructed to call the attention of the rural Council to the agitation agains increase in rates, which the council had no knowledge, and to ask for enlightenment on the subject."

12 Feb 1943 Hartley WI Kent Messenger

"Over 70 members and friends, including some members of Ash WI attended the 22nd birthday meeting on Thursday last week….."

19 Feb 1943 Articles for Sale Kent Messenger

(1) "Geese & ganders for sale, 11 months old, also Rhode island Red Pullets, RIR and Khaki-Campbell hatching eggs - Sudds, Applegarth, Hartley, Longfield."; (2) "For sale, blue child's playing pen; Marmet Buffer Car; Savoury & Moore Baby Weighing Scales; Tourer Cot; Windsor Armchair; all good condition; Belling Electric Heater-Griller-Hotplate, new - Dallen, Hartley, Longfield 2249."

05 Mar 1943 Nanny Wanted Kent Messenger

"Nannie-companion for mother, 3 little girls (1 day school); modern house; bus route; own cow, chickens, vegetables - Dallen, Hartley Manor Farmhouse, Longfield 2249."

12 Mar 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Annual meeting of Hartley Folk Song and Dance Society, [NAME] president, Mrs Keen [1888-1968] secretary. Informal dances held first Saturday of month at Longfield Youth Centre Hut; (2) WI raise £20.10.8 for Aid to Russia Fund.

12 Mar 1943 Hartley Parish Council Meeting Kent Messenger

"At the March meeting a certificate was received from the Admiralty to commemorate Hartley's participation in the adoption of HMS Gloxinia as a result of Dartford's Warship Week.  The clerk was instructed to have the certficate frames and exhibited at the Hartley Schools, the Post Office and the WI in that order, the Institute to be asked to give it a permanent home when it cam rount to them.  A circular was received from the District Council calling attention to the liability of rabbits to tuberculosis, and in all suspicious cases the carcases should be sent for examination before consumption to the Sanitary Authority, Dartford.  Infected rabbits are dangerous as food.  The clerk read a memorandum from the District Council explaining the plans of the council for spreading local expenses over the whole rating area.  The immediate item of interest is that of sewage which may result in a rate of 5d or possibly 6d in the Hartley area.  The full implications of this as reflected in the new rates was left over to be explained at the parish meeting by Captain Bignell, who readily undertook this duty.  A resolution of protest against the proposed regional rearrangements of district and parish council areas was received from the Wilmington Parish Council with request for Hartley's support in opposition to the plan.  Discussion revealed a unanimous opinion that these changes would adversely affect the responsibilities of the parish councils particularly, and it was decided to support Wilmington's protests and to so notify Sir Waldron Smithers MP.  As the donor of the War Memorial railings was reluctant to see them sent away, the supply department was notified and agreed to their non-removal."

[At the previous meeting the council had claimed the donor of the railings was OK with them being taken for scrap]

19 Mar 1943 Parish Assembly Kent Messenger

"A protest against Dartford Rural Council's new spread over rating plans was made at the annual parish assembly on Wednesday last week.  Mr Gray gave comparative rateable values of the parishes and said that per head of the population, the Hartley rate was already higher than in other villages in the Dartford Rural Area.  Miss Chisholm said that people should not think only of their own pockets, but of the advantages accruing to the public as a whole arising from the expenditure of the rural council.  The new spread over rating plans were explained by Captain CS Bignell, who pointed out that they would be to the ultimate benefit of the parish.  There was warm applause when Mr Fielder drew attention to the splendid work being done by women in the parish, particularly as regards jam making and knitting comforts for the services."

26 Mar 1943 Beehives for Sale Kent Messenger

Beehives for sale or whole apiary. Elphick, Ash Road

02 Apr 1943 Permission to Marry Dartford Chronicle

"[NAME], Bayonne, Church Road, Hartley [Marsworth, Church Road],  who appeared in WAAF uniform, also asked permission to marry.  Her  father said he would rather they waited unitl they were older and had  more means.  Permission granted."

16 Apr 1943 Articles for Sale Kent Messenger

Poultry house for sale. MacDonald, Phoenix [now Stocks Mead, Church Road]. Nanny goat for sale - Selworthy [church road].

30 Apr 1943 House for Sale at Hartley Kent Messenger

"Well Built house for sale; main water, electric; buses pass; garage; £1,000 freehold - Coney, Hartley Bottom" [believed to be an estate agent]

14 May 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) Shed and poultry house for sale. Alexander, Cavan, Church Road. Laying batteries, 24 poultry cages, fowl house. Parkins; (2) Auction notice for Le Stock Farm, 3 bedrooms, 1¾ acres land planted with fruit trees; (3) Hartley exceed £5,000 Wings for Victory target by £365. Includes £165 from mock auction and £11 from two WI Whist Drives. Names of winners of children's drawing competition; (4) "Hartley is going all out to make its book drive for the Services and for salvage a success.  Residenta are asked to ring Mr Passmore Bishop (Longfield 3143) for information.  Books can also be taken to his house."

14 May 1943 Home Guard Anniversary Kent Messenger

"To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Home Guard, platoons from Southfleet, Longfield, Hartley, Fawkham, Ash and Kingsdown, representing 'A' company will attend the ceremonial parade of the 19th battalion at 3.30 on Sunday at the Farningham Cricket Ground.

the public are invited to witness the parade, and many interesting demonstrations will be given.  There will be also a realistic depiction of the rise of the Home Guards from the LDV days to its present smooth running efficiency.  A running commentary will be broadcast on each item.

21 May 1943 County Association's First Wartime Show Kent Messenger

Kent  County Canine Association Show at Maidstone.  Local Winners: Miss K M  Raine, Longfield (Puppy 3rd; Daschunds 2nd & 3rd); Mrs Dorracott,  Hartley (Bull Terrier 1st; Big breeds 2nd; Terriers (not fox) 1st;  Sporting 1st; novice any variety 1st; maiden any variety 1st; beginners  any variety 1st)

21 May 1943 Child Entertainers to Visit Southfleet and Hartley Kent Messenger

"Miss Gwendolyn Randall [later Lynds, 1913-2001], formerly of Hartley, whose troupe of child  entertainers has raised large sums for war charities, is to visit  Southfleet and Hartley to give two shows for the Southfleet and  Longfield British Legion Prisoners of War Fund.  By means of this fund  comforts are sent to local men in enemy prison camps.  Miss Randall now  has a dancing academy at Wolverton, Bucks.  The performances will be at  Southfield School this Saturday afternoon, and at Hartley Country Club  the same evening."

[Gwendolyn Randall used to live at Ship Cottage, Church Road, by this time she had moved to Wolverton, a town now swallowed up by Milton Keynes; she married in 1940 but continued to use Randall as her stage name]

04 Jun 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "Fruit,  vegetables, flowers, nuts etc etc purchased for cash, any quantities;  empties supplied; transport arranged - Hemesley, Woodland, Hartley,  Longfield, Kent Tel Longfield 2174 or Hemesley, Covent Garden.  Tel  Temple Bar 9372."; (2) "Wanted a Norweigan or Swedish spinning wheel - Poole, Homecot, Hartley, Dartford"

18 Jun 1943 Misuse of Motor Fuel Dartford Chronicle

Graham Henry Wood [1889-1962] of Hatchlands, Hartley Hill, Hartley [Blue Firs, Church Road]  pleaded guilty to using motor fuel for another purpose than that  stipulated on his application form.  He was fined 40 shillings and  ordered to pay 14 shillings costs.

25 Jun 1943 Local Will Dartford Chronicle

Mr  William Lockwood of Le Stocks Farm, Hartley, who died on December 16,  left £2,458 16s 11d gross, witn net personality £1,656 1s 3d.  Subject  to an annuity of £78 to his sister Clare Lockwood, he left the residue  to the Chancellor of the Exchequer to further the national war effort.

16 Jul 1943 Girls Training Corps Dartford Chronicle

Country Club - 483 company of Girls Training Corps dance at Country Club

[The GTC was started in 1942 for girls aged 14-20 with the idea of preparing  them to support the war effort.  Can't find what area 483 company  covered.]

16 Jul 1943 Land for Sale at Fawkham Kent Messenger

"By order of the personal representatives of Mr H White - Kent near Wrotham - Ridley Court Farm, 290 acres with Queen Anne farmhouse and farm buildings.  All in the occupation of the Kent War Agricultural Executive Committee.  Compensation Rent £215 per annum.

Also Pescot Field, Longfield, about 4¾ acres.  In the occupation of the Kent WAEC.

Also by order of Mr Harry White - Pescot Land, Longfield and Hartley, about 27 acres.  Partly in the occupation of the Kent WAEC and 3 bungalows, let on weekly tenancies.

To be sold by auction by Messrs Dann & Lucas on Tuesday 24th August 1943 at the Bull Hotel, Dartford in 3 lots." (Also in Dartford Chronicle 23.7.43)

23 Jul 1943 Cow and Pigs for Sale Kent Messenger

Shorthorn cow and store pigs for sale - Glover, Hartley Bottom

13 Aug 1943 Inefficient Brakes Dartford Chronicle

William H Heale [b 1911] of Ash Rd - inefficent brakes

13 Aug 1943 Country Club Sports Fair Dartford Chronicle

"On  August bank holiday a sports fair in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund was held at the Hartley Country Club sports ground  A considerable sum was  raised by various competitions and a collection taken on a captured  swastika flag realised £13.  Horse rides aranged by Mrs Hatten and  helpers raised £11.  The sports prizes were presented by Lieut-Col O  Moseley, Officer Commanding 19th battalion Kent Home Guard, and Squadron  Leader Johnson, RAF."

20 Aug 1943 Speeding Fine Dartford Chronicle

"At Chatham on Monday, Edward Arthur Kitto [1904-1994], lorry driver, Black Lion Inn, Hartley, was fined 40 shillilngs for exceeding 30mph with a goods vehicle at Shorne."

22 Aug 1943 Obituary of Charles Bate MscFarlane Times

Death of Charles Bate MacFarlane of Hartley House, director of William Dunn & Co Ltd

27 Aug 1943 Hartley Manor Farm to Let Kent & Sussex Courier

"The committee invites tenders for the letting, in its present condition of  Hartley Manor Farm, Hartley.  The farm contains 129 acres and includes a  bungalow and good farm buildings, providing accommodation for 50 cows.   Additional land in the committee's occupation in the vicinity could be  included in the tenancy if required.  The tenancy will date fro 29th  September 1943, and will be for 3 years to Michaelmas 1946, and  thereafter from year to year."

03 Sep 1943 Burglary at Stack Lane Kent Messenger

"Henry Le Long, aged 20, a soldier in an infantry training company was remanded in custody until September 9th by the Dartford magistrates on Thursday last week on a charge of burglarously breaking into Beulah, Stack Lane, Hartley and stealing property worth [.....] shillings, the property of Percival Leonard Harris.  PC Knight deposed how he cycled to Fawkham railway station where he saw Le Long in the waiting room and Harris identified a coat he was wearing.  When charged with the offence, Le Long said 'It's OK.  I took all the stuff except the purse.'"

03 Sep 1943 Case Dismissed Kent Messenger

"Hubert William Gladdish, Le Stock Farm, Hartley, was summoned at Maidstone on  Tuesday for driving a car at excessive speed during the black out.  His  speed in London Road, Maidstone was stated to have varied between 30 and  35 mph.  Defendant said the most he could get out of his car was 20  mph.  The case was dismissed."

10 Sep 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Erith Schoolboys of Country Club have been working on local farms; (2) Fr Camise McCarthy to be RC Priest; (3) Henry J Leiong (20) - burgled Beulah, Stack Lane (see also 22.10.43))

17 Sep 1943 Obituary of Lucy Weston Dartford Chronicle

Obituary of Mrs Lucy M Weston (86) of Anzac, Church Rd

08 Oct 1943 Buses - alterations to Route 423 Dartford Chronicle

Alterations to Route 423

15 Oct 1943 Propery Sale Kent Messenger

"At auction, Messrs Dann and Lucas at the Bull Hotel, Dartford, on Wednesday last week, sold for £2,000 to Mr J Barker, Pescot land at Longfield and Hartley, comprising 23 acres 3 roods and 18 perches, and including 2 bungalows (one vacant) and a range of brick and slated buildings.  A second lot, Pescot Field and Longfield, comprising 4 acres 3 roods and 14 perches fell to Mr S S Stewart for £500."

29 Oct 1943 Dogs for Sale Times

Mrs Darracott selling 2 bull terrier pups

19 Nov 1943 Local News in Brief Kent Messenger

(1) "C M Ellerby - All  classes of Agricultural Contracting, including - row crop cultivation,  draining, pipe laying, ploughing, pressing and drilling combined, land  clearing & levelling, rise ploughing, subsoiling, mowing, binding,  transport.  Longfield 3195."; (2) Dance at Country Club for HMS Gloxinia, corvette adopted by DRDC; (3) Alsatian pups for sale - Mrs Larkin, Jessern, Ash Road

26 Nov 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Country Club - licence to serve light refreshments; (2) For Sale: Freehold building plots 50'xl901 for £96

10 Dec 1943 Road Works in Ash Road Dartford Chronicle

"A  long standing complaint by Hartley parishioners, of water collecting at  the junction of Ash Road and St John's Lane, had been dealt with, under  instructions by the local Defence Emergency Committee.  Mr W Wright,  chairman of the Highways Committee, took strong objection to the matter  being dealt with by the Emergency Committee, and said he had neither  been consulted or informed.  The Chairman (Capt Bignell) said the matter  had received the attention of the Emergency Committee because the use  of a well, which was now an emergency water supply, was involved.  It  was also stated that a letter from Hartley Parish Council on the matter  had been previously considered by the Highways Committee."

[Another suggestion here that the sacking of Mr Wright by Hartley Parish Council may have been motivated by personalities.]

10 Dec 1943 Local News in Brief Dartford Chronicle

(1) Letter from Commander Gloxinia thanking parish for books & games; (2) Ernest H Constable [1909-1982] of Cranmere, Church Rd - speeding

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