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Inquisition Post Mortem of John Urban of Southfleet, 1421

John lived at Southfleet and is buried in the church there.

Inquisition taken at Derteford in the county of Kent on Thursday next after St Valentine's Day in the 8th year of the reign of King Henry the 5th after the conquest (20 February 1421).  Before Robert Charyngworth, the King's escheator in the said county, by virtue of a writ of the lord king directed to the same escheator and attached to this inquisition.  

By the oaths of John Hellys, Thomas Byfeld, John Gerard, Robert Aleyn, Richard May[...], John Gens, Richard Londeneys, Thomas Opy, Thomas Skynner, John Swan, Willliam Wrenne and Robert Shirwode, jurors.  

Who say on their oath that John Urban deceased, named in the said writ, held on the day he died in his demesne as of fee the manor of Hertlegh (Hartley) with its appurtenances in the sid county from the lord king in chief by knight service.  

And they say that the site of the said manor aforesaid is worth nothing after expenses.  

Likewise they say that the rents of assise of the manor extend to 66s 8d per annum, payable by the tenants there at the four usual terms of the year.  

Likewise they say that the profits of the court there are worth nothing after expenses and the expenses of the steward.  

Likewise they say that in the said manor are 100 acres of arable land, which is worth 4d per acre thereof per annum.  

Likewise they say that in the same manor are 80 acres of pasture, which is worth 16s 8d per annum after deduction from the profits; and there are there in the same manor 5 acres of meadow worth 12d per acre thereof per annum.  

Likewise they say that there are in the same manor 10 acres of seasoned woodland from which one acre can be cut down each year, and then that acre is worth 5 shillings.  

Likewise they say that in the said manor are diverse heath and little woods, which are worth nothing annually except as enclosures of the manor aforesaid........

(goes on to list his other landholdings)

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